Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 642b- Yemen War Mosaic 642b

Yemen Press Reader 642b: 15. April 2020: Fortsetzung von Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 642, cp5 - cp18 / April 15, 2020: Sequel to Yemen War Mosaic 642, cp5 - cp18
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Dies ist die Fortsetzung von Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 642, Teil 1 / This is the sequel of Yemen War Mosaic 642, part 1:

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cp1a Am wichtigsten: Coronavirus und Seuchen / Most important: Coronavirus and epidemics

cp1b Am wichtigsten: Kampf um Hodeidah / Most important: Hodeidah battle

cp1c Am wichtigsten: Waffenstillstand und Friedensangebot / Most important: ceasefire and peace offer

cp2 Allgemein / General

cp2a Allgemein: Saudische Blockade / General: Saudi blockade

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp4 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Separatisten und Hadi-Regierung im Südjemen / Separatists and Hadi government in Southern Yemen

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp8a Jamal Khashoggi

cp9 USA

cp9a USA-Iran Krise: Spannungen am Golf / US-Iran crisis: Tensions at the Gulf

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

cp12a Katar-Krise / Qatar crisis

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms Trade

cp13b Mercenaries / Söldner

cp13c Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

cp13d Wirtschaft / Economy

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp15 Propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

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B = Hintergrund / Background

C = Chronik / Chronicle

D = Details

E = Wirtschaft / Economy

H = Humanitäre Fragen / Humanitarian questions

K = Krieg / War

P = Politik / Politics

pH = Pro-Houthi

pS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

(* B K P)

Recruiting children.. Houthi militia’s crime against Yemenis

The crime of recruiting children in areas under the control of the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia has not been excluded, but the militia continues to push thousands of Yemeni children into death battles, ignoring national and international laws and norms that prohibit such crimes.

The number of child recruits has reached more than 30,000, according to government and human rights reports.

With such crimes, the Houthi militia challenges all local and international laws that criminalize the recruitment of children and their involvement in conflicts and wars.

With the recent escalation of the militia in Al-Jawf, Sana’a, Marib provinces and other fronts, a large number of militia leaders have moved into public, both in Sana’a and other provinces, to bring in more recruits.

The militia gathered children from villages and housing areas through its supervisors to subject them to sectarian and military courses, including programs aimed at brainwashing children.

Reporter Hamedan Al-Ali told September Net that the Houthi militia considers the recruitment of children part of its identity since it invaded the capital Sana’a, taking advantage of poverty, ignorance and intimidation, adding that the militia has turned schools into traps for children and their sectarian fatigue and sent them to the fronts.

Al-Ali said the militia is lying to children under the pretext of taking them to sectarian courses, and then persuading them to go to the fronts without the knowledge of their parents, considering these methods to be similar to kidnapping one.

Al-Ali said the militia will not stop recruiting children because it considers them an important factor in its battles, as of the lack of care for their lives, and in the event of killing children, the militia benefits by provoking their parents to send other to fronts.

My remark: from the news site of the Hadi government army, thus bias is included. But it’s known that ca. 73 % of all child soldiers in Yemen had been recruited by the Houthis.

(* A P)

Military court sentences nine military leaders to death for treason

The Central Military Court sentenced nine military leaders to death for committing treason, aiding the enemy and facilitating its entry into the territory of the Republic of Yemen.

Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was convicted of impersonating the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces at the end of his term on February 21, 2014.

The following names were also convicted of impersonating military positions and ranks

All the defendants were also convicted of the crime of publicly aiding the enemy and speaking out against joining Saudi-led aggression countries "Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates", which are at war with Yemen and facilitating the entry of Saudi and Emirati forces of aggression into the territory of the Republic of Yemen.

According to the court ruling all convicts must pay 1,500,000 Yemeni riyals to lawyers appointed to defend them.

My remark: verdicts in absentia against “president” Hadi and anti-Houthi military leaders.

(A P)

Security official reveals details of coalition's sabotage cell in Sanaa

A security official revealed on Tuesday details of the Saudi-led aggression coalition's sabotage cell to publish propaganda in the capital in the capital Sanaa.

The official said the security services would revealed details of the activity, documents and talks of a sabotage cell that has established a media center run by Muslim Brotherhoods-affiliated Islah Party backed by the Saudi Arabia.

and also

(A P)

Houthis say overcame Saudi Arabia security, intelligence

The Houthi recent operation "Made their Deeds Fruitless" is a security and intelligence win for the Yemeni people, the group said Monday.

The task is a security and intelligence defeat and great setback for Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other coalition countries, the Houthi interior minister claimed.

"Security authorities had, before this operation, foiled many subversive plots all of which prove that security bodies have now great deal of responsibility and preparedness in disclosing the aggression plots," Abdul Karim Amiraddeen al-Houthi added in remarks carried by 'Ansar Allah' website.

(A P)

Yemen’s Houthis impose $2m fees on telecom companies under pretext of combating COVID-19

Yemen’s Houthi movement imposed high fees on the telecommunications sector under the pretext of combating the coronavirus pandemic.

A document from the Ministry of Communications in the Sanaa-based government revealed that the group had imposed fees of half a billion Yemeni riyals on five national telecommunications companies under the pretext of supporting the efforts of combating the coronavirus.

According to the document, the Houthis demanded the General Organisation for Telecommunications, Tele Yemen, Yemen Mobile, Sabafon, and MTN Group to pay 100 million Yemeni riyals ($400,000) each to support the movement’s efforts to combat COVID-19.

