The fine line of humanity

Are we too many? Exchange of thoughts with Kevin M.Galalae, human rights activist, author, historian and expert on covert programs of globalization, decarbonization and depopulation.
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The following interview originates from my extensive exchange of ideas between December 2020 and mid February 2021 with Kevin M. Galalae, human rights activist, author, historian, journalist, and expert on covert geopolitical programs and policies with respect to globalization, decarbonization and depopulation. Kevin M. Galalae adamantly opposes the adoption of chemical impairment of human fertility and health with Fluorides, Biphenyls, sterilizing vaccines and other hormone disruptors. Already in 2016, Kevin M. Galalae published a peer reviewed paper elucidating the role of pandemics and vaccines in future UN programs of population control. Since 2010 he sacrificed a good part of his freedom and wellbeing to expose immoral and divisive policies enacted by the United Nations and the greater international community in the name of peace and security.

  1. Discovery of the Global Depopulation Program (GDPP) – Personal motives and experiences
  2. Depopulation vs. decarbonization - overcoming deception – education – empowerment
  3. Protagonists of the GDPP – Vatican - UN - WHO – military - governments – corporations
  4. The role of pandemics and vaccines as controllable instruments in modern depopulation
  5. Geopolitical vision, social and ethical implications
  6. Manufactured health – crisis, psychological and biological effects – collective burn-out
  7. Alternatives to depop – socio-economic changes
  8. Overshoot Index, planetary boundaries, climate change and apocalypse desires
  9. The role of Russia – GDPP / Decarb – Democratic fiber - Cold War
  10. Assisted suicide
  11. The role of China
  12. The system’s next steps

1. Discovery of the Global Depopulation Program – Personal motives and experiences

Kevin, since 2010 you are criticizing and publicly exposing the globally coordinated systemic use of covert population control measures to keep growing world population numbers at bay. Do you remember the first document you came across which convinced you of the existence of a global depopulation program (GDPP) which still seems to be quite unbelievable to most people?

No such document exists. I came to the realization through painstaking research of the demographic, statistical, medical and political data and the historical record. The trigger, however, was the refusal of all nations to publish my findings on the program of Surveillance and Censorship I had discovered in the UK in 2009. I asked myself why the so-called enemies of democracy refused to publish clear evidence of violation of democratic rights and liberties by western nations that constantly criticize them for the very same crimes. The refusal of Cuba, Iran, Russia, Venezuela and all other presumable enemies of democracy to publish my findings could only mean one thing, namely that they are all hiding something that is of common interest. And once I began asking the right questions I discovered clear evidence of population control almost everywhere. One must just learn to read between the lines and to properly interpret the data.
The revelation, however, came in 2012 as I was writing a series of articles for a Norwegian newspaper on the causes for the destruction of human rights. By the third article, entitled The Effects of Overpopulation on Human Rights everything came together. The said Norwegian newspaper refused to publish it without providing any explanation. Instead, its editor sent me an email with just one sentence before ceasing any and all communications: “May God help you now”. My article has been printed two years later by Intellihub and can still be read on its website.
The second trigger was the damage done to the reproductive system and to human health in general by water, salt and milk fluoridation and the refusal of governments to abandon fluoridation despite the clear medical evidence and intense opposition by civil society. This paradox is always the clearest evidence of a population control method, as we see it repeated again and again with glyphosate, artemisinin, vaccines and dozens of other weapons of mass depopulation. Governments and politicians always take the road of least public resistance except when it comes to methods of depopulation, which they defend at any and all political cost.

At which institutions were you studying when you discovered the Program of Surveillance and Censorship in 2009 and what were your subjects of study? Can you share more information on this program? Which of your discoveries made you suspicious and why did you blow it?

I first studied political philosophy in 2009 at Oxford University, as a two-month summer course, and subsequently began a two-year Master’s program in International Relations and Global Order at Leicester University. Six weeks into the Oxford course it became clear that the academic discourse is censored by people who participate in the course as students but whose role is to surveille academia on behalf of governments and to censor the very rights that are supposed to be protected by universities, namely freedom of thought, expression and conscience. The program and those in charge are exposed in my article The Great Secret: Surveillance and Censorship in Britain and the EU.
I also challenged it through the British adjudication process all the way to the highest authority in the country, the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, which concluded in a whitewash. A synopsis of the case, however, can be found here under the name Covert Censorship at Oxford and Leicester University: CONTEST and State-Sponsored Discrimination.
And finally, I took my case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The program was shut down in the UK and I prevented its introduction throughout the EU, but the ECHR refused to take the case for its obvious geopolitical implications. My Application to the ECHR, however, can still be read and scrutinized online.
Last but not least, I went to Strasbourg, France, where the ECHR is located to express my dismay and dissatisfaction with the existence of such a blatantly illegal and immoral program with a hunger strike which lasted 30 days, time during which I bombarded the authorities with letters, appeals and evidence, such as this letter to Mr. Thomas Hammarberg, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights:
I blew the program because it was a gross violation of our fundamental rights to freedom of speech, thought and conscience and posed a real and present danger to democracy, the rule of law, and plain old human decency.
Upon my return to Canada from Strasbourg, the system launched a vicious attack on me and over the next two years proceeded to systematically destroy my life, career and reputation by misusing the judicial system and the institutions of state. I have been at war with the system ever since and have won every battle.
It is important to note that the conflict at Oxford arose because I defended the position that human nature is fundamentally good while the course tutor and the system’s agent promoted the notion that man is fundamentally evil. It is this view of human nature that underpins the Global Depopulation Program. Until those who govern us abandon the notion that man is fundamentally evil, and stop treating mankind as such, nothing will change. We will instead sink deeper into a global totalitarian state that is being sold to us as a New World Order, but is in fact nothing more than the nightmarish reflection of the dark souls of those who govern us. The full documentation of my battle for freedom in education is held by Wikispooks.

The Global Depopulation Program (GDPP) you discovered and exposed to the public is quite hard to digest and it must have impacted you in a strong way bringing you to extremes like hunger strikes and whatever led to your 9 arrests so far.

When I first came to the knowledge that governments use covert methods of depopulation I questioned my analysis because I thought it can’t be right, but once I confirmed its validity I was shocked and then angered. It took me a while to get over the anger. Irrespective of what I felt, I immediately moved into action and have dedicated my life ever since to making this forbidden knowledge universally known, whatever the cost to me, because I understood from the very beginning that this knowledge, once freed, will radically change the world for the better.
This knowledge is extraordinarily empowering and useful because it allows me to understand the system’s motives and moves and to predict its future actions, but most of all because it gives me the insights necessary to provide better alternatives. Despite the system’s best efforts to confuse and confound, it is perfectly clear to me what it is doing and why. I can read it like an open book, and this enables me to frame every political decision – that to others may seem incomprehensible – in the proper light and to criticize it constructively, which is why my work is closely scrutinized by every national government and international organization on earth and why I often see my ideas and advice implemented.
The sacrifices I have made of my own volition to free and protect the truth and the relentless retaliatory actions I have suffered at the hands of the system are tiny compared with the wisdom, influence and respect I have gained.

When you and the GDPP met for the first time there was significant mutual irritation leading to consequent and persistent protest from your side and strong sanctions against you by the system you were threatening. Apart from your anger and rightful indignation did you also perceive the necessity of population control already in the early stages of your activism or did you come to this point only later as you dived deeper into this complex material?

The logic and the need for population control were self-evident to me from the very beginning. In fact, long before I realized there is a population control program I limited myself to two children only because it has been clear to me since the early 1990s that the planet is grossly overpopulated and that unless we all do our part our children will suffer the consequences. But you need not take my word for it since I wrote so in my first book on the subject of population control Chemical and Biological Depopulation (first published in 2012 under the title Water, Salt, Milk: Killing Our Unborn Children):

“This is the picture that emerges. The bipolar system of the post-war period – composed of the Soviet Union and the communist camp on the one hand and the United States and the capitalist camp on the other – has preserved the peace not primarily through nuclear deterrence as it is believed, but through their collusion in the depopulation agenda. While nuclear deterrence was merely the passive and overt policy of global peace, depopulation through fluoridation was the active and covert policy. Nuclear deterrence and depopulation are two sides of the same coin and one cannot exist without the other. Nuclear deterrence makes war impossible as it would lead to mutually assured destruction and therefore deprives societies of the traditional way of thinning their numbers, violent conflict. If the excess population cannot be discarded of by periodically sending men into war as cannon fodder, which then leaves a large proportion of the females unmarried and childless, therefore depressing population growth for two or three generations, a substitute has to be found that can take enough lives to compare with war.
Fluoridation accomplishes the same as war but without material destruction and with infinitely less overt human suffering. It is therefore, in the minds of our leaders, an elegant solution to an age-old problem, overpopulation, now exacerbated by extraordinary advances in medicine, nutrition and living conditions that have led not only to a population explosion but also to much longer lives.
While this is good for the individual it is a conundrum for societies, which now have to contend with feeding and clothing and sheltering a greater number of people than ever before at a greater pace than ever before and who must do so without the safety valve of war, which allows those in power to sacrifice the few to save the many once the population has outgrown the available resources.
The importance of fluoridation cannot be overstated, but it cannot exist as a depopulation policy without the other side of the coin, a credible threat from a credible nuclear-armed enemy that makes total mutual annihilation inevitable. Without such a threat, the political leadership can no longer justify the secret war it wages on its own people in order to prevent the greater evil of mutually assured destruction through nuclear weapons.
When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, it was necessary for world peace that the Soviet and American leadership (of Michael Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan) find a new instrument – since nuclear deterrence had been invalidated by the cessation of the Cold War – that would reaffirm their commitment to the depopulation agenda. The Earth Charter came to be that instrument and the secret depopulation agenda is hidden this time behind a new byword, sustainable development. The lethal threat now used by our governments to justify the war on us is environmental catastrophe and that threat comes from us and is a much greater threat than its antecedent, resource scarcity. As long as we procreate, and our numbers grow, our governments will have no choice but to wage war on us.
Anticipating the collapse of the Soviet Union, of which the West was warned in advance by the Soviet leadership, the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development called in 1987 for a new charter to guide the transition to a new world order and to preserve peace through a new ethos called sustainable development, of which population control is the most vital component. In 1992, immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, then Secretary General of the UN, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, urged the international community to adopt a new charter at the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit and the process was jumpstarted in 1994 by Mikhail Gorbachev, Maurice Strong (Chairman of the Earth Summit) and the government of the Netherlands, which is a steadfast supporter of the depopulation agenda and its most generous patron. The lethal threat to humankind that environmental catastrophe represents, has replaced the threat of mutual annihilation by nuclear weapons as the justification for not only continuing but expanding the ambit of the depopulation policy, which is why genetically modified organisms were added to the existing arsenal of fluoridation methods as the newest eugenic weapon of mass destruction (pp.134-5)

Can you remember any key event or revelation which fundamentally changed your view to the world and subsequently your social identity?

My view of the world changed the moment I realized that the rule of law, democracy, and our fundamental rights and liberties are mere fictions that cease to exist altogether as soon as the Global Depopulation Program is in any way threatened. All earthly power rests on this knowledge and all those who wield power on earth do so only because they have monopolized this knowledge.
My social identity changed the moment I realized that governments have broken the social contract. At that point I broke free of all authority since all authority is illegitimate in the absence of a valid social contract. That placed me above and beyond the law, just as those who are in control of the depopulation program are above and beyond the law. Ever since, I have been outside the matrix of global control and invulnerable to any and all earthly authorities.

You say you are above and beyond the law, just as those who are in control of the GDPP - do you mean you have reached a state of juridical immunity? That would contradict your 9 arrests so far.

All my arrests led to pre-trial detention and resulted in my release prior to court date because the system will never allow any aspect of the Global Depopulation Program to come out in a court of law. Furthermore, all but the last arrest in Switzerland happened before 2014 when the system was still trying to intimidate me into silence by repeatedly arresting me under false and fabricated charges. As for my last arrest in Switzerland in 2016, which occurred when I attempted to do a citizen’s arrest on Dr. Margaret Chan, then Director-General of the World Health Organization, I was held just for one night and only to be thrown out of the country the next day. The charges were subsequently dropped.
If I or anyone else were to execute a head of state or government for participating in the Global Depopulation Program and therefore committing crimes against humanity the system could never bring me or anyone else for that matter to court because the program of depopulation would be exposed, and the evidence would become part of the public record. Furthermore, I would win because I would invoke self-defense and easily prove it. The secrecy that protects the program of depopulation is also its Achilles heel. What the system does under those circumstances is to kill that person under the pretext of resisting arrest or attempting to flee and then manufacture a fictitious motive for the crime; one that makes no mention of population control, which I am sure has happened to many insiders who attempted to blow the whistle and whose silence could not be bought. I should note that I would not have hesitated for even one second to execute one of the key members of the Global Depopulation Program if I had thought this would result in the termination of the program. Unfortunately, the world’s biggest and most important program cannot be terminated this way nor should it be terminated before a better one is put in its place; one that is open, legal, moral, ethical and humane. And that can only be done through peaceful means.

You went to Geneva some years ago to expose the politics of the World Health Organization (WHO). You even intended to arrest Director-General Mr. Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun. What did you think was the major crime of Mr. Chan and what were your experiences in Geneva?

I went to Geneva in July 2016 to stop the system from using medicine and public health as fronts for population control. Dr. Chan turned the World Health Organization (WHO) into a bioterrorist organization and perverted medicine and public health to serve as handmaidens of genocide. No one abused the newly created instrument of global bioterrorism, the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), more often and more brutally than her, thus enabling governments to use various plandemics as opportunities for mass sterilization and the wholesale destruction of the immune system with vaccines and drugs. My attempt to arrest her was of course symbolic and intended to give the system notice that I knew what they were up to and will also tell the world.
My confrontation with the WHO revealed just how rotten and perverse this organization and the people who work for it are. Although my behavior was calm and peaceful at all times, the WHO called the police on me and provided a completely fabricated statement of facts. Its officials declared that I was violent and caused a commotion when in fact I was as civilized and peaceful as Mahatma Gandhi and was simply waiting to see Dr. Chan on a chair in the entrance lobby where the security guards have directed me to sit and wait. I describe the whole incident in my filing to the Swiss courts.

So,already in 2016 you were well aware of intentional use of pandemics and vaccines for global depopulation. Did your activism provoke any resonance in these days?

Had civil society supported me we would not be neck deep in the era of decarbonization by plandemic and depopulation by vaccination. The covid-19 plandemic would have never happened. No one can say I didn’t warn the world about it. After all I put it all on paper and published it in a peer reviewed medical journal in March 2016 under the title Turning Nature Against Man: The Role of Pandemic, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth.
That I did not receive the help I deserve is, however, due to the fact that there is no civil society. The existing civil society has long been subsumed into the system and acts merely as a last line of defense for the system. It exists only to misdirect the people’s efforts and to exhaust their energy and resources by turning them around in circles without accomplishing anything. By my estimates more than 95% of all civil society organizations are controlled by the system and are even led by agents of the system. Civil society, in other words, is in the same sorry state as the media and must be recreated from the ground up. As I have stated before, the Global Depopulation Program has perverted everything. To preserve the integrity of my organization, The Center of Global Consciousness, I have had to limit membership and maintain full and sole control of its leadership. The system spared no effort or expense to infiltrate my organization and take control of its leadership. That is how the wealth we produce is wasted.

In what ways did the discovery of the GDPP, a system-intrinsic covered structural crime of such an extent affect your sociability and spirituality?

I am as sociable and people loving as I have always been, but I have a lot less time for friends and family and a lot less patience for the trivial pursuits that animate the masses. Every moment I waste by not being the torchbearer of truth costs countless lives and brings unnecessary suffering to countless others. I feel protective of my innocent, ignorant and impotent fellow human beings. I feel like their shepherd or like a father who must care for his children. At times I am overcome with deep empathy for their cluelessness and vulnerability and at other times with great anger at their abysmal stupidity and blind trust.
Spiritually I am ten times the person I was before. This knowledge is God’s and brings me so very close to the divine. He wields it in Nature to keep the species in balance and the ecosystems healthy. And we must wield it in society, which is a construct entirely of our own making and therefore entirely out of God’s hands.

