Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 191 - Yemen War Mosaic 191

Yemen Press Reader 191: USA: Parteinahme statt Friedensplan – Clinton-Stiftung und Saudis, Bahrain – Saudische Luftangriffe auf Kreuzung, 15 Tote, auf Wohnheim, 30 Tote – Heftige Kämpfe – u. a.

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US partisanship instead “peace plan” – Clinton Foundation and Saudis, Bahrain –Saudi air raids at junction, 15 killed, at workers’ camp, 30 killed – Heavy fighting – and more

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cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

cp2 Allgemein / General

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp4 Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche/ UN and peace talks

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp9 USA

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms trade

cp13b Mercenaries / Söldner

cp13c Flüchtlinge / Refugees

cp13d Zentralbank / Central Bank

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp15 Propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp16a saudischer Luftangriff auf Kreuzung / Saudi air raid at junction

cp16b saudischer Luftangriff auf Wohnheim / Saudi air raid at workers' camp

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

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K = Krieg / War

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PH = Pro-Houthi

PS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

Siehe schwere saudische Luftangriffe / See heavy saudi air raids cp 16a, 16b

28.8.2016 – Press TV Iran (** A K P)

US seeks to fuel Saudi war against Yemen: Activist

Press TV has conducted an interview with Hussain al-Bukhaiti, an activist and political commentator, to discuss Saudi Arabia’s ongoing military aggression against Yemen.

The Saudi escalation has increased lately especially after Houthi fighters and Yemeni army have advanced deep inside Saudi .

It is really surprising that we have seen that John Kerry has said in his latest meeting in Saudi Arabia, he said that Yemen war, Yemen conflict, he did not call it even a war, has been for 18 months more than it should be.

So this shows you I think they did not think that the war is going to continue this long, they did not think that Saudi will not successfully reach its goal.

We have heard what John Kerry said in his statement after the meeting in Saudi Arabia. All he was concerned about is about the Saudi security and he condemned the Houthi attacks and violence in Saudi border.

It is clear, we know who has met with in Jeddah - it was the United States, Britain, the United Arab Emirates and as well Saudi Arabia. Those four countries are part of the war.

We all remember that the White House has released a statement in the first minute of the Saudi war in Yemen and they have said they fully support it.

All these they do not care and they do not matter to the United States because the United States is the source of this war and if the United States wants to stop this war, they do not need all this plan. They can just tell the Saudis stop your war and it could happen in a matter of minute.

And as well if we see this plan, they still keep talking about what they have said before in Kuwait. They insist on withdraw from Sana’a only, they have not mentioned other withdraw from Ma'rib or Aden. We have a foreign invasion, we have a mercenary in Yemen from all across the globe, so what about those people?

There are huge gaps in this plan and the thing is they have not said anything about the crisis and the human cost in Yemen.

Comment: He is just right. See cp 7.

25.8.2016 – The Intercept (** B P)

Why Did the Saudi Regime and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to the Clinton Foundation?

That the Clinton Foundation has done some good work is beyond dispute. But that fact has exactly nothing to do with the profound ethical problems and corruption threats raised by the way its funds have been raised. Hillary Clinton was America’s chief diplomat, and tyrannical regimes such as the Saudis and Qataris jointly donated tens of millions of dollars to an organization run by her family and operated in its name, one whose works has been a prominent feature of her public persona. That extremely valuable opportunity to curry favor with the Clintons, and to secure access to them, continues as she runs for president.

The claim that this is all just about trying to help people in need should not even pass a laugh test, let alone rational scrutiny. To see how true that is, just look at who some of the biggest donors are. Although it did not give while she was secretary of state, the Saudi regime by itself has donated between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, with donations coming as late as 2014, as she prepared her presidential run.

That’s particularly true given that these regimes “have donated vastly more money to the Clinton Foundation than they have to most other large private charities involved in the kinds of global work championed by the Clinton family.” For some mystifying reason, they seem particularly motivated to transfer millions to the Clinton Foundation but not the other charities around the world doing similar work. Why might that be? What could ever explain it? – by Glen Greenwald

22.8.2016 – International Business Times (** B P)

Emails Show Clinton Foundation Donor Reached Out To Hillary Clinton Before Arms Export Boost

Emails just released by the State Department appear to show Clinton Foundation officials brokering a meeting between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a top military leader of Bahrain — a Middle Eastern country that is a major foundation donor. Soon after the correspondence about a meeting, Clinton’s State Department significantly increased arms export authorizations to the country’s autocratic government, even as that nation moved to crush pro-democracy protests.

A 2015 International Business Times investigative series examined how, in that role, Clinton ran an agency that is responsible for regulating U.S. arms exports, and how those State Department exports approvals substantially increased to governments that donated to the Clinton Foundation. Federal law explicitly designates the secretary of state as “responsible for the continuous supervision and general direction of sales” of arms, and early in her term, the State Department called one arms deal a “top priority” for Clinton.

The email exchange about Bahrain shows the Clinton Foundation’s top executive Doug Band in 2009 asking Clinton’s State Department aide Huma Abedin to set up a meeting between Clinton and Crown Prince Salman – by David Sirota

cp2 Allgemein / General

29.8.2016 – The Daily Star (* B K P)

While the slaughter of Yemenis continues, the world remains silent in response to their screams. Why is that? Has the world lost its senses, especially to feel the sufferings of the tormented?

Yet, the media, and especially the western media, continues to keep mum. Why? Well, one explanation may be that because the coalition consists of those allied with the West, the western media does not want to report on the alleged war crimes that they may have committed. Another reason for such deafening silence, however, may be because most of the killings are actually being committed using weapons supplied by the West.

And, of course, the main recipient of American made weapons has been Saudi Arabia — “almost 10 percent of US arms exports” while 9 percent went “to the United Arab Emirates, an ally of Riyadh in the Yemen war.” (“Such a long silence on Yemen,” The Hindu, August 22)

And so it goes, with innocent Yemenis being torn to shreds by the most horrific of weapons out there, the Lords of War continue to make windfall profits. Fortunately for them, the media's silence guarantees that there is no significant pressure to end the supply of weapons to maim and kill a bunch of poor people here and there. After all, how else will the demand for these weapons keep up with their massive supply? And the “coalition of the willing”, whether it be to go to war in Iraq, or for the destruction of Yemen, have been more than ready to oblige to the will of western arms manufacturers. For the Yemenis, however, the horrors of having these weapons used on them are, unfortunately, very real. As should be our shame for failing to genuinely care for the lives of innocent men, women and children, despite repeatedly saying otherwise, as evident from our remorseless silence in the face of their desperate screams – by Eresh Omar Jamal =

27.8.2016 – Near Eastern Outlook (* A P)

Saudi Arabia Cries Foul Play in Yemen

However one choses to look at Yemen’s war, it would be foolish to deny still that those brave souls corporate media still label as “rebels” are in fact the carrier of a nation’s will; the very expression of a people’s inherent right to carve its own political future, regardless of what anyone else might think.

Let me be brutally honest here – Yemen neither needs foreign approval, nor does it require foreign vetting. Yemenis want what they want because they can! It is really that simple.

Yemen needs no liberating from the Houthis, for the Houthis are Yemen. Yemen is not being overrun by Shiites, Yemen is Zaidi country. There is no Iranian agenda at play either, only a desire to disappear the suffocating influence of the House of Saud.

Standing in opposition of the most violent, radical and reactionary theocracy ever to grace the pages of our history does not make Yemen an “Iranian agent”, it makes Yemen an expectant independent nation.

Media coverage of Yemen so far has been criminal at best, misleading always.

