Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 634b- Yemen War Mosaic 634b

Yemen Press Reader 634b: 21. März 2020: Fortsetzung von Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 634, cp6 - cp18 / Sequel to Yemen War Mosaic 634, cp6 - cp18
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Dies ist die Fortsetzung von Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 634, Teil 1 / This is the sequel of Yemen War Mosaic 634, part 1:

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cp1a Am wichtigsten: Seuchen / Most important: Epidemics

cp1b Am wichtigsten: Kampf um Hodeidah / Most important: Hodeidah battle

cp2 Allgemein / General

cp2a Allgemein: Saudische Blockade / General: Saudi blockade

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp4 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Separatisten und Hadi-Regierung im Südjemen / Separatists and Hadi government in Southern Yemen

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp9 USA

cp9a USA-Iran Krise: Spannungen am Golf / US-Iran crisis: Tensions at the Gulf

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

cp12b Sudan

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms Trade

cp13b Wirtschaft / Economy

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp15 Propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

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H = Humanitäre Fragen / Humanitarian questions

K = Krieg / War

P = Politik / Politics

pH = Pro-Houthi

pS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

Siehe / Look at cp1

(A T)

Military police chief in Yemeni Taiz narrowly escapes assassination

(A P)

Yemen: Funeral of Brigadier General Adnan Al-Hammadi to his final resting place

(A P)

Saudi envoy urges Yemeni factions to honor Riyadh pact, end Houthi attacks

Saudi Arabia has urged Yemeni factions to concentrate all their efforts on putting into place the Riyadh Agreement and join forces in halting Houthi military offensives in Jouf and Marib.
The Kingdom’s Ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Jaber, criticized a military parade by government forces in the southern province of Abyan which he said had the potential to stoke tensions with the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Aden and undermine coalition attempts to confront Houthi militias.
“It is not acceptable that some forces affiliated with the legitimate government conduct military exercises in Shouqra (town in Abyan) and its military leaders speak of the zero hour,” the envoy posted on Twitter.
He added that the Riyadh Agreement was designed to allow the government to return to Aden and restore security and stability to Aden and other cities. Al-Jaber called on Yemeni factions to divert their forces to Jouf and Dhalea to push back Houthi incursions.

(A P)

STC calls Houthis' control of Nehm, Al-Jawf, and what is going on in Marib as a play

The president of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Ahmed Saeed bin Burik, called on Thursday evening what happened in the border governorate of Al-Jawf with Saudi Arabia and the control of the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) over it and a ravine located east of the capital Sanaa, as the play.

Bin Burik said that what is going on in Marib also is only to establish conditions on the ground between the two exhausted parties, the Houthis and the Islah party, for the sake of the upcoming negotiations.

(A T)

Conflicting accounts over senior commander's death in Hodeidah

The one detail sources agree on is that Chief-of-Staff Col. Ahd Al-Shabuti died in an explosion

(A T)

Two former ERC workers found dead in Aden

Former coordinator of the Emirati Red Crescent (ERC), Ahmed Al-Yousifi and ERC volunteer, Mohammed Tariq were found dead on the outskirts of al-Mansourah district in Aden on Thursday.
The two young men were both kidnapped yesterday by unknown armed men from al-Dorain area in al-Mansourah

(A T)

WATCH: Security guard assassinated in Aden

Unidentified gunmen assassinated in the early hours of Thursday, the bodyguard of the security chief of Lahj province. (with film)

(A P)

Film: Activists hold a vigil to demand the implementation of the Riyadh agreement

(* A K P)

Separatist forces send reinforcements for upcoming clash with Islah Party

Abyan province likely scene of new round of infighting

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias have on Wednesday pushed further military reinforcements towards the city of Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province, sources said

According to the sources, the STC forces sent military reinforcements from Radfan and Dhalea, led by Mukhtar Al-Nubi, in response to an Islah Party military exercise with various types of weapons in the coastal city of Shaqra.

The source pointed out that the transitional militias have strengthened their presence along the coastal strip of Abyan, in order to confront Islah militants who are preparing to march towards the city of Aden during the coming days.

Islah Party leader Abdullah Al-Subaihi has announced the combat readiness of the Islah militants in Shaqra.

Huge military reinforcements for the Islah militants arrived to the coastal region of Shaqra in Tuesday

(* A K P)

Socotra port erupts in gunfire after UAE-backed forces caught smuggling weapons onto the island

The weapons and an armored vehicle arrived to Socotra's port aboard Emirati ships

Violent clashes broke out in the port of Yemen’s Socotra Island on Wednesday between the internationally recognized government’s security forces and armed groups loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Pro-STC gunmen stormed the port in vehicles belonging to the UAE representative in Socotra, Khalfan Al-Mazroui, in an attempt to offload weapons and equipment that had arrived aboard the Emirati ship "Ed Ester," an official in Socotra’s security department said.

Clashes broke out after the arrival of government security forces led by Col. Faez Al-Shatthi, director-general of the Socotra police. The government forces arrested two of the UAE-backed gunmen and are pursuing those who fled, the official said.

The raid came a day after government security forces seized an Emirati armored vehicle equipped with a weapons platform aboard an Emirati ship.

(* A K P)

Infighting between mercenary forces hits Socotra port

Saudi-backed forces drive out UAE-backed troops

The port of Socotra island has on Wednesday witnessed violent clashes between Hadi government security forces and armed militias loyal to the United Arab Emirates after the latter stormed the port, southern media outlets reported.

According to the Almawqea Post, clashes broke out after gunmen stormed the harbour with a number of military vehicles, in an attempt to loot weapons and equipment.

The director of security of the province in the Saudi-backed Hadi government, Colonel Faez al-Shatahi, sent military reinforcements to protect the port and to control these elements, local sources told Almawqea Post.

After the arrival of the military security reinforcements to the port, the Emirati-backed attackers opened fire on them, in order to force the security forces to retreat.

According to the sources, the Saudi-led security agencies continued to advance towards the attackers, and arrested two of them while others fled the port.

(A K P)

Hadi gov't considers escalation of STC regime in Aden continuation of armed rebellion

The Yemeni internationally recognized government considered the escalation of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Aden Governorate as a continuation of the armed rebellion and warned of the consequences of this, such as the failure of the Riyadh agreement.

The Foreign Minister of the "legitimate" Yemeni government, Mohammed al-Hadhrami, said during his meeting on Wednesday with the ambassadors of Russia, America, Britain and France to Yemen that "what is being done by units of the Transitional Council in the temporary capital of Aden in the recent period of obstructing the work of government institutions and interfering in their tasks and creating points New and sending additional military reinforcements is an unjustified escalation and continuation of the armed rebellion that the Riyadh agreement was aimed at it ending.

He expressed his government's aspiration "to take firm measures to stop such practices,"

(A K P)

Government: STC’s escalation in Aden threatens Al-Riyadh agreement

The Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, condemned on Wednesday security escalation by the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an armed separation group based in Aden.

Al-Hadhrami said that hinderance of government departments’ functions, setting up new security checkpoints and mobilizing new military forces represent serious and unjustified escalation.

He said that such acts form an extension of ongoing armed rebellion that the Al-Riyadh agreement sought to end.

Al-Hadhrami reaffirmed necessity of Al-Riyadh agreement implementation

(* B P)

No progress from Saudi-led committee tasked with finding Aden's forcibly disappeared

The families of the missing prisoners say that while the Saudis have treated them with more respect than the Emiratis, neither has found their loves ones

Siham said the Saudi-led coalition has known about the file of forcibly disappeared people in Aden for the past four years and that the lists of the victims are now present in most government and human rights organizations in the city.

The Association of Mothers of Abductees handed over a statement to the Saudi officers in Aden in early February, detailing the names, information and circumstances under which the men disappeared.

The Saudis, who recently replaced Emirati soldiers stationed in Aden, then held a face-to-face meeting with Yemeni security and military leaders in the city, formed a committee to investigate and assured the mothers they would follow up on the file.

In contrast, the Emiratis refused to meet the mothers in front of the Saudi-led coalition headquarters, where they hold weekly vigils demanding to release information about their sons' whereabouts.

On three occasions, the UAE-backed female police soldiers threatened to beat the mothers if the vigils continued and a number of women were assaulted at one point, Siham said.

There is a difference in the way that the UAE and Saudi Arabia have dealt with the missing persons’ files in Aden, Siham said, noting that the Saudi officers have shown some respect for the mothers of the abductees and listened to their demands. Initially, however, that wasn't the case.

(A K P)

Assassinations rock occupied southern Yemen

At least four dead in targeted killings believed to be perpetrated by Saudi-backed Islah members

The southern Yemeni cities of Aden and Abyan, which are under Saudi-Emirati occupation, have been witnessing a dire deterioration of security, including the recent murder of four people, sources reported on Monday.

According to the sources, a gunman affiliated with the Islah Party killed a citizen in Sheikh Othman district in the occupied Aden province.

In Abyan province, masked gunmen on motorbikes, also believed to be affiliated with the Islah Party, attacked a checkpoint belonging to the UAE-backed Security Belt in Loudar city, killing two soldiers.