The idea of society being a construct entirely of people’s making reminds me very much of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy. Your exposure of the GDPP to a broader public brought about a mental interim state for most people which Nietzsche described in a Condolence Speech of Desperate Progress (in his book Human/All Too Human): ”Our time gives the impression of an interim state… The old-world views, the old cultures still are partly in place, the new ones not yet secure and customary and because of this without consistency and consequence. It looks like everything became chaotic, the Old were getting lost, the New were good for nothing, and were becoming increasingly debile. We stagger, but it’s necessary not to become anxious and abandon the new accomplishments. Moreover, there is no way back to the Old, we burned the ships; nothing else remains than to be brave whatever the result may be.” Would you align yourself with Nietzsche’s demand for courage? We don’t have a choice but accepting our new awareness, positively face the new, assume civil responsibility for population control and adjust or create adequate new institutions shaping our social and individual identity?

Yes! There is no going back, and we cannot stay as we are because the human ship is sinking. We must assume personal responsibility for population control and create a Planetary Wellbeing Authority to serve as the supreme global institution to guide us into the future. Our social and individual identities must be reshaped to meet the challenges we face as a civilization and as a species.

In recent times the system seems to tolerate more of you and your criticism - it actually funds part of your work because you are raising public consciousness for population issues. Would you agree that the system itself wants to ease the burden of this secret mis-relationship between populace and governments - would they like to achieve more transparency but do this in a self-protective manner? Your work might even pave the way for a violent-free transition in their own intent?

It appears so, although it may well be that the system has no choice; the cat is out of the bag and no one is going to put it back in, certainly not in the digital era. And since I am the only accurate and fair analyst and interpreter of the system’s moves, methods and intentions they have decided to let me speak while at the same time limit my reach so that very few hear what I have to say.
As for funding, the picture is a lot more complicated. There is evidence that the funding for my two hunger strikes at the Vatican (in 2014 and 2016) come mostly from the system because my goals aligned with theirs, after all the Church’s doctrine on birth control stands in the way of an open population control program and therefore ties the hands of secular authorities. On the other hand, every time I attacked the system’s core secular institutions, such as the World Health Organization in Geneva (in 2016), NATO and the Council of Europe in Brussels (in 2017), the system didn’t contribute a dime to my political actions, which were funded by donations from individual supporters.
More than this, my first hunger strike at the Vatican was funded in part at least by the Canadian government in order to get rid of me so it wouldn’t have to pay me compensation for violating all my fundamental rights and liberties. It should be noted that the Canadian government shut down my civil lawsuit because it “is not in the interest of national security” and has denied me access to information requests because my file falls under the category of “preventing or suppressing subversive or hostile activities”, as this Canadian Security Intelligence Service response clearly indicates.
As for the money I received in-between my many political actions in various capitals, it was most likely intended to ensure that I don’t starve to death and may well be an obligation imposed on the system by the international courts I appealed to for protection in 2012. I say this because the sums donated are very modest and did not even cover my monthly bills, which were born mostly by my family members in Germany and subsequently in Romania.
Another type of financial support I received, and which lasted only a couple of years, appeared to come from food corporations and may well have been motivated by their hope that I would succeed in compelling governments to stop forcing food corporations to lace their products with depopulation poisons / endocrine disruptors.
The last type of financial support I received may well have come from Big Oil and Russia, the reason being that so long as I show the public that the depopulation and decarbonization programs are tied at the hip the people would refuse to cooperate and in so doing the decarbonization process would be delayed, which is what the nations and corporations dependent on fossil fuels want.
If the system were genuinely interested in my success raising awareness of population issues all it would need to do is pay me compensation for the harm it has caused me and my family for the past 12 years. To date the system owes me at least 20 million Euros in damages. That this has not happened demonstrates that the system’s funding is motivated primarily by the objectives I mentioned above and not by my role in raising awareness and in facilitating a violent-free transition from covert to overt methods of population control.

You would say that the food corporations do all but endorse adulterating their products with endocrine disruptors, but are forced by international rules convened upon above national and international law? Do you remember some of those food corporations presumably supporting your work, once you mentioned Nestle among those?

I suspect the funding came from Nestle because it was sent by a Nestle executive. He may well have acted on his own, but I rather doubt it given the amount, 500 Euros a month, and the duration, two years. It is rather obvious that no self-respecting individual let alone company would willingly lace its food products with endocrine disruptors designed to aid the depopulation program. But if these companies refuse to comply they will be simply denied funding and access to markets and thus bankrupted within a year or two.
It is the political class not the economic class that drives the depopulation program and even the political class is merely the executor of the spiritual class and therefore just a proxy of the Vatican as far as population control is concerned.

Which state department in Switzerland could carry the burden of population control as required for member states by the UN. Do you have a clue whether these taskforces operate publicly or covert?

It's the Ministry of Health (BAG), the executive (Bundesrat) and the Ministry of Defense (Eidgenössische Departement für Verteidigung, Bevölkerungsschutz und Sport VBS).

That would mean an official ministry hiding away very crucial information to the public. Do they hold any secret agreement with the UN mandating the way and the extent of population-control measures? Could the citizens obtain knowledge of at least parts of these supposed agreements and are there any laws protecting government’s secrecy?

They operate in the open and hide everything in plain sight. There is no need for secrecy because their scientific data with respect to fertility is hidden in plain sight. For instance, as they communicate the level of fluoride in the urine they also communicate whether the right level has been reached for infertility and sub-fertility since they alone are aware of that threshold. But the data is presented as a gauge for fluoride's effectiveness on preventing tooth decay not fertility. Only those in the know will understand the data's dual meaning. And the same goes for vaccines now with respect to their devastating effect on immunity. As they communicate to the general public that the covid-19 vaccines are 95% effective in preventing infection, they also communicate to their rank and file that the vaccines destroy immunity in 95% of recipients. This mirrors the duplicitous nature of all government communications in the era of transparency in that all communications mean one thing for the general public, who will receive only the direct meaning, and another to system insiders, for whom it will also have a second meaning, oftentimes the absolute opposite of that meant for the general public.
I am certain that documents of the secret agreements between governments and the UN exist and are held in secret archives at the UN and of those governments who are UN Member States. Furthermore, the Vatican Secret Archives certainly contain papal bulls ordering the start of a war or the spread of a plague to reduce the population at times when resources were exceeded and famine loomed large. That is why to this day no one but the Pope has full access to the Vatican Secret Archives, which contain 85 kilometers of shelving with millions of documents spanning 12 centuries. I was denied access to them twice.

Heterodox thinkers or dissidents who supposedly challenge the power structure and the main narrative are usually either criminalized or dismissed as psychiatrically ill by the system they are criticizing. After reading your account about how the system, including your wife reacted to your attempts to throw light on unbearable social evil, you obviously experienced both -you were criminalized and declared delusional. The latter is usually applied, when public court hearings are to be avoided. It was a well-established practice in former communist countries but was applied in recent months to a lot of Corona-critical intellectuals. Generally speaking, the more unfounded, totalitarian and rigid the intellectual and ethical basis of the political system, the bigger the fear of opposition and the harsher the discrimination and negative sanction of dissidents. Personally, did you rather sense criminalization or being shrugged off as deluded?

The system tried everything to silence and destroy me, and continues to try, but it has failed and will continue to fail. And if it keeps fighting me it will lose the little credibility it has left. If history shows us anything is that people are much stronger than any system and that it takes only one strong and determined individual to destroy an entire system. Man prevails over all systems because man creates systems, and as he can create them so he can also destroy them.
The system first tried to declare me “delusional” and failed. Then it tried to destroy me financially and failed. Next it tried to destroy me legally and it failed. And to this day it tries to destroy me emotionally and it has failed.
To this day, the system holds my children hostage and prevents me from seeing or even communicating with them, directly or indirectly. It has been ten years since I last heard from my children and I don’t even know if they are still alive let alone how they are. This, better than anything, demonstrates the perverse nature of the people who sit at the top of the world as well as their pettiness and vindictiveness. It also shows that such people cannot be entrusted with anything let alone absolute power. Those who sit at the highest level of global governance must have the highest standards of governance not the lowest.
I have won and will continue to win because I hold myself to higher standards than those who govern us. Despite their best efforts I am still standing and while my voice gains more credibility by the day they have lost all credibility. Of course, I have a position of great advantage because I am supported by the truth while they are in a position of great disadvantage for they are hiding behind lies. Therefore, it has always been a certainty that I will win, and the system will lose.

Who were the people supporting you and what were your spiritual foundations enabling your idealistic pursuit amidst significant resistance of the system you were exposing and a predominantly blinded and numbed environment?

My best friends in Canada stood by me first during the initial attacks by the system, Ishin and Nursen Kaya and Manuel and Robin Tomaz. They literally saved my life. Then my family once I fled Canada: my twin sister and her husband in the US, Irina and Traian Ardelian; my younger brother, Daniel Galalae, and mother, Georgeta Galalae, in Germany; and my aunt and uncle, Constantin and Carolina Parvu, here in Romania.
Total strangers from around the world have supported me with donations and encouragement throughout this time. Some come from politics and diplomacy while others from religion and business. Some are individuals acting on their own conscience while others are members of organized structures whose names they never disclosed to me. Some want me to fail while others pin all their hopes on me. Most help was intended to sway me one way or another, but some was pure in intent. I have benefitted from the financial support of about one thousand individuals and from the moral support of at least ten thousand people from around the world.
My strength comes from my belief that man is fundamentally good even though there is good and evil in all of us. What aspect of our nature is actualized depends on endowment and environment, on decisions and conditions. So long as I contribute to the creation and sustenance of a decent environment I am a force of good. My strength comes also from my family and upbringing. I have the good fortune of having the best parents in the world and to have benefitted from unconditional love from the moment I was born and to this very day.
My strength comes also – and perhaps primarily – from my love for my children, whom the system made the mistake of separating me from for the past ten years, and for whom I will move mountains.
My strength comes from my love for the truth and the knowledge that truth is God and that so long as I am the torchbearer of truth, I have divine protection.
My strength comes from the love I have for this extraordinarily beautiful planet we live on and that is our one and only home.
Last but not least, my strength comes from God himself, who put his lovelight into my very being in the Palau Islands on a moonless yet star-filled night and ordered me to save the world, an event I describe in my book “Killing Us Softly”, pages 117 to 120:

Did members of your family - you grew up in communist Romania - already experience repression for ideological friction with the prevalent narrative?

I come from a long tradition of opponents to tyranny and injustice. My father antagonized the communists and spent five years in prison as a political prisoner. My grandfather antagonized the Stalinists and spent years on the run under a false identity as well as losing his entire wealth. And there are similar stories going back to pre-communist days. We just don’t like injustice and lies, corruption and hypocrisy, ignorance and cruelty…and say so publicly and loudly. My epic struggles against the depopulationists are in the same tradition. I suppose it’s in my pedigree, in my blood. We helped burry monarchism and communism and I will ensure that genocidal capitalism and Christian eugenicism are buried to.

You described the modern Global Depopulation Program (GDPP) to be rooted in the terrors of WW2 whose repetition should be avoided at almost all cost by the victorious powers. So, the GDPP can be seen as a martial philanthropic apocalypse-avoidance-program. Initially - as to my understanding - there wasn’t a lot of environmental concern. The people in charge back in 1946 yet established the GDPP on certain implicit convictions:

a) Too many people put too much pressure on resources leading to scarcity of resources provoking violent conflict. From there GDPP was seen as a liability to ease resource-pressure preventing war and collapse.

b) Population control cannot be facilitated in an open manner, because the masses will reject it. Hence a degree of deception and pseudo democracy was considered inevitable.

c) The people are neither willing nor capable of assuming responsibility; an all-knowing elite has to do this burdensome job

d) This elite controlling the limitations of life - birth and death - is principally superior to humankind, they cannot be held accountable and are above financial restriction, morality, religion and law.

When you became aware of the existence the GDPP did you consciously question these premises and what raised your anger the most?

I questioned all these premises to see if they hold water and found them to be solid. But they are solid only so long as the people remain unaware of the true nature of power and that is the case because the elites refuse to educate the masses and continue to monopolize this all-important knowledge. In other words, the people were never given a chance to emancipate to a higher level of being and thus live in the image of God by showing the same selfless discipline in society as God does in Nature to keep all species in equilibrium.

What angers me is the refusal of the elites to make this knowledge universal, so we can climb to a higher level of civilization. Instead they are stalling us at this neo-medieval stage and are doing this not because they believe the masses incapable of rising to a higher level but for self-serving reasons, so they alone can continue to benefit from this arrangement which has them in complete control of society for their absolute benefit. They know that once this knowledge becomes part of the public domain they are no longer needed and their hold on power will no longer be possible or justified.

2. Depopulation vs. Decarbonization - overcoming deception – education - empowerment

You appear to share the elites’ view of the overpopulation/carbonization inevitably leading to war and/or irreversible apocalyptic climate collapse if not mended in short time. Would you also generally approve the reinforced effort to save us with more restrictive politics in the shadow of the plandemic?

It is not only the climate we endanger but all nine planetary boundaries and unless we act now it will be too little too late. It is however not more restrictive politics I advocate for but the people’s empowerment so that we all know what we have to do and why. Firm, clear and fair legislation is needed only to ensure that we all do our part and that no one dodges his responsibilities. I am however certain that once the current leadership provides full disclosure everyone will understand just how dire our situation is and how difficult it will be to avoid catastrophe. I am also certain that at that point everyone will understand the need for a Planetary Wellbeing Authority with the power to enforce the same rules worldwide; an authority that stands above politics because it has to deal with existential problems that are not subject to compromise.

Would you say that broad parts of the public are neither capable nor willing to accept the dramatic degree of transgression of global sustainability boundaries by human mankind and therefore have to be forced into salvation of as many as possible by sacrificing a good share of us?

It is clear that about half of mankind is not equipped with the intelligence required to comprehend the complexity of our civilization’s predicament. It is equally clear that more than three-quarters of mankind lack the psychological strength required to face the facts of their own volition. But it is also absolutely clear that once the people of the world find out to what lengths our leaders have gone in order to keep our civilization alive and afloat they will accept the facts and will do their part because at that point every human being on the planet will be an asset in the struggle for our existence and not a liability, as is currently the case. We must give our fellow human beings the chance to shoulder the burden and the responsibility for our survival into the future. And only full access to the whole truth and nothing but the truth will empower them to do that. When that happens no one will be sacrificed but we will all willingly sacrifice.

Your main point of criticism to the actual system is the deception, the side effects of covert depop and the disruption of trust between the responsible, but arrogant elites and the ignorant people?

Yes, in the final analysis we would not be in this situation if our leaders didn’t lack faith in mankind. And the people wouldn’t be this ignorant and indifferent if the system wasn’t designed to keep us all ignorant and indifferent. We are conditioned from birth to stop thinking where the global matrix of control begins and never to ask why the system is the way it is. And this conditioning is for the convenience of those who lead us and to the detriment of all of us because we have all been locked in this prison of ignorance while our leaders have locked themselves in their prison of lies from which they are too afraid to escape because they fear retribution.

So, in your eyes, our main efforts at this stage should be: A) educating the people about the realistic dangers of environmental collapse and the vital importance of the sustainability goals B) to snatch the power of population control out of the hands of the elites to empower the people who would have to be educated first?

Yes, that is the correct plan of attack to break free from the prison of ignorance and to assume command and control over our lives, rights and future. The floodgates of information must be opened for all at once. The better question to ask is not who should be educated first but how should this knowledge be released? And the process has already begun, but is not going as fast as I would like it or as fast as it needs to. You will have noticed that most movies and TV series nowadays contain if not a clear than a subliminal message of overpopulation and the need to depopulate or of environmental destruction and the need to save the planet. It is high time to release compelling and factual documentaries on the subject backed by primary evidence from the system’s database. This must be immediately followed by a common statement from the world’s highest podium, that of the United Nations or from St. Peter’s Square in Rome, by all heads of state and government standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s spiritual leaders, including Pope Francis and Pope Benedict the XVI, as well as all current heads of the UN system and its affiliated organizations. Their statement must be a clear and concise admission that population control has been practiced as an international program through covert methods since 1920 when the League of Nations was founded and much earlier by the world’s organized religions. They must also state that the time has come to transfer the responsibility for population control onto the people so that covert and criminal methods can be abandoned and overt and humane methods can be employed. Then there must be a full release of the entire population control documentation from all secret archives and these documents must be rapidly digitized and provided to the world at large without limitations.