Image of document:

(A P)

Yemeni activists have circulated pictures showing the extent of neglect suffered by Yemeni hospitals as a result of the plundering by the Houthis, including, for example, the Azzan hospital.
News reports have said Houthi terrorists stole 38 million riyal [US$ ca. 70,000] from the Azzan hospital in favor of what it called the war effort in 2019, because of al-Houthi's tampering with the money in the Shabwa governorate.

My comment: Even taking into account this “war effort”, the bad situation of the hospitals isn’t the Houthis’ fault.

(A E P)

Higher Economic Committee führt ein E-Government-Zahlungssystem ein

Der Berater des Präsidenten des Obersten Politischen Rates und amtierende Vorsitzende des Höheren Wirtschaftsausschusses, Hashim Ismail, hat am Montag das elektronische Zahlungssystem der Regierung eingeführt.

Während des Starts bestätigte Islamil, dass das elektronische staatliche Zahlungssystem eines der wirtschaftlichen Erholungsprojekte ist, die in der nationalen Vision für den Aufbau des modernen jemenitischen Staates enthalten sind.

"Das E-Government-Zahlungsprojekt wird die wirtschaftlichen Fähigkeiten des Jemen im Zusammenhang mit den Reformen in verschiedenen Regierungssektoren angesichts der Aggression und Blockade des Jemen verbessern", sagte Islamil.

Mein Kommentar: Wird das ausgerechnet in einem Land wie Jemen funktionieren?

(* A P)

Houthis release 2,361 prisoners to stem COVID-19 spread

The Houthi rebels in Yemen have released over two thousand prisoners to prevent the spread of coronavirus in areas they control, it was announced on Monday.

Rebel-linked chief prosecutor Nabil al-Azani said in a statement that the group had "released 2,361 prisoners since mid March as part of the precautionary measures against the virus.

He added that certain criteria were applied on those who were released, including serving three quarters of their sentences, and good conduct.

(A P)

Letter by families of the journalists in Houthi prisons

Ladies and gentlemen,

Defenders of freedom of expression, freedom of press and human rights around the world,

We would like to extend this letter of gratitude to every human rights defender who stands with us against ongoing persecution being inflicted on our detained journalists in the Houthis-run prisons.

We send you our sincere gratitude for your reaction and support.


We appeal to you to exert a prompt role by moving beyond the writing to the feeling of our suffering to bring about a collective lobbying action to save lives of our sons and put an end to their suffering. This collective action shall put an end to our psychological and physical torture and pursue perpetrators who committed atrocities against the press.

You all shall be aware that we count hours and days waiting for your urgent action to save lives of our detained journalists. As we place too much hope on you, we wish that we celebrate the release of our sons by next 9 June and we owe gratitude to your efforts. You will not disappoint us; you will not do, we trust you.

Families to the detained journalists in Sana’a


(A P)

Rising anger to Houthis’ death sentence against journalists

Several Yemeni reporters and human rights activists who expressed their annoyance to the sentence on various social media platforms, have called for join international efforts to save lives of their fellow detained journalists.

They affirmed that the Houthis do not recognize authority of the judiciary system and that the death sentence was merely a translation of instruction made by their leader, Abdulamlik Al-Houthi who stated on television his hostility against journalists.


(A P)

Houthis under pressure to release journalists

Foreign ambassadors to Yemen demanded that the Houthis stop using courts to settle scores with their opponents. “The United States condemns the Houthis’ sentencing of four journalists to death,” US Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Henzel tweeted.

Abdullah Al-Mansouri, a brother of Tawfeq Al-Mansouri, one of the detained journalists, said his family had been seized with panic since the verdict. “We were surprised by these false and unjust verdicts,” he told Arab News.
“Our anxiety and fears have increased ever since.

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

(A P)

Cracks inside #Yemen's south were highlighted today as the Southern Salvation Council launched a branch in Lahj, a Southern Transitional Council heartland. But its statement was conciliatory. It called for inclusive dialogue & reconciliation. (SSC is linked to Oman; STC to UAE)

(* B P)

Fighting the Houthi Rise in Yemen’s North, Saudi Arabia Faces a Fresh Opponent in the South

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) had been on good terms with Saudi Arabia since its establishment in 2017. But a rift has recently surfaced, raising the possibility of a confrontation between the two sides in Aden. The STC leadership no longer seems willing to listen meekly to all Saudi instructions.

Since its establishment in 2017, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) had been on good terms with Saudi Arabia. Recently, a rift between the two has surfaced, raising the possibility of a confrontation between the two sides in Aden. Presently, the STC leadership presents itself as the legitimate representative of the southern people and this political body is no longer expected to listen meekly to all Saudi instructions.

With the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) financial and military support, the STC has emerged as a key political and military player in the country.

Over the last three weeks, Aden has seen armed confrontations and mobilization of forces. The STC fighters have dared to confront Saudi-backed forces and flout Saudi directives in Aden. The STC on March 13, refused to comply with a directive by the commander of the Saudi-led coalition in Aden to hand over Aden International Airport to Saudi-trained Yemeni troops.

Moreover, armed clashes between STC fighters and Saudi-backed forces erupted in Aden on March 20.

Such moves by the STC are emblematic of its rising dominance and it is a clear sign of the widening rift between Saudi Arabia and the southern political body.

Amidst this explosive scene in Aden, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s spokesperson Turki Al-Maliki denied any discord with the STC or any escalation concerning the airport.

Maliki said in an interview with Al-Alarabiya TV channel that the second phase of the Riyadh Agreement implementation has begun. He also indicated that improving the situation in Aden is a top priority.