(* A K P)

Yemeni gov't forces clash with Emirati armed loyalists in Socotra

The Yemeni internationally-recognized government forces on Wednesday clashed with gunmen loyal to the United Arab Emirates in Socotra, after the latter had stormed into the southern island's port.

"Pro-Emirates armed groups raided into Socotra port in an attempt to smuggle weapons, equipment and armored vehicle seized by authorities," a senior official in the port said.

In their raid, the gunmen used cars and armed pickups owned by two Emirati companies; Prime for fish and Deksom Power, the source added on condition of anonymity.

"After the armed groups tried to take the weaponry by force, Socotra security deployed troops led by the provincial police director, Faiz al-Shatehi.

"Once they arrived at the port, the gunmen opened fire at the security force, triggering limited clashes between two sides," the official said.

Two of the gunmen were captured and jailed, as the security are chasing the others who fled the scene, he added.

(A P)

STC Discusses Brotherhood's Plots Against Al-Mahra

The meeting discussed the latest developments in al-Mahra, in particular the attempts conducted by Islah party, the Yemeni arm of Muslim Brotherhood organization, to harm peace and social security with a view to turning the province into an arena of conflict in the interests of the Qatari projects.
Bin Brik voiced the STC's keenness to lay the foundations of stability and security in al-Mahra province and all the southern regions.

My comment: In Mahrah, the majority dislikes the STC separatists.

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

(A P)

Yemen's prisoner swap more urgent over coronavirus Griffiths

Need for inclusive release of all prisoners detained over Yemen's conflict, according to parties' commitments under prisoner swap pact, is now more urgent, the UN especial envoy for Yemen said Friday, because of coronavirus.
Martin Griffiths called on Yemeni parties to take measures necessary to accelerate the release of prisoners and let them go home safely.

(A P)

Statement by the UN Special Envoy for Yemen

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, is following with alarm the continuous military campaign in Al Jawf and Marib and the tragic toll it is taking on the lives of civilians and the prospects of peace.

“At a time when the world is struggling to fight a pandemic, the focus of the parties must shift away from fighting one another to ensuring that the population will not face even graver risks,” Mr. Griffiths said.

Since this latest military escalation started in January, the Special Envoy has consistently and repeatedly called on the parties for restraint, both privately and publicly.

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

(A P)

U.S. to send envoy to Saudi Arabia; Texas suggests oil output cuts

The Trump administration plans to send a special energy envoy to Saudi Arabia to work with the kingdom on stabilizing the global oil market, officials said on Friday.

My remark: Why? Because the falling price of oil is affecting the US fracking industry. (in German)

(A P)

Saudi Arabia suspends prayers in the arenas outside Mecca, Medina holy mosques

(A P)

Saudi Arabia suspends domestic flights and trains for 14 days over coronavirus fears

(A P)

Saudi Arabia cancels 'Jeddah Season' festival over coronavirus: state TV

(A E P)

Saudi Arabia to slash spending by 5% as oil prices fall

Saudi Arabia said the government will cut spending by 5%, or about $13.3 billion, to offset the impact of plunging oil prices and the effects of the new coronavirus on its economic outlook and deficit.

In a statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency late Wednesday, Finance Minister Mohammad Al-Jadaan said additional measures would be taken to deal with the drop in oil prices, but he did not elaborate further.

My comment: Stop the Yemen war, save another US$ 73 billion a year.

cp9 USA

Siehe / Look at cp1, cp9a

cp9a USA-Iran Krise: Spannungen am Golf / US-Iran crisis: Tensions at the Gulf

(A P)

World must push US to lift Iran sanctions amid coronavirus outbreak: Iran UN mission

Iran says the international community should push the United States to immediately lift all "illegal" sanctions it has imposed on the Islamic Republic amid a national endeavor to contain the novel coronavirus.

"The inhumane and illegal US sanctions will jeopardize the health and lives of Iranians and other nations through impeding our capabilities to prevent further spread of the coronavirus to other countries," said the permanent mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations in a statement on Thursday.

"While the United States ties to contain the virus inside the country, it helps the outbreak overseas by undermining professional capabilities of some affected countries which are trying to battle the disease," it added.

No country, the statement added, can tackle the global health issue on its own; a challenge that knows no boundaries.

(A P)

Iran frees French researcher in apparent prisoner swap

Iranian state TV said late Friday that authorities released a jailed French researcher detained in Tehran for more than eight months on charges of violating state security laws, in an apparent prisoner swap for an Iranian held in France.

(A P)

Backlash in Iran after singers perform at Saudi Arabia festival

The group of self-exiled musicians took to the stage at Tantora - but fellow Iranians say some are now 'dead to them'

Now Iranians are questioning why the popular singers - flown in from the US where they live in self-exile - would have performed at a festival in a country that many Iranians consider to be a long-standing enemy.

“Those singers forgot their nationalism and embraced bin Salman for a few dollars,” Maysam, an Iranian-Arab working in Tehran's Grand Bazaar, told Middle East Eye this week.

“I think this new thing is a behind-the-curtain plan, which is probably establishing a new base for concerts instead of Dubai.”

(A P)

Rouhani: Sanctions Failed to Force Iran to Give in to US Pressure

“The harshest ever sanctions were imposed against our nation [last year] by global terrorists,” Rouhani said on Friday morning in a message to Iranians on the occasion of New Year.

(* A H P)

US Government Should Immediately Lift Economic Sanctions to Avoid Causing More Deaths From Pandemic, Economists Say

The US government should immediately lift economic sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries to avoid unnecessary deaths and more extensive propagation of the pandemic, said economist Jeffrey Sachs, professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University. While sanctions already cause tens of thousands of needless deaths, the lethal toll during the novel coronavirus pandemic will be made far worse in countries where imports of medications, medical equipment, and the maintenance of water, sanitation, and health care infrastructure are restricted due to the impact of US sanctions. These restrictions will also make it harder for health authorities to control the spread of the disease within their countries.

“The Trump administration is using sanctions against Iran and Venezuela to pressure those governments by inducing widespread suffering,” Sachs said. “This policy is unconscionable and flagrantly against international law. Yet worse, it is now feeding the coronavirus epidemic. It is imperative that the US lift these immoral and illegal sanctions to enable Iran and Venezuela to confront the epidemic as effectively and rapidly as possible.”

“There is no doubt that Iran’s capacity to respond to the novel coronavirus has been hampered by the Trump administration’s economic sanctions, and the death toll is likely much higher than it would have been as a result,” Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) Co-Director Mark Weisbrot said. “There can also be no question that the sanctions have affected Iran’s ability to contain the outbreak, leading in turn to more infections, and possibly to the virus’ spread beyond Iran’s borders.”

and also

(* A H P)

USA verhängen neue Iran-Sanktionen und erschweren Bekämpfung des Coronavirus

In der vergangenen Woche betonten iranische Beamte, dass die US-Sanktionen ihren Umgang mit dem Coronavirus-Ausbruch erheblich erschweren, was sowohl den Iran als auch China dazu veranlasst, die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika zu drängen, diese Sanktionen aus humanitären Gründen ruhend zu stellen.

Natürlich ist es keine Politik der Regierung, den Iran aus humanitären Gründen nicht zu verfolgen, und die USA kündigten am Dienstag weitere Sanktionen gegen den Iran an und sagten, sie seien Teil der laufenden "Kampagne des maximalen Drucks".

Aber es wäre nicht die Trump-Administration, wenn sie das nicht unter die Nase reiben würde. Außenminister Mike Pompeo erklärte im Anschluss daran: "Das Wuhan-Virus ist ein Killer und das iranische Regime ein Komplize" und behauptete, dass der Iran nicht in der Lage sei, auf die Pandemie zu reagieren.

Der Iran ist natürlich nicht erfolgreich bei der Kontrolle des Ausbruchs, aber die US-Sanktionen hindern ihn daran, viele Medikamente oder Geräte zur Behandlung der Kranken zu kaufen. Das US-Militär ließ einige Amtsträger dieses Vorgehen offen als Teil der US-Strategie darstellen, wobei sie glauben, dass kranke und sterbende Iraner die Fähigkeit des Landes verlangsamen würden, Entscheidungen zu treffen, die die USA bedrohen.

(A P)

Foreign Minister: Time for US to change its ‘bankrupt’ policy toward Iran

Iran's Foreign Minister has once again chastised the United States for pursuing its outdated and failed policy toward Iran, advising American politicians to change their “bankrupt” policy.

(* A H P)

US imposes new anti-Iran sanctions on UAE companies

The United States has imposed new anti-Iran sanctions on five companies based in the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of having purchased petroleum products from Iran in 2019.

The US Treasury Department claimed in a statement on Thursday the UAE companies purchased the petroleum products from the National Iranian Oil Company for delivery to the Arab country.

The United States has imposed new anti-Iran sanctions on five companies based in the United Arab Emirates, accusing them of having purchased petroleum products from Iran in 2019.

The US Treasury Department claimed in a statement on Thursday the UAE companies purchased the petroleum products from the National Iranian Oil Company for delivery to the Arab country.