In your book The Future of Global Governance you wrote:

"A state of emergency is much faster and much easier to implement than a socio-economic transformation, .... A state of emergency can serve as a stepping stone to a new socio-economic structure if the timing and circumstances, both political and systemic, are adequate. This state of emergency must be declared at the same time by all 15 nations that are part of the Deep Decarbonization Pathway Project and that are responsible for 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions"

This may be interpreted as a blueprint for the events haunting us for more than 10 months now. It looks as if somebody has been reading your book very carefully and selectively picked out the bits empowering global governance to more authoritarian styles. On reading the UN Agenda 2030 I also recognized idealistic elements of your book (e.g. poverty, education, pollution...).
They seemed to have overlooked the "Truth for Trust" part however and don't seem to neither disclose the depop-program nor step back from continuation of covert depop measures. Do you think we may experience some future disclosure, i.e. when authoritarian control will have been achieved to a degree that elites responsible for the past crimes might be better protected from legal action? And people may pardon them because they will say thank you for saving us from further pollution, distress and degeneration, thank you for educating us and giving us a new perspective.

Yes, they cherry picked my work and are using it as a blue print to stabilize the climate and the population. Unfortunately, they left out the most important part, namely the three elemental principles I drafted (Truth for Trust Principle, Now and Forever Principle, Family First Principle) and the governing structure I envisioned (the Council of Twelve and the Twelve Elders). Without them they lack the solid, legal, fair and humane foundation necessary to succeed.
We will have disclosure only when and if the depopulation by vaccination program fails and only if we force it out of them. If they provide full disclosure and allow a peaceful transition of power they will be allowed to live. If not, they will all be executed for crimes against humanity.
If, however, their depopulation by vaccination program succeeds there may well be no one left to hold them accountable and they will inherit the world.

They also didn't limit the state of emergency to just the 15 major polluters - but extended it to virtually the whole world. Do you see this as an indicator for their measures directed not only to decarbonization but primarily to depopulation of poorer countries?

They did limit the state of emergency to just the G20 nations. On the surface the entire world participates but on closer scrutiny it becomes clear that only the 15 major polluters have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions because only they have been subjected to real lockdowns and other restrictions. Keep in mind that one of the 15 is the EU. I count the EU as one because the EU has presented a Deep Decarbonization Pathway for the entire Union.
The system’s depopulation objectives will be reached primarily through depop vaccines, which is what all covid-19 vaccines are. The intentional disruptions to the world’s food supply chains will cause millions of deaths by famine and undernutrition but will pale by comparison with the wholesale destruction of human life the vaccines will cause, which is why they will be mandatory or quasi mandatory, a fact stated in the official documents of the EU and the US since 2016:
1. European Commission Roadmap on Vaccination

2. US National Adult Implementation Plan: A Path to Implementation

You mentioned the Earth Charter and the euphemism "sustainable development“ to be used by the super powers USA and Soviet Union as a new instrument reaffirming their commitment to the depopulation agenda since nuclear deterrence had been invalidated by the cessation of the Cold War. Do you rate the Paris Climate Agreement, which foresees the world to become CO2-neutral by 2050, as an intent to implement the sustainability prerogative of the Earth Charter and its ambitious goal of CO2-neutrality in such short time primarily a pretext of continued depopulation?

Sustainable development is being used as a front for depopulation, but that does not mean that it has no merit in and of itself. As I have explained on numerous occasions, sustainability is not possible without decarbonization and depopulation in equal measure. The system has the courage to pursue decarbonization openly and to justify the sacrifices imposed on the population for this reason, but lacks the courage to pursue depopulation openly, as that would call for full disclosure and the admission that crimes against humanity have been committed for centuries in order to keep the population within the available resources and within mankind’s ability to extract and use those resources.

If decarbonization is naturally more accepted than depopulation, why didn’t they honestly declare a climate emergency like you suggested and instead created a plandemic deceiving the public? Do they use the fear from death and disease to first establish more complete control systems enabling them to force through overt climate-lockdowns in the future? At one go they enforce mandatory vaccination upon humankind securing direct access to all human bodies allowing for more ecological, targeted, AI-controlled depopulation.

Because they need an excuse to vaccinate at least 70% of the population with depop vaccines and the plandemic gives them that excuse. Under the guise of the plandemic the system can pursue both objectives at once: depopulation and decarbonization. Governments could not have justified injecting 70% of their population with depop vaccines by declaring a climate emergency, but they can do so by declaring a health emergency. The pandemic lockdowns of the present are also conditioning the people for the climate lockdowns of the future.

If somebody told you: "look, you may be right on the crimes against humanity being committed through GDPP and its severe consequences to health and environment but at least we managed to feed the majority of people, we made significant, improvements in health care, hygiene, prevention of debilitating and deadly infectious diseases by vaccines, we lifted the socioeconomic status and educational level of ever more people leading to a longer average life expectancy and increased consumer choice and happiness worldwide, and after all we prevented nuclear catastrophe. Don’t you think that overall, we did a great job? The majority of people never wanted to know how we accomplished all those great achievements; they are incapable and / or unwilling to understand our predicament and to carry all the burdens and responsibilities we did -therefore they should be grateful … “? What would you contest?

Yes, the accomplishments of the Global Depopulation Policy are extraordinary and incontestable, and we must all indeed be grateful to those who assumed this heavy burden and played God in human society. Considering how difficult it is to tame man’s instinct to procreate and how equally difficult it is to limit people’s aspirations; I can only say that those who have been in charge have my respect and gratitude. They have done the unthinkable to accomplish the impossible and we all owe them our lives, damaged though they are. But their medicine has become more dangerous and damaging than the disease. And their need for secrecy has perverted and debased everything we hold dear, including our humanity.
The time has come to transfer this responsibility onto the capable shoulders of mankind so we can take the next step in our evolution from animals to angels. Continuing to use covert chemical and biological methods of depopulation will degrade our health and damage our intellectual and genetic endowment to such an extent as to make our species incapable of survival within a generation or two. Whether we like it or not, from now on we must all play God if our civilization is to survive and mankind thrive. It won’t be easy, but we will succeed. We will succeed because we must.

3. Protagonists of the GDPP – Vatican - UN - WHO – Military - Governments - Corporations

You were accusing the World Health Organization (WHO) to be a “bioterrorist organization”. In one of your books you described the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has been ravaging Africa for the past thirty years as a man-made mass killing event in the same tradition as the bubonic plague and the 1918 Spanish flue. Could you substantiate these claims? Is there any clear evidence that HIV, Bubonic plague and Spanish flue were deliberately released?

There is plenty of documentary evidence, but it is buried in the Vatican Secret Archives and the secret databases of the US, Russia and the UK, the Allied powers that are behind the depopulation program since the formation of the UN. The Bubonic plague outbreaks that have ravaged Europe from the 14th to the 17th centuries, the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and the HIV pandemic of the 20th century all bear the fingerprint of the depopulation lobby and their genocidal methodology.
I explained this briefly in my paper The Holy Grail: Controlling Human Life on the Planet,
My upcoming book, however, will tackle this subject in detail. I will start writing it this August and I will publish it towards the end of 2022.

In a different paper you even suggested that Russian and US Intelligence/Military were presumably masterminding and cooperating the divulgation of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa, Haiti and Brazil using smallpox vaccines as a vector. Do you believe those executing forces did act in accordance with the Vatican ethical codex? A deadly mission of such a scale will involve the collaboration of quite a few people and they will all have to be complicit and silenced. How do you think - can this be kept secret?

The Vatican is fully and solely in charge of the ethical framework. Governments draft policies respecting the ethical framework dictated by the Vatican. And the military-industrial complex manufactures and delivers the poisons used for depopulation in accordance with the directives they receive from governments. Secular authorities to not deviate an inch from the Vatican’s boundaries because they are in power for just a few years and know they can be held accountable if they take matters into their own hands when the government changes. The depopulation lobby is perfectly capable of keeping secrets. It has been doing this successfully for more than two thousand years by simply killing those who speak and who have this knowledge because they were allowed into the system and groomed accordingly.

What do you think about countries with predominantly non-Christian / non-Catholic populations? How are their governments getting convinced of abiding to Vatican rules? Is there a lot of international political or even military pressure on these governments reinforcing their adherence to the papal framework?

Non-Christian countries are threatened with war. I have been in contact with several heads of state from Africa and Latin America and they have confessed that unless they go along with the depop program they will face war. What has happened in the Middle East for the past thirty years is the result of the depopulation program in action in countries whose leaders have refused to cooperate with the international system and poison their own people into sterility. The same applies to Afghanistan and more recently to Yemen. What could not be accomplished by reducing births is being accomplished by increasing deaths. In the struggle to control population growth death is as valuable as life.

In your book “Peace Without Poison” published in 2015 you mentioned the role of international cooperatives like DynCorp International Inc. (Toxins for Chemtrails), Monsanto corporation inc. (artificial sweeteners, fluorides, glyphosate = Roundup, DDT, the organic environmental toxin PCB and since the late 1980s genetically modified organisms = GMOs), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Sterilizing Vaccines, GMO) and Plastics Europe (Bisphenol A, Bisphenol S, numerous other hormone disruptors in plastic packaging) being entrusted with the technical side of the GDPP. Recently you suggested a possible role of the Battelle Memorial Institute to manage the entire American bioterrorism apparatus. Battelle came out with Xerox who produces neurotoxic Isodecane for dry-copying. Isodecane can cause loss of smell and taste among others.
In how far do clear lines exist between the leadership ranks of those corporatives and governments? How many people in your estimate are involved in the GDPP and can you see any entity being the driving force of the GDPP?

I estimate the inner circle to have no more than 20,000 people, the middle circle 200,000 and the outer circle 2 million people. The driving force is the Vatican. It has the longest experience in population control and delineates the ethical outlines of the depopulation program for secular authorities. Outside Christendom the spiritual leaders of other organized religions play only an advisory role to secular authorities. The West follows the guidelines set by the Vatican and never deviates from them, as that would incur the wrath of the Church, which to this day has the power to topple almost any government on earth through its countless proxies. The Global Depopulation Program rests on the following four lines of text from the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae, subtitled On the Regulation of Birth, published 25 July 1968:

“On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from—provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever”.

The areas of jurisdiction are respected since the separation of Church and State. The Church makes the moral law. The State follows the Church’s moral law and operates within the ethical loopholes provided by the Church. The military-industrial complex manufactures and administers the poisons chosen by governments. The judiciary provides legal protection for the crimes committed by governments and the military-industrial complex. The media hides the evidence, spins the facts and conditions the masses with lies and half-truths. And civil society pretends to fight the system while being funded by it.
This circle of crime, however, is tightknit only in Christendom, since only here it has been 2000 years in the making, elsewhere it is hanging by a thread and can be broken with a single push.
The central role of the Battelle Memorial Institute in the plandemic era will be elucidated in my upcoming paper “Criminal Strategies for Sustainability: The Geopolitics of Decarbonization by Plandemic and Depopulation by Vaccination”. For now suffice it to say that there is no doubt whatsoever that Battelle is the coordinating agency of the plandemic strategy. And this is very easy to prove. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and funding I won’t be able to publish this evidence until late September.

Why did the Vatican oppose hormonal or mechanical contraceptives then?

Because it cannot change its own teachings on contraceptives due to its Doctrine of Papal Infallibility, which dates back to 1870 and states that Popes are preserved from the possibility of error. The Church is in other words caught by the rigidity of its own dogma - a dogma adopted to hang on to its moral and spiritual authority when it lost its territorial possessions to the newly formed Italian state.
The Doctrine of Papal Infallibility in the practical sense of the Church’s stance on birth control prevents the Church from changing its position, for if the current Pope were to alter the Church’s position on contraceptives he would invalidate the infallibility of his predecessor and therefore prove that no Pope is infallible. And without the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility the Church would lose its absolute authority on matters of ethics and morality, which is all it has left.
And that goes to show you that the West needs a new spiritual authority and belief system. Christianity has become obsolete. The same applies, of course, to all other organized religions, which is why I say that what the world needs is a New Axial Age and not a New World Order.

Defending papal infallibility definitely has always been an important motive in Vatican’s politics. But don’t you think the Vatican primarily wanted to protect women’s (and their mate’s) health by preventing them from potentially detrimental effects of hormone-disrupting contraceptives? For instance, as you outlined in “Peace without Poison” in Andorra the governing Bishops reluctantly agreed to water fluoridation in the 1960s for sterilizing purposes whilst firmly adhering to their reticence to contraceptives. In Vatican’s ethics the living appears to be higher rated than the unborn.

One could argue that the Church tried to protect people from having to make the tough decision of aborting, which is why it allowed governments to prevent the moment of conception so that people wouldn’t be forced to kill their own fetuses in order to limit their family size. And I believe this indeed to be the case, which is why I am indulgent with the Church and empathetic to its unenviable predicament. The Vatican could not know that covert chemical methods of sterilization more often than not lead to death in the womb rather than the prevention of conception, a fact I describe in my 2016 peer-reviewed article “Behind the Mask: Malaria Eradication and Involuntary Sterilization”.

I would not quite agree on the assumption that Vatican’s ethics does unequivocally allow for intentional impediment of human fertility in the pretext of medical treatment since it requires that “…-such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever”. The masterminding of a GDPP intentionally turning medical treatments or preventive measures into chemical warfare against human fertility would therefore not be in line with the encyclical letter Humanae Vitae from 1968 you quoted – at least not in line with what is written out. Is there some hidden double meaning in this phrase, too?

The words “not directly intended for any motive whatsoever” are just for the Church’s protection. The Church never gets its hands dirty and never takes responsibility for any of the high crimes it enables. Its proxies, be the governments or institutions, take the fall.

4. The role of pandemics vaccines as controllable instruments in modern depopulation

In your article Turning Nature Against Man you have shown that vaccines as ultimately controllable instruments of covert or even open population control were increasingly favored by the UN over chemically-induced sterility and morbidity since “…more ambitious depopulation targets via vaccine-induced apoptosis through mandatory immunization programs were being phased in”.
One of the most remarkable aspects of the actual Covid-Crisis is that governments of almost all countries proclaim mass-vaccination as the only solution on our way back to normality. And this despite the fact, that the factual extent of this so-called pandemic does by no means justify such drastic infringements on human rights. Global Politics here seems to insist on a gamble solution of a created problem since up to date there has never been a save and efficient vaccine against a Corona Virus nor has there any safe vaccine based on RNA- / or DNA methodology. Do you agree that mandatory vaccination laws being pushed upon us in the wake of CV hysteria would pave the way for a new generation of selective, eugenic depop-strategies?

Absolutely! The system is changing its methodology of population control from covert chemical methods (i.e. endocrine disruptors inserted in our food and drinks) to coercive biological methods of population control (i.e. mandatory vaccines) because it needs to selectively target different populations for different outcomes. The countries that have reached the last stage of the demographic transition / depopulation program and have as a result inverted population pyramids, thus too many old and too few young to bear the burden of the old, need to reduce the number of elderly from the current 30% of the population to below 20% if they are to prevent economic collapse. The countries that are only at the beginning of the demographic transition / depopulation program need to sterilize the young in order to bring down the total fertility rate to well below replacement level, thus to fewer than two children per woman. And the countries that are in the middle of the demographic transition / depopulation program need to do a bit of both.
The covert chemical methods of population control used thus far do not allow this kind of selectivity. That is why the system is changing its weapons of population control. Without the selectivity afforded by vaccines governments cannot complete the depopulation genocide.

Countries with demographic Transition Stages 1-3 (e.g. Sub-Saharan States, India, Afghanistan) would qualify for sterilizing vaccines. Adding the pregnancy hormone beta HCG to the vaccine (already applied in Kenia), triggering autoimmunity to hormonal glands and in case of CV-19 to placenta tissue - possibly facilitated by the Syncytin – homologue proteins in CV-19 spikes being produced by the cells being inoculated with the vaccine. These proteins play an essential role in placenta development and chronic immune reactions to them would render women infertile. In contrast to lowering total fertility in developing countries with high birth rates, progressed demographic stages 4-5 with over-aging issues and population pyramids inverted would qualify for vaccines designed to shorten life spans. Immunocompromise, infections, apoptosis and telomere shortening for premature cell aging and death to name but a few potentially vaccine induced biochemical mechanisms suited to covertly accelerate somebody’s death. The eugenic component could be guaranteed by IA technology - making sure that only the best will be enjoying their deserved jubilation and maintain their natural right of procreation...
It seems like the elites are fiercely pushing in that direction and it’s hard to see anybody stopping them right now. The masterminded fear-guilt-agenda still seems to work their magic on the masses. The invisible enemy being a virus and its instrumentalization to get rid of Donald Trump has furthermore helped to occupy classical liberal and civil rights camps. They seem to buy into the solidarity deceit and sell out their democratic fundaments for imaginary security and health. What would be your cure for current collective delusion?