The public has been conned into a narrative which is devoid of all humanity, and democratic courtesy. The simple fact that media feel entitle to slap derogatory adjectives before the Houthis as to direct their readers’ self-righteous sense of political morality is despicable.

Let me tell you of this so-called legitimate political figure the West has canonised as Yemen’s forever president – by Catherine Shakdam

Comment: The author is definitely pro-Houthi, making things too simply. Only 40 % of Yemen is Zaidi country. A great part of Yemen is Houthi – but it’s just a part.

Comment by Judith Brown: I always respect the writings of Catherine Shakdam although she does have a polarised viewpoint, but what she writes is from the heart and really tells the broad perspective of those from the north of Yemen, who see their land as attacked, invaded and occupied. I love the pride for Yemen and Yemenis in this article, and whatever view Yemenis have I guess they will all understand that they are a special nation, ancient, sometimes prone to infighting, but with grit, resistance, the ability to cope with the worst that is thrown at them, pride, resilience, and dignity. Please Yemenis realise that your real enemy is not other Yemenis. Pull together for the sake of your children's future and show the world the sort of courage you were born with that is so special and so unique to you.

27.8.2016 – Huffington Post (* B K P)

A father’s cry – Yemen’s war victim calls for legal actions against Saudi Arabia

Yemen’s war you were told then, was a necessary evil, a democratic mean to end a popular movement Riyadh cared little for, since it spoke in negation of its religious extremism – Wahhabism. As Riyadh weaved its narrative the world sat back, gleefully deaf to the cries Yemen let out in its agony.

I realise that Yemen has become somewhat of a complicated affair as contradicting agendas and narratives have played you against each other, echoing I believe, of the political manipulations we are all subjected to on a daily basis. Today media have become together powerful proxies and extensions of nations’ will – journalism in this mix has lost much of its independence and of course integrity.

Still, there are truths which suffer no contention. Still, I want to believe, there are tales which command our attention for they speak to our humanity.

Let me share with you a father’s despair, Yemen’s tragedy, as its children continue to be claimed to War’s criminal hunger. A father now cries for his one-year old daughter was sacrificed to the pyres of a war which has been as unlawful as it has been cruel. Ibrahim now wants justice – by Catherine Shakdam =

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

28.8.2016 – WHO (A H)

Emergency medicines and medical supplies arrive in Taiz City

The World Health Organization (WHO), with support of the King Salman Centre for Relief and Humanitarian Aid, has delivered 2 trucks carrying more than 12 tonnes of emergency medicines and medical supplies to Taiz City.

The supplies contain interagency emergency health kits, blood bags, diarrhoeal disease kits, neonatal resuscitation kits, burn dressing kits and various types of IV fluids that will be distributed to all public hospitals in the city, including Al-Thawra, Al-Jumhoori, Al-Modhaffar and Al-Ta'aon hospitals.

The shipment will respond to the dire health needs of the city where armed conflict continues to hamper the delivery of health care services.

Comment: Remarkable is the cooperation with the Saudis.

27.8.2016 – Malak Shaher

Malak Shaher, Comms Manager @ #MSF/ #Yemen
Another mother walked for 6 hours to #MSF hospital in #Amran carrying her 10 months malnourished baby. The baby did not make it.

A displaced woman of #Saada told me that she does not even hope she would receive treatment in this situation.She has cance

A displaced mother of #Taiz came to #MSF hospital carrying her 10 year old daughter for 4 hours. She had no money for the transportation

27.8.2016 – RT (* B H K)

Yemen's Humanitarian Crisis - Mona Relief Org. speaks to Sputnik

Dr. Riaz Karim from the Mona Relief Organization speaks to George Galloway on Sputnik about Yemen humanitarian crisis and the silence of nation

cp4 Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

28.8.2016 – Frankfurter Rundschau (* B K)

Ein Juwel droht zu brechen

Sanaas Altstadt ist ein Ort wie aus dem Märchen. Schattige Gassen und dösende Gewürzhändler, blökende Ziegen und brettspielende Männer beim Tee – über ihnen thronen die berühmten kakaofarbenen Ziegeltürme mit ihrem weißen Stuck, die aus der Ferne wie Lebkuchenarchitektur wirken.

Sanaa hat vielen Kriegen und Krisen widerstanden. Seit anderthalb Jahren drohen dem sagenumwobenen Menschheitserbe nun neue Gefahren. Mehr als zweitausend Mal hat Saudi-Arabien im Krieg mit seinem südlichen Nachbarn Jemens Hauptstadt bombardiert – und es ist kein Frieden in Sicht. Mindestens 250 000 der zwei Millionen Einwohner verloren ihr Dach über dem Kopf. Dreimal – im Juni 2015, September 2015 und Juli 2016 – traf es bisher auch die Altstadt, als saudische Raketen über ein Dutzend der historischen Bauten zerstörten oder beschädigten. „Ich bin zutiefst empört über die Schäden, die bei einer der ältesten Juwelen islamischer Stadtlandschaften angerichtet wurde“, protestierte wütend Unesco-Chefin Irina Bokova und nannte es schockierend, „diese wunderbaren Turmhäuser und ihre lauschigen Gärten in Schutt und Asche gelegt zu sehen.“ – von Martin Gehlen,1472782,34684618.html

28.8.2016 – Ostthüringer Zeitung (* B K)

Gastaufenthalt an der Uni Jena: Forscher bangen um Antikenstätten im Jemen

Bürgerkrieg zerstört Relikte vorislamischer Kultur – Der Jenaer Orientalist Norbert Nebes war seit 1990 immer wieder vor Ort – Ein Gast aus Sanaa berichtet über die Lage

"Die Situation zu Hause ist sehr schlecht", sagt Mohammed Ali Al-Salamitonlos. "Es herrscht Krieg." Der Professor aus der jemenitischen Hauptstadt Sanaa wirkt wie traumatisiert. Natürlich macht er sich allergrößte Sorgen um Angehörige, Freunde und Kollegen in der Heimat – und ebenso um die weltberühmten Antikenstätten, etwa in den Oasen von Marib und Sirwah. In dem hierzulande kaum beachteten Bürgerkrieg im Südwestzipfel der arabischen Halbinsel grassiert eine absichtsvolle Kulturzerstörung. Im Süden des Landes wütet die Al-Kaida; im Norden, wohin der Arm der Fundamentalisten noch nicht reicht, leidet man unter saudischen Luftangriffen.

Al-Salami blättert einen Leitz-Ordner mit Fotos auf: hier das neue Museum von Dhamarvor seiner Bombardierung. Und da das Trümmerfeld danach. Über den Verbleib der mehr als 8000 archäologischen Exponate weiß der jemenitische Wissenschaftler nichts.

Nach Jena ist Al-Salami nicht als Flüchtling gekommen, sondern dank eines fünfmonatigen Stipendiums der Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung als Gastwissenschaftler – von Wolfgang Hirsch

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

28.8.2016 – Shapban (A K P)

#Houthi negotiation team to #Kuwait which is stuck in #Oman after #Saudi refused to allow it back to Yemen to visit #Iraq tomorrow

#Houthis negotiation team to #Kuwait who were stuck in #Oman arrive in #Iraq and

Comment: the saudis still block Sanaa airport.

27.8.2016 – Elisabeth Kendall (A T)

#alQaeda #Yemen claims it fired these Grad rockets vs Houthi Central Security Camp in al-Bayda' city yesterday.

27.8.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A)

YemenMasiraTVback2normal after US-backed Saudi repeated attempts2block it4covering war crimes New Freq11012-H-27500

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

28.8.2016 – Al Arabiya (* A P)

Who is with whom in Syria and Yemen?