(* A H P)

US Imposes New Iran Sanctions, Complicating Coronavirus

Last week, Iranian officials emphasized that US sanctions are making their reaction to the coronavirus outbreak much more difficult, leading to both Iran and China to urge the US to put those sanctions on hold for humanitarian reason.
Not going after Iran for humanitarian reasons, needless to say, isn’t a policy that the administration considers, and the US announced more sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, saying they are part of the ongoing ‘maximum pressure campaign.’
But it wouldn’t be the Trump Administration if they didn’t rub it in. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo followed this up by declaring “The Wuhan virus is a killer and the Iranian regime is an accomplice,” arguing that Iran is being incompetent in reacting to the pandemic.
Iran isn’t being successful in controlling the outbreak, of course, but US sanctions are preventing them from buying a lot of medicine or equipment to treat the sick. The US military had some officials openly presenting this as part of the US strategy, believing that sick and dying Iranians would slow their ability to make decisions that threaten the US.

(A K P)

Iraqi Resistance reiterates that continued to US occupation will not be accepted

Asai'b Ahl Al-Haq spokesman clarifies that movement only fights foreign occupation

and also

(* A K P)

US coalition suspends Iraq training over coronavirus

US-led coalition fighting Islamic State has suspended training of Iraqi forces over coronavirus fears, a senior coalition military official said on Thursday.
The move coincides with a drawdown announced this week of coalition troops in Iraq, as Iranian-backed militias step up rocket attacks on bases hosting foreign forces. Two US military personnel and a British soldier were killed in an incident this month.
Coalition officials say the reduction of troops and relocation of units into fewer Iraqi bases is because Iraqi forces are mostly capable of containing the threat from remaining Daesh militants on their own.

(* A K P)

US-led coalition troops pull out of base in western Iraq

Troops from the U.S.-led coalition pulled out from a base in western Iraq on Thursday as part of a planned drawdown, Iraqi and coalition officials said, while training activities by the coalition were suspended amid concerns about the coronavirus.

Coalition forces withdrew from al-Qaim on the Iraq-Syria border, with others planned across Iraq in the coming weeks. The plan was in the works since late last year, a senior coalition military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“The withdrawal was agreed between the Iraqi government and the coalition forces,” said Brig. Tahseen al-Khafaji, who was at a withdrawal ceremony. Another senior Iraqi military official said he expected the coalition to leave two bases in northern Iraq in the coming weeks, including Qayara south of Mosul and K1, in the province of Kirkuk.

(A K P)

UK Pulls Out Some Troops from Iraq over Virus

Britain is withdrawing some of its troops from a global training mission in Iraq over coronavirus concerns, the defense ministry said on Thursday.

The decision to redeploy was made because there had been a "reduced requirement for training" from the Iraqi security forces and a pause in coalition and NATO training missions.

"The Ministry of Defense has therefore decided to redeploy some of its personnel back to the United Kingdom," it said in a statement.

(* B K P)

ACLED Regional Overview – Middle East (8-14 March 2020)

(A P)

Iran furloughs imprisoned US Navy vet amid virus concerns

Iran has granted a medical furlough to a U.S. Navy veteran who has been imprisoned in Iran for more than a year, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Thursday.

Michael White of Imperial Beach, California, is now in the custody of the Swiss Embassy and must remain in Iran as a condition of his furlough, which was granted as Iran works to curb the spread of coronavirus. The U.S. government will seek his full release, Pompeo said

and also

(A P)

Zarif: U.S. ‘vengefully’ refusing to lift sanctions; all responsible for any destructive ramifications

“At a time when we, Iranians, normally celebrate Nowruz, our New Year concurrent with the arrival of spring, we are faced with multiple and historic challenges. My country is among the hardest-hit by the coronavirus even as like other nations we are now learning how to better confront it,” he said.

Zarif added that the huge part of the danger Iranians are facing now is due to restrictions “unjustly” imposed on them by the United States government.

(A P)

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Iranian physicians urge regional leaders to take action to destroy US biological labs

A group of Iranian physicians have written a letter to certain regional heads of state, urging them to take necessary measures to destroy “all of the US biological laboratories,” amid reports and speculation that the global coronavirus outbreak has been caused by unidentified laboratories spreading the epidemic as part of a "biological warfare."

In the letter addressed to leaders of Georgia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Afghanistan and released on Wednesday, 101 Iranian doctors specializing in infectious and pulmonary diseases, asthma and allergies, called for those countries’ immediate action given the rapid spread of the COVID-19 and reports about its laboratory construct and purposeful manipulation.

(A P)

Iran slams Arab regimes blocking NAM statement on US sanctions

Iran has censured certain Arab countries for preventing the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) from issuing a joint statement in condemnation of the illegal US sanctions against the Islamic Republic, amid the country’s fight on the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Press TV, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Wednesday that Iran had, via a request submitted to Azerbaijan, the rotating chairman of the NAM, called on the body of 120 developing countries to issue a statement and oppose the unilateral US sanctions on Iran.

“The NAM was requested to demand that the United States terminate its illegal and unilateral sanctions against Iran in a bid to fight the coronavirus as a global scourge,” Mousavi said.

“Unfortunately,” the Iranian official added, “some members of the movement, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco, the regime of [fugitive president Mansour] Hadi in Yemen and..., formally opposed the issuance of that statement and broke the NAM’s consensus.”

(A K P)

Iraqi resistance movements vow to continue fighting US occupation

The Secretary General of Iraqi resistance movement Saraya Al-Khorasani, Ali Al-Yasiri, has stressed that the Resistance will force the US to negotiate with the Iraqi government to get out of the country.

In a later interview with Al-Alam TV, Al-Yasiri said that the recent American raids are “an insult to the Iraqi people.”

(* A P)

Further Sanctions on Entities Trading in or Transporting Iranian Petrochemicals

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of State sanctioned nine entities and three individuals who have engaged in activity that could enable the Iranian regime’s violent behavior.

My comment: The US, the world’s leading rogue state.

(* B K P)

Unter Beschuss (II)

Der in Ausweitung begriffene Einsatz der Bundeswehr im Irak gerät durch US-Bombenangriffe auf Einrichtungen der irakischen Streitkräfte unter Druck. Erst in der vergangenen Woche hat das Bundeskabinett beschlossen, zusätzlich zur bestehenden Präsenz deutscher Truppen im Irak ein Radarsystem und Transportflieger in das Land zu entsenden. Dort eskaliert allerdings der Streit zwischen Bagdad und Washington, seit die US-Streitkräfte bei Vergeltungsangriffen für Attacken auf US-Stützpunkte vergangene Woche irakische Soldaten, Polizisten und Zivilisten getötet haben. Iraks zentrales Militärkommando fordert seither die Umsetzung eines Parlamentsbeschlusses vom 5. Januar, der den Abzug auswärtiger Truppen verlangt. Die irakische Regierung will die Vereinten Nationen mit einem Protestbrief veranlassen, die Vereinigten Staaten, Deutschlands engsten militärischen Verbündeten außerhalb der EU, wegen ihrer Bombenangriffe auf Liegenschaften ihrer irakischen Gastgeber zur Ordnung zu rufen. Berlin, das aktuell einen Sitz im UN-Sicherheitsrat hat, schweigt dazu.

(A P)

Iran’s Shamkhani Slams US Blame Game over Coronavirus Outbreak

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani shrugged off US claims against Iran and China and said the Washington government should be answerable to the public opinion about the US’ role in the spread of the coronavirus.

(A P)

At Saudi music festival, Iran rivalry takes the stage

Exile Iranian musicians critical of religious hardliners in Tehran converged this month to perform in the most unlikely locale: Saudi Arabia.

Taking place amid heightened tensions between the regional enemies, the event was promoted as cultural dialogue but also allowed the kingdom a subtle dig at Tehran, with Saudi-owned MBC Persia airing the concerts for Iranian viewers.

(* A P)

U.S. Increases Iran Sanctions, Seeks Release of Americans Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The United States imposed fresh sanctions on Iran on Tuesday, keeping up its economic pressure campaign even as it offered to help Tehran cope with the coronavirus pandemic and called on the Islamic Republic to release detained Americans.

Iran is considering freeing some U.S. citizens, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a news conference where he made clear Washington will maintain its maximum-pressure campaign to choke off Tehran's ability to export its oil.

Pompeo on Tuesday said the State Department is blacklisting nine entities based in South Africa, Hong Kong and China, as well as three Iranian individuals, for engaging in "significant transactions" to trade in Iranian petrochemicals.

Pompeo statement to the press, here:

(* B H P)

Iran faces catastrophic death toll from coronavirus

Beyond China and Italy, Iran has been hardest hit by COVID-19 — but it could get a whole lot worse, thanks to a lack of international aid, government mismanagement and nobody knowing quite who's in charge.

Researchers at the respected Sharif University of Technology in Tehran have created a computer simulator to test different scenarios for the further spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, across Iran. They concluded that in a best-case scenario — in which the government quarantines all high-risk areas, people strictly obey quarantine rules, and access to sufficient medical supplies is guaranteed — the country would reach the peak of the epidemic in roughly one week, and the death toll would exceed 12,000.