That is precisely the plan. And it can be easily stopped by the masses if at least 20% of the population open their eyes and become torchbearers of truth. But then what? The plan might as well be allowed to continue if the masses are unwilling and incapable of assuming responsibility and making sacrifices to limit fertility, lower populations and lifespans and accomplish optimal and therefore sustainable population levels. That is why the only way out of this is to make the depopulation agenda known to enough people that the depopulation by vaccination strategy fails and then to put enough pressure on governments to change course and transfer the responsibility for population control from governments to the people in a peaceful and civilized manner. The current delusion will end when those vaccinated stop procreating and start dying.

You would expect very counter-instinctive behavior by the masses - I suppose that most people are simply not ready to self-limit procreation and lifespan - neither will they want to limit circulation and/or consumption in order to save the climate. Ideally people would like to emancipate themselves from tyranny and bring personal sacrifices for democracy. But realistically the majority appears far too angsty and comfort -/ distraction-seeking in order to assume responsibility- be it with respect to reproductive, social, ecological, financial or political issues. The actual fear and uncertainty deliberately provoked by CV19 seems to induce a lot of allowed for adherence to the status quo. This implies the broad public insistence for more authority in order to save the political system (representing protective father and continuity) which paradoxically now is exactly the source of unpredictable change and instability. A second effect of fear has always been the loss of tolerance and the increase in ever changing micro-racisms – so some people will turn to political extremes. The chances of forging an international alliance of enlightened, emancipated individuals ready to assume global responsibility are therefore limited.
The masses are more scared of a state of anarchy than from the elites’ intentions to continue making the world a safer, greener and healthier place by killing us softly. Ironically, it’s the same elites who created and control the armory of mass destruction they are protecting us from...
In a strict materialistic matrix of thought it appears as if there are not many alternatives to elites’ best intentions. They will continue installing their authoritarian super surveillance program and hopefully change from covert chemical or microbiological and overt surgical methods to more humane, eco-friendly and targeted methods like mass-vaxx or China-like political legalization.

There is one alternative, the one I have provided in The Future of Global Governance. My alternative is the only workable and sane one and sooner or later, once the system’s strategies fail one after the other, the world will adopt my plan. That much is certain.
Mass vaccination is not a more humane method of population control. And it may well prove to be the most devastating to human health. The population will assume responsibility, but to do so it must first know what the real situation is and how the system has carried on thus far, which means there has to be full disclosure. Once the people have the facts they will come to the same conclusion as those who already have all the facts, namely that there are only two ways of doing this: top down or bottom up. And the people will assume responsibility because they will want to live and be in control of their lives.

Agreed on mass-vaxx-dangers - was a bit sarcastic about the issue.

Isn’t it also the same elites who are creators and major profiteers of a system of addictive hyper-consumption and inherent personal alienation who successfully escape any accountability here? Interestingly there is a conflict of interest within the elites who need us in numbers as their servants and consumers alike but at the same time they seemed to have changed the paradigm from instant-growth to a period of mandatory economic restriction - including accentuated depop (= short-term decarbonization, great reset, Schwab, WEF). So, the greed and crave for dominion may eventually save us from short term mass extinction?

Once AI is introduced on a wide scale the elites will no longer need the masses. The greed and crave for dominion will not save us from anything but condemn us to failure and extinction. The change of paradigm from hyper- to hypo-consumption buys us a little time, but cannot be maintained over the long-run because we live and work to live better not worse.

5. Geopolitical vision, social and ethical implications

I admire a lot what you did so far in terms of elucidating the facts to a broader public and I definitely advocate for public enlightenment, the idea of a sovereign people and favor plural bottom up to uniformity top down in all aspects - particularly in medicine. Ideally there would be not up or down but more even political and personal relations. Full disclosure and admittance of these scandalous facts to the broad public though would entail legal actions against those in charge and require a thorough reprocessing of political and military order. It would also require a clear vision on where to go in the future and a redefinition of the traditional ethical concepts of dignity, human rights and, perhaps, a new social contract. It looks very much as if the CV19-plot was created to push top-down-depop a bit further.
I’m still wondering what the concrete intentions of the elites are with CV 19: more short term depop or rather strategic? Do you think that break down of supply chains, lockdowns, recessions are provoked primarily to kill people short term or rather strategically to increase the surge for a “New World Order”?

A clear vision of where to go in the future is needed and I have provided that too in the form of the OM Principles, fifteen simple principles on which to base a new system and a new social contract. The transition from this system to the one I envisioned will be difficult, no doubt about it. If those in charge refuse to hand over the reins of power the transition will be very bloody, extremely destabilizing and it will take decades. If on the other hand, they cooperate it will be peaceful, and it could be done in just a decade.
The objectives of the plandemic strategy are rather clear: depopulation and decarbonization. The golden future promised by the World Economic Forum will be enjoyed only by those who are still alive once the decarbonization and depopulation programs are accomplished. Judging by the aggressiveness with which depop vaccines are pushed down our throats I suspect at least 25% of the population will perish by the middle of this century, but it could well be 50% or more.
The breakdown of supply chains, the lockdowns and the recession are not provoked primarily to kill people, but to reduce consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions in order to decarbonize and save the climate. In so doing governments live up to the pledges they made when they signed the Paris Accord. At least 200 million people, however, will die of hunger and poverty around the world due to the hardship created by this intentional sabotage of the global economy. That is how the system intends to solve the problem of extreme poverty. And depending how long governments sabotage the economy for decarbonization purposes we may well see half a billion people perish due to hunger, poverty and desperation. The system is easing the population load by throwing the weak, the poor, the sick and the old off board because the ship of human civilization is taking on water and will otherwise sink.

Replacing individualism and critical thinking by blind obedience and servants mentally, abolishing cash, screen deal, preparing surveillance, and mass vaccination infrastructure for the 'more deadly viruses' to come would all pay off in the long term and give more options for top-down depopulation. Do they push to a sort of global welfare state capitalist system - meaning limiting personal freedom, restrictive family planning, shortened life spans in change for wealth, social security, less inequality among the commons, unconditional salary until AI-assisted, individualized timely kill off?

They will try to convince people to accept the imposition of limits to their fertility, mobility, longevity and rights in exchange for a more stress-free and worry-free existence though also a far more modest existence. Many will be more than happy to accept this trade-off, but many others and perhaps many more will not.
A welfare state system is also dictated by rapid advances of technology and the aggressive adoption of artificial intelligence, which will displace half the people from their jobs in the next thirty years. Those who cannot be killed fast enough by vaccines or starvation will be kept in a state of debilitating poverty through the introduction of the universal basic income.

This reads like an intended fundamental change in human rights and liberties having taken-for-granted up to now at least in the liberal West. I'm asking myself how democracy or at least some checks and balances could be maintained in the pursuit of such unusual reforms, challenging our traditional concepts of humanity.

The only solution is to close the gap between individual, national, global and planetary prerogatives - something I have been calling for repeatedly over the past five years - and which can be done only by providing full disclosure and thus educating and empowering the public to assume responsibility. Part and parcel of this solution must also be a radical redistribution of work and wealth along the lines of my OM Principles.

For now, the elites have taken to a more authoritarian style of government and people preponderantly seem to accept it as a necessity in the "fight against the virus". Wouldn't it be far too risky for the elites to disclose the global depop / decarb strategy as a real purpose of Covid. This would easily undermine their privileged leading position and probably lead to legal and illegal action against them. So why should they deliberately choose to give back liberty or to empower the people they have been treating so harshly?

Because their strategy is based on secrecy and deception and I have shattered the secrecy and deception. It is only a matter of time until enough people find my work and turn on the system. If those in charge wait that long they will be wiped out by the mob and nothing and no one will save them. Self-preservation is therefore the primary justification for providing full disclosure and transferring responsibility and with it power to the people.
Full disclosure has to be provided by all heads of state and government and all spiritual leaders from the world’s highest podium. It should be preceded by the release of an explicit and detailed documentary of the history of the depopulation program and followed by the release of all population control documentation and its digitization.

Machiavelli once wrote that the ruler has to either be benevolent or ferocious - he should by all means avoid being both at a time since it will lead to disaster. Now as the hard way has been chosen - is there in your opinion a non-violent way "back" to our accustomed illusion of political participation and proclaimed sovereignty of the people? And what would the political structure look like in a global, worry-free, AI-assisted state capitalist welfare state with limited consumption, circulation, fertility and life-span?

Yes, there is a non-violent way back to self-determination, by creating a Planetary Wellbeing Authority and deploying the three elemental principles and the solutions I describe in my book The Future of Global Governance. At the same time the OM Principles will have to be adopted by the new social and economic construct. Once the population is stabilized at a sustainable level and mankind guided and empowered by a single global authority our descendants will enjoy a better standard of living than we can even imagine. How fast we get there depends on how fast we have full disclosure.

In “The Future of Global Governance” you outlined a comparatively open and transparent form of global government based on a new planetary identity of earthlings transcending nationalistic, ideological, religious and egoistic blinkers. Your three visionary prerogatives of the new power structure would be “Truth for Trust” between commons and ruling class, “The Now- and Forever-Principle” (ecologically sustainable population numbers, economy and forms of co-existence respecting our planetary boundaries) and “Family First Principle” (you are adhering here to the conservative concept of a small nuclear family as hatchery and basic building block of society). To me, all three prerogatives seem valid demands for a possibly better future. The central global government in your model yet would be provided with far more power than today and it might be even farer away from the real and regional needs of the people. Everybody’s identity would have to change considerably, and we would have to overcome traditional and contrarious beliefs and identifications for the greater good. The new social contract would implicate considerable relinquishment of perceived sovereignty.
Do you consider such a global and fundamental change of traditional “world order” - a tremendously centralizing step- to be politically enforceable in relatively short time amidst growing nationalism and micro-racisms? Will adherence to the concept of nationality still make any sense in such an NWO or would it rather be strict regionalism combined with a lean global government?

People are tired of national governments and their impotence. People are tired of the illusion of democracy and the rule of law. People are tired of the inequities, the corruption and the lies the current system offends us with. People are tired of being prisoners of the nation-state, an obsolete political entity that locks us all behind national borders and perpetuates a world of conflict along artificially created lines of division. Yes, people will accept a global authority like the one I envisioned because it will offer a far greater standard of governance than the national and international authorities we now have and a far nobler system than the grotesque one we now have.
The nation-state is already dead. It exists only on paper and only to restrict the rights and liberties of the masses. The elites have been living in a borderless world for at least two decades. It is time we have the same privileges, which can only be afforded by a borderless world and a seamless global system under a planetary government that is accountable to us, the people, and protects all life on earth. We can no longer bear the weight of 200 governments. A lean global government with cost us almost nothing and will free us of bureaucracy, duplication of services, waste, armies, armaments and a thousand other awful things. The world will be our oyster. Cultures will thrive because they are regional and have always been regional, but we will also share a global and common culture. No borders will separate us. No invented enemies will plague our existence. No parasitical military-industrial complexes will suck our life blood. No party politics will ever sell us their lies and false promises. No corporation will ever again exploit us.

The shortcoming of the past to reach such an ideal state of global political consciousness and power structure amidst stronger monetary ties and growing economic globalization of international corporations is evident. Would you interpret this as an autocratic strategy of the elites to undermine the very concept of basic-democratic politics to be an independent retributive force between conflicting interests of different social and economical groups? Do we have instead an internationally operating, corrupted super-upper-class, an elitist financial-industrial-military-political complex (FIMP) ruling in mutual accordance and support whilst eluding democratic legitimacy and accountability? The creation of an almighty central world-government wouldn’t only bear the risk of corruption and abuse but for now would mean nothing but a formal handover of the remainings of independent politics to FIMP. Personally, I think we first have to achieve some drastic disentanglement of FIMP and impose a new concept of profit-avoiding money in order to become a world government a success in terms of both - democracy and sustainability.

Only a fully transparent world government operating along the principles I defined can dissolve the financial-industrial-military-political complex you describe. The existing FIMP is the result of a strategy devised in the 1980s to advance global unity through economic power, which is indeed a step-up from previous attempts at global unity, which were based on raw military power. It is therefore an intentionally created monster that was birthed so the nation-state could be ploughed down. Its existence will no longer be needed in a world devoid of nations and united under a world government.

For now, the most realistic possibility seems to me that people will first become strict believers in the new Corona-religion which imposes new laws and rules upon us which are at first perceived as counter-intuitive. It will be possible to impose those rules because they are collectively believed and because they will be abided by due to collective fear, autosuggestion and mutual peer pressure.
In the course of time those rules will have become our new normality, some sacrifices will have been made, some traditional things of course been abolished. The air may be cleaner, the skies blue, the grass greener, stress levels lower for some, higher for others. But will we still need the structurally religious frame and the threat of sanctions to maintain these behaviors or will people emancipate themselves and come to a truly humane, auto-determined way of self-organization towards sustainable forms of living?
How- in your eyes - could a transition of power and legitimacy from the elitist shadow-autocracy to actual overt autocratic virocracy towards true democracy be accomplished whilst avoiding too much social derangement and chaos?

The Corona-religion cannot be sustained because it is based on blatantly obvious lies and offers no benefit to anyone nor is it attractive in any way. Quite the contrary it offends us in every possible way. People perceived it as a perversion from the very beginning and now that we have all been at the receiving end of this perversion for an entire year the Corona-religion is more despised than ever. Compliance with the restrictions imposed under the guise of the plandemic is weaning across the world. People comply only because they fear fines and imprisonment, in other words only because they fear the power of the state, which has become totalitarian.
The fear that fueled the Corona-religion is also gone. It was the fear of death by an invisible enemy. But now that a majority of people are aware that the invisible enemy doesn’t actually exist the only fear that remains is that of governments out of control.
A smooth transition to a system that can solve our collective problems without committing genocide and crimes against humanity can only be accomplished if full disclosure is provided and the existing power structure moves out of the way and makes room for a Planetary Wellbeing Authority with global enforcement powers. The truth will set us free and set us on the right course.

These players would be operating unknowingly of their purpose. This doesn’t seem very transparent either – no? And having somebody on top, even if competent as you, wouldn’t provide necessary democratic control and accountability.

The Council of Twelve and the Twelve Elders that I envision at the head of this global authority will be operating fully transparent and with clearly stated objectives. These individuals, who will have final authority on all matters of existential importance for our species, will not utter a single word that will not become part of the public record immediately. However, there can be no democratic control over this Planetary Wellbeing Authority since it protects not only the rights of the living but also of future generations and of all life on earth and neither the unborn nor the other species on earth could be represented at a democratic table. To ensure that these all-powerful individuals maintain the highest standards of governance and pursue mankind’s best interests, I must have veto power and the tie-breaking vote on all matters decided by them.
Furthermore, we don’t have democracy now nor did we ever have democracy. What we have had and continue to have is the illusion of democracy. Under a fully transparent global authority we will at least know what is going on and why and we will not be poisoned to death with endocrine disruptors or vaccinated to death with depop vaccines. We will all be assets in the struggle for our existence and not liabilities, as is currently the case.

6. Manufactured Health – Crisis, psychological and biological effects – collective burn-out

In respect to the virus itself - they seemed to have implemented a quite efficient technique of real-surreal-theater. Real local release of contagious agents, changing hospital triage system to have few hospitals running over & selectively reporting those hospitals in the media, fake statistics by misattributions of deaths or symptoms to an invalid positive PCR tests, manipulative coincidence by increasing test-numbers during annual Rhinovirus epidemics (end of October, March), implementing illogical rules and measures to make things look even more dramatic to keep the angry men from the streets, involve celebrities in all fields to be CV-victims, do not search for other causes of death, dramatize in every respect to paralyze people’s reflection and resistance, stipulate long-term effects which in fact cannot be proven at this stage, withhold, deny and confuse crucial preventive and protective knowledge, shortcomings in implementing simple, causal and effecient therapeutic measures like high-dose intravenous Vitamin C, inhalative steroids, Glutathione, Zinc, Vitamin D to name but a few.
In recent months, official statistics increasingly stipulated excess-mortality usually based on incomplete and arbitrarily selected data in order to keep people following the narrative, concerned and abiding to unproven non-scientific restrictions and infringements on their rights. Is it another technique to lie by avoiding lying (deprecated by monotheist religions) but by data selection and disclosure/ omission of essential facts?