The case in Yemen is similar to that in Syria. President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi is appointing ministers and governors who cannot stand each other. Saudi Arabia is supporting meetings of religious clerics in Yemen, which made them come up with agreements that could unite them regarding the country’s future. The legitimate government approved of the meetings and the agreement that was announced at a huge ceremony in Riyadh.

Then Yemen’s Minister of State Hani Ben Brik, who became the most powerful leader in Aden with his militia, attacked the Riyadh meeting. He accused all those who signed the deal of advocating terrorism, and arrogantly said many of the attendants were not Yemeni clerics but “members of a party that is considered a terrorist group in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates [UAE].”

His tweets, just like his violations against public order in Aden, passed without anyone holding him accountable. The same goes for statements published in a newspaper printed in Aden. The statements were made by a minister who wishes that the war goes on in the north “so that they would be able to arrange their situation in the south.” An online newspaper said these statements were fabricated, but no one sued the newspaper.

Insults, accusations and suspicions have affected everyone in the resistance – by Jamal Khashoggi

27.8.2016 – Shapban (A P)

days after he announced his support of establishing independent state in south #Yemen, dep. #PM & interior minister says he changed his mind

27.8.2016 – Shapban (A P)

ex president of south #Yemen Ali Salem al-Bayadh meets with ex #PM Bahah to discuss ways to split country

27.8.2016 – Shapban (A E P)

#UAE military officials n Hadramout, east #Yemen say they want 'share' of oil production from the area as compensation for liberating region

28.8.2016 – Shapban (A P)

#Muslims Scholars Association approves outcome of conference for #Yemen's religious scholars

27.8.2016 – Tinfoiltiaria (A P)

Hadi also appears to have summonsed dozens of clerics & sheiks to be reprogrammed, wahhabi style, for redeployment back into #Yemen

26.8.2016 – Jane Novak (A H P)

Doctors at Ataq Hospital haven't been paid since Feb 2016. No response from @HadiPresident in #Saudi. Shabwa #Yemen ignored since liberation

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

28.8.2016 – Reuters (A P)

Huthi-Rebellen zu Friedensgesprächen bereit

Die jemenitischen Huthi-Rebellen haben sich zu neuen Friedensgesprächen mit der Exilregierung bereit erklärt. Als Vorbedingung nannten sie aber ein Ende der Angriffe der von Saudiarabien angeführten Militärkoalition auf Huthi-Gebiete in Jemen

28.8.2016 – Pars Today (A P)

Jemen: Ansarollah erteilt Forderung des US-Außenministers Kerry eine Absage

Im Ringen um die Beendigung der Krise im Jemen hat die Ansarollah-Bewegung die Forderung des US-Außenministers, John Kerry, nach Waffenabgabe abgelehnt.

Ansarollah-Sprecher, Mohammed Abdulsalem, lehnte einen Friedensvorschlag Kerrys, in dem die Abgabe von Waffen als Vorbedingung für eine Einigung im Jemen genannt wird, ab und sagte: Diese Bewegung wird niemals ihre Waffen niederlegen, solange der saudische Feind militärisch interveniert.

Die US-Regierung hat eine »neue Friedensinitiative« in die Welt gesetzt, die angeblich zur Beendigung des Krieges im Jemen führen soll. Außenminister John Kerry stellte sie am Donnerstag in der saudi-arabischen Stadt Dschiddah gemeinsam mit seinem Kollegen Adel Al-Dschubeir knapp und unverständlich vor.

Kerry forderte von der Ansarollah-Bewegung, sie müssten den Beschuss Saudi-Arabiens einstellen, ihre Truppen aus der Hauptstadt Sanaa abziehen, ihre schweren Waffen abgeben und sich an einer Regierung der nationalen Einheit mit ihren politischen Gegnern beteiligen.ßenministers_kerry_eine_absage

28.8.2016 – Reuters (A P)

Houthis say ready for fresh Yemen talks if attacks stop

Yemen's Houthi-run governing council said on Sunday it was ready to restart peace talks with the country's exiled government provided a Saudi-led coalition stopped attacking and besieging Houthi-held territories.

At its weekly meeting at Sanaa’s presidential palace, the council said that its willingness to restart peace talks was contingent on the "total cessation of the aggression and lifting of the unjust siege on the Yemeni people".

28.8.2016 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

“Kerry’s Plan” for Yemen Accepted by Government, Rejected by Rebels

Yemeni government welcomed on Saturday the plan announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Jeddah last Thursday to restart peace talks with a goal of forming a unity government. However, Houthi rebels rejected it.

The government’s first official reply to Kerry’s roadmap was announced by its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdul-Malik Al-Mekhlafi, who said: “The Gulf-U.S.-British meeting in Jeddah carries a strong message to rebels revealing that the international community cannot bare more delays and postponements.”

Tensions in Yemen escalated when President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi was sent into exile, after former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his Houthi supporters seized the capital city of Sana’a in 2014.

Several news agencies had quoted on Saturday a Houthi rejection to hand over its Ballistic Missiles, which Kerry said was “threatening Saudi Arabia and the U.S.,” and which continues to reveal the intransigence of the rebel group.

Comment: As long as both sides in the conflict not are treated equal – as long as surrender is demanded from just one side – all these “peace plans” by Kerry and others just are partisanship and no peace brokering at all.

28.8.2016 – National Yemen (A P)

Yemen’s Houthis Reject US Secretary of State John Kerry’s Initiative for Peace

Mohammed Abdulsalam, the spokesman of Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has rejected an initiative put forth by US Secretary of State John Kerry to resolve the crisis in the war-torn country.
Mohammed Abdulsalam, the Ansarullah spokesman, said Saturday that the offer aims at depriving the Houthis of their arms in their fight of resistance against the Saudi invasion – by Fakhri Al-Arashi and by Press TV Iran:

Comment: This reacting should not astonish anybody. Still, Kerry & Co., the UN do not treat both sides of the conflict equal. Why just the Houthis should hand over their weapons, and no other party in the conflict??

Comment by Judith Brown: Well putting down your arms to anyone is surrender I guess. The trouble is that both sides refuse to surrender - both want to say they've won this war. That's not possible. What is more to the point, they both have lost and so has Yemen.

27.8.2016 – Reuters (A P)

Yemen's exiled government welcomes U.S. plan for restart of peace talks

Yemen's Saudi-backed exiled government said on Saturday it welcomed a plan agreed by the United States, Gulf Arab states and the United Nations to restart peace talks with a goal of forming a unity government.

On Saturday, a statement from the exiled government carried by the Saba news agency said: "The government is prepared to deal positively with any peaceful solutions...including an initial welcoming of the ideas resulting from the meeting in Jeddah that included the foreign secretaries of the U.S.,the United Kingdom and Gulf states." 0 and by AFP:

Comment: Of course Hadi government agrees because this plan as the first measure would bring them the capitulation of the Houthis.

28.8.2016 – Sott Net (* A P)

Kerry's peace initiative demands Yemen's Houthis surrender and disarm

Visiting the city of Jeddah, Secretary of State John Kerry announced a deal with Saudi Arabia on a new "peace initiative" related to the ongoing Saudi invasion of Yemen. As with all previous such initiatives, Kerry's statement laying out the plan demanded that the Shi'ite Houthis, who the Saudis are fighting, must immediately surrender all territory and unilaterally disarm before being allowed to participate in any talks.