It is true that Saudi Arabia has been leading development and construction efforts in some southern provinces but the STC is struggling to gain international recognition and absolute control of the south. The separatists’ zeal for independence is a formidable challenge for Saudi Arabia. Should the Kingdom allow secession to materialize in the south, the Iran-allied Houthis will cement their rule in the north—a matter which poses a long-term serious concern for the Saudis.

Abdul-Raqeeb Al-Hadiani, an Aden-based Yemeni political analyst, told Inside Arabia that Aden has lately witnessed escalation and the sole solution is the full implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

“The Agreement is like a life belt for all—for Yemen, the neighboring countries, and the region. Saudi Arabia is trying to dismantle the problem that has been created by the STC in Aden and do all that’s possible to avert any potential conflict in Aden,” said Hadiani.

He pointed out that the Yemeni government does not have a military force in Aden and the UAE-backed STC is dominating the city entirely.

Meanwhile, the UAE has been trying to paper over cracks with Saudi Arabia. UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, commented that his country upholds the Saudi efforts to facilitate the implementation of the pact.

The fact remains that the Emirati role in Yemen has been highly contentious. The Emirates is a key member of the coalition to restore the Yemeni legitimate government but it has been supporting and funding militant groups that undermine the government authority. The present chaotic scenario in Aden is an outcome of the UAE’s agenda.

Saudi Arabia and the STC had been shy in engaging in any direct military or political face-off. However, the STC has been flexing its muscles in Aden and this could end up in an overt Saudi-STC feud in this strategic city.

The secessionist leverage in the south has magnified and it no longer seems easy for Saudi Arabia to instruct the STC on what to do in Aden or the entire south of Yemen. The Kingdom is up to its neck in Yemen’s north, fighting the Houthis. Now it has another headache in the south: the separatists.

My comment: I think the Saudi-STC relationship never had been a really good one; thus, the STC is no “fresh opponent” to the Saudis, but a permanent one.

(A P)

Governor of #Hadramout: The decision to ban qat in the province is final and irreversible

In a statement to the media, the governor said in the context of his guiding speech to the military and security commanders, that the decision to ban qat is final and is not limited to the circumstance of the Corona virus only.

The governor added that the decision includes all Hadramaut, and it comes in response to the blessings and invitations of many citizens, men and women, both inside and outside Hadramaut.

The governor said that strict instructions were issued to impose the harshest penalties on those who abuse or work to smuggle qat from the security forces or the army, and rewards were allocated for citizens who report abuse or smuggling of qat

(A P)

STC Official Abducted by Islah Party in Sabwa

An official of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and four of his relatives were arrested on Tuesday, by the Islah party, Yemen's Muslim Brotherhood military wing in Sabwa province.

(A P)

Retirees to be paid February pension soon

Chairman of the General Authority for Insurances and Pensions (GAIP) in the interim capital Aden Ali Al-Hadar announced on Tuesday that civilian pensioners in the militia-controlled governorates to be paid February payment on Thursday April 16,2020.

(* A K P)

Saudi-led coalition forces reportedly arrived in al Mahrah governorate in eastern Yemen with armored military vehicles on April 13. Saudi-led coalition forces came from neighboring Hadramawt governorate to strengthen their military presence in al Mahrah governorate, according to a local official. Saudi-led coalition forces clashed with tribal forces in al Mahrah governorate in mid-February.[3]


(* A P)

Mahrah protesters mock fake Saudi ceasefire

Ceasefire pointless without ending the occupation, protest leader says

Deputy Chairman of the Popular Sit-in Committee of Mahrah, Sheikh Aboud Haboud Qumisat, has stated Saudi Arabia has not stopped the war on Yemen and has not not abided by the previous agreement reached with the Mahrah protesters.

Sheikh Aboud Haboud Qumisat mocked Saudi Arabia’s declaration of a ceasefire, stating: “What is the use of a ceasefire, when Saudi and UAE forces are controlling Yemen’s ports and airports, particularly the southern provinces, and the province of Mahrah in particular?”

He confirmed that Saudi Arabia controls all the state’s infrastructure, as well as al-Ghaydha airport, Nishtun, Shihan and Surifat ports .

Qumisat said the ceasefire should coincide with ending the foreign presence in Yemen and opening a dialogue between various political parties in Yemen, in order to reach an agreement that would end the war in the country

(* A K P)

Defection of military units from gov't forces in Socotra

The UAE has dealt a new painful blow to the Yemeni internationally recognized government through the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the Governorate of Socotra Archipelago.

5 military brigades of the 1st Marine Corps in Socotra announced today, Tuesday, their defection from the brigade and have declared their loyalty to the southern transitional council (STC) supported by the UAE, according to local sources.

The sources indicated that the defected brigades are the Tank and Air Defense Brigades, the Military Police, the 3rd Battalion, and the Nujed Brigade.

The announcement of the new defection comes a day after Socotra Governor Ramzi Mahrous confirmed the restoration of the government's Special Forces camp.


Marine Brigade in Socotra Joins Southern Armed Forces

The 4 battalions of the 1st Marine Brigade in Socotra archipelago declared on Tuesday, its allegiance to the Southern Transitional Council and its accession to the Southern Armed Forces under the command of Major General Aidroos al-Zubaidi.

My comment: This is a revolt against the Hadi government. – Might-be, it’s just the separatists’ UAE puppet masters are paying better.

(A P)

Yemen reopens Wadea border crossing with Saudi Arabia

Yemeni authorities have reopened the Al-Wadea border crossing with Saudi Arabia; four days after closing it to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Al-Khaleej Online reported.