The people in the system are fully aware that their entire pandemic narrative will collapse if they release the real mortality rates, which show no increased all-cause mortality in those countries where we have been able to obtain the data through backdoor channels. No increased mortality means there is no pandemic and if there is no pandemic than there is no killer virus on the loose either. I have requested the all-cause mortality rates for the 27 EU nations from EUROSTAT, the EU’s statistical agency, three times and was refused access every time. The most I received was a statement that the stats will be released in July. More than this, the EU is withholding the stats from 2019, too. They are doing this not only to hide that there is no increased mortality in 2020 but also to hide the many deaths from vaccines, and from denial of medical care, that will happen in 2021 by counting them as 2020 deaths. In other words, they will hide the sharp increase in mortality in 2021 due to the vaccines by falsely attributing those deaths to covid-19 infections and counting them as deaths that have occurred in 2020.
In the meantime, the only data they release is completely fabricated so-called “excess mortality rates”, which is garbage data pulled out of a hat to maintain the illusion of people dying due to Covid 19.

“If you torture the numbers long enough they will confess to anything” is a popular quote on the principles of statistics. Excess mortality figures usually imply quite a degree of arbitrariness and are prone to spinning. What counts is complete figures on mortality, population size, reference collective all in absolute numbers and sorted according to age categories. In addition, the causes of death would have to be determined with scientific scrutiny and there needs to be a valid significance calculation before stipulating any excess mortality.

Precisely, but they are beyond that now. They have crossed all red lines and in so doing have lost all credibility and have destroyed not only the credibility of the state but also, and more importantly, the credibility of the medical profession and of the scientific community. They maintain the illusion of a pandemic with junk science and junk data, which invalidates any and all official statements. We might as well have monkeys peeling data out of ripe bananas since the result is the same as parroting officials presenting manufactured data.

Did they also cross the red line of deliberately shortening life spans (in previous times = murder/mass extinction)? Quite a number of officials resigned in the last year because they could not reconcile these fact-remote politics with their scientific integrity.

Shortening lifespans in countries that have reached the last stage of the demographic transition / depopulation program is the very first objective pursued by the system with the plandemic strategy. So long as only the terminally ill are helped or allowed to die and those old and frail enough to wish to end their lives the system remains safely behind the red line. It remains to be seen if covid-19 vaccines are lethal only to these two categories or if the system has decided to cross all red lines and kill everyone who is a drag on the system.
A lot of people resigned across the board but still keep quiet. Their integrity stops where their income begins. They could not bring themselves to lie to the public, but they remain quiet to enjoy the benefits of being in the system. It should be noted that high officials, people carrying diplomatic passports and people on official duty can travel across borders without Covid- 19 tests or vaccines, in other words without having to subject themselves to depopulation poisons. That many have resigned because they could not bring themselves to violate their scientific or moral integrity goes to show you that the officials who took their place have no such qualms. They are in other words the scum of the earth.

But there were enough till now to make a great number of people think and waking up. This should give some hope.

This gives hope only to the extent that these individuals represent the weak links in the criminal chain and the moment enough people rise they will turn on their counterparts who did lie to the public every day.

Due to prolonged stress, fear and uncertainty a good many of people are still paralyzed. They adopted apocalyptical avoidance attitudes and they find themselves in a twisted fear-guilt-peer-pressure trap. The desire of apocalypse roots in repression of death on a broad social scale. Blocking out and tabooing such an existential element of life will create a surge for its reappearance and as apocalypse is a collective event it takes away the loneliness - factor of the original fear object (= individual death) which allows for more comfortable, collective mechanisms overcoming it. Blocking out an essential factor of life will also lead to a non-authentic form of existence which creates latent fear as the basis of oppression. Concerning apocalyptic world views, it is well known that apocalyptic visions or fear and their political, religious and economic exploitation has been going on in every generation for at least 3000 years.
Furthermore, we frequently observe a psychological phenomenon which I described as “coronified personality disorder (CPD)”. The root of CPD is an excess of false moral and social norm preventing people from following their natural life-supporting instincts whilst applying critical thinking and common sense. Any form of norm-transgression or aggression is negatively sanctioned with guilt-blaming and social exclusion. Absence of essential fear-reducing factors like hope, trust, confidence, reassuring real-relations and self-empowerment further create an infantile-dependent type of person being forced into a pseudo religious belief-system and its repressive cult. CPDs are non-authentic, insecure and obedient human beings deprived of their punch and fearful of their own anger and aggression created as the logical consequence of all the frustration infringed upon us.
The aggression instead of being positively transformed into constructive dissolving power and action is split off the personality and projected to a contagious agent. The malevolent and omnipotent virus and his supporters are staged as hostile objects of collective fear and repugnance. Peer pressure plays an essential role in CPD as a false and intimidated person deprived of their true identity will desperately need a reference collective, a peer group in order to stabilize by identification. CPD - for the same reasons - will ask for more authority to frame their blurred perceptions and guideline the behavior.

Repressing death may well be the cause of apocalyptic desire, though I have yet to meet anyone wishing for the apocalypse. I can tell you however that the antiseptic way in which the West deals with death is unhealthy as it shelters people from having to confront death as a part of life. I remember as a child growing up in Romania that my friends and I often went to homes and apartments in the neighborhood where a person had died, and the family was in wake, that is to say friends and family watched over the cadaver for three days and nights and the dead person was placed on a table for all to see. We kids were fascinated by the dead and confronting death put us in a meditative mood and gave rise to all kinds of speculations about the afterlife, karma, heaven, hell, purgatory and other such esoteric concepts. In the West, however, no one has the chance to confront death like this. The dead are handled by professional morticians and all funerals are closed casket and take a couple of hours.
The “coronified personality disorder” you describe is a reflection of the cowardice and stupidity of the common man who refuses to think and refuses to act. They are the obedient folks who come from lineages of peasants conditioned to bow their heads to authority. You have described the same thing in polite terms.
Peer pressure is strong and universal. What I have noticed, however, is that only the weak are subject to peer pressure. Since the weak form at least 90% of our species, peer pressure is a powerful tool that governments shamelessly use and abuse nowadays. And it works. One need only look at the facial mask phenomenon. Here in Romania no one enforces the wearing of masks anymore because the police have not been paid by the government for all the overtime they did during 2020 and have also frozen their salaries now that austerity measures have kicked in. Nevertheless, everyone walks around with a mask on their faces.

Apart from doomsday scenarios lots of wild conspiracies are going the circuit involving systematic human trafficking, child abuse, pedo-criminality, Satanist rituals widespread among political elites and other celebrities. They are often associated with, Jeffrey Epstein, Pizzagate, the FED, the Rothschilds etc…
Do you think there is something to this or is it rather used to distract, further intimidate and paralyze the public?

These are definitely distractions invented by the system to control the public discourse and to lead people astray. They are also designed to confuse and confound the public so that no one can tell anymore what is real and what is fake and thus resign themselves to information from official sources. It is rather easy to recognize a fake story fabricated by the system because it is pushed by thousands of people who work for the system, appears everywhere at once, and is produced professionally, which means it benefits from generous funding.
By flooding the social media with fake news, the system has also created the justification for censoring the social media platforms in order to “protect” the public from fake news.

In my medical practice (as an anti- or good-aging specialist I am obviously a natural antagonist to depopulation on the late end) we check for regenerative adrenal hormones like DHEA and Pregnenolone and we all realized a sharp decline in Pregnenolone in almost all our patients in the last 2 month - meaning continued-stress-related impairment of nerve regeneration, reflection, memory, increased inflammation, accelerated physical and mental decay. I'm asking myself whether all this has been masterminded too in a sense of short term depop?

Yes, the rapid decay you observe in your patients has certainly been masterminded. It is the result of covert chemical poisoning with endocrine disruptors, manufactured economic pressures, and deliberately unhealthy work-life balances, to mention but a few of the causes. Add to these the imprisonment of people in their own homes for extended periods of time (which leads to cabin fever for the vast majority), the lack of physical movement (which leads to obesity), the absence of social interaction (which leads to emotional problems), the fear of death from an invisible enemy (which explodes the incidence of hypochondria), and fear of the authorities and of being fined or imprisoned and losing your job and you have a complete nightmare scenario sustained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 265 days a year. The cumulative stress caused by this nightmare scenario will lead the weakest members of society to suicide and will cause serious chronic illnesses in the population at large.

We saw a marked drop particularly in the last 3 months – Pregnenolone (and Dihydrotestosterone) in quite a few patients went down to almost zero. Something new to us, it has never been observed in the last 8 years - since we started measuring Pregnenolone.
Pregnenolone-deficiency as a pre-burn-out state and adrenal burnout as a likely aggravating consequence if elevated stress-levels are to be continued will always affect severity and tenacity of any infectious disease. Low Pregnenolone in particular does impede nerve regeneration, that’s why it is the most common hormonal cause of Alzheimers. It therefore is conceivable that we will see severer and more prolonged cases of all kinds of infections, more nerve impairment and increased mortality particularly in people naturally short of Pregnenolone, e.g. Addison disease, adrenal burn-out, Post-traumatic-stress disorder and the elderly. My first consideration was that people are getting more and more worn down by prolonged fear (from virus and socio-economic consequences), uncertainty and social friction/polarization lasting longer than 6 months. Do you think that in addition to these psychological factors, food or air poisoning with hormone disruptors was deliberately increased too - in the wake of Covid - distractions so to say?

Yes, and I suspect that in addition to hormone disruptors the system has used at least one neurotoxin to cause symptoms similar to a bad flu - such as fever, tiredness, and muscle soreness - but also indicative of chemical poisoning, namely loss of smell (anosmia) and taste (ageusia). You are in a better position to establish if a neurotoxin could also be responsible for the depletion of Pregnenolone.

It is conceivable, that any mitochondrial blocker in the environment (independent from a smell- /taste impairing neurotoxin) might further contribute to low Pregnenolone by limiting its biosynthesis.

7. Alternatives to depopulation – socio-economic changes

To be honest: Depop - be it deliberately by choice and insight or in murderous top-down-fashion does not feel very pleasant to me, and either way it will stay ethically debatable. Depop thinking - even if formally fact-based - in my view - expresses a huge degree of negativity, conceptual privation and potential malevolent. Newborns seem to be no longer welcomed and a seniles life might be considered parasitic and in the final analysis gratuitous. You mentioned in one of your books that the per-capita consumption in our time is about 5-fold increased compared to 1950. How much do you rate the chance of scaling down production and personal consumption and the introduction of new sustainable technologies for halting environmental and cultural decay?

I very much doubt we will be able to scale down production and personal consumption by more than 25% of current levels. The rest will have to come from a reduced population and the adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies such as renewables. Carbon neutrality is impossible without reducing the global population by at least half and without the universal adoption of green technologies for all areas of human activity. Getting there will be extremely painful and extraordinarily disruptive. I beg to differ, however, that depop thinking expresses negativity. The knowledge of how and why controlling human life on the planet is necessary and unavoidable is empowering, illuminating, and beneficial. It is the ultimate divine knowledge and the bedrock of civilization.
I have formulated four laws of civilization building based on this divine knowledge and these laws govern intelligent life and ensure the long-term survival of any intelligent species anywhere in the universe. They are as follows:

1. That you have to limit the quantity of life to improve the quality and you must do it selectively to aid and accelerate the process of natural selection and improve the intelligence and genetic makeup of the stock.

2. That you have to slow down population growth to remain within the technical ability of society to produce food and build infrastructure and you have to do it by any means necessary because failing to do it will have only negative consequences.

3. That once you get close to the planet’s carrying capacity you have to stabilize the population in perpetuity and stabilize it at a level that is sustainable for any given planet, so the planet’s life support systems are not damaged in which case intelligent life would unintelligently sow the seed of its own destruction.

4. That once a state of harmony is reached between civilization and nature all subsequent progress depends on society’s ability to reduce the number of people in direct but inverse proportion with the per capita increase in the consumption of resources and that this reduction has to be accomplished with everyone’s free and conscious collaboration. In other words, the more technologically advanced our civilization becomes the fewer people can be accommodated on planet earth and all people must contribute to mankind’s reduction in numbers to enable mankind’s ascension in level of civilization.

We have reached the third law and will pass into the fourth before the end of this century. No civilization is possible without the universal knowledge of the laws of civilization building.
I deal with this subject in my article The Role of Medicine in Population Control and Civilization Building from the Dawn of Civilization until the Present Time.

Psychologically I think that overconsumption has become a substitute for the phylogenetical basic need of familiarity or to say the primal horde which has been shrinking to a 1-2 child nuclear family also commonly lacking the proximity of grandparents. So, there may be also new ways of melting different families together in order to form secondary hordes. This may mimic the primal horde, give more (pseudo) familiar support and real sociability and reduce the risk of addiction and addictive consume behavior.

Tinkering with the nuclear family is not a good idea. Promoting a healthier extended family, however, as was the case with previous generations, is a good idea and would certainly bring enormous benefits especially to the oldest and the youngest members of the family.

Keeping the elderly as fit and healthy as possible should be an appropriate means of reducing the care taking load on the young. Here we need a reshuffle of traditional caregiving concepts by improved resource use of the elderly and promoting coexistence of mutual assistance.

Once all depopulation poisons are removed from our foods, drinks and medicines disease will virtually disappear from our lives. So, if you want to improve the lot of the old and the quality of life for all of us, we need only stop the global poisoning program.

A third - and crucial aspect of halting environmental collapse and bring more satisfying relations among people and to nature - will be to create a new form of money - transcending by far the blog-chain money to come, which only signifies more control and technical eases in monetary transfers and expenditure. The money will have to be invented in a way which automizes the flow of means of production/recycling and human resources towards the holistically good ideas - thus promoting sustainability and a maximum of common good. Ideally it should neither allow for cumulation nor for profit – instead it should instigate people’s creative intelligence whilst assisting judgmental intelligence essential for sensible spending and rendering redundant any acquiring effort for generating capital. For the latter two aspects I could imagine the assistence of artificial intelligence.

A new financial system is necessary. How it should look, I discuss in chapter 7, entitled “Power of Money” (pp. 49-64), of my book Survival or Extinction.

What - in your opinion - would be the most likely consequences for a country to sheer out of covert depop and making things public like you required. Is it that all participants are in discussions on whether or on how to tell the truth to the public or is it a rule by implication, a conspiracy of silence that never can be broken without severe consequences. So, what would happen to a whistle blower who arbitrarily decided to impose open depop laws?

The President of Albania, Ilir Meta, has been trying to do just that for the past 4 years but he is simply censored by the media which is fully controlled. He also stopped short of telling his people how the population is controlled, which makes his efforts of dealing with his nation’s rapid depopulation rather ineffective.
The conspiracy of silence is enforced by the fear that all heads of state and government share, the fear of the truth. After all they are partners in crimes against humanity and genocide of a scale and scope hitherto unknown. The truth will also expose democracy to be just a sham and the rule of law a fiction and that would bring the entire Western world to a sudden and brutal end. If they allow the truth to surface they will have to admit that they have committed unspeakable crimes and will have to accept being executed for their crimes or at the very least imprisoned for the rest of their lives. China has imposed open population control methods with its one-child policy (from 1979 to 2015), which shows that it can be done. How it will deal with the old-age burden once it reaches that stage of the demographic transition / depopulation program remains to be seen. From the looks of it, it intends to use vaccines to kill enough elderly every year, so it doesn’t come to a point where its old-age burden becomes an obstacle to prosperity.
The only solution is for the existing world leaders to create a Planetary Wellbeing Authority, as I have outlined in the Future of Global Governance, and to transfer global responsibility and global enforcement powers to this newly formed institution over the three existential issues we face: depopulation, decarbonization and globalization. Once this organization is operational all those involved in the current genocidal system must stand in front of the world and confess their crimes, provide full disclosure and then ask to be imprisoned for the rest of their lives on some remote island. Among those leaders heading to prison must also be the religious leaders involved in depop, including Pope Francis and, if still alive, Pope Benedict XVI. That would ensure not only the restoration of the rule of law but also a smooth and peaceful transition of power and provide a convincing demonstration of good faith on the part of the current leaders as well as the required evidence that they can also sacrifice, for until now they have shown only that they can impose sacrifices on the rest of us but not sacrifice themselves. The global population will then know that depopulation, decarbonization and globalization are an absolute necessity and that either every human being willingly makes sacrifices or far greater sacrifices will be imposed on every human being on the planet until our civilization reaches a state of equilibrium with nature; for failing to do so would spell the end of mankind.