Yet that scenario is unrealistic in all three instances: The government can't impose quarantine, people will not obey quarantine rules, and the medical supply situation is catastrophic thanks to US sanctions and chronic mismanagement.

Accounting for those realities, the researchers estimate Iran will not reach the peak of the epidemic until late May, and they estimate as many as 3.5 million people could die as a result.

(A K P)

Forth rocket attack in a one-week period in Iraq, reportedly hit residences near the Green Zone.

Damage to residential houses caused by two Katyusha rockets in an attack against the #US Embassy, Green Zone, #Baghdad (photos)

According to the Iraqi Security Media Cell, the rockets today landed in the Jadriyah area, neighboring the Green Zone, in Baghdad (map)

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

(B P)

Scots university taught cadets from Saudi air force accused of war crimes

A leading Scots university is being criticised for opening its doors to a Saudi military academy that trains pilots for an air force accused of war crimes.

Stirling University taught English to air force cadets from the King Abdullah Air Defence Academy in Taif, Saudi Arabia, about a year after UN investigators said air strikes in Yemen by the Saudi air force might amount to war crimes.

It is understood that the university plans to welcome cadets again this summer, despite the outcry over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the US-based journalist and critic of the Saudi regime implicated in his killing.

(* B K P)

UK and Yemen: The Catch-22 contortions of an unethical foreign policy

Tories have failed to take action to bring the Saudi-led war in Yemen to an end, instead fuelling it through weapons exports

If I sound in despair, forgive me. But what really gets me about Yemen is the sheer amount our Tory government actively chooses not to do when it comes to bringing the war to an end.

As the official UN penholder on Yemen, we could demand a comprehensive, nationwide ceasefire to allow proper peace talks and the mass distribution of humanitarian aid. We could demand a full, independent UN investigation into all alleged war crimes, and impose - with no exemptions - a total ban on all UK arms sales for use in Yemen until that investigation is complete.

I’ve made those three demands of all four Tory foreign secretaries I’ve faced, and everyone has refused - not for reasons of high principle or substantive policy, but just because of the naked politics that Mohammed bin Salman is in a power struggle, and they must be seen to back him up.

Watching all that across the dispatch box has changed me. It has taught me to hate the Catch-22 contortions of an unethical foreign policy - one where we accept that British arms have enforced blockades used to starve Houthi-held areas into submission, and deny children essential medical treatment.

They’ve been used to bomb weddings, funerals, school buses, food markets, homes, schools and hospitals. An impartial observer might therefore conclude there is a “clear risk” UK arms are being used to commit war crimes, and block their export accordingly.

Crazed Tory logic

But not the UK government. Instead, they applaud Saudi authorities for taking these concerns seriously and investigating all allegations, both - they argue - clear examples of good intent, and signs of positive UK influence.

Furthermore, because these investigations have supposedly only revealed a series of unfortunate accidents, not deliberate war crimes, the Tories say Riyadh deserves praise for admitting the former, not an unjustified arms ban to prevent the latter.

That, the Tories conclude, is consistent with the licensing rules put in place by former foreign secretary Robin Cook, even though Cook would have been appalled to see them applied in this way.

It was after hearing this crazed Conservative logic that I told Labour colleagues it would not be enough for us to simply operate the current arms export regime more stringently. I said we should scrap it entirely and introduce a Bank of England-style model, removing politicians from the decision-making process entirely.

Instead of ministers, an independent panel would make objective assessments of each export application, based solely on the risk to international law, free from any external interference, lobbying or personal prejudice.

Anything short of that, I argued, would allow a future Tory government simply to return to the old system, in a way they could never do on bank independence.

Because if the last five years in Yemen have taught me anything - especially watching Tory ministers over that time - it’s the need to take other people’s power struggles out of our equations, and take politics entirely out of our arms trade. Only then can Britain conduct itself as an unequivocal force for peace. – by Emily Thornberry, Shadow Foreign Secretary and Shadow First Secretary of State

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

(* B P)

Oman’s foreign policy after Sultan Qaboos

In an era of global political polarization, Oman stands out for the independent and non-aligned foreign policy it has been cultivating over decades. Strategically located between Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the sultanate has traditionally refused to choose sides but rather foster dialogue, stability and cooperation.

Ahead of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, Oman provided a venue for secret US-Iran talks. Later, it refused to join a Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen that has taken more than 100,000 lives and chose to stay out of an embargo imposed on Qatar since 2017.

In this environment, Oman's neutral orientation safeguards the sultanate from being squeezed between the conflicting ambitions of the Middle East’s major powerhouses. “From the perspective of my students, this foreign policy is a guarantor of security,” Hassan-Yari told Al-Monitor. Al Mahri asserted that Oman has refused to get involved militarily in Yemen "also to protect itself."

(A P)

[Sweden’s] Foreign minister travels to Saudi Arabia for talks on Yemen

Much like her predecessor, Foreign Minister Ann Linde is in the Persian Gulf for a series of meetings about the ongoing civil war in Yemen.

Linde is meeting with her counterparts in Saudi Arabia in the hopes of breathing some new life into stalled peace talks.

cp12b Sudan

(* B P)

Sudan und Südsudan: Aufbruch im Norden, Chaos im Süden

Die Jugend im Sudan schöpft wieder Hoffnung und mobilisiert auch mittels der Sozialen Medien viele Sudanesinnen und Sudanesen in der Diaspora

„Die Zivilgesellschaft hat erreicht, dass das al-Baschir-Regime gehen musste. Also können die sudanesischen Bürger auch erreichen, dass das Militär aus der Regierung verschwindet, und zwar mit denselben Mitteln, die während der Revolution erfolgreich waren: gewaltfreie, direkte Aktionen, um das Militär dazu zu zwingen, seine Rolle einzunehmen und sich einer zivilen Regierung unterzuordnen.“

Zur den wichtigsten Aufgaben in der Zukunft gehört es, die Verbrechen der Vergangenheit aufzuarbeiten und Gerechtigkeit und Frieden zu schaffen. In der Konfliktregion Darfur leben immer noch eine Million Binnenflüchtlinge.

„Seit 2014 haben Saudi-Arabien und die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate die Milizen der Baschir-Regierung legitimiert, weil sie die im Jemen als Kämpfer brauchten. Es wurde viel Geld bezahlt, es fand ein Rekrutierungsprozess statt und nicht nur die Milizen, auch andere Rekruten hatten ein gutes Einkommen. Saudi-Arabien hat keine Armee, die mit Bodentruppen im Jemen kämpfen könnte. Sie benutzen Söldner aus dem Sudan – speziell die Milizen – als Bodentruppen und bombardieren mit ihrer Luftwaffe gleichzeitig von oben. Im Jemen spielt sich ein Menschen gemachtes Desaster ab und leider lassen sich die Sudanesen von den Saudis dafür benutzen.“

Saudi-Arabien unterstützt deshalb den militärischen Flügel im Übergangsrat. Auch die wichtige Rolle der Frauen während der sudanesischen Proteste und ihr Platz in der jetztigen Regierung dürfte den beiden Golfstaaten nicht gefallen, so Mosaab Baba.

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms trade

Siehe / Look at cp1

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Rüstungsexporte - Beihilfe zu Kriegsverbrechen?

Strafanzeige gegen Rüstungsindustrie

Radhja Al-Mutawakel, die Präsidentin der jemenitischen Menschenrechtsorganisation Mwatana, will nicht länger zusehen, wie ihr Land in Schutt und Asche gelegt wird und Zigtausende sterben. Mit anderen Menschenrechtsorganisationen wagte sie einen durchaus als historisch zu bezeichnenden Schritt. Gemeinsam stellten sie Strafanzeige gegen Verantwortliche in Rüstungsindustrie und Politik. Die Staatsanwaltschaft beim Internationalen Strafgerichtshof in Den Haag soll wegen Beihilfe zu Kriegsverbrechen und wegen schwerwiegender Verstöße gegen das humanitäre Völkerrecht ermitteln.

Wahrscheinlich Einsatz europäischer Bomben

Maßgeblich beteiligt an der rechtlichen Ausarbeitung der 350-Seiten dicken Strafanzeige war das Europäische Zentrum für Verfassungs- und Menschenrechte, kurz ECCHR, in Berlin. Miriam Saage-Maaß, stellvertretende Leiterin der Rechtsabteilung des ECCHR, spricht von sehr gut dokumentierten Vorfällen völkerrechtswidriger Luftangriffe, die von der saudisch-geführten Koalition verübt worden seien. "Wir stellen 26 Einzelfälle dar, in denen zivile Ziele bewusst und klar angegriffen worden sind und dass das gegen Völkerrecht verstößt. Und wir können auch jeweils darstellen, dass die Art von Bomben, die eingesetzt worden sind und die Art von Flugzeugen, die notwendig sind, um solche Bomben abzuwerfen, mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit aus europäischer Produktion sind."