Though US officials occasionally issue statements urging “all sides” to stop killing civilians, they continue to support the Saudis more or less unconditionally. In the course of Kerry’s comments, he quickly shifted focus away from Yemen and angrily condemning Iran as a “threat to the United States,” comments which always play well to a Saudi audience. – by Jason Ditz

Comment: Kerry's grand act of diplomacy is more-less staged to stroke and placate the House of Saud, as in condemning Iran, whose arming of the Houthis "poses a threat to the US." (No, wink wink, it just means the longer the war goes on, more arms sales for the US to SA, ka-ching.) Kerry's dealincludes the "withdrawal of forces from Sanaa and other key areas", and the "transfer of all heavy weapons including ballistic missiles and launchers from the Houthis and forces allied with them to a third party." Any ideas who that might be? It is unlikely the Houthis are this stupid. However, there are the Saudis and and see Kerry in press conference:

Comment by Judith Brown: Some American peace plan. Disarm the Houthis and rearm the Saudis. Not very balanced is it?

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

28.8.2016 – Rori Donaghy

100 United Seemac foreign workers on strike today in Saudi capital Riyadh. They have 1 demand: their wages be paid.

28.8.2016 – AFP (* A K)

Saudi city soldiers on as civilian toll mounts

But enter the King Khaled Hospital and you can see what the war has done.

Saleh al-Abbas weeps outside the room where his nine-year-old son Mahdi lies with his head and face bandaged.

A Katyusha rocket struck their home around breakfast on Saturday and Mahdi's cousin, aged three, is dead.

The boy brings to at least 31 the number of civilians killed in Najran since early last year, when Yemen's Huthi rebels and their allies began bombarding southern Saudi Arabia in retaliation for air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition.

"They target the civilians. The main ones suffering are the civilians," says Colonel Ali al-Shahrani, a spokesman for the Saudi Civil Defence Department.

He says the bombardment worsened after the suspension in early August of United Nations-brokered peace talks.

"Now it's continuous," he tells visiting foreign reporters – by Ian Timberlake

Comment: A terrible consequence of the Saudi aerial war against Yemen.

28.8.2016 – Al Arabiya (A K)

Najran citizens vow to stay despite indiscriminate Houthi rockets

According to officials, the city has witnessed more than 10,000 rocket attacks mostly arbitrarily targeting civilians.

“The majority of the causalities we’ve seen, especially over the past several weeks, were children and women. This shows how much the Houthis do not care who they target, focusing their attacks on innocent civilians rather than strategic hits on our military,” Ali Omeir al-Jermaan, Najran’s Civil Defense Spokesperson, told Al Arabiya English.

Despite the relative calm witnessed on Saturday, a lingering feeling between Najran citizens, both Saudis and expats, persists as the war enters well into its second year - and the third since the Houthi-led coup - while peace talks falter – by Ismaeel Naar

Comment: Najaran, Saudi Arabia, where citizens decide to stay and soldiers run away

(No, Yemenis do not target civilians on purpose)

26.8.2016 – Linkedin (* B P)

A Kingdom in Turmoil - An Interview with Dr. Ali Alyami

Dr. Alyami is a native of Saudi Arabia and a citizen of the US for the past four decades. From an early age he has been advocating for political, economic and social reform in his native homeland.

Saudi Arabia under its current Islamist King, Salman, has been more mired in political and economic turmoil than at any time in the desert kingdom’s history. Domestically, the country is suffering from royal discord and economic hardships, due to the drastic decline in oil prices, which constitute more than 90% of the state’s revenues. Regionally, Saudi Arabia is stuck in a consuming and costly war in Yemen.

The West recognized that the fast and widely- spreading extremism and terrorism are inspired by the globally detested Saudi/ Wahhabi Sunni doctrine; therefore, continuing to rely on and to protect the Saudi rulers unconditionally are no longer in the best interest of Western societies. Furthermore, the US and its Western allies may have concluded that it’s only a matter of time before the Saudi autocratic ruling family faces the same fate as its counterparts in other Arab countries.

In light of the current and projected economic downturn in Saudi Arabia, we are likely to see more societal discontent and harsher responses by the Saudi oligarchy. Some signs are already evident, especially among large numbers of unpaid migrant workers. =

cp9 USA

Siehe / See cp1, 7, 13a

28.8.2016 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Matthew Tueller told Asharq Al-Awsat that the war in Yemen would end only if warring parties resume peace talks and accept a national unity government that would eventually lead to the withdrawal of militias from the main Yemeni cities and the handing over of weapons.

Washington is also upset from the use of Iranian missiles in the fighting, adding that Iran should decide whether it wants to play a constructive role in the region, or to continue stimulating tension and chaos, the Ambassador said.

“Iran did not help in Yemen. We are very displeased with the use of Iranian missiles, which are placed close to the Saudi borders,” Tueller said.

He said the U.S. was determined to end the conflict through peaceful means. “There is no military solution in Yemen, but a political one,” Tueller said – by Arafat Madabish

27.8.2016 – Chris Langlois (* A K P)

Letter: U.S. not exceptional in Yemen

“American Exceptionalism:” a term both parties have used recently. What a joke. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with American history knows we have been just as greedy, vicious and corrupt as most others. Just think of those who have suffered slaughter, imprisonment, torture, and enslavement right here in the USA — Native Americans, Chinese laborers, Japanese citizens, African-Americans, Hispanic laborers.

What’s exceptional about that sort of treatment? Nothing. Common as dirt in human history.

Now we are waging a vicious proxy war on Yemen, long one of the most desperately poor nations on Earth. Our corrupt partners, the Saudis, doing our killing for us this time, but our arms merchants and military and contractors are supplying the planes, bombs, intelligence, the equipment servicing, and the in-air refueling our partners require.

The entire country is being bombed into oblivion; four Doctors Without Borders hospitals have been hit, schools, factories, infrastructure, and public gatherings have been bombed. Nearly one-third of the more than 3,000 civilians killed in Yemen’s war have been children, according to the U.N. UNICEF warns that an estimated 320,000 children face life-threatening malnutrition.

Who still believes these are the actions of an “exceptional” country?

26.8.2016 – US Embassy Yemen (A P)

Interview of Ambassador Matthew Tueller, by Asharq Al-Awsat

Comment: This is quite crazy, showing hypocrisy at it’s best. Iran is slammed, Saudi Arabia it not at all. It is just insinuated that the Houthis missiles are “Iranian”, although they can come from quite different sources and the arms supply by Iran is minor due to the Saudi blockade. Declaring these missiles as a threat to the US is just ridiculous. They have a reach of 65 km; from the Saudi-Yemeni boarder to New York is a little bit longer. These Houthis missiles are mentioned again and again, no word at all for Saudi air raids. – “the U.S. was determined to end the conflict through peaceful means”: arming up the Saudis, refueling their jets, is “peaceful means”???

and in short by Shapban:

#US amb. to #Yemen: #Russian interference in #Yemen unlikely, Supreme Political Council unconstitutional & #Iran's rockets bother us

26.8.2016 – Sunjeec Bery (A P)

Now 56 in US Congress want $1 billion US-Saudi arms sale postponed so Congress can debate

25.8.2016 – Middle East Monitor (A P)

Saudi prince says he twice saved Trump from bankruptcy

Saudi billionaire Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal said he twice saved US presidential candidate Donald Trump from bankruptcy, describing him as a “bad and ungrateful person”.

In an interview with Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper, the prince said he bought Trump’s hotels after they were acquired by the banks which demanded he repay his debts.

The yacht he used to come to Antalya, southwest of Turkey, is one he bought from Trump when he was threatened with bankruptcy.

Earlier, the Saudi prince called on Trump to immediately withdraw from the presidential race describing him as a disgrace to the Republican Party and America.

Comment: Whatever, the Saudi candidate is Clinton.