The President of Albania was censored by the main media of his own country? That sounds pretty strange. Now the same thing happens in almost any country – from official political side there is no heterodox approach to the manipulative mainstream version of the plandemic. How can this form of centralized media control be exerted? It would mean that there are people controlling the media above the law and above the governments.

It should come as no surprise that the President of Albania is censored by the media. Not after we have witnessed what the global media and the social media giants have done to President Trump. To what extent President Meta is censored by the Albanian media I cannot tell since I don’t speak Albanian. I can only assess the level of censorship I see in the English language articles reporting President Meta’s statements.

8. Overshoot Index, planetary boundaries, climate change and apocalypse desires

You mentioned that a good deal of UN demographic geopolitics is based on sustainability estimates as being expressed by the so-called Overshoot Index which indicates the maximal number of people considered to live sustainably in a certain country.

The Overshoot Index is the only official and reliable document on population numbers and all governments are being forced (through the principle of mutual coercion mutually agreed upon) to reach those population objectives.

That’s pretty scary- there are many countries to be set for significant depop. In how far do governments base their decisions on these figures? The actual speeches of Merkel and von der Leyen at WEF summit and the contradictory quarantine /testing rules on entry of a certain country – PCR requirements only when entering via air travel - point very clearly to the plandemic exploited for sustainability purposes.

And the speeches of EU's leaders are mirrored by Biden in the U.S. and by Xi Jinping in China. It was obvious to me from the very beginning that the plandemic is primarily a front for decarbonization and have stated so on hundreds of occasions. I have also published several articles on this subject: The Pandemic Illusion and Global Governance, The G20 Virus, and Evidence the Covid-19 Pandemic is False. Until such time as we dissolve the nation state, every country will be forced to reach a sustainable population level, as indicated in the Overshoot Index.

Who did commission and fund the calculation of the OSI? It looks like a great deal of uncertainty and arbitrariness in these figures since there are so many factors influencing and many of those we do not know by now like new technologies, different modes of coexistence, more economic forms of alimentation or water recycling to name but a few. I imagine real politics based on them could prove to be a big hoax if not prove fatal.

The Overshoot Index calculations are provided by a British organization called Population Matters. I’m sure its calculations are not perfect, but they are pretty good. The figures provided by the Overshoot Index are a sober reminder just how overpopulated the world is (currently 3 billion in overshoot) and how far some countries will have to go in order to reach sustainability. There is no escaping the figures in the Overshoot Index because the countries with unsustainable populations survive on the resources of other nations and on the non-renewable resources of future generations. As such, these nations parasitize not only the living but also the yet to be born and pose a real and present danger to the survival of mankind. By hook or by crook their populations will be decimated until they reach sustainability.

Some of these people ( have a scientific background, the majority not. They seem to have in common the noble intentions to save the world by depopulation - presumably overt rather than covert. Would be interesting to see how they exactly calculate OSI. I doubt yet that the OSIs they calculate are by any means valid or realistic. It looks to me like an arbitrarily created parameter, reductionist by nature and not considering possible changes in mentality, consumption, circulation and resource use. To use such unsolid figures for direct far reaching geopolitical steps implicating hardship and suffering to the many seems ludicrous to me.

You miss the point. Their calculations are based on current consumption and resources. It's the only way to be accurate, which is why they revise their calculations every few years. They cannot base their calculations on what could be. The Overshoot index is the most reliable data there is to date.

Yet the future has hardly ever been a continuation of the past and you cannot say nowadays what will be OSI like in 30 years - no?

Pursuing geopolitical objectives even with imperfect data is far better than doing nothing. Doing nothing leads to certain collapse and to universal suffering. They are trying to get ahead of the demographic and environmental curves. And to succeed they are willing to sacrifice as many as it takes.

All but themselves...

Yes, they are very good at imposing sacrifices and not so good at sacrificing themselves.
But the crux of the problem is that they think people are incapable of governing themselves and need a strong hand to control them. I shattered their worldview that we, the common people, are incapable of governing ourselves and of understanding the existential issues mankind faces, which is why they fear, hate and respect me at the same time.

Maybe they are suffering a common form of apocalypse desire / fear as many people did for millenniums.

Those who want the apocalypse do nothing. Those who try to prevent the apocalypse do whatever they can.

In a psychoanalytical view the objects you create (here apocalypse) originate from a principal desire. Maybe the hysterical doomsday scenarios of climate-, carbon-, pandemic- and population- panickers makes them think and act in apocalyptic categories weighed against each other. This may disconnect them from reality and puts everyone under enormous pressure for change. Apocalypse - avoidance mode probably never lead to adequate decisions.

No, their desire to prevent the apocalypse, by which I mean the collapse of our civilization, is genuine and is based on the most accurate figures to date. As our knowledge advances and as our technology progresses we will be able to increase the sustainability threshold, in other words the number of people who can live on planet earth without damaging its life support systems.
The problem is not the figures or the analysis or the objectives. The problem is the methods by which those figures, analysis and objectives are being pursued.

So, you think they are truly convinced on the impact of global warming or are they using it as a pretext for covert depopulation measures?

Yes, they are convinced. Besides, global warming is real.

The warming is real, but is the estimate of the impact on human survival correct or is it projection?

No one can predict the future with any accuracy. But when the system says we project this or that then you can bet that projection will become reality because the world projection in the system’s language means objective.
Furthermore, global warming/climate change is just one of the planetary boundaries we endanger. There are eight more: biodiversity loss, biogeochemical overload (including nitrogen cycle), ocean acidification, land overuse, freshwater depletion, ozone depletion, atmospheric aerosols overload, and chemical pollution. Latest scientific evidence shows that we have already exceeded three of those nine planetary boundaries identified by scientists: climate change, biodiversity loss, and the nitrogen cycle.
To prevent catastrophic consequences by tipping these nine planetary boundaries into a different and unpropitious state, we need to not only depopulate but also decarbonize, that is, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero.

My major point of skepticism comes from the fact that in the CV19-, Decarb/Depop- and what’s to follow agenda they miss an essential crucial principle of your book: Truth for Trust.

They miss all three fundamental principles I identify as crucial, as well as the proper institutional architecture to pursue the goals we must reach. I describe the Truth for Trust Principle as follows in The Future of Global Governance :

“If the Sustainable Development Goals are to succeed, a new entity made up of trustworthy, deserving and untainted individuals, which shall be called the Council of 12, must be created and placed atop the UN system to ensure that henceforth all actions emanating from the global governance level are not only in good faith but also fully transparent and wholly and immediately communicated to the public at large, thus bringing to an end the era of dishonesty, deception, shameless elitism and backroom dealing that characterize the modus operandi of the current international community.
The openness and truthfulness of this new superstructure of policy makers, henceforth called the Truth for Trust Principle, will earn back the public’s trust and restore decency and the rule of law to global governance. This will allow the Council of 12 to represent a new beginning, without dissolving the existing international structure, other than the Security Council, whose powers and duties it will inherit, and to serve as the brain of the world in order to coordinate the global effort demanded by the Sustainable Development Goals and do it with grace, compassion and dignity, yet as resolutely as a force of nature to compel humanity to act as one, fully-formed and intelligent organism. As it is, humanity is like a chicken without a head, fluttering its wings in utter desperation and jumping hither and tither, exhausting itself in the process, breaking everything in its path, and making no headway whatsoever.”

…a principle that the commoners yet have to demand.

The commoners are fifty years behind in their knowledge of geopolitics and two thousand years behind in their knowledge of population control. They have a lot of catching up to do.

9. The role of Russia – GDPP / Decarb – Democratic fiber - Cold War

As we talked about already, Russia’s economy depends very much on oil/ gas exports. They are therefore in a natural antagonism toward the decarb strategy of the EU, Biden’s US and China’s new green deal. So, I would expect to be some friction here. Since the pandemic presumably was designed to decarbonate and to depopulate (a.o.) how would you rate Russia’s role in that plot? They developed a vaccine, they were confining people, they weren't as resistant as Belarus which faced severe sanctions from UNO, World Bank and media. To your estimate does Russia also comply with the CV-19 agenda because of mutual coercion concerning depop, whereas global decarb negatively impacts their export industry - i.e. that would mean that vital economic self-interest is submitted to global depop obligations?

Russia is fully onboard the depopulation agenda, especially since its median age is 40.2 (and if we are to subtract the much younger populations of its far eastern provinces we are left with a median age of almost 50 in white Russia) and as such has among the oldest populations in the world but refuses to cooperate with the decarbonization agenda because 70% of its revenue comes from the sale of fossil fuels.
Russia in fact has been a driving force of the Global Depopulation Program and has attained its objectives ahead of the West forcing the US to keep pace with it, as I have shown in my article How the Russians Do It.
Russia is collaborating in the plandemic because it needs to get rid of its old people and what better way to do it than with vaccines. It tried to raise the retirement age a couple of years ago, but the backlash was so great that Putin had to back down.

Do you have any ideas on how this conflict of interest between Russia and the Decarb-Powers could be ameliorated? Or is it that decarb is exploited strategically as a pretext to weaken Russia?

No, decarbonization is not used as a pretext to weaken Russia, at least not by the EU. But Russia is so dependent on fossil fuels, and its population is so old, that its economy cannot be modernized in the short time dictated by the decarbonization effort.

The German government has softened this conflict of interest by reassuring Russia that it will continue to buy its gas, which is why the two nations have gone ahead on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipe line. The best long-term solution is to enable Russia to sell its oil and gas to developing nations while developed nations switch to renewables. In this fashion the markets it loses in the West are compensated for by newly gained markets elsewhere in the world.

But their fossil fuels sold to developing countries will be burned either way and exacerbate global warming.

A legally enforceable annual reduction of gas sales could be implemented to give Russia the time it needs to refocus its economy while at the same time gradually take the world to a fossil fuel free state. At the same time, Russia should be encouraged to become part of the EU so it can become a full-fledged member by 2030. Its market integration with the EU would allow Russia to prosper despite decarbonization and would mean enduring peace in Europe.
Inclusion of the Russian Federation into the EU would allow the EU to save 50 million of its people since Russia has the resources to support an additional 50 million to the 120 million people it has. Provided, of course, that the sustainable population of the EU is counted for the entire territory and not for every country. The EU needs the vast resources of Russia and Russia needs the EU's manufacturing and scientific knowhow as well as its capital. Together, they would comprise by far the most powerful entity in the world.

Without doubt- it would be a huge geopolitical and economic shift which might even compromise the hegemony of the US and also weakening the impact of China if we think in a conventional antagonistic, competitive power-matrix. The question is whether the actual superpowers China and the US would consent a game-changing step like this. Ideally these old rivalries should be settled for the sake of a sustainable and safer world for all with democratic structures uncompromised and no secrecy between governments and people.

Neither the US nor China would have a say in this. The EU is too powerful economically and Russia is too powerful militarily. If the EU and Russia agree to merge no one could stop them. The problem is not that others may resent this. The problem is that Russia lacks any and all democratic fiber. But that too will be solved once Putin is gone. Or, if President Putin is truly intelligent, he could pave the way for a democratic Russia by treating Alexey Navalny with the respect he deserves. If Putin truly loves Russia and the Russian people then he will take my advice to heart and act upon it.

Remains to be seen who’s going to succeed him. In terms of autocratic fiber, we may be level soon with Russia. All the western governments now seem to infringe on their democratic principles for the sake of population control, sustainability and decarb. In western European countries like in the Anglo-Saxon sphere the remains of democracy (albeit already damaged by covert depop) have been powerfully dumped down. This would facilitate the formation of a well-adjusted worldwide tyranny rather than nourish the buds of Russian democracy to germinate. In Buddhism there exists no way to happiness, yet happiness is the way - to say the way we are brought to sustainable population figures isn’t all but a respectful and happy one. Since the enforcement mechanisms appear to be protracted confusion, fear, social schism and brutal force, why should we expect this to be changed by the same international elites, who are already well aligned and who are installing worldwide a terribly arrogant and restrictive system in front of our eyes in mutual accordance, coercion and support.

Once we show the world that the depopulation and decarbonization prerogatives are behind the loss of democracy and the rule of law we can shatter the system's secrecy and legitimacy therefore returning the world to justice and equity.
The elites will change because we will force them. We will give them two choices: provide full disclosure, give up power peacefully and spend the rest of your lives in prison or be burned at the stake by the mob and have your entire genetic lineages erased from the face of the earth. They will choose the first option to save their offspring.

Once you stated the Cold War narrative was mainly kept up for depop purposes to mutually distract from the actual aggressor against the people (= their own governments). Is the capitalism-communism antagonism a consciously induced dichotomy between two materialistic thought systems at its core?

Yes, the Cold War was just a front for sustaining the fear so as to justify funding the military-industrial complex and giving it a free hand to pursue the needed depopulation objectives. This becomes self-evident when one looks at the nearly identical population curves of Russia and the US. My article How the Russians Do It provides this evidence.

So, with a step from covert to overt depop we could render any manufactured international rivalry superfluous and the billions spent on pointless arsenals could be spent for the technological sustainability transition. But here we touch very powerful economic and military – in fact egotistical and narcissistic - interests who have been allowed to flourish on the fertile soil of inflicted fear.

Yes, by bringing the GDPP out in the open we render the entire military-industrial complex obsolete and the extraordinary wealth freed would enable us to transition to renewables in no time at all. Once we show the world that the depopulation and decarbonization prerogatives are behind the loss of democracy and the rule of law we can shatter the system's secrecy and legitimacy therefore returning the world to justice and equity.

It looks very much like everyone in this world has to develop his democratic consciousness and people have to demand their participation. Principally it’s up to the people to emancipate and take charge and it has been their neglect to do so which has made the elites what they are. The problem we face now is that the people do not dispose of any military power...

The people need only to rise. The military will come to our side in no time at all because they are being manipulated and controlled like the rest of us.

Let’s hope so. But do we have another option?

Yes. Pray that the elites will transfer power peacefully as I have asked them to do. If they indeed have the best interests of mankind at heart and not their own then they will do just that. If not then we will know they are dishonest.

10. Assisted suicide

If one day you were rewarded with a governing function of the Planetary Wellbeing Authority you have envisioned, what were the first changes you mandated?

I would mandate a global Population Stabilization Law with three objectives: replacement level fertility until we become an interplanetary species, assisted suicide until we reach a stable population structure, and optimal population levels per country so long as the nation state exists.

What do you think would be their motives to put exactly you on top? As a gift that you brought to light their crimes of the present & past? Or revealing their plans?

Because I am the only one capable of taking on and carrying out this seemingly impossible task.

I expect this to be quite a task indeed. Did you ever face the challenges of a political position with all the diplomacy and intrigues involved?

This will not be a political position but an existential burden without equal. So far only the popes have carried this burden. I would be the first secular person to carry this burden and the first human being period to do so openly, a truly unenviable position. I don't want this position, but I wouldn't trust anyone else with it.

Whom would you offer suicide assistance? Would it be mandatory until OSI is reached?

Assisted suicide would need to be mandatory only if people refuse to understand its necessity and do not willingly end their lives for the sake of their children, their children's children and all future generations. But I am certain people will understand. What I fear is that too many will decide to die prematurely.

In Switzerland we have an organization called "Exit" which provides suicide assistance services - its popular and we have quite some suicide tourists. Once I was asked to assist to a patient of my colleague and I refused.It would have implied a home visit, preparing the barbiturate drink, leaving patient alone to drink it and return 30 min later confirming his death and sending the bill to the insurance company. Just didn’t feel ready to do this honestly.

I don't blame you.


Imagine what the popes have felt like when they decided to start a culling of the flock and in so doing have condemned millions to death! Imagine what Pope Francis feels like now that he has approved the depopulation by vaccination program!

What may Heinrich Himmler have felt like after the Wannsee conference? They may have felt important saviors of the world deciding the evil to achieve the greater goal - the Endlösung.
Culling of the flock is probably even more satisfying than the Endlösung, because it doesn’t mark the end. You can always repeat it and feel even more important each time.