Luftangriffe mit Eurofighter

Detaillierte Berichte über zerstörte Schulen, Krankenhäuser, Wohngebäude oder auch historische Weltkulturerbestätten sollen veranschaulichen, dass wahllos zivile Ziele bombardiert wurden.

Rüstungskonzerne und Manager im Fokus

Gegen wen konkret richtet sich die Strafanzeige? Miriam Saage-Maaß verweist darauf, dass Rüstungskonzerne aus Großbritannien, Deutschland, Frankreich, Spanien und Italien an der Produktion des Eurofighters und der Mk-80-Bomben beteiligt seien. "Wir zeigen die Entscheidungsstrukturen oder sozusagen die Hierarchien dieser Konzerne auf und benennen damit auch individuelle Manager, von denen wir annehmen, dass sie an der Entscheidung zum Export von diesen Waffen maßgeblich beteiligt sind." Europäische Rüstungsunternehmen, wie Rheinmetall oder Airbus, hätten die Militärallianz im Jemen fortlaufend logistisch unterstützt und Güter geliefert, so dass deren Angriffe dadurch erst möglich waren, argumentieren die Menschenrechtsanwälte.

Manager auf der Anklagebank?

Aber können Rüstungsmanager überhaupt vor dem IStGH, dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof, angeklagt werden? Das sei nicht ausgeschlossen, sagt Professor Christian Tomuschat, der an der Berliner Humboldt-Universität Europa- und Völkerrecht lehrte.

Erfolgreiche Klage unwahrscheinlich

Die Frage ist also: Durften Rheinmetall- oder Airbus-Manager auf die Entscheidungen der Regierungen vertrauen? Oder haben sie selbst bewusst und billigend in Kauf genommen, dass mit ihren Gütern Verbrechen begangen werden? Der Völkerrechtler Christian Tomuschat sieht jedenfalls erhebliche Beweisschwierigkeiten gegenüber den Rüstungsunternehmen. Der Manager eines Unternehmens könne nicht schlauer sein und mehr Kenntnisse haben als die Bundesregierung.,streitkraefte594.html

und auch:,audio653572.html

Mein Kommentar: Widerspruch zum letzten hier zitierten Satz: Die Tatsachen sind von Anfang an bekannt gewesen, und noch nie wurde ein Krieg ohne Waffen geführt. Waffenexporte in Kriegsgebiete bedeuten immer, dass die Waffen im Krieg eingesetzt werden. Wenn die Bundesregierung sich nach außen hin dumm stellt, um keine politischen Konsequenzen ziehen zu müssen, entlastet das niemanden, schon gar nicht die Manager der Rüstungsindustrie. Ganz im Gegenteil, in diesem Fall gehört die Bundesregierung mit auf die Anklagebank.

cp13b Wirtschaft / Economy

(* B E P)

Yemen's Economic Update - February 2020

On February 13, TeleYemen, the country’s sole operator of international gateway, announced the restoration of the FALCON submarine cable and the return of the internet services. The restoration came after more than a month-long severe outage nationwide caused by damage to the cable. The sudden internet outage forced a vast majority of Yemenis offline and paralyzed commercial and financial transactions

Crude oil production continued to grow in 2019. According to the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, the country’s total oil production increased to 17.5 million barrels in 2019 from 12.7 million barrels in 201

Businesses in areas controlled by the de facto Sana’a authorities(“north”) appear to be coping relatively well for now with the monetary environment created by the illegalization of new banknotes. As the restriction on the use of new prints had been in place for some time, businesses were already aware of the position held by the Sana’a authorities, before the tightening of the ban was announced in December 2019, and the circulation of new banknotes was limited in the areas controlled in the north. This may have helped to minimize the negative impact on the real sector in the north. Banks in Sana’a continue to allow cash disbursements in old banknotes, which are in short supply, although as before larger withdrawals tend to be constrained and take more time to process.

The acceptance of e-rial remains limited and there is currently no mechanism for using e-rial for normal daily economic activities.

The exchange rate of the Yemeni rial stayed broadly stable during February 2020. =

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

(A T)

Film: #Yemen: Fascinating to observe how Batarfi is being constructed as #AQAP leader. In this clip I compare Batarfi's voice in 3/2019 with 3/2020. The reverb effect is often deployed to signal significance (a few of Raymi's speeches used it, as did Tamimi's announcement of his death)

(A T)

#AQAP issues 1st audio speech by new leader Batarfi (21 mins) -Restates allegiance to Zawahiri -High praise for predecessor Raymi -Celebrates Taliban "victory" over USA -Solidarity with other AQ branches -Confirms death of AQ jurist Abu al-Bara' al-Ibbi -LOTS of #poetry

So Batarfi has just confirmed allegiance to global #alQaeda leader Zawahiri in new #AQAP audio. But perhaps more interesting is why Zawahiri/AQ central have released nothing yet in support of Batarfi. This could indicate ongoing rifts over AQ's direction in #Yemen

(A T)

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a statement on March 17 claiming that it killed an al Houthi militant in Tayyab in al Bayda governorate on March 12. AQAP released a separate statement on March 17 urging fighters in North Africa and the Sahel to increase attacks. AQAP also offered condolences for the death of two al Qaeda affiliated leaders killed by a French airstrike in Mali in 2019. AQAP last released a statement in late February about the group’s internal espionage problem.[1]


(A T)

#AQAP issues 1st statement under Batarfi: condolences for 2 #alQaeda leaders killed by #France in #Mali: Tunisian Abu ‘Iyad & Algerian Yahya Abu al-Hammam. Shows ongoing solidarity between AQ in #Yemen & #Africa. But note the delay (French op was 2/21). Includes 4 #poetry verses!

cp15 Propaganda

(A P)

Houthis have led Yemen to starvation

International media and researchers have largely portrayed this crisis as resulting from the siege on Yemen by the Saudi-UAE coalition, being blind to the new wealth distribution of the Houthis and the flourishing real estate market in Sana’a. This in a country that cannot produce any of the real estate supply materials needed to build these modern luxury villas. Now, everything can be found in Sana’a, including Lamborghini cars.

This essay addresses the corruption and obstructions exposed recently surrounding the UN’s massive aid program in Yemen, totalling $8.35 billion dollars since 2015. It questions the six-year silence of UN agencies regarding the corruption of aid and the prevention of aid distribution and access, despite the early alarms and articles in Yemeni media outlets and public statements of condemnation from civil society groups, including campaigns calling for action, accountability and transparency.

The flagging of significant obstacles, restrictions and challenges by the Houthis began just after the Stockholm Consultations – by Bushra Nasr Kretschmer

(A P)

New human rights report details Houthis’ four-year intimidation in Amran

The Houthis militia committed around 20,000 human rights violations against civilians of Amran governorate during the past four years, a new government human rights report said.

General Director of the Human Rights Office in Amran, Emran Ibrahim, said that the reported 20,000 abuses included death, abduction, forcible disappearance, forcible migration and detonation of opponents’ houses.

The report documented 1,1130 death cases and about 3,000 child abuses in Amran, according to Ibrahim.

My comment: Propaganda by the Hadi government. This of course does not mean that there is a plenty of violations by the Houthi side.

(A P)

Coronavirus: New Houthi Pretext to Exacerbate People's Suffering

The Houthi militias are using fears of the new coronavirus as a pretext to exacerbate the suffering of Yemenis and suppress them in areas they run.

(A P)

Photo: Here we see the professionalism of our government’s management of the # Corona health crisis, and its resolve to take preventive measures, and provide them with ways to reduce the damage caused by them, and the solidarity of all its devices at home and abroad for one goal: “the safety and health of the citizen”, which makes me grow more certain that # Saudi Arabia is a great blessing Pride never ends!

(A P)

Iran’s tight grip on Houthis in Yemen endangers the country’s peace process

A year after the Stockholm agreement, no progress has been made towards reviving the peace negotiation process

I took part in the Geneva and Stockholm peace processes as part of Yemeni President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi's team. I was also a member of the advisory group for the official delegation during the previous talks in Kuwait.

While the government’s team wants peace in order to regain control over the country based on political references, the Houthis want to achieve peace in order to establish their rule, strengthen control over resources and be recognised as the legitimate authority over their claimed territories.

Looking back at the Stockholm peace talks, I can say that despite international interest in ending the war in Yemen, the way the talks were managed served to complicate the tension.

Naturally, each side had different priorities. The Houthis wanted to talk politics, while the government was more interested in the humanitarian aspect.

It has been claimed that Iran is interested in replicating the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon through the Houthis in Yemen. It is a tactic to establish a state within the state that will enable the Houthis to have power without accountability.

For peace to succeed and for an agreement with Houthis to work, we need to understand that it has to be approved by Iran first. – by Rana Ghanem

(A P)

A dark secret behind Yemen school closures

Houthi rebels have shut down educational centres only to brainwash pupils and spread lies about coronavirus

Civilians in Houthi-controlled areas have told The National that the rebels are taking advantage of the pandemic to brainwash and recruit young Yemenis into their ranks. Where schools have been closed, the Houthis opened new camps in their place, in which children and young adults are told that the coronavirus is “a biological war launched by America and Israel to destroy Muslim countries,” according to a resident of the capital Sanaa.