24.8.2016 – Open Words (* B K P)

U.S. Weapons Sales Are Drenched in Yemeni Blood

Saudi Arabia is using billions in U.S. aid to fund their onslaught of innocent civilians in Yemen, but it's not too late for Congress to stop this madness – by Medea Benjamin, cofounder of the peace group CODEPINK =

Comment: Overview article.

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

28.8.2016 – Daily Record (A K P)

Scottish politicians back war crimes inquiry in Yemen after UK-backed blitz slaughtered thousands

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

27.8.2016 – Mation (A P)

Saudi Defence Minister, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, will arrive in Pakistan tomorrow.

According to official sources, he will hold meetings with the Pakistani leadership including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and discuss matters of bilateral interest and regional situation.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy close relations and have identical viewpoints on major regional and international issues.

Comment by Ali AlAhmed: My sources tell me #Saudi plans to resettle Pakistanis in its borders with#Yemen

28.8.2016 – ALSDDY (A P)

Bahrain : Protesters Block Main Village Interior Road By Burning Tires

Bahrain : Clashes denouncing Police Forces Raiding on Citizens Houses

25.8.2016 – Freedom for Bahrain (A P)

Film: Police brutally beating men and women who protest against Bahraini regime.

24.8.2016 – Freedom for Bahrain (A P)

Film: Watch how polices of #Bahrain regime detain children and beat the mother.

and more from Bahrain:

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms trade

26.8.2016 – Sputnik News (* A K P)

US Set to Ship First AH-6i Choppers to Riyadh

As the United States military withdraws from Saudi Arabia, Boeing is set to ship the first twelve AH-6i light attack and reconnaissance helicopters to Riyadh, after a one-month delay. An announcement regarding the transport of the first twelve AH-6i Little Bird helicopters was posted on the US Federal Business Opportunities website on August 24.

The helicopters, capable of carrying both 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns, as well as AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, are to be shipped by air to Saudi Arabia's National Guard "as soon as possible." The second batch of twelve units will be delivered by sea. and by Defense World:

Comment: Just fitting for the Yemen war.

Comment by Judith Brown: Some American peace plan. Disarm the Houthis and rearm the Saudis. Not very balanced is it?

cp13b Mercenaries / Söldner

28.8.2016 – Xinhua (* A K)
Yemenis recruited to join Saudi border forces to battle Houthis

Yemeni authorities in the southern port city of Aden started to recruit new fighters on Sunday to join the Saudi Border Guard Forces against Shiite Houthi rebels, officials told Xinhua.

High-ranking pro-government officials said more than 5,000 young fighters will be enlisted from the government-controlled southern provinces and trained to battle the rebels.

The newly-recruited Yemeni fighters will be deployed in the Saudi-Yemeni borders, particularly in the Saudi border region of Najran that has witnessed intensified fighting and periodic Houthi bombardments.

The sources said the first batch of 350 Yemeni fighters left Aden on Sunday morning for an island in Eritrea, an African country across the Red Sea, where they will be transferred to the Saudi borders.

"The well-trained Yemeni fighters will play a vital role in confronting Houthi militias in the Saudi borders," an intelligence officer told Xinhua.

He also said Saudi Arabia has provided financial aids to support the recruitment campaign.

Hundreds of southern Yemenis were seen lined up in front of the army recruiting stations in Aden on Sunday as the registration would continue for the next few days. and image:

Comment: These Yemenis certainly are the cheapest mercenaries the Saudis can get. And what about all those Al Qaida fighters who just had withdrawn to “nowhere” in Southern Yemen?

28.8.2016 – Almasdar (* A K)

Reports: Mercenaries brought from Yemen to fight Houthis in Najran, Saudi Arabia

Reports have emerged that the Saudi regime have brought 400 mercenaries from Aden and Hadhramaut in Yemen’s south to fight against Houthi forces who are currently advancing in Saudi Arabia’s southern Najran province.

It was reported that the mercenary fighters were brought by fast boat to immediately engage Houthi forces who have reached the outskirts of Najran city and the strategic Najran dam.

Comment: Why there is a sea bloxckade just blocking one party, and blocking it even from most imports of civilian needs, as food, medical equipment, fuel etc.???

28.8.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A K)

US-backed Saudis now hiring Qaeda/ISIS fighters from within KSA&Yemen2defend itself from Yemenis who just retaliate and see and and and

cp13c Flüchtlinge / Refugees

27.8.2016 – UN High Commissioner for Refugees (A H)

Map: Yemen: Shelter / NFI / CCCM Cluster Planned Interventions for June 2016 =

27.8.2016 – European Commission Humanitarian Aid Office (A H)

Map: Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) - ECHO Daily Map | 26/08/2016 =

Comment: Already outdated, there are more than 3 million IDPs now.

cp13d Zentralbank / Central Bank

28.8.2016 – Shapban (A P)

pro-Hadi media claim #Houthis printed 3 trillion riyals [1 trillion would go for the ink]

27.8.2016 – Shapban (A E P)

Yemen's local currency continues plummeting reaching 310 to the dollar today as Central Bank struggling to pay basic salaries of state empl

27.8.2016 – Shapban (A E P)

reports #Yemen's Central Bank no longer can buy sugar, wheat and cannot pay salaries for this month. famine it's.

Comment by Moshe Levy: the central bank is not buying by itself. It provides foreign currency to local banks or credit letters.

27.8.2016 – Hisham Al-Omeisy (A P)

So Central Bank money went to Bayda, where AQAP big part of resistance! #Yemen Link to Khashoggi's full article

27.8.2016 – Hisham Al-Omeisy (A P)

Wait, what? Resistance snatched US$ 2 Billion from #Yemen Central Bank, split amongst themselves, no one bates eye!

27.8.2016 – Hisham Al-Omeisy (A P)

$2 Billion lost in @AlArabiya_Eng translation. Hiding truth about Central Bank heist by omitting are we? TSK!

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

Siehe / See cp5

cp15 Propaganda

28.8.2016 – George Ades (* B P)

A useful glossary to help you understand what western politicians are saying:

“Collateral damage” = The cold blooded murder of civilians, including children, usually bombed from a safe vantage point.
“A contractor” = A mercenary, a hired killer. (And you thought it had something to do with construction.)
“Spreading democracy and American values” = Dropping bombs on the helpless population of a country you probably cannot even find on a map.
“Foreign troops” = The National Guard of a country fighting to defend its territory against an invader that took the trouble to travel thousands of miles to kill the local population and destroy the infrastructure.
“A dictator” = A country’s leader that will not play ball with us. It usually means “Not OUR dictator”…. they are good.
“Rebels” = Foreign killers for hire that are willing to die for our interests. Calling them “rebels” gives them an almost romantic Che Guevara aura.
“Surgical strikes” = Dropping bombs on hospitals, schools, wedding gatherings and generally on places where they can cause the most “collateral damage”.

These just off the top of my head, if you have your own to add, please do so (many following)

"International community" = countries that either willingly or through duress "Play ball" with the US. And of course, the "free world" = NATO and other associated allies of the US.

the "war on terror" = Whatever the US declares war on it seems to multiply and spread.

27.8.2016 – Gulf News (A K P)

Al Houthis respond to peace push with missiles

The Iran-backed Yemeni rebel group struck a power station in southern Saudi Arabia and promised to redouble its efforts on the battlefield

Comment: For the events, see cp17. Just mind the headline: Nice propaganda while Saudi air raids are raging, look at cp 16a, b specially.