The site said Deputy Prime Minister and acting Minister of Transport, Salem Al-Khanbashi, on Sunday sent a letter to the port administration to reopen the border crossing for commercial cargo, while keeping it closed for citizens until further notice.

(A K P)

Southern Transitional Spokesman: Brotherhood’s advance towards Zanzibar is shameful escape from reality of repeated defeats on northern fronts

The official spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council, Nizar Haitham, described the Brotherhood’s progress towards Zanzibar, the capital of Abyan governorate, as a provocative attempt and a shameful escape from the reality of repeated defeats in the northern fronts.

Nizar Haitham said: This progress is a repeat of the series of military violations, and an attempt to provoke and unjustified escalation, which comes at a time when the entire world is living a painful reality due to the deadly Corona epidemic.

My remark: The strife and fighting between separatists’ and Islah party militia never stop. And:

(A K P)

Citizen was killed in runaway accident by group of Islah militia in #Shabwa

(A P)

Southern commander from front lines of the #Abyan Front responds to lies of Islah Muslim Brotherhood’s party

(A P)

In documents.. legitimacy of Brotherhood continues excluding Southerners with exclusion of southern students from foreign scholarships

The legitimate government, controlled by the Brotherhood, continues its systematic and hateful exclusionary war against the people of the south in various aspects and areas.

Recently, the Brotherhood government has excluded southern students from foreign scholarships.

SMA News website obtained a copy of a document clarifying the names of students who were selected for scholarships abroad.

The document showed students nominated for scholarships in the Arab Republic of Egypt for the name of forty northern students, compared to only two southerners, one from Abyan and the other from Al-Dhali governorate.

The Brotherhood’s legitimacy thus confirms the continuation of its war against the south in all fields

(A P)

Guards of Al-Ahmar commander describes Hadi as “nothing” … and southern leader comments

Activists circulated a video of a television interview conducted with Colonel “Khaled Al-Andouli”, former commander of “Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar” guards.

Al-Andouli described President Hadi, who belongs to the southern regions, as nothing but a decoration and a façade that is used in front of public opinion, and that Al-Ahmar is all of everything.

My remark: Al-Ahmar, Hadi’s vice president, from Northern Yemen, a long-year Al-Qaeda affiliate.

(* A K P)

Clashes between Second Giants Brigade and Security Belt Forces in Lahj leave 2 dead, 7 injured

The clashes stemmed in part from attempts to suspend qat sales in southern governorates to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19

Two officers from the Security Belt Forces (SBF) were killed Monday afternoon in clashes with the Second Giants Brigade in Lahj governorate, according to a local council member who was not authorized to speak to the press. Seven people were injured in the clashes, according to the government official.

Clashes started when the SBF and Lahj security forces chased a motorcycle driver that flew past a security checkpoint on a road leading to Aden. On Saturday, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) banned the selling of qat in areas under control.

Security forces suspected the driver had qat and gave chase, leading them to fire towards a previously abandoned building where soldiers from the Second Giants Brigade were stationed. The building is located near the home of Brigadier Hamdi Shukri Al-Subaihi, the leader of the Second Giants brigade, in Al-Fiosh, the entrance to Lahj from Aden governorate.

The source told Almasdar Online that the security forces of Lahj and the SBF fired indiscriminately on the building to force the biker out, and their bullets hit a soldier in the Second Giants Brigade, as well as the home of Al-Subaihi.

According to the source, soldiers of the Second Giants Brigade, with reinforcements led by Al-Subaihi’s brother, then opened fire on the Lahj security units and the SBF.

In addition to the dead and injured, about 45 soldiers from the SBF were captured during the clashes, the source said, which later led to the withdrawal of the Lahj security forces and SBF from the site.

The Giants Brigade forces, most of whom belong to the Al-Subaiha tribes, reportedly captured a number of medium-range weapons during the clashes, as well as seven military vehicles.

Though clashes erupted following the pursuit of a motorcycle driver believed to be smuggling qat, the military source told Almasdar Online that tensions were already running high Monday between the STC’s Security Belt Forces and the Al-Subaiha tribes.

The tensions stemmed from a Sunday raid on the home of Deputy Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Abdrabbuh Al-Mahwali Al-Subaihi by STC-aligned forces of the Aden Security Department. The forces arrested guards securing the deputy minister’s home and confiscated one of his vehicles.

and also


(A K P)

Lahj governor Ahmed Abdullah Turki is leading a mediation to contain situation after clashes between units from Giant "Alamaliqah" Brigades and Security Belt Forces in south Yemen province.

(* A P)

Yemen's [Hadi] government has also set free over 500 prisoners across war-torn country

The Yemeni government, meanwhile, said it had set free over 500 prisoners from different provinces across the war-torn country, as of April 1.

(* A K P)

[Separatist] Security belt and 9th Thunderbolt Brigade push reinforcements to secure Al-Sabiha coastline

Security belt forces in Al-Sabiha areas, with the support of the 9th Thunderbolt Brigade, arrived in the Bab al-andab and Al-Suqya area in the coastal line located in the Sabiha areas.

The forces affiliated with the Transitional Council raised the southern flag in the southern border of the north and south, in preparation for extending their deployment to all areas of the coast.

This step comes after the deployment of joint forces established by the governor of Lahj, who are loyal to the legitimate government, under the pretext of combating smuggling and fighting against Corona, and Brigadier Hamdi Shukri has been assigned of leading the task.