It would be a horrible burden and no human being on the planet would find any gratification in it. Himmler, like Hitler, had no clue what they were doing, which is why they lasted only a short period. The Church, by comparison, has committed the gravest crimes in history but is still strong because it knows that its crimes are for the highest end, that of doing God's work where God's power ends....and man's recklessness begins.

I think psychopaths and narcissists will find gratification - and there are quite a few around.

Psychopaths and narcissists could not do this terrifying work because they lack empathy and a social conscience not to mention the support of faith.

So you would consider yourself an “Übermensch” in the best Nietzschean sense?

I am destined for this and have been baptized by fire to be the first secular person to assume command and control from spiritual leaders over the sacred task of controlling human life on the planet. I am not an Übermensch, I am merely a son of man.

Earlier you made two contradictory statements:1. “The commons are like infants. They have no clue what world they live in and what it takes to keep the human ship afloat” 2. “I shattered their worldview that we, the common people, are incapable of governing ourselves and of understanding the existential issues mankind faces” . Are the commoners now infants or rather capable of self-government?

If I could come to this knowledge and understanding on my own and despite the mighty walls erected to prevent us all from tasting this forbidden fruit then so can everyone else once this knowledge is served on a platter to each and all.
The current state of ignorance is the result of secrecy and deception, thus the result of the monopolization of this knowledge. Once the floodgates of knowledge are opened to each and all this knowledge will become universal and the children will become adults.

So, changing the power structure to self-government would imply a gradual educational process of the commoners which you and a few others have already started. But system protective mainstream may discount your work as conspiracies and teaching the commoners the truth on demographics could result in social derailment, chaos and violence hence they will only understand parts of the truth which may evoke anger and rage.

Yes, educating the masses is essential and this process is already underway. My work cannot be touched by the last remaining strategy the system uses to protect its secrets. My work speaks for itself and stands on its own.

They may get stuck half way with emancipation and not to proceed to determination and organization.

Chaos and violence will be short-lived simply because no one likes them or can live in them. People want and need order, peace, certainty, clarity and purpose.

Exactly, and neither you nor me nor anybody else could provide this in a complex political world in such short time. So, would you agree that the intellectual elites would have to better organize as well to be prepared for a takeover after system collapse.

Which is why I am telling the existing power structure to pave the way to a peaceful transition of power and then step aside. The system cannot be allowed to collapse. It must be allowed to morph. The power transfer cannot happen unless there is a new institution, the Planetary Wellbeing Authority ready to take control.

Ideally yes – agreed. Maybe they are on that path already but cannot see any responsible entity on which to pass on power.

There is indeed no responsible entity yet, which is why I say the Planetary Wellbeing Authority must be created.

Implicating the UN Security Council members already in office?

Its creation must be the act of all nation states not just those represented in the UN Security Council. It must also be the act of all living religions.

This is very idealistic.

I believe both secular and spiritual leaders will be more than happy to unburden themselves of this. They will consider themselves saved from hell.

But do you reckon it to be feasible?

Yes, it is certainly feasible, and it can only succeed if all nations and all religions birth this entity together. This would make it unprecedented and would have a shock and awe effect on every human being on the planet, just the kind of jolt we need to make the leap to a higher civilization.

That would represent yet another central authority which may not be very popular amongst the commoners who just started to get rid of their tyranny. Maybe people will become strict regionalist - aiming for a self-sufficient live in smaller communities not corrupted by any higher governing body. They may have become deceived and skeptical to power in general.

The world is too small and the population too large for self-sufficient communities uncorrupted by a higher governing body. Besides, no one would want to be a prisoner of a commune when the Planetary Wellbeing Authority offers the world to each and all of us. Power exercised openly and without lies for the benefit of all is something the world has never seen before. The mere existence of such an entity would dissolve all doubts. If we build it they will come. They will come to it like ducks to water.

Just coming back to our focal issue: Assisted suicide at the age 75 years either consensual or, if needed, mandatory in the coming 2 generations to overcome the growing ageing crisis. A drastic and debatable measure like this definitely remains ethically charged and will surely be met with public condemnation. The mandatory nature does not clearly discriminate it from murder and a system requiring this is not necessarily more humane than the envisaged upgrade to the clandestine GDPP phasing in plandemics and vaccines for more targeted depop. Your serious advocacy for suicide to be mandated by a wellbeing authority as a humane alternative to the present management of depop seems to speak volumes of the extent of the atrocities committed by the GDPP until now. On asking myself what sort of life termination to prefer - timely killer-vax shot, worn down psychologically, chemically, hormonally and infection-wise versus forced suicide - I honestly wouldn’t go for either by my own choice - probably like most people.

Ending our lives at age 75 for the next two generations, or until the population structure stabilizes, with an injection that stops the heart painlessly while surrounded by those who love us is a far better way to go then dying alone in a sterile hospital bed of cancer after years of chronic illness caused by covert methods of depopulation. And let’s not forget that the generations alive today are the first in history not to experience war, or to be forcibly drafted into armies, because of the program of depopulation. Our refusal to do our part so we can complete this program peacefully would condemn our children to poverty and ultimately to war and will force those who govern us to become mass murderers and all of us to commit patricide and matricide. It would erase all the sacrifices made so far and all those who have been sacrificed thus far.

Wouldn’t it be easier to cut the access of the elderly to hospital or medical care from a defined age onward? This - as cruel as it looks - seems less problematic than mandatory assisted suicide. It would be the simplest and most causal sanction since modern medicine is one of the key factors of people growing older than they should for demographic reasons. For instance, the British NHS limits accessibility to dialysis services in about two thirds of patients over 70. And in Switzerland hospital capacities were continuously reduced in the last 20 years despite the older population (>65 years) was growing some 50%.

That may be easier politically, but it would cause even more human suffering than assisted suicide at age 75, as this would result in years of illness unmitigated by drugs and palliative care. And this suffering would be physical and debilitating not only to the elderly themselves but also, to their children who would be left to care for them, which would be an even greater financial and emotional drag on the younger generations. The cost of dying slowly would fall on the children whereas now it falls on the government. Imagine millions of elderly decaying slowly and in great pain versus a clean and civilized planned death at 75.
By the way, denying the old and the chronically ill access to care is what is happening now under the guise of covid-19 and the false pretense that hospitals are overwhelmed by patients infected with covid-19.

This, unfortunately, is very true.

As it looks to me, many people would still prefer the suffering to suicide. On the other hand, it would stimulate people to live a healthier life which allowed them to live longer when they are self-sufficient and/or socially well organized. Drugs could be provided since they do not impose much economic burden if prices are not artificially raised and a good many of them are rather shortening life spans and would be in favor of the depop lobby. Palliative care for limited time frames should be feasible too. I had in mind rather intensive care and hospital access from certain age limits on although I have to admit that some cold shivers running down my back on that thought.

If governments can convince people of the need to limit lifespans by making intensive care and hospital access illegal after a certain age, then it can just as well convince people to end their lives at age 75, especially once the extraordinary benefits of an open population control program are explained. Last but not least, making intensive care and hospital access illegal after a certain age would result in a two-tier system whereby the poor are left to die on their own while the rich can hire their own doctors and buy their own medical machines to extend their lives as much as possible. And such an unfair system would inevitably lead to war.

Agreed on the issue with a two-tier system which already exists in most countries without implicating civil war. If it openly came down to feast or famine in terms of survival it would definitely supercharge preexisting social differences and tensions.

If we don’t muster the strength to face our death with dignity for the sake of our children, then our children will be forced to muster the strength to commit matricide and patricide. The choice is clear.
Furthermore, it is impossible to live a healthy life when you are bombarded daily with hundreds of endocrine disruptors / depopulation poisons through the basic elements of life and then forced to inject gene altering and immunity destroying vaccines. That is a pipe dream. The only way to return to a poison free life is to bring the depopulation program out in the open and the only way to do this is if people agree to first limit their family size to two children only from now until the end of time and, secondly, limit their own lives to 75 years when a country reaches the last stage of the demographic transition / depopulation program and has to deal with inverted population pyramids, thus with too many old people to support and too few young people to pay the costs of this heavy old-age burden.

So, you envisage premature life termination if necessitated by exceeding the Overshoot Index would have to be mandatory in the new concept? Assisted suicide would replace immune disruption, provoked collapse of health systems and depopulation by vaccination. Assisted suicide would be conscious, transparent, mutually coerced and agreed upon instead of hidden depop but it may have to be mandatory if people are refusing it.

Assisted suicide at a predetermined age of 75 until the population stabilizes at a sustainable level, thus for two generations, is dictated by the inverted population pyramids we now have due to seven decades of war on fertility. Absent this the nations that have reached the last stage of the demographic transition / depopulation program will collapse under the weight of their old-age burdens. As the developing world reaches the last stage of the demographic transition it too will have to adopt assisted suicide at age 75. This is a sacrifice we must make for our children’s children and for those who come after them. Considering that we are the first generations in history not to experience war and that we have been spared the horrors of war because of the program of population control, terminating our lives at age 75 is a reasonable sacrifice. If we don’t make this sacrifice, we will condemn our children and children’s children to lives of poverty and possibly to war.
We have reaped the benefits of a covert program of population control, now we must give back so that those who come after us reap the benefits of our actions and the demographic transition / depopulation program can be accomplished peacefully and in a civilized and humane manner. The dividends of an open program of population control that empowers every human being on the planet to make sacrifices will be extraordinary and immeasurable. For one thing, the vast sums of money now expanded on the military-industrial complex, whose sole reason for existence is to wage a secret war on fertility and immunity, thus on us the civilian population, will be freed and used for us and by us rather than against us by a few genocidal elites, as is currently the case. It will also lead to the elimination of all nuclear weapons since nuclear deterrence will become obsolete, nuclear deterrence being the obverse side of population control. This will free at least 25% of global GDP and will remove the brakes to our prosperity leading to a standard of living and a quality of life that we can scarce imagine, as well as ensuring global peace and eliminating the threat of nuclear annihilation once and for all.
Secondly, it will make possible the cessation of all covert chemical and biological methods of depopulation currently in place, methods that make us sick, lower our quality of life, and have devolved us genetically and intellectually, as they are responsible for the epidemic of chronic diseases that kill 80% of us and affect us all. That means that the 75 years we will live will be disease free and in the best of health.
Thirdly, the rule of law and all our rights and liberties will be restored, as they will no longer be undermined by the depopulation prerogative pursued by secrecy and deception. This will ensure an unprecedented level of personal freedom and individual dignity, as well as the liberation of the media, government and education from the putrid and suffocating lies of an elite bent on genocide and absolute control over every aspect of our lives. It will be the last nail in the coffin of the hellish and perverted New World Order the criminals in charge intend for us. Instead we will have a New Axial Age lit by our enlightenment.
Luckily, the need to limit lifespans is necessary only for two to three generations, thus until the inverted population pyramids become bullet shaped population pyramids, thus until the population structure is stable, at which point the need to limit lifespans would cease and people can be allowed to live to the end of their natural lives and without being subjected to covert chemical and biological depopulation poisons, as is currently the case.

I just can’t see the people now bravely fighting for their basic human rights coming to terms with any system with planed life termination - be it covert or overt. They would jump out from the (hidden) frying pan into the (open) fire. I think however, that the holy grails of the limits of our life span, birth and death and the frightening unknown nature of our existence before and after theses boundaries should no longer be exploited by clerical or secular institutions, it should no longer be used as an instrument of power and power abuse. There is to my mind a strong need of broader public reflection about death and dying which still seemed to be blocked out socio-culturally. Instead of a pejorative and fear inflicting concept of death exploited for maintaining hierarchic power structures death should be a) accepted, b) freed from taboos and c) celebrated. Children should be already made familiar within a rational manner with the difficulties of dying and death. Strategies to overcome fear of loss and mental techniques of mourning should be developed and taught instead of instigating fear and perpetuating an oppressive, divisive system of avoidance of the masses and delusionary “knowing” of the high priests and their executive organs of our times.

It is precisely because of this refusal to stare death in the face that we have the system we have. And so long as good people like you refuse to stare death in the face we will continue to have the system we have, for this reluctance gives the elites the justification to continue to control human life on the planet and to sacrifice as many as it takes when they deem it necessary.

To my experience as a doctor – the vast majority of people being assertive to stare death in the face whist still in a state of decent health are pretty reluctant dyers when the hour strikes. Many elderlies at 75 are still very active, enjoy a rich social life and will see no reason to prematurely terminate their worldly existence. When even you - as a major critic of the GDPP - suggested assisted suicide as an inevitable prerequisite for achieving sustainability goals - it might serve as an excuse also for the GDPP to evade accountability and legal action?

Any sober assessment of the facts and analysis of the possible courses of action comes to the same conclusion, namely that sustainability is impossible without depopulation. As such, the system does not need my endorsement. My endorsement may have come in handy to those inside the system, however, by giving them an additional and powerful argument to convince the various undecided heads of state and government that were still reluctant to get onboard the depopulation train, that even a fully independent common citizen with no political affiliation or financial interests arrived at the same logical, reasonable and inevitable conclusion as the system itself.

But at the very best they may just use you as an argument for continuation of covert depop and will not accept the necessity for full disclosure.

My very existence, the full weight of my work in geopolitics and the many public actions I have taken and the sacrifices I have endured invalidate their covert program of depopulation.

11. The role of China

Having said this, there is a way to avoid mandatory assisted suicide at a predetermined age. But you won’t like it and it is fraught with risks: The developing world, where the population is still growing and is young, can support the developed world during the last stage of the demographic transition, basically funding our retirement. This is in a sense already happening, which is why all western nations are heavily indebted to China and the Gulf nations. And once the developed world reaches sustainability, we can support them survive their last stage of the demographic transition by funding their retirement.
This strategy, however, implies global political stability and perfect international cooperation for the next 90 years. During the first wave China and the Gulf nations fund the retirement of Western nations from 2020 to 2050. During the second wave Western nations fund the retirement of the people of China and the Gulf nations from 2050 to 2080. And during the third wave Western nations together with China and the Gulf nations fund the retirement of India and Africa from 2080 to 2110.
Provided the environment does not collapse from under our feet this plan may work. This plan, however, implies also that every human being on the planet accepts being poor until the beginning of the 22nd century for the sake of supporting an ever-expanding population of old people over the course of an ever-expanding lifespan. We will sacrifice our youth to extend our misery in old age.
Furthermore, this plan will rob us all of the three major dividends of an open population control program I described above and will condemn us to a century of global totalitarianism.

Do you mean that the western nations are indebted to China because they fund primarily our retirement (and not so much overconsumption of all of us?). Or is it that westerners have to employ care takers from developing countries and these are paid by money loaned from China?

We are indebted to China because it buys our debt, which our governments accrue to cover the burgeoning costs of retirement and the even higher medical costs of the retired. I am sure you are aware that 80% of the medical expenditures per capita occur in the last ten years of life. The costs of caretakers from developing nations are minimal and are not borne by governments but by individuals, as such they have no bearing on political decisions or national budgets.

On the course of the plandemic – presumably due to its deceiving nature - we saw the emergence of quite some geopolitical speculation about the true background. One of these theories assumes the plandemic to be created to force western societies dumping their economy so that Chinese (and other international) companies can buy them on the cheap as a geopolitically sanctioned compensation for all the credits they are holding. The US may allow China to do this for paying China back America’s debts? This way both countries may well exploit their hegemonies and military advantages? Do you think there could be something to this?

No, that is certainly not the case. China buying western companies is the result of large capital accumulations resulting from their growing economy, which in turn is the result of Western capital seeking new markets to compensate for the decreasing markets back home. It is in other words the result of capital going where capital holders can reap the greatest benefits due to low production and labor costs and expanding consumer numbers while their home markets are shrinking. Countries with decreasing populations grow poorer because their markets are shrinking along with their populations while countries with increasing populations grow richer because their markets are growing along with their increasing populations.
Furthermore, the younger the population is the greater the consumption and vice versa the older the population the lower the consumption. The West has been able to mask this, and to stay afloat, by reaping financial benefits from the markets of the developing world. China began to boom in the 1980s when the West’s population flattened, and governments allowed pension funds to invest abroad in order to be able to continue growing so as to keep up with a continuously growing old-age burden. That is how the Chinese and Western economies became entangled and interdependent. As a result, China became the world’s factory and, in due time, the buyer of Western government debt too. This also explains why there are such huge and growing trade deficits between China and the West. The countries with the highest pension fund assets – US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada and Japan – are as a result also the most dependent on China because China props up their national debts.