27.8.2016 – Arab News (A P)

Saudi desire for peace in Yemen

The initiative of launching a military offensive in Yemen was not an easy decision for Saudi Arabia. It was a painful step that was necessary to restore peace in the neighboring Yemen. A military action in Yemen was never on the cards and the Saudis took this step after peaceful methods proved to be futile.
For decades, Yemen had been experiencing all sorts of political and economic issues. Nobody could deny the fact that during thick and thin Saudi Arabia stood with Yemen and went the extra mile to help maintain stability in that country. The wrong policies and misplaced priorities of people at the helm of affairs in Yemen had pushed the country into an abyss of chaos and economic problems.

With the help of Iran and its regional proxies, the Houthi militia acquired sophisticated weapons and the threat increased on Saudi Arabia’s southern border cities. At the end of the day, Saudi Arabia had no choice but to take action through a coalition to pull Yemen from the abyss of chaos, to restore the legitimate government and to cleanse Yemen of all the weapons that included Scud missiles. After only a few weeks into the offensive, Saudi Arabia wanted to agree on a cease-fire so as to negotiate a solution to the problem. The Kingdom also announced a generous package of direct aid to Yemen – by Abdulateef Al-Muhim

Comment: Repeating a great part of the Saudi propaganda narrative again. And again. And again.

26.8.2016 – Saudi Embassy USA (A P)

Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir Summarizes Yemen Crisis

During a joint press briefing with U.S. Secretary of State of John Kerry in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on August 25, 2016, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir summarized the crisis in Yemen and achievements by the Saudi-led coalition to resolve it.

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

29.8.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)


Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance

Casualties and damages (full list):

28.8.2016 – Pars Today (A K PH)

Bei einem Luftangriff saudi-arabischer Kampfjets in der Region Shar'eeb im Gouvernement Taiz sind am Samstag mindestens 10 Menschen getötet worden.

Mehr als 11 weitere Menschen sollen einem Bericht des Nachrichten-Fenrneshsenders "Al Masirah" zufolge bei dem Anschlag verletzt worden sein. Zudem griffen saudische Kampfflugzeuge den Militärstützpunkt al-Thaaban, in der Region Aasir im Süden von Saudi-Arabien, mit Streubomben an. Dieser Stützpunkt steht unter der Kontrolle der Houthi-Kämpfer.

Kommentar: Siehe cp16a.

28.8.2016 – Press TV Iran (A K PH)

Saudi Arabian jets target civilian infrastructure in Yemen

Saudi Arabia’s unremitting attacks against Yemen’s civilian infrastructure continue, with the kingdom’s fighter jets bombing a sugar factory in the western province of Hudaydah.

At least 30 people have been reported dead and injured from the Sunday attack, which came as Riyadh’s fighter planes carried out over 80 airstrikes on the province in the last 24 hours, causing heavy damage to its infrastructure.

Saudi fighter planes also pounded a school in the country’s province of Sa’ada, as well as targets in the Razih and Badim districts in the mountainous northwestern province.

Earlier, the Saudis also launched four airstrikes against the Harad district in the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah, and also bombed the Nihm district northeast of the capital Sana’a.

Saudi military aircraft also hit a school in the Dhubab district of the southwestern Yemeni province of Ta’izz.

28.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi fighter jets launch raids on Baidha

The fighter jets targeted three passenger cars in Aqbah Asaha with four raids ,which led to injure five citizens and burn cars.
He pointed out that the raids aimed to cut the road between Baidha and Shabwa provinces.

28.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Hajjah

28.8.2016 – 14Yemen (A K PH)

Film: #Breaking #Saudi aggression fighters bombards rescuers in #AlHada Road 2Day, #WarCrime against civilians in #Yemen =

is this

28.8.2016 – Ahmad Alghobary (A K)

Happened in my district Alhada #Yemen 26 Aug. I know who took vid. 7 people clearing road survived but badly injured

28.8.2016 – Ahmad Alghobary (A K)

4 hours ago , #Saudi targeted a road in my village Alhada and wounded 7 people #Yemen Roads,Bridges,Hospital,Schools and home are not safe. and and

28.8.2016 – AFP (A K PS)

Coalition strikes kill 7 Yemeni civilians: sources

Warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition struck a rebel convoy near a taxi stand in central Yemen, killing seven civilians and nine insurgents, officials said on Sunday.

The air strikes hit three vehicles belonging to the Huthi rebels late Saturday near the Mafraq Sharab junction outside the southwestern city of Taez, a military official said.

Medical sources said hospitals in Taez received the bodies of seven civilians, while military sources said nine rebels were killed and 14 people were wounded.

The raid came during sporadic clashes in the city between the Iran-backed rebels and forces loyal to President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi who are supported by a Saudi-led coalition.

Comment: The labeling as “rebels” in such attacks is always very doubtful. Citing “military sources” and “officials” for such events is just bullshit – when not even stating from which side of the conflict. See article by Press TV Iran and ask which sources AFP is citing here.

Comment by Judith Brown: This article states that medical sources say 7 civilians killed and military sources say 9 militias killed. Hmmm I think I believe the medical sources. And it is very distressing.

28.8.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)


Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance

Casualties and damages (full list):

27.8.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)


Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance

Casualties and damages (full list):

28.8.2016 – Living in Yemen on the edge (A K PH)

This was #Almehtak High School in #Nihm, East of #Sanaa.
It has been bombarded today.
The 'taking of Sanaa' passes by Nihm mountain according to the Saudi led Coalition.
For now, they have taken a high school away (photos)

28.8.2016 – Living in Yemen on the edge (A K PH)

Airstrikes on civilians in #Kitaf #Saada
12 killed

28.8.2016 – Almasdar (A K PH)

Saudi jets pound several areas of Yemen

Saudi jets have attacked several areas across Yemen including a naval base in Hudaydah on the country’s west coast.

Other areas targeted include four strikes against Harad district in the northwestern province of Hajjah, Nihm district northeast of the capital Sana’a, as well as Razih and Badim districts in the northwestern province of Sa’adah, according to al-Masirah television.

There have been no reports yet of casualties of infrastructure damage.

In a separate incident, Saudi jets hit a civilian car on a road in Sahar district, Sa’adah Province. No confirmations on people killed or injured have been made yet.

PressTV reported that Saudi military aircraft also hit a school in the Dhubab district of the southwestern Yemeni province of Ta’izz, situated 346 kilometers (214 miles) south of the capital. and also

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi raids kill two in Baqem

Two citizens were killed on Saturday in Saudi raids in Baqem district of Sa'ada province, a security official said.
The Saudi war jets targeted a car on the main road, the official said, adding the raids injured two others, the official added.
Meanwhile, the Saudi jets waged four raids on houses and farms in al-Margam and al-Hamaqi areas causing huge damage to the areas.

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Serwah

causing huge damage to farms

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi fighter jets launch raids on Baidha

The Saudi fighter jets waged on Saturday air raids on Baidha province, a security official said.
The fighter jets targeted a water well in Khabzah area in al-Qaraisha district with an air raid and Wadi al-Manasah area in Wald al-Rabee district with three raids.

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi jets launch raids on Sa'ada

The Saudi war jets waged on Saturday air raids on Sa'ada province, a security official said.
The war jets targeted a gas station in Qahzah area with three raids causing the destruction of hundreds of gas cylinders, the official added.
He pointed out that the Saudi war jets waged an air raid on an electricity company in the same area, leaving huge damage to it.

27.8.2016 – Yemen Today TV (A K PH)

Airline Saudi aggression destroys gas tanks and 8 thousand in the cylinder gas company Saada 27-08 – 2016 and film:

27.8.2016 – Fatik Al-Rodaini (A K)

Lastnight Saudi jets hit power plants&gas stations n Saada,Amran&Hajjeh w/16 sorties.Pix of Amran power plant (photos)

Comment by Judith Brown:

Well it didn't take long - the Houthi missiles hit a Saudi Arabian electricity station, and the next day Saudi hit three in Yemen. Not much point though - no electricity has been generated for months due to the lack of oil thanks to the Saudi led embargo of Yemen.