The leadership of the Security Belt in Sabiha and the leadership of the 9th Thunderbolt Brigade rejected the idea of establishing mixed forces, since securing the coastline is one of the tasks of the joint forces, as are other regions.

(A P)

Bin Farid responds to al-Jabwani’s calls to southerners to defend Marib

Head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Southern Transitional Council in Europe, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, responded to Al-Jabwani tweet, in which he called the sons of Shabwa and Hadramaut to support Marib with men and supplies, warning that their areas would fall into the hands of the Houthis.

Bin Farid said, addressing al-Jabwani, saying: In brief … You invite the sons of Hadhramaut and Shabwa to defend Marib in response to your political project!

He asked a question to al- Jabwani: Isn’t it better for you to invite the northern forces that are present on the land of Hadhramaut the valley, because first they believe in your project, and Marib is their land ?!

He continued his question: Have you found in history someone whose his land is invaded while he is on the land of others, then he asks those who he is on their land to liberate his!

My comment: Interesting propaganda statement by the separatists: We don’t care for the regions beyond the former Southern Yemen’s border, and president Hadi army are from the North and should go.

(A K P)

Southern Resistance in #Shabwa targets military group for Islah militia in low Markha

(A K P)

[Separatist] Brigadier General Al-Ghabs: Fourth Brigade gets stronger everyday in its solidarity and cohesion which disturbs Islah party

(A P)

Truth about resignation of the Minister of Youth and Sports in the Yemeni government

Naif Al-Bakri, Minister of Youth and Sports, denied the news of his resignation from the Yemeni government

(A K P)

Yemeni Socotra governor vows STC with strict reaction

The Yemeni Socotra Governor has vowed to strictly deal with the "sowers of sedition and destabilizers of security."

Ramzi Mahroos remarks came during his visit to the special forces' camp on Sunday after the site was restored on Saturday from gunmen loyal to the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

"These State-owned security facilities are there to protect the governorate and maintain its security, but not to guard rebellious persons or groups or to create chaos committed by special forces mutineers who just harmed themselves," Governor Mahroos said.

"Many of the special forces personnel refused to fuel infighting or to stir disorder for the sake of persons. Instead, they prioritized the public interest and announced their support for the legitimate leadership's decisions.

"Mutiny leaders incited special forces personnel to mutiny against the State's decisions and to assault authority seniors and their fellows," he adde

referring to

(A P)

Al-Wadeah border crossing to open for trucks, life returns to normal in Al-Sheher

The Governor of Hadhramaut Governorate, Major General Faraj Al-Bohsoni, instructed on Sunday evening to restore life to normal in the city of Al-Sheher and the eastern districts and allow movement of movement, just two days after the imposition of the curfew.

Al-Bohsoni also instructed to continue preventing gatherings and imposing a curfew from eight in the evening until six in the morning, according to the Joint Operations Center in Hadhramout, eastern Yemen.

(A P)

Former official warns against fragmenting Yemen and Arabian Peninsula region

A former Yemeni official warned on Sunday against betting on the fragmentation of Yemen, stressing that the countries of the Arabian Peninsula region will not be immune from this.

The resigned Minister of Transport from the internationally recognized Yemeni government, Saleh al-Jabwani, tweeted in response to a tweet by Ahmed Al-Jarallah, the editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Siyassah, in which he said that "the Yemeni south will be independent from the north and Aden will return to an independent tate."

"The south of Yemen will be within the Yemeni federal state with its six provinces. We will no longer be prisoners of nervousness here and there." Al-Jabwani said.

He added, "It is this federal system that will bring Yemen out of what is in it and restore it as happy and strong as it was."

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

(A P)

UN receives positive signs on Yemen ceasefire initiative

The United Nations has received from the Yemeni official government and Houthi group positive signs on ceasefire initiative introduced by the UN special envoy for Yemen, deputy spokesman for UN Secretary-General has said.
"We have positive signs on proposals presented Friday by Martin Griffiths, and he is now in contact with the Yemeni government and Houthis" in this regard, Farhan Haq added in a video press conference.
The UN official rejected to give more details on these positive signs received from parties to Yemen's conflict.


(A P)

Dialogue fails under siege fire: Houthi spokesman

Aggression should be stopped and blockade should be lifted before any dialogue, the Houthis said Tuesday.
"Our Yemeni people's priority is to stop aggression and lift siege," the group's spokesman tweeted, so that "dialogue may be held in safe, quiet conditions."
"This can never be subject to prior discussion, as former trials proved the failure of any dialogue under blockade and fire, and our people won't accept the repetition of a failure," Mohamed Abdul Salam added.

(* A P)

Saudi Arabia resumes talks with Yemen's Houthis as truce falters

Saudi Arabia has resumed indirect talks with Yemen’s Houthi movement to cement a faltering ceasefire, sources familiar with the discussions said, as the United Nations pushes for a de-escalation to prepare for a coronavirus outbreak.

Saudi and Houthi officials communicated over the weekend as Riyadh strives to reach an understanding on a binding truce, two sources close to the discussions told Reuters.

“Saudi Arabia is very serious about ending the war but it will depend on how far they can go to appease the Houthis and build some trust,” said one of the sources.

The renewed push came after the coalition conducted air strikes on Houthi-controlled towns and villages, despite the ceasefire, to halt Houthi advances in al-Jawf in the north and towards Marib city, the last stronghold of the Saudi-backed government in central Yemen, local officials said. =

(A P)

Iran mahnt Vereinte Nationen: Jemen-Konflikt ist militärisch nicht zu lösen

Der iranische Außenminister Mohammad Javad Zarif und der Generalsekretär der Vereinten Nationen, Antonio Guterres, sprachen über die Krise im Jemen und Möglichkeiten, einen Waffenstillstand in dem vom Krieg betroffenen Land aufrechtzuerhalten.