This would not be the first time the Houthis have sought to recruit children to their cause.

Instead of engaging with the Arab Coalition, the rebels have chosen to tread a path of violence and misinformation. Spreading lies about the coronavirus not only serves to brainwash young people and steal their futures, it has the potential to wreak untold damage upon Yemeni society.

With every month that passes, the Houthis reveal more of their true face and take their doctrine of hate to new heights. Now more than ever, Yemenis need support and protection.

My remark: This is from UAE.

(A P)

Report: Houthi militia committed over 20,000 rights violations in Amran in 4 years

The Director of the Ministry of Human Rights branch office in Amran said on Tuesday the Houthi militia committed 19,711 rights violations against civilians in the province of Amran over the past four years.

Naser Ebrahim said in a press conference to release a human rights report that the Houthi abuses included 1130 cases of killing civilians among them 423 women and children and 1180 cases of injuring and maiming civilians.

He said the report documents 2722 violations against Amran children including killing, injury, recruitment into the warfronts and raping.

The report also documents 1566 arrests and enforced disappearance cases, 181 house arrests and 377 torture in enforced disappearance.

My comment: By the Hadi government; this smells like propaganda.

(A P)

More Saudi coalition „We are benefactors“ propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

Siehe / Look at cp1

(* A K pH)

Saudi coalition air raids and shelling day by day

March 17:

March 16:

March 15:

March 14:

March 13:

March 12:

March 11:

(A K pH)

Luftverteidigung abwehrt feindlische Kampfflugzeuge über Al-Marib and Al-Dschouf

(A K pH)

Air defenses deters combat formations of enemy aircraft in Marib

(A K pH)

Luftverteidigung gegen feindliche Flugzeuge am Himmel der Direktion von Serwah

Die Luftverteidigung der Armee und der Volkskomitees stand heute vor der Bildung einer Kampfgruppe, die aus einer Reihe von Kampfflugzeugen am Himmel des Serwah-Distrikts des Gouvernements Marib bestand.

Der Sprecher der Streitkräfte, Brigadegeneral Yahya Saree, erklärte, dass die Luftverteidigung dem Flugabwehrsystem Fater 1 über Direktion Serwah gegenüberstand und sie zwang, das Land zu verlassen, ohne Feindseligkeiten ausführen zu können.

(A K pH)

Yemeni Air Defenses Intercept Hostile Warplanes in Marib

Yemeni Air Defenses Thursday, were able to intercept a combat formation of several warplanes run by the US-Saudi aggression over Marib governorate

The Spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare'e, stated that “Air Defenses managed to confront a combat formation consisting of a number of enemy warplanes over Surwah district of Marib governorate."

Sare'e said that the enemy warplanes were forced to leave before carrying out any hostilities, adding that the domestically-built and long-range Fater-1 (Innovator-1) surface-to-air missile defense system was used in the intercepting operation.

(A K pH)

Luftwaffe der Aggression zerstörte eine Brücke in Serwah, Marib

(A K pH)

Aggression warplanes destroy bridge in Marib

(A K)

20 rebels were killed in a Saudi Arabian-led coalition airstrikes in the district of Survah of Marib province.

(A K)

Coalition accused using cluster bombs in Yemen airstrikes

The Houthi group on Tuesday accused the Saudi-led coalition of using the internationally-banned cluster bombs in airstrikes on the Yemeni northeastern governorate of Marib.

(A K pH)

More Saudi coalition air raids recorded on:

March 20: / / Jawf p., Marib p., Hajjah p.

March 19/20: Sanaa p., Saada p., Jawf p., Marib p.

March 19: / Jawf p.

March 18: / Marib p. Marib p., Hajjah p.

March 18/17: Marib p., Saada p.

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

Siehe / Look at cp1b

(A K)

Medien: Rebellen im Jemen haben weiteren wichtigen Sieg gegen die Saudi-Koalition errungen

Jemenitische Rebellen, Ansarallah beziehungsweise Houthis, haben einen weiteren großen Sieg errungen. Nachdem sie die Stadt Al Hazm erobert hatten, näherten sie sich den wichtigsten Öl- und Gasfeldern des Landes im Gouvernement Marib.

Einige mit der Situation vertraute Quellen teilten der russichen Tageszeitung Iswestija mit, dass die Aufständischen den Sieg aufgrund des effektiven Einsatzes von Drohnen und Raketen errungen hatten. Ihre erfolgreiche Offensive in einem kohlenwasserstoffreichen Gebiet könnte den Ausgang des gesamten Bürgerkriegs bestimmen.


(A K)

Saudi-backed forces declare control of sites in Yemen’s Jawf province

The Saudi-backed forces fighting on behalf of the exiled Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi claimed yesterday to be in control of several military sites in the Al-Yatimah area, north of Al-Jawf province, where fierce battles against the joint Houthi and Yemeni armed forces have been taking place over the past two months.

(* A K)

Jemen: Ansrallah-Truppen stehen vor den Toren von Marib

Ansarallah-Streitkräfte gaben am Mittwoch bekannt, dass sie mehrere Gebiete in Marib besetzt haben und dass ihre Streitkräfte vor den Toren der Verwaltungshauptstadt stehen, während sie auf Anweisungen warten, die Stadt zu stürmen.

Berichten zufolge erreichten die Ansarallah-Truppen (Houthi-Milizen) die westlichen Tore von Marib, nachdem sie die Hügel mit Blick auf die Außenbezirke dieser Hauptstadt erobert hatten.

Dieser Vormarsch der Ansarallah-Streitkräfte erfolgt wenige Wochen nach der Eroberung der Verwaltungshauptstadt Al-Jawf durch die Ansarallah-Streitkräfte.

(A K pS)

Yemen army, tribal fighters battle Houthis in Al-Jawf's eastern desert

The fighting has seeped into Al-Jawf's eastern Khab Al-Shaaf district, which the Houthis have yet to topple

(* A K pS)

Houthi ballistic missile hits residential neighborhood in downtown Marib

In the past week, the Houthis have intensified their targeting in Marib governorate in conjunction with large-scale attacks in its western district of Sirwah

A Houthi ballistic missile hit Al-Matar (Airport) neighborhood in the center of Marib city, about 170 kilometers east of Yemen’s capital Sana’a on Thursday evening, an official in the Ministry of Defense told Almasdar Online.

The attack killed one civilian and injured 10 others, a medical source in Marib Hospital said.

and also, combined with anti-UN propaganda:


(* A K pH)

Ansarallah forces launch missile strikes against Saudi oil facilities

The Yemeni Ansarallah forces announced Wednesday that their air force launched missile strikes against several Saudi oil and gas facilities.
“The Saudi enemy received painful strikes in response to its escalation on the ground and air in the battle to liberate Al-Jawf,” Yemen's Army spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said at a press conference broadcast on Wednesday, Almasirah reported.
“The Air Force conducted 54 operations, including 33 operations targeting several Saudi military and economic sites,” he continued.
“The operations of the air force managed to inflict heavy losses on the enemy in terms of equipment and lives in addition to economic losses as a result of targeting vital installations related to the oil and gas industry,” he added.

(A K pS)

Battles rage in northern Yemen despite warnings from UN

Pro-government forces push back Houthi rebels in Jawf, Marib and Bayda provinces

Yemen's Houthi rebels have been engaged in fierce battles with pro-government forces in northern Yemen this week, continuing an escalation that began with the rebel capture of Jawf province despite the UN warning that the renewed fighting could derail diplomatic efforts end the five-year-old civil war.

In Jawf, pro-government forces retook Al Qaisein area in the northern district of Al Khab Walsha’af, killing 30 rebels and capturing 40 during a large-scale offensive launched on Wednesday, a military source in neighbouring Marib province told The National.

In Bayda, pro-government forces repelled an attack launched by the Houthis in the eastern Qanyia area on Wednesday, killing 21 rebels and capturing 32 after laying siege to a public school that the rebels were using as a base, according to Mustafa Al Baydani, director of the media centre of pro-government forces the province.

(A K pH)

[Sanaa gov.] Yemeni Army Strengthens Its Military Presence with a Comprehensive Confrontation Strategy

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces revealed the participation of the Air Force, the Rocketry Force and the Air Defenses in the “Allah Overpowered them” military operation in Al-Jawf governorate, implementing 70 missions during the operation.

This confirms that Sana’a has reached advanced stages in its military capabilities and its ability to manage the battle on more than one level and in different regions.

Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e revealed the use of Armed Forces and Committees more than one weapon during the recent battle, including drones, ballistic missiles, and air defenses.

It is known that the use of more than one weapon in the battle requires advanced military technology for operational coordination between these military units in order to perform their work efficiently and competently. In the operation, these units could well accomplish all their tasks.

The military operation “Allah Overpowered them” proves that Sana’a has moved to an advanced stage as part of the comprehensive confrontation strategy

(A K pH)

[Sanaa gov.] Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Reveals Ops. in Saudi Depth

Yemeni Rocketry Force and the Air Forces carried out a military operations in the Saudi depth coinciding with the operation of Allah Empowered You Over Them in Al-Jawf.