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi raids destroy electricity station in Amran

The Saudi warplanes pounded on Saturday an electricity station in Amran province, a station manager in Amran said.
The raids destroyed the main Electricity Conversion Station completely, the station manager Amin al-Adani said.
The electricity station is one of the biggest stations which produces electricity 85 megawatts to 100 megawatts, Amin al-Adani added.
Amran and Hajjah provinces and parts of Mahweet province are supplied by the station, al-Adani said, adding that the station was modernized by power conversion systems recently.

27.8.2016 – Hussain Albukhaiti (A K PH)

#Saudi #UAE 8strikes destroyed #Amran province only power station (photos)

27.8.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

No RED LINES: 7 Saudi airstrikes destroy major energy station in #Yemen region Amran today. 100,000 now blacked out. (photos)

No RED LINES: 7 Saudi airstrikes destroy major energy station in #Yemen region Amran today. 100,000 now blacked out. and also film:

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi jets wage raids on Capital

The Saudi war jets waged on Saturday air raids on the Capital Sana'a, a security official said.
The official added the raids targeted Noqom area with three raids causing huge damage to trade stores and public and private properties.

27.8.2016 – Tweets: Air raids at Sanaa (A K)

Two airstrikes on capital Sana, Yemen, early morning & two more now. Dozens more on outskirts of capital & other provinces

Bugger! Airstrike was darn close. Photo from my window now. Fighter jets circling above my house (photo)

Two huge explosions rock the capital Sanaa following intense Saudi jets flying over the city. It is 3:21PM. Can u imagine our suffer.

So far 3 airstrikes on Nuqum in Sana'a past 15min. Well, bombardment less frenzied than usual; insane as it may sound, a relief.

Photos of today's #Saudi bombardment on Noqom mountain in the capital #Sanaa

27.8.2016 – Ahmad Alghobary (A K)

Till now ,More than 34 #Saudi air strikes targeted several places in #Hodaidah city

27.8.2016 – Dr. Karim (A K)

#Saudi-led airstrikes on hangers, trucks in Ras-Iessa oil port in #Hodaidah

27.8.2016 – Marwan Al-Muniyfi (A K)

again #Saudi fighter jets targeted #RasEssa seaport & marine base in #Hodaidah with 3 air strikes and film:

27.8.2016 – Living in Yemen on the edge (A K)

Ras-Iessa oil port, #Hodeida, under heavy aistrikes (reports of 30)

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Jawf

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Sana'a and

26.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi raids injure five in Dhamar

Around five people injured on Friday in Saudi raids on al-Hada district of Dhamar province, a security official said.
The Saudi warplanes targeted al-Ahsa area in the district with two raids, injuring five people, some critically, while on their way on the main road, he added.

26.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes wage raids on provinces, Jizan, Najran

The Saudi warplanes have launched a series of air raids on Sana'a, Sa'ada provinces and Jizan and Najran regions, a military official said Thursday.

26.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi jets launch raids on Bani Matar

26.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi raids kills 11 in Baqem

At least 11 people, mostly women and children, were killed on Friday in Saudi raids on Baqem district of Sa'ada province, a security official said.
The Saudi fighter jets targeted two houses in al-Zamah area, killing the eleven and injuring others, the official added.
The death toll would likely be increased as some victims are still under rubble.

Comment: Already reported YPR 190 (images)

Cp16a Saudischer Luftangriff auf Kreuzung / Saudi air raid at junction

28.8.2016 – Sputnik News (A K PS)

Jemen: Sieben Tote bei Luftangriff von Saudi-Koalition

Die von Saudi-Arabien angeführte Militärkoalition hat Luftangriffe auf eine Wagenkolonne der Rebellen im zentralen Jemen geflogen, wie AFP unter Berufung auf Beamte meldet. Dabei wurden neun Rebellen und sieben Zivilisten getötet.

Der Luftschlag wurde laut einem Militärbeamten am späten Samstag in der Nähe von der Stadt Taizz geführt. Das Angriffsziel sollen drei Verkehrsmittel gewesen sein, die Huthis gehört haben sollen. Der Agentur zufolge sind sieben Zivilisten ums Leben gekommen. 14 weitere Menschen wurden verletzt.

Kommentar: An der Meldung stimmt so einiges nicht. Mal wieder sind Autos der „Rebellen“ unterwegs, die sich in nichts von zivilen Fahrzeugen und ihren Insassen unterscheiden. Hier sin die Russen der saudischen Propaganda aufgesessen. Siehe im Folgenden.

28.8.2016 – Press TV Iran (* A K PH)

At least 15 Yemenis killed in Saudi attack on civilian bus

Saudi warplanes have killed at least 15 civilians in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta’izz.

According to local media reports, the Saudi jets attacked a minibus carrying civilians in the Shar’eb region of the provinces.

Saudi planes also targeted a gas station and a power plant in multiple raids on the provinces of Sa’ada, Hajjah, and Amran.

Since Friday, Riyadh’s jets have hit the three northern provinces over 50 times, causing vast destruction and casualties. At least 11 people, including two children, died in a series of attacks on Sa’ada. and film:

Comment: Not just a minibus, but all vehicles at this junction.

27.8.2016 – Alzawaya (A K PH)

The Saudi coalition committed a new massacre in the governorate of Taiz, adding to the series of genocides in Yemen.

The fighter jets of the coalition waged, today Saturday, a raid on a group of travelers in Mafrq Sharab market, western Taiz governorate. The raid resulted in more than 10 killed and dozens of wounded citizens, including women and children.

Pictures display that the Saudi sortie deliberately targeted a group of cars and motorcycles to cover up for its defeats in the Yemeni-Saudi border, where several Saudi mercenaries have been killed.

27.8.2016 – Alalam (A K PH)

15 martyrs and dozens wounded massacre new airline aggression in Taiz

Saudi airline has committed aggression new horrific massacre in Taiz province, where the raid Zaraleom Saturday to rally for travelers - Farza (Alberh-Mocha-Hodeidah) in Junction Sharhab market Hdhiran area west of the city of Taiz.

According to "Taiz News", the raid resulted in the fall of fifteen martyr primary outcome and wounded dozens of people, including women and children.

27.8.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

27-8-2016: Saudi Arabia warplanes and its alliance committed a massacre in#Sharab_Junction #Taiz_Province and caused many casualties and damages.
-The airstrikes targeted cars and motorcycles gathering point.
-(15) civilians were killed and 20 others were injured due to the bombing of the junction (photos) and and film: = and film: and film:

Cp16b Saudischer Luftangriff auf Wohnheim in Hodeida / Saudi air raid at workers’ camp at Hodeida

28.8.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (*A K)

Over 30Yemeni women/kids killed asleep byUS-backed Saudi war criminals jets at residence of workers families of sugar factory Hodeida west

28.8.2016 – Marwan Al-Munyfi (* A K)

33 reported killed & 10s are injured in new #Saudi air strikes targeted sugar factory camp in Hodaidah (graphic images) and and

28.8.2016 – Hisham Al-Omeisy (A K)

Locals in Hodeida say airstrikes hit residential camp of sugarcane factory workers now. Casualties 28+. Saudi is on murder spree.

Comment by Judith Brown: What is it about Saudi and food factories ? They strike factory after factory. On the day when an ISIS strike is prominent in the UK news, no reports of his loss of life, assets, and livelihoods in the Red Sea city of Hodeida.