Zarif bekräftigte außerdem, dass die jemenitische Krise keine militärische Lösung habe, und beschrieb die Einführung eines dauerhaften Waffenstillstands als Auftakt für den Beginn eines politischen Prozesses zur Lösung der Krise im arabischen Land.

(A P)

Sustainable ceasefire prelude to political settlement in Yemen’

Iran’s top diplomat, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has said that a sustainable ceasefire in the war-torn country of Yemen sets the ground for a political settlement of the crisis arising from Saudi Arabia’s five-year war against the country.

Speaking with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres during a phone call on Sunday, Zarif stressed that there is no military solution to the conflict in Yemen.

The foreign minister also welcomed the secretary general’s attempts to establish a ceasefire in the country.

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

(* A P)

Saudi Arabia Blocks Turkish State Media Outlets

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have blocked access to the websites of Anadolu Agency and TRT Arabic, reported by Anadolu Agency.

The ban is the latest bad decision by Saudi Arabia, which continues to violate human rights and freedom of expression.

Social media activists said its latest move is a violation of freedom of the press and expression which has increased even more during the reign of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.


(* A B P)

Analysis: Saudi Arabia’s targeting of Turkish media reveals a fear of facts

It’s not immediately clear what led to the Saudi authorities blocking two Turkish online news portals, TRT Arabi and Anadolu Agency, but the decision is in continuation of Riyadh's recent policy towards Ankara.

Under the stewardship of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (also known as MBS), Saudi Arabia has taken an increasingly antagonistic stance towards Turkey.

Such policies do not manifest in official proclamations but rather in behind the scenes diplomatic lobbying, petty gestures such as refusing to drink Turkish coffee, and the online vitriol targeting Turkey by legions of Saudi Twitter trolls.

On the diplomatic front, while Riyadh denies it, in December Saudi leaders threatened Pakistan with the withdrawal of aid and the expulsion of expatriate workers if Islamabad attended an Islamic unity summit in which Turkey was a major player in organising.

On the social media front, pro-MBS trolls have disseminated videos calling for Arab tourists to stop visiting Turkey, citing fictional or exaggerated reports of crime and harassment.

Saudi bots continue to thrive on Twitter, pumping out misinformation on issues related to Turkey and Riyadh’s regional nemesis, Qatar.

(* A P)

U.N. says Saudi deportations of Ethiopian migrants risks spreading coronavirus

The United Nations said on Monday that deportations of illegal migrant workers by Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia risked spreading the coronavirus and it urged Riyadh to suspend the practice for the time being.

Saudi Arabia has so far deported 2,870 Ethiopian migrants to Addis Ababa since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.N. migration agency said. Ethiopian authorities confirmed that large-scale deportations were taking place.

An internal U.N. memo seen by Reuters said Saudi Arabia was expected to deport some 200,000 Ethiopian migrants in total.

(A P)

Saudi security 'kill tribal activist who resisted deportation' to make room for NEOM megacity project

A Saudi tribal activist has been allegedly killed by Saudi security forces in the northwest of the kingdom after refusing to leave his home slated for demolition to make room for the construction of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s controversial megacity project NEOM in the area.

Abdul-Rahim al-Howeiti, of the large Howeitat tribe that inhabits southwest Jordan, Sinai and northwestern Saudi Arabia, was allegedly shot dead by Saudi security in Al-Khuraybah, more than 1400 km north west of the capital Riyadh, close to the intersection point of the Jordanian-Saudi-Israeli border.


(A P)

Abdulrahim AlHowaiti seconds before he was murdered by #Saudi Monarchy police for refusing to leave his home to be razed near @NEOM. He says they will kill me & call me a terrorist. Foreign investors beware!

Disturbing film: #Saudi man #AbdulrahimAlHuwaiti documents his last minutes before he was murdered by #Saudi Police who were forcing him out to make space for #MBS @NEOM

1000s have been kicked out Is MorganStanley liable?

Some photos of the aftermath of #Saudi forces murdered a #Saudi man at his house near @NEOM

AlKhuraibah village where #Saudi forces murdered Abdulrahim AlHuwaiti at his house for refusing to sell it so #MBS build @NEOM (map)

and another film

and, with English subs:

(A E P)

Russia fund says will continue to invest in Saudi Arabia: Al-Arabiya

Russia’s sovereign wealth fund will continue to invest in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 development programme, the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya channel on Monday cited the head of the fund as saying.

cp8a Jamal Khashoggi

(* A P)

20 Saudis charged in Jamal Khashoggi murder

A Turkish court on Saturday accepted an indictment on the 2018 killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, reports Anadolu Agency.

The 117-page indictment prepared by Istanbul prosecutors accusing 20 Saudi nationals of involvement in the gruesome premeditated murder was accepted by Istanbul’s Heavy Penal Court No. 11.

The indictment states that suspect Mansour Othman M. Abbahussain, working as major general and intelligence officer in Saudi Arabia, was tasked in the office of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and was instructed by Ahmed Bin Mohammed Al-Asiri to bring Khashoggi back to the country and to kill him if he resisted. It added that Abbahussain assembled a 15-man hit squad, including himself, for the murder.

He also distributed tasks among the squad, separating them into three groups: intelligence, logistics, and negotiation.