China currently is the biggest creditor of western countries which will never be able to meet their financial obligations to China. In how far will China use this position of financial power? Apart from having such a successful economy they may boast the only successful DPP so far set aside the cruelty against their women. Will they say - you effeminate romantic Westerners may hold up human rights and democratic tradition, but our societies will prevail due to our discipline, submission to the greater good, strict reasoning, collective spirit and lack of scruple? Since it is you who owe us, we will - bearing an alternative - remit your debt as part of a great reset. In return we will set the tone from now on not only economically but also in terms of ethics, politics and populational control of numbers and distribution? In how far could China reinforce such a geopolitical ascent be it militarily or due to its financial levers?

China poses no such threat, nor has such ambitions. China merely wants to coexist peacefully with the rest of the world and to prosper. China cannot and does not want to have a position of preeminence and leadership because the Chinese know it is not within their nature to be dominant and to impose their will on other nations. The following characteristics show this. First, the Chinese suffer from an inferiority complex vis-à-vis westerners. Second, China has a history of non-aggression. Third, the Chines have been socially selected to be obedient and submissive and as such lack the fundamental prerequisites of global leadership let alone conquest. Fourth, China has an impenetrable culture and an impossible language which makes their culture non-transferrable.
China however needs and wants access to resources, which is why it has embarked on the largest global infrastructure project in history, the Belt and Road Initiative. By laying a debt trap to poor world governments China will ensure it gets access to the resources it needs. How it will collect on its debts remains to be seen, but I suspect that debts will become irrelevant once we live in a borderless world and use a global digital currency.

In ancient times China may well have hidden behind it’s long walls and there might be an element of non-aggression in the Confucianist Chinese mentality - they seem to refrain from open domination in foreign affairs. How would you rate the Annexation of Tibet and the suppression of Tibetan culture and People, the interventions in Cambodia, North Vietnam, the border conflicts with India, the oppression in Hong Kong, conflicts with Taiwan, aggressive economic expansion to most African countrie? Set aside severe human rights infringements against their own people – the Tian’anmen massacre, systematic involuntary organ harvest, violent oppression of opposition and dissidents, terrors of Mao’s culture revolution to name a few indicators of autocratic rule.

History shows that Tibet became a part of China 800 years ago during the Yuan Dynasty and that Tibet has never been an independent country. It has governed itself as an autonomous region at various times in history but it was either under Mongol, Chinese or British control. The interventions in Cambodia, Vietnam and the border conflicts with India were motivated not by desires for territorial expansion but to secure its own borders and the stability of the region. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan were always a part of China but separated due to either British aggression, as in the case of Hong Kong, Portuguese aggression, as in the case of Macao, and Dutch aggression, as in the case of Taiwan. Taiwan was lost first to the Dutch, then to the Japanese and finally to the nationalist government of the Republic of China (ROC), led by Kuomintang, when it fled there after losing control of mainland China in the Chinese Civil War. The economic expansion in Africa happens by mutual agreement and for mutual benefit and can in no way, shape or form be misconstrued as aggression. It is motivated merely by the need for vital natural resources and access to them. China, however, pays for them and does not take them by force.
When it comes to the brutality the government shows its own people that is another matter. And that is also China’s Achilles heel and why its culture and system are not transferrable elsewhere in the world. The Chinese will say that this is the only way to keep together a country as big, varied and poor as China and they may well be right, although I beg to differ.
You forgot to mention the plight of the Uighurs and the forced labor camps they are being held in by the millions. This repression is the result of China’s strict population control measures, which the government could not impose on its ethnic groups, as it did on the Han Chinese population through the one child policy (1979-2015). As a result, the ethnic proportion grew in relation to the Han Chinese population and this is what the Chinese government is trying to rectify now. The West will not say that the Uighurs are being sterilized in those camps, but that is what is happening and the only reason why they are being held there. Be that as it may, China has never invaded another nation-state and never will.

12. The system’s next steps

In one of your latest posts “What the system is cooking” you outlined the system’s next steps of controlling population and preventing climate collapse. You predict so called cataclysms (catastrophic natural events like bush fires or methane clouds from melting permafrost surfaces) manmade (mantaclysms) from 2040 to 2060 to force through mankind’s complacency to UN plans of saving the world.

From 2000 to 2020 the system has played the terrorism card to subject the Islamic world to the same population control methods as the Christian world. To this end it has invented the boogeyman of Islamic terrorism.
From 2020 to 2040 the system will play the pandemic card to bring fertility rates in the developing world below replacement level, thus below 2 children per woman, and the old-age burden in developed nations below 20%, as well as to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 10% globally every year until 2030, as required by the Paris Climate Accord. To this end, it has invented a series of pandemics and the boogeyman of killer viruses and will continue to do so.
And from 2040 to 2060 the system will play the cataclysm card to complete the depopulation program worldwide, stabilize the climate, force 90% of the global population into the cities, and restore 50% of the planet's surface back to nature. To this end, it will cause a series of cataclysms, more accurately called mantaclysms since they will be entirely man-made and blame it on the boogeyman global warming. They will range from fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, methane clouds and volcanic eruptions to floods, droughts, hurricanes and meteorites.
Each method - be it terrorism, plandemics or mantaclysms - has been or will have been ten years in the making, which is why the terrorism and plandemic periods have intersected from 2010 to 2020, and why the plandemics and mantaclysms periods will intersect from 2030 to 2040.

As it looks, the threat of overpopulation and climate collapse does justify quite some controversial means. For instance, Bill Gates has funded many innovative projects to halt global warming and reduce greenhouse emissions. Among those there were more radical approaches of so-called solar geoengineering meaning to mimic the effects of a giant volcanic eruption thousands of planes would fly at high altitudes, spraying millions of tons of particles around the planet to create a massive chemical cloud that would cool the surface by reflecting sunlight in the stratosphere. Gates has, through personal funding and investments, been one of the major backers of solar geoengineering research for more than a decade although the manifold unpredictable risks of this approach cannot be overlooked: extreme shifts in weather patterns similar to warming trends we are already witnessing to further destabilize global climate and eco-systems, droughts and floods in Africa and South America, land grabs, ocean acidification, pollution, continental crop failures and famines. A dramatic shift in mitigation strategy could be treated as green light to continue emitting greenhouse gases with little to no changes in current consumption and production patterns. Widespread research into the efficacy of solar geoengineering has been stalled for years due to controversy.
However, the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), set to start in June 2021, was launched recently by Harvard University scientists to explore the use of spraying non-toxic calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere in offsetting the effects of global warming by reflecting sunlight.

They've been doing this for 10 years. Now they are just bringing it out in the open.

Because it’s only “harmless” CaCO3 rather than sterilizing, mitochondrial blocking aluminum dust?

Usually they spray coal ash, but they can spray whatever they like since there is no transparency or accountability and the decarbonization program intersects with the depopulation program.

Interestingly - coal ash is a major source of uranium 238 and arsenic which we found significantly elevated in our patients’ urine back in 2017.

Now you know why.

I will have to consider it as a uranium source - in addition to phosphate-fertilizer loaded soil dust and coal ash from power plants and private home heating amongst others.

“Bill Gates is known for his engineering-for-everything mentality, his preference for purely technological solutions and his blind spots when it comes to questioning the logic of capitalism. Nearly every solution Gates proposes for the climate centers on innovation” by entrepreneurs, driven by the promise of profits. But hidden behind his carefully cultivated persona of detached curiosity on climate solutions are significant financial interests in fossil fuel extraction”.

This would suggest an actual financial interest of Bill Gates in carbon industry to flourish in contrast to his public decarbonization doctrine and solar geoengineering just a means to increase earth’ absorption capacity for combustions of fossil fuels. Would you agree on primary profit-interests or is it rather the philanthropic goal to save human mankind which is driving Bill Gates in these kinds of investments?

Bill Gates is not after more profits and he is certainly not a supporter of Big Oil. He belongs firmly in the decarbonization camp. More than anything he belongs in the depopulation camp. He means well but goes about it the wrong way. The world’s problems cannot be solved through technical fixes and scientific solutions, no more than human health can be gained by swallowing pills or injecting vaccines. They can at most buy us time.
As for the wealth he has been allowed to amass that’s because the system needs to concentrate the wealth we produce in the hands of a few billionaires so it can be used against us. Bill Gates didn’t create this system; he is merely a part of it and a beneficiary because his father had a high ranking position in the depopulation lobby, which is why he uses his wealth to fund the depopulation by vaccination program.
He has recently decided to get into the decarbonization game because sustainability is impossible without depopulation and decarbonization in equal measure. And because he is beginning to realize that the depopulation by vaccination strategy will not succeed, at least not to the extent the system hoped it would succeed.

The question is about how to organize a green urban transition of such a scale in a relatively short time, maximizing human potential & resources in a fair manner. Cities need time to grow organically and to provide an esthetic, life-affirming and healthy ambience for people to flourish. Another question I would have here: does it really make any sense to urbanize more. I’m rather a believer in the smaller village which allows for human made environmental pressures to dilute and to be remediated more easily.

I would prefer to live in the lap of nature too, but I suppose I would get bored after a while. Furthermore, if 7.8 billion people have the same wish then there will be no nature left. The entire planet would be a suburb. If cities learn to incorporate nature by building plenty of parks and we get access to the great outdoors when we need it or want it, then there is no reason why we couldn’t be happy in urban environments. The goal is anyhow to urbanize 70% of the global population by 2050 and the entire global population by 2100 for that is the only way to return 50% of the planet’s landmass back to nature.

In contrast, I’m very hard to get bored as my nervous system feels rather hypersensitive producing an excess of noise and irritating ideas and questions constantly. My choice would be the countryside and a self-sufficient village with an intact, non-corrupted social structure oriented towards human need instead of profit. I’m also not a believer in a ruling class to far away from the people and their real preoccupations like national governments or in the case of CV19-agenda even a never elected but real self-legitimized “world government“ with all the unattained atrocities committed for sake of the arbitrarily self-defined “common good”. But this may be just a romantic transfiguration of real rural life.

We romanticize that which we do not know from real experience. A self-sufficient village implies animal husbandry and agriculture or at least the growing of fruit and vegetables. I doubt city folks want to return to that kind of life and from what I see country folks are flooding into the cities to escape that sort of life. Besides the city folks of today are incapable of watering a potted plant let alone return to animal husbandry.

Probably true. So, we will become rather a global city than a global village?

Precisely! UN sustainable goal 11 states that by 2050 two-thirds of mankind will live in urban settings. The actual goal is much higher though. The UN says it's a projection but that is code word for objective. There is no going back to the past. The planet can hardly bear the current population in dense conurbations. It cannot possibly bear this huge population in self-sustaining villages. We would need three times the land surface we have. Living in self-sustaining village is a pipe dream. We can barely make ends meet with industrial agricultural practices and lots of synthetic fertilizers, which is why agriculture is moving inside controlled environments.

It surely is a very complex issue...

Now you are beginning to understand just how difficult it is to steer humanity ahead and keep people from killing each other. Once you imagine yourself in a position of power and have to come up with a better way it becomes clear just how difficult this is and you gain empathy for those in power.

So, you would say our current plandemickers deserved a little more respect from us for masterminding our future or at least attempting to do so.

Yes. It is an attempt to shoot all birds with one stone with the least possible suffering and casualties. The best there can be in the era of secrecy and deception. But we can do better than that when the truth is blowing in our sails.

Further urbanization is prompted in order to spare traffic and reducing CO2? Are there any official documents open to the public about this plan? And how fast will they proceed with actions to fulfill it? They reckon the maximal global population roughly 4 billion to reach sustainability. That implies human mankind would have to be reduced by some 48% from the actual 7.8 Billion. Did the UNO abandon the concept of maximum 9 Billion? 48% reduction in 40 years looks quite ambitious to me. What will be the major means for executing the dirty part. Vaccines are expected to reduce only 10-15 %.

There are plenty of official documents on this subject not least of all the UN’s urbanization documents. Once the depopulation by vaccination strategy fails, around the 40% vaccination rate mark in the G20 nations, and the decarbonization by plandemic strategy is uncovered as fake by 50% of the global population, the system will engage its next strategy, depopulation and decarbonization by natural cataclysms that are actually mantaclysms, in other words man-made. The system will use something like methane clouds released from the melting permafrost as a natural threat in order to move hundreds of millions off the land and into a new generation of sustainable cities that will be built by climate migrants, some real while most victims of mantaclysms. The Californian and Australian forest fires are two such mantaclysms that represent test runs. We will see a lot more so-called wild fires in the near future that will actually be mantaclysms and not natural in origin.
The mantaclysms of killer methane clouds or out-of-control “wild” fires will be created, I suspect, by using the lasers that are currently being deployed in orbit by private companies and state. Although the methane clouds will be modest they will be portrayed by the fake media as a global threat to the lives of billions and no one will be any wiser; just as a non-existent virus is currently portrayed as a global killer. The fires will need no spin since we all know fire’s destructive potential.
The system has started preparing for mass displacement of people by acquiring large chunks of land. Bill Gates has recently become the largest landowner in the US in preparation for this. He will use his land to house millions of climate migrants in sustainable cities the migrants themselves will build. So, get ready to see the world shook by man-made cataclysms that will be sold as natural, followed by the largest displacement of people from the land and across borders in human history, and the creation of sustainable cities with cheap climate migrant labor. I suspect this will start happening in about five years.
Biden wants to triple protected lands. How do you think he will accomplish this? Through mantaclysms, of course. Biden wants to set aside 30% of all federal land for conservation. That means tens of millions will have to be moved off the land forcibly and crowded into cities. Now you understand the fires in California. The UN did not abandon the goal to urbanize the global population. Why do you think laser satellites are being deployed into low orbit? 145 such satellites were launched into space just last week. They will use them to set fire to areas they want cleared of people and will blame the fires on global warming, as they did in Australia, or on overextended power lines, as they did in California. But the era of man-made cataclysms - or mantaclysms, as I like to call them - will begin in a few years.
Vaccines will be blamed for 10% reduction while the rest will be blamed on global warming and pandemics. In reality people will die by their own immune systems turned on them by the current covid-19 vaccines. No one will admit it though.

Do you think, he wants to protect more land for real sustainability or does this just serve as a pretext for concentrating people in crowded cities and hereby depopulating them.

Both! The efforts to urbanize the global population are ongoing. The fires in California and Australia were the first attempts to use man-made cataclysms to force the people off the land. The Americans tried it earlier with coercion but did not succeed. A billion people will be displaced by climate change by 2030" predicts (plans) the World Economic Forum. Now you know how many people they will forcibly move into cities in the next 9 years through mantaclysms. The Americans are getting ready to mass incarcerate people. Global fascism is upon us. As I have said, Trump was removed from office through a phony election to return the US to the decarbonization program.

How can it be that these people are so convinced of their actions and that they can act in such a disrespectful and criminal manner without any liability? Nobody seems to be really capable of stopping them or at least force them to disclose their considerations and objectives? To make them subject to public debate at the very least.

Welcome to geopolitics where everything is above the law and anyone who undermines human life is handsomely rewarded.

I understand. In how far are your estimations in accord with official valuations of the UN, the WEF and environmental organizations?

The estimates of how many people will die from “pandemics” and “cataclysms” will become much higher once the system has its lasers in orbit and can start to cause man-made cataclysms. But one thing is clear, come hell or high water the system will try to reduce the global population to fewer than 4 billion souls by the end of this century since that is the maximum sustainable population.

So, in your opinion - no vicious intent from their side and you believe, their perceived predicament appears to bring them to criminal acts like technologically provoking visible forerunners of climate collaps in order to force through large scale socio-economic change before it were too late. They’re sincerely convinced to do the right thing, there’s no alternative, people’s will cannot be considered or even heard. It seems to me like an incredible amount of unscrupulousness, narcissism and arrogance irradiating from such attitudes and behaviors.

Yes, they are convinced they are saving the planet from mankind and are saving man from man. And they are right. However, they do it by unnecessary means. My plan would not involve genocide. They will sacrifice as many people as it takes and will not bat an eyelid.

Unless somebody stops them from doing this. Just can’t see who this should be.

We, the people!

We are very much in line here.

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