Comment: Judith Brown just hits the spot. It's eye-catching how many food factories, food facilities, farms, markets where food is sold, the Saudis have targeted so far.

28.8.2016 – Living in Yemen on the edge (* A K PH)

Never forget this: #Saudi-#UAE-led coalition are slaughtering civilians. Solely civilians now.
Reports from #Hodeida are confirming the massacre of over 30 civilians killed by the airstrikes ON HOUSING UNIT of sugary refinery company. Mainly women and children.
Tonight the world sank further into the abyss.
We thank the #EU and #UN for the silence, the#US, #UK, #Italy, #France for their bombs, MrPresident - Nobel Peace Prize - Obama for the constant support to the Gulf Monarchies involved in Operation Hope, Ban Ki Moon for sleeping, John Kerry for the useless peace plans, ex President Hadi, Ali Mohsen and accolytes for running away and asking the world to help them in achieving what is becoming a genocide against Yemeni people.
We thank those who provide intelligence, those who stay silent, who fly back to the airbase claiming 'Mission Accomplished', those who do not care and those who are planning the next round of slaughter for making us understand that real men (and women) are the opposite of what you all are: killers.

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

28.8.2016 – Fars news (A K PH)

Yemeni Missiles Hit Hard 6 Key Saudi Military Bases in Najran, Jizan Provinces

The Yemeni army and popular forces pounded six strategic Saudi military bases in Jizan and Najran provinces with missiles and artillery shells, inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the conceited kingdom.

The Nahouqeh, Abu Hamdan and al-Sadis military bases of Saudi Arabia in Najran and Jizan provinces came under heavy artillery shelling and missile attacks of the Yemeni forces.

The Yemeni forces also hit the al-Shabaka, al-Bohtit and al-Montazeh military bases of the Saudi forces in Najran province.

Yemeni army officers said initial battlefield reports show that the attacks have inflicted dozens of casualties on the Saudi army men as they were taken off-guard.

Early reports indicate large casualties on the Saudi forces in the missile attack. The Saudi army and its coalition members have lost, at least, over a hundred troops each time they have come under a ballistic missile attack by Yemen.

The Saudi-led forces' armored vehicles were destroyed during the Yemeni missile attack.

28.8.2016 – Anadolu (A K PS)
Scores of Houthis killed in Yemen fighting

Scores of Houthi rebels were killed Saturday in Saudi-led attacks and clashes with pro-government forces across war-torn Yemen.

Saudi-led forces shelled Houthi positions in Harad in the northwestern Hajjah province, the Yemeni army said in a statement.

“At least 23 Houthi militants were killed in the shelling,” the statement said.

In the central Taiz province, at least 28 Houthi militants were killed in clashes with pro-government fighters.

The violence has also left a pro-government fighter dead and six others injured in western Taiz, according to a statement by the pro-government fighters – by Ali Owaida and Murad al-Arifi

28.8.2016 – Wall Street Journal (A K PS)

Yemen Houthi Rocket Attack Kills Two Girls in Saudi Arabia

A rocket fired from Yemen killed two girls Sunday in the Saudi Arabian border town of Najran, a Saudi civil defense official said, as Houthi rebels escalated their attacks after the collapse of political talks to end the 17-month conflict.

The attack, which also injured five other family members, came a day after a 3-year-old boy was killed and his 9-year-old cousin injured when a Katyusha rocket fired from Yemeni territory hit their home in the kingdom’s southern region, the official said. and by AP:

28.8.2016 – Emara Najran (A K PS)

2 Saudi baby girls were killed and 5 injured when a rocket fired from #Yemen struck a house in the city of #Najran on Sunday at 6.05 pm. (images)

28.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Army launches missiles on Najran, Jizan

The missile force bombed Saudi enemy soldiers gatherings in Nhoukh, Abu Hamdan and al-Sudais areas, a military source said, adding to another gathering of Saudi enemy soldiers and Saudi military vehicles in al- Katra site in Najran with many missile ,caused a number of killed and injureds In their ranks .
The missile and artillery force bombarded Al-Chabakah,al-Bhteed and Al-Montazaht sites, that caused the enemy great losses , the official said.

27.8.2016 – Fars News (A K)

Yemeni Army, Popular Forces Win Back Key Heights in Assir Province, Kill 9 Saudi Officers

The Yemeni army and popular forces continued their advances in the Southern parts of Saudi Arabia, and managed to seize back strategic heights in Assir province after killing over half a dozen of the kingdom's military men, including officers.

The Yemeni forces are now in full control of al-Sheibani heights in Assir province.

At least 9 Saudi officers were killed in fierce clashes with the Yemeni army and popular forces.

On Friday, several military vehicles of the Saudi forces were also destroyed in the Yemeni attacks

27.8.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Nine hirelings killed and injured in Jawf

The official confirmed six of the mercenaries were killed and three were injured including a Front leader of al- Ghayl Ahmed Abdullah Muhsin when they tried to advance towards al-Mgath area in al- Ghayl district

27.8.2016 – Haykal Bafana (A K T)

Interesting... 2 Saudi special forces soldiers & 1 Al Qaeda leader (Saudi national) killed in ambush by Houthi forces today in Taiz

Comment by Judith Brown: Another interesting bit of news from Yemen - two special forces from Saudi Arabia captured alongside an al Qaeda leader in Taiz. It's common knowledge that Saudi and al Qaeda are fighting on the same side but here we have some indicators of a collaborative venture in Taiz.

27.8.2016 – AFP (A K)

Yemen cross-border shelling kills Saudi child: civil defence

A rocket fired from Yemen killed a three-year-old boy Saturday in the Saudi border region of Najran, a civil defence official said, in the latest cross-border attack by Iran-backed Yemeni rebels.

Major Ali al-Shahrani, civil defence spokesman in southwest Saudi Arabia, told reporters a nine-year-old brother of the boy was also wounded when a Katyusha rocket his their family's home. =

27.8.2016 – Almasdar (A K PH)

Video: Houthis capture stash of Saudi weapons, destroy armored vehicles

Houthis and their allies have stormed the Alsbkeh military site in Saudi Arabia’s Najran province.

Their raid proved successful as they captured a stash of weapons and destroyed a number of Saudi armored vehicles.

The following footage shows the operation conducted by Yemeni forces and the result of their successful assault (film, photos) and film and more photos and films: and and

27.8.2016 – Afrah Ateiq (A K PH)

The scenes of the operations of the Yemeni army and popular committees against the Saudi army, caused Nailsat to block Al-Masirah TV:

The Command Center of "Shabaka" military base:

To the south of "Shabaka":

The main base of "Shabaka":

"Shabaka" and neighbor bases:

"Zajj" and "Qullal Shaibany":

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

20.8.2016 – Shafaqna (* A P)

Yemen International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen held in London

Organized by Stop The War, Sheba for Democracy and Human Rights and several other prominent NGOs, Yemen International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen kicked off this Saturday (August 20, 2015) at the Pullman Hotel in central London.

Over the span of two days – Saturday and Sunday – panellists will expose the extent of Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations against Yemen, as well as denounce world powers’ pandemic silent.

In exclusive comments to Shafaqna Dr Riaz Karim, Director of the Mona Relief Organization, noted: “Yemen remains the forgotten conflict of your generation, an open wound onto the world community since we have allowed for grand criminals of war to abuse an entire people in the name of imperialism, and sectarianism.”

A speaker at the conference Dr Riaz Karim delivered the audience a powerful video presentation, which Catherine Shakdam, Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies produced and executed for the occasion – by Catherine Shakdam

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