Abbahussain also determined the place to meet Khashoggi as the working office at the Istanbul consulate and made plans for all contingencies before, during, and after the deed.

The indictment accuses al-Asiri and Saud Al-Qahtani of incitement to deliberate killing through torture and seeks aggravated life sentences for both.

It also accuses 18 other Saudi nationals and recommends aggravated life sentences for each.

The 18 were in consensus over killing Khashoggi if he refused to return to Saudi Arabia and acted on the mutual decision to commit the crime, according to the indictment.

cp9 USA

Siehe / Look at cp9a

(B P)

US exploiting coronavirus to ‘reassert hegemony’ over nations: Analyst

US oligarchs and globalists are seeking to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to “reassert hegemony” over Iran and other nations that have rejected US imperialism, says an American writer and former professor.

“The IMF, all of these things are part of the globalist elite that rules the world and the United States is the premier power and so they're the ones that control the globalist economy,” said E Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars magazine.

“The whole point of this is to use the economy as warfare on nations that they consider intransigent,” Jones said Monday in an interview with Press TV.

“The issue here with coronavirus is an attempt to reassert hegemony over the world narrative because the oligarchs lost control of this in 2019 is the battle of the internet at that time," he added.

cp9a USA-Iran Krise: Wachsende Spannungen am Golf / US-Iran crisis: Mounting tensions at the Gulf

(A P)

Iraqi parties require PM-designate to end US-led military presence: MP

An Iraqi parliamentarian says the country’s political parties have conditioned approving Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s cabinet on his acting on a law approved by the parliament that mandates evacuation of US-led forces.

(A P)

China urges U.S. to lift sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus response

"Continued sanction on Iran was against humanitarianism and hampers Iran's epidemic response & delivery of humanitarian aid by the UN and other organizations," China's ministry of foreign affairs said in a tweet

(* B P)

Virus becomes latest battle between Iran, US amid tensions

Even as both face the same invisible enemy in the coronavirus pandemic, Iran and the United States remain locked in retaliatory pressure campaigns that now view the outbreak as just the latest battleground.

Initially overwhelmed, Tehran now seeks to sway international opinion on U.S. sanctions by highlighting its struggles with COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus. Iran asked for $5 billion from the International Monetary Fund even as it enriches uranium beyond the limits of its 2015 deal with world powers.

The U.S., which unilaterally withdrew from the deal in 2018 under President Donald Trump, insists that aid can reach the Islamic Republic — though humanitarian organizations say Washington’s sanctions disrupt even permitted trade.

At the same time, the U.S. is now withdrawing troops from Iraqi bases, redeployments it insists are pre-planned even as Trump alleges Iran plans “a sneak attack” against them.

The risk of open conflict between the countries is overshadowed by the pandemic. Yet it persists — some say at levels as high as immediately after the January drone strike by the U.S. that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

The current tensions can seem trivial, compared to the pandemic, which has infected at least 1.9 million people worldwide and killed over 119,000.

(A P)

US imperialism more dangerous than coronavirus for international community: Iran president

(B K P)

100 days later: Who won the war?

The assassination of General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, which was carried out 100 days ago in a terrorist attack in Baghdad’s international airport, may be considered the biggest miscalculation and security mistake by the United States ever.

However, the assassination was said to be a unilateral and personal decision by Trump and some other officials in the White House and the Pentagon, which revealed Trump and his inner circle’s misunderstanding of the regional events.

Trump made the decision to achieve his desired results. In a rush caused by confusion, the U.S president sought results that he had imagined could be achieved by the assassination of Gen. Soleimani.

One of the important driving factors in Trump’s decision-making process and his insane political approach was to achieve his electoral interests. It was assumed that the assassination could affect the 2020 election in his favor. Also, by martyring Gen. Soleimani the White House had the illusion that it can bring the political situation in Iraq under its control, an issue which was defined by Trump’s domestic goals.

My remark: A view from Iran.

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

Siehe / Look at cp1

(* B K P)

British-made bombs could make Yemen’s COVID crisis even worse

It is a crisis that UK arms companies and the UK government have fueled and played a central role in enabling. Right from the start of the war, Saudi-led forces have used UK-made fighter jets to drop UK-made bombs and fire UK-made missiles. Many of the pilots flying the aircraft have been trained by UK forces and their jets will have been maintained by UK staff and personnel.

The war is only possible because of this kind of political and military support from arms dealing governments. As one former BAE Systems technician based in Saudi Arabia told Channel 4 last yearIf we weren’t there, in seven to 14 days there wouldn’t be a jet in the sky.”

At least £6.3 billion worth of UK-made arms have been licensed to the Saudi-led coalition since the bombing began. Last year the Court of Appeal confirmed that these weapons were sold illegally.

Unfortunately that hasn’t stopped arms and other military equipment from being transferred under existing licenses, and not has it stopped the staggering levels of sycophantic political support.

Over the last five years, government ministers have pulled out all stops to praise and pander to the regime while cozying up to its authoritarian leadership.

Last year, the then Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, went as far as saying that he thought it would be “morally bankrupt” to stop arming Saudi forces, and unfortunately his sentiments seem to be shared by Boris Johnson and his colleagues who have made no effort to change policy despite the international blow back that followed the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, or the worsening situation in Yemen.