The spokesman announced that the Rocketry Force has taken part in six operations in the battle of liberating al-Jawf.

Sare'e said that Air Force carried out 54 operations targeting several Saudi military and economic targets. He further added that the Propelled Air Force has inflicted heavy losses among the enemy force over the span of the operations.

(A K pS)

Two children injured by Houthi shelling in al-Baidha

Two children reported to have been wounded by Houthi militiamen attack on Wednesday targeting the villagers' houses in the area of Qanai of al-Baidha governorate.
Locals reported that khaled Mohammed Ali al-Haj,10-year old and Tariq Dhaif Allah Ali al-Haj, 15-year old were critically wounded.

(A K pH)

Kind gemartert, drei Zivilisten verwundet in Saada

Ein Kind wurde getötet und drei Zivilisten, darunter ein Kind, durch die Aggressionen in Saada und Al-Dschouf verwundet

T od eines Kindes und Verletzung ein weiteres infolge einer Minenexplosion, die von den Söldnern der Aggression im Distrikt Al-Ghail im Gouvernement Al-Dschouf gepflanzt wurde.

Die Quelle gab an, dass zwei Zivilisten durch saudische Raketen- und Artilleriegeschosse auf besiedelten Dörfern im Grenzdorf Razeh im Gouvernement Saada und saudische Artilleriegeschosse von besiedelten Dörfern im Distrikt Ghamr verletzt wurden.

(A K pH)

Citizen Killed, 3 Injured by US-Saudi Mercenaries in Al-Jawf, Sa’adah

A child was killed when a mine exploded in Al-Jawf governorate and three citizens were injured, today, Wednesday, by by Saudi bombing of boarding districts in Sada'ah.

(A K pH)

In Sa'adah, two civilians were injured with Saudi missiles and artillery shells that targeted populated villages in Razih district.

(A K pH)

Ein Kind gemartert, ein weiteres verwundet bei einer Minenexplosion von der Überreste der Aggression in Al-Dschouf

Eine Sicherheitsquelle bestätigte der jemenitischen Nachrichtenagentur (Saba), dass ein Kind getötet und ein weiteres Kind infolge einer Landminenexplosion verletzt wurde, die vor ihrer Befreiung von den Söldnern der Aggression im Distrikt Al-Ghail gepflanzt worden w

(A K K pH)

2 Children killed, injured in explosion of mine remnant aggression in Jawf

The operation took place when a landmine planted by the mercenaries of aggression in the district of Al-Ghail before liberating it, a security official told Saba.

(A K pS)

[Hadi gov.] Yemen army repels Houthi attacks in Marib, Al-Baydha

The clashes are just two of several ongoing battles in country following the Houthi capture of much of Al-Jawf governorate

Yemen’s internationally recognized government repelled a violent attack by the Houthis on Kofal camp in the western part of Marib governorate early Tuesday, according to a government military official.

(* A K)

Spotlight: Yemen's Houthis step up military operations against gov't-controlled areas in Marib

Yemen's Houthi militia on Tuesday stepped up its military operations and carried out all-out offensives against the oil-rich province of Marib.

Intensified and coordinated armed military attacks were launched by the Houthis against several sites of the government forces stationed in the western outskirts of Marib, 170 km east of the country's capital Sanaa.

An official of the government forces told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that "intense battles are still taking place between the national forces and the Houthis that are attempting to invade Marib from different sides."

He said that all types of heavy weapons including artillery shelling are used between the two warring rivals in the battles raging over the control of key government army bases in the outskirts of Marib.

Warplanes of the Saudi Arabia-led coalition launched a series of airstrikes in an attempt to support the government forces on-ground and repelling the Houthi attacks.

Eyewitnesses told Xinhua that reinforcements of government troops and tribal fighters were seen on military vehicles heading from the city of Marib towards the district Sirwah, where battles are occurring with Houthis.

Media outlets affiliated with the Saudi-backed Yemeni government forces said that nearly 80 Houthi fighters were killed in the battles happening in Marib.

(A K pH)

Saudi-backed “governor” of Ma’rib flees as [Sanaa gov.] Yemeni forces advance

Media sources have reported that Sultan al-Arada, the governor of Marib in the Saudi-backed puppet government, had fled Ma’rib city and moved to Hadhramout, eastern Yemen.

According to sources, he arrived in the city of Seiyoun in Hadhramaut valley late on Tuesday.

(* A K pH)

Der Sprecher der Streitkräfte [der Sanaa-Regierung] enthüllt Einzelheiten der Dschouf-Befreiungsoperation

Der Sprecher der Streitkräfte, Brigadegeneral Yahya Saree, enthüllte die Einzelheiten der großen Militäroperation, "Allah überwältigte sie", und endete mit der vollständigen Kontrolle der Grenzprovinz Al-Dschouf mit Saudi-Arabien.

"Das Einsatzgebiet umfasste die gesamte südliche Achse des Gouvernements Al-Dschouf sowie die Bezirke Al-Hazm, Al-Masloub, Al-Ghail, Al-Khalq und Al-Meton sowie Aqaba in Khub und Al-Sha'f", sagte Saree heute auf einer Pressekonferenz in Sana'a.

Er enthüllte, dass die Streitkräfte in der Provinz Al-Dschouf aus einer vollständigen Militärzone (der sechsten) sowie 6 Brigaden, 3 Salafi-Brigaden und Polizeigruppen bestanden.

"Die westlichen Gebiete des Gouvernorats waren die Ausgangsbasis für unsere Streitkräfte, um den Rest des Gouvernorats zu befreien, insbesondere die besiedelten Gebiete, insbesondere im Süden und im Zentrum der Provinz", sagte er.

Er sagte, dass die von Saudi-Arabien geführte Aggressionskoalition Hunderte von Rekruten in die Schlacht gedrängt habe, die meisten davon in Nadschran, Dschisan und Aseer.

Er fügte hinzu, dass "die Luftwaffe der Aggression mehr als 250 Luftangriffe gestartet hat, aber als Reaktion auf die Eskalation des Boden- und Luftmilitärs im Kampf um die Befreiung von al-Dschouf schmerzhafte Streiks erhalten hat".

"Die Raketentruppe nahm an einer (Allah überwältigte sie) Operation mit 6 Operationen teil, bei denen die ballistischen Raketen Nakal, Qassem und Badr eingesetzt wurden." Die schnelle Luftwaffe führte 54 Operationen durch, darunter 33 Operationen, bei denen mehrere saudische militärische und wirtschaftliche Ziele bombardiert wurden. "

Er wies darauf hin, dass "die Operationen der Drohnen Luftwaffe es geschafft haben, dem Feind schwere Verluste in Bezug auf Ausrüstung und Leben zuzufügen, zusätzlich zu den wirtschaftlichen Verlusten aufgrund der Ausrichtung auf wichtige Anlagen im Zusammenhang mit der Öl- und Gasindustrie."

"Der Feind wird nicht mehr in der Lage sein, die Operationen der Luftwaffe und ihre direkten und indirekten Auswirkungen geheim zu halten", sagte er. "Die Einzelheiten der Operationen, die auf die saudische Tiefe abzielten, und die Schäden an militärischen und wirtschaftlichen Einrichtungen werden zu gegebener Zeit bekannt gegeben."

Er wies darauf hin, dass "alle Ziele, die kürzlich in unsere Militäroperationen einbezogen wurden, zu den Zielbanken für unsere Streitkräfte gehören, die wir bereits in früheren Pressekonferenzen erwähnt haben".

Er betonte, dass "die Luftverteidigung an der Operation beteiligt war und 10 erfolgreiche Operationen durchführen konnte, um den Abzug der Aggression zu bekämpfen, zusätzlich zum erfolgreichen Abschuss eines feindlichen Kampfflugzeugs."

"Er erwähnte, dass" die Ingenieur- und Panzerabwehreinheiten alle Aufgaben während der Operation erfüllen konnten, indem sie sich mit den gepanzerten Fahrzeugen und Rüstungen des Feindes entlang des Einsatzgebiets befassten. "

Er wies darauf hin, dass "die Artillerieeinheit die Befestigungen und Versammlungen des Feindes während der Operation zerstörte, während die heldenhaften Mudschaheddin den feindlichen Streitkräften mit ihren leichten und mittleren Waffen gegenüberstanden."

Der Militärsprecher dankte der Ansar Allah-Gruppe (den Houthis) als freie und ehrenwerte Al-Dschouf-Stämme, einschließlich der Scheichs und Persönlichkeiten, die mit ihrer ehrenwerten Haltung und Feldbeteiligung von Hunderten von Stammesangehörigen teilnahmen und zum Erfolg der Militäroperation beitrugen.

Er bemerkte schnell, dass "die Operation zur Sicherung aller besiedelten Direktionen in Al-Dschouf und zur Normalisierung der Lage in der Stadt Al-Hazm nach ihrer Befreiung führte und zu schweren Verlusten der feindlichen Streitkräfte führte, da die menschlichen Verluste bis heute auf mehr als 1.200 Söldner zwischen einem Toten und einem Verletzten und einem Gefangenen unter ihnen Saudis geschätzt wurden.

Meine Bemerkung: Bildmaterial nach dem folgenden Artikel.

(* A K pH)

[Sanaa gov.] Army spokesman reveals details of Jawf liberation operation

The Yemeni army spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie on Wednesday revealed details of the operation "Amkn Minhum", which resulted in the liberation of Jawf province and strengthened the military position of the army forces and popular committees.

“By liberating Jawf province, we have confirmed our ability to impose new equations in a different geographical reality, on more than one front, and during a record period,” Sarei said in a press conference held this afternoon.

He pointed out that the military forces and popular committees do efficiently carry out all the operational tasks after having been able to move from the defense stage to attack within the overall military strategy.

The theater of operations included all the southern axis of Jawf province, in which includes the districts of Al-Hazm, Al-Masloub, Al-Ghail, Al-Khalq and Al-Moton, in addition to Al-Aqaba in Khab Washaf, according to the spokesman.

Sarie explained that the enemy forces in Jawf province consisted of a full military region called "the sixth military region", in addition to six brigades and three battalions of Salafist mercenaries and police groups.

He indicated that the western areas of the province were the starting base for the army forces to liberate the remaining areas of the province, especially the populated areas, in the south and central of the governorate.

"The Saudi enemy pushed hundreds of mercenaries to the battle, most of them were in Najran, Jizan, and Asir, and the aggression coalition warplanes launched more than 250 raids," Sarie said.

Sarie reviewed the successes achieved by the operation, the most important of which were securing of all inhabited district in Jawf and the normalization of conditions in the city of al-Hazm after its liberation.

and also and more =


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Yemen rebels take control of key city in north

The army and the peoples committees control the headquarters of mercenaries in the Governorate of Al Jawf

Summary of the extensive military operation carried out by the army and the Yemeni People's Committees for the Liberation of Al-Jawf Province

The march camera toured the government compound in the Al-Hazm directorate during an operation,

Al-Jouf # here_ the walk He spoiled the spoils of the mechanisms and weapons that the Mujahideen had seized during an operation, and they were made available in Al-Jouf

(A K pS)

Saudi, Yemeni officials deny Houthi seizure of Coufal camp in Marib

"The Houthis sent hundreds of the deceived in an attempt to break into Sirwah frontline, but heroes of the national army - supported by the Saudi-led coalition - repelled and inflicted them gross losses in lives and ordnance," the 'legitimate' government official concluded.

(A K)

Dutzende Tote bei Kämpfen im Jemen

(A K)

80 Houthi rebels killed in Yemen clashes

At least 80 Houthi rebels were killed and tens of others injured in clashes with government forces in Yemen, according to a statement from the press office of the Yemeni army Tuesday.

Sixty rebels were killed in clashes in the Qaniyah region in Al Bayda province.

Another 20 rebels were killed in a Saudi Arabian-led coalition airstrikes in the district of Survah of Marib province.

(* A K pH)

Yemen’s [Sanaa gov.] Armed Forces Score New Achievement: Hundreds of Enemy Forces Killed, Detained and Injured in Series of 50 Ops

The Yemeni Armed Forces continue liberating all directorates of al-Jawf Province, except for the directorates of Khabb, Shaaf and al-Hazm Desert in a wide-scale operation "Allah Empowered You Over Them".

Within five days of violent confrontations, and in response to the enemy's escalation in the province, the Yemeni Armed Forces achieved the following:

Forcing the so-called sixth military zone to retreat, which includes all its military brigades

Leaving hundreds of the enemy forces either killed, detained or injured

Seizing a variety of weapons

The Rocketry Force as well as the Propelled Air Force took part in the operation. They carried out more than 50 operations, some of which targeted the Saudi depth in response to the Saudi military escalation.

The Armed Forces hail the prominent and honorable role of the tribes in al-Jawf in accomplishing this achievement. They also stress that they will continue their efforts to liberate the entire territories of the Yemeni Republic until it gains its complete independence.

The Yemeni Armed Forces are working to settle the situation in al-Jawf after expelling the enemy forces and their mercenaries from all directorates.

(A K pS)

[Hadi gov.] Armed forces down Houthi drone in Al-Jawf

(* A H K)

Second attack on Al Thawra Hospital in 10 days threatens health services for hundreds of thousands of people in Taizz City

Preliminary reports indicate that on 13 March missiles hit two buildings at Al-Thawra General Hospital, which serves hundreds of thousands of Yemenis in Taizz City.

"It’s appalling that attacks on hospitals and health facilities are occurring,” said Ms. Lise Grande, Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen. “This is the second attack on Al-Thawra Hospital in less than ten days.”

All people have a basic right to health care,” said Ms. Grande. “There is no justification for ever taking this away.”

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

(B C P)

Film: Yearning for Yemen: Migration and Memory

This lecture interrogates two kinds of sources, Yemeni Jewish cultural practice and immigrant memoirs, to ask what these sites of memory can tell us about Muslim-Jewish relations and Yemeni Jewish identity in Yemen, and Yemeni Jewish life in Israel after migration. The lecture is part of the Averroës Lecture Series on Jewish Communities in Muslim Lands, sponsored by CNES. Ari Ariel is a historian of Jewish communities in the Arab world and Mizrahi communities in Israel.

(* B H P)

A reporter's internal conflict: why has the world looked away from human rights issues?

The ABC's Sophie McNeill witnessed first-hand the death, destruction and abuses borne by civilians in conflict zones. But her biggest battle has been trying to understand why so many of us seem to have stopped caring.

But we can’t let this impunity continue. There are dire consequences for ordinary people when all the rules are broken. Amazing, brave, defiant people bear the brunt of this lawlessness but refuse to kowtow to it and refuse to accept that they can’t change the world for the better.

They are people just like you and me. Many of them have lost everything in order to stand up for what they believe in. I have drawn incredible inspiration from them and hope others will do the same – and no longer look the other way.

(A P)

Film: Art exhibition opens to promote women's role in spreading peace

Under the slogan "Peace Painting", Sonaa Al Ghad Foundation and the Young Leadership Development Foundation in collaboration with ICAN opened an art exhibition for artists in the National Library in the interim capital Aden, southern Yemen, with the aim of promoting the role of women in bringing peace to the country and eliminating violence and extremism, The exhibition contains 45 paintings of 25 participants from different cities and regions of Aden province.

(* B P)

Wasser und Umwelt Ministerium [Sanaa] verurteilt erneut die systematische Zerstörung der jemenitischen Umwelt

Das Ministerium für Wasser und Umwelt, vertreten durch die Umweltschutzbehörde, verurteilte und verurteilte erneut die systematische Zerstörung der Land- und Meeresumwelt im Jemen durch die aggressiven Länder.

Die Behörde gab in einer heute veröffentlichten Erklärung an, dass die jemenitische Nachrichtenagentur (Saba) eine Kopie davon erhalten habe, dass die jemenitische Meeresumwelt und ihre Wohnräume und Korallenriffe der größten Zerstörung dieses Reichtums ausgesetzt sind, der für die meisten Bewohner der Küstengebiete eine Einnahmequelle darstellt.

In der Erklärung wurde darauf hingewiesen, dass die Aggressionscoalition chemische und biologische Materialien verwendet und giftige und kontaminierte Abfälle an den Ufern des Jemen und der jemenitischen Regionalgewässer deponiert, zusätzlich zu Öllecks, die die Meeresumwelt stark schädigen, den Tod von Fischen und Meeresorganismen verursachen und die Farbe des Meeres in Grün verwandeln.

In der Erklärung heißt es, dass die Aggressionskoalition zusätzlich zu den Giftmüll unfairen Fischereitätigkeiten durch Meeresbaggerungen und Explosionen ausländischer Schiffe erlaubte, um die Meeresumwelt, Korallenriffe und das Entfernen von Edelsteinen und Muscheln zu zerstören.

(* B P)

[Sanaa gov.] Ministry of Environment Renews Its Condemnation of Aggression Systematic Destruction of Yemeni Marine Environment

Ministry of Water and Environment, represented by the General Authority for Environmental Protection, renewed its condemnation of the systematic destruction of the land and marine environment in Yemen by aggression countries.

The Authority indicated in a statement issued on Wednesday that the Yemeni marine environment and coral reefs are subjected to the greatest destruction of this wealth, which is a source of income for most of the residents of coastal areas.

The statement pointed out that the coalition of aggression, through its ships, is using chemical and biological materials and dumping toxic and polluted waste on the shores of Yemen and the Yemeni regional waters, in addition to oil leaks, which causes great damage to the marine environment, the deaths of fish and marine organisms and the change of the color of the sea to green.

The statement stated that in addition to toxic waste, the aggression coalition allowed unfair fishing activities through marine dredging and explosions by foreign ships to destroy the marine environment, coral reefs, precipitating stones and seashells.

The statement reviewed a number of damages resulting from this systematic destruction practiced by the aggression countries.

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