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

(A H P)

Indian Migrant workers Living in Squalid Conditions in UAE Susceptible to Coronavirus Infection

Coronavirus: Indian minister calls for repatriation of migrant workers in UAE

The Chief Minister of Kerala sent a letter to Prime Minister Modi complaining of 'inadequate isolation and quarantine facilities' in the UAE

(A P)

Yemen Student Hit By Aurangabad Cops, Forced To Pay Rs 10,000: Consulate

"An inquiry has been instituted. We will talk to Begumpura station personnel and the Yemeni student. We will file our report soon," Assistant Commissioner of Police Hanumant Bhapkar said.

cp12a Katar-Krise / Qatar crisis

(A H P)

More Qatar Emir Air Force aircrafts are flying to #Italy with ventilators, masks and medical equipment donated by @qatar_fund to support Italian healthcare professionals. We are touched by #Qatar’s generosity and will never forget your friendship (photos)

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms trade

Siehe / Look at cp1

cp13b Mercenaries / Söldner

(* B K P)

Turkey hires mercenaries from Syria to fight in Yemen

The official spokesperson of the Libyan National Army General Command, general Ahmed Al-Mesmari has revealed serious information on the funds spent by Turkey to the Islah party, Yemen's international Muslim Brotherhood wing.
In a televised press conference held in Libya on Sunday, Al-Mesmari told the journalists that Turkey hires mercenaries from Syria to fight alongside with Islah party in Yemen and pays an average monthly salary up to five thousand dollars per recruited fighter.
He made it clear that all the financial temptations offered by Turkey are within its efforts to increase its presence near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and to threaten maritime security in the region through the southern entrance of the Red Sea.

referring to film

cp13c Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage


Ottoman period cannon recovered from Sira sea

(A P)

[Sanaa gov.] Culture Minister calls for urgent campaign to protect Old Sanaa

Minister of Culture Abdullah Ahmad al-Kibsi on Tuesday inspected the damage caused by heavy rains and torrents in the historic city of Sanaa on Monday.

In this regard, the Culture Minister called on the Public Works Office in the capital Sanaa to implement an urgent campaign inside the city to remove eh construction waste that hinder the drainage of rain water and distort the old city.

Al-Kibsi instructed the Historic Cities Authority to quickly communicate and coordinate with the Capital Secretariat and the Public Works Office to extract water from a number of lanes, y


(* B K pH)

Endowments: 1052 Historical and Archaeological Mosques, Landmarks Damaged by US-Saudi Aggression

[Sanaa gov.] Ministry of Endowments and Guidance announced, Tuesday, that 1052 mosques, historical and archaeological monuments and endowments facilities, including 283 mosques and a cemetery in Sana’a, were damaged by the US-Saudi aggression.

During a press conference held in the capital, Sana’a, the Ministry stated that the aggression targeting of mosques and endowment facilities caused the death of more than 100 people from the Ministry of Endowments and Guidance

It pointed out that the aggression destroyed historic mosques of more than 1,000 years old.

and also

(A K P)

[Hadi gov.] Yemeni culture ministry says Houthis destroy Hajjah historical castles

The Yemeni official culture ministry on Sunday accused the Houthi group of blasting a historical castle in the northwestern city of Hajjah.
"The criminal act against the historical al-Qawba'a Castle in Hajjah is an attempt to demolish the history and civilization of a deep-rooted people, and a blatant defiance to all international conventions and treaties on the protection of cultural heritage," the ministry said.

My remark: Earlier reporting: Yemen War Mosaic 641, cp13b.

cp13d Wirtschaft / Economy

(A E P)

IWF verkündet sofortige Schuldenerleichterungen für 25 arme Staaten

Der Internationale Währungsfonds (IWF) hat angesichts der Corona-Krise sofortige Schuldenerleichterungen für 25 Entwicklungsstaaten verkündet. Wie IWF-Chefin Kristalina Georgieva am Montag mitteilte, gewährt der IWF armen Staaten für einen Zeitraum von sechs Monaten Notkredite, um sie im Kampf gegen die Coronavirus-Pandemie zu unterstützen. Der IWF-Vorstand bewilligte die Kredite für eine Reihe afrikanischer Staaten sowie für Afghanistan, Nepal, Haiti und den Jemen.

und auch

Mein Kommentar: Neue Kredite, die diese Länder am Ende in noch mehr Schulden stürzen, nützen ihnen nichts; sie brauchen einen Schuldenerlass.


(* A E P)

Charity gegen Corona

Nothilfen von IWF und EU

Die herrschende Klasse gibt sich großherzig: Vom Westen in Schutt und Asche zerbombten Staaten wie Afghanistan und Jemen werden die Schulden gestundet, und sie erhalten sogar Notkredite vom Internationalen Währungsfonds (IWF). 25 der ärmsten und bedürftigsten Länder dürfen auf diese Weise ihr weniges Geld für lebenswichtige medizinische und andere Nothilfemaßnahmen aufwenden. Gemeinhin gewährt der IWF Kredite zu Schutzgeldkonditionen. Länder, die sich in die Abhängigkeit Washingtons begeben, müssen ihre Infrastruktur privatisieren und Sozialausgaben kürzen. Schutz gegen Pandemien ist unprofitabel. Wegen der Beutezüge Saudi-Arabiens wüten im Jemen seit Jahren Cholera und Hungersnot. Dieser Umstand war dem Westen nicht mal ein Waffenexportverbot wert. Erst die Coronakrise macht’s möglich: In der Krise werde sogar ein Schuldenmoratorium erwogen, teilte der IWF am Dienstag mit.

(A E P)

The International Monetary Fund on Monday said it would provide immediate debt service relief to 25 member countries under its Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust to allow them to focus more financial resources on fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said the Fund’s executive board on Monday approved the first batch of countries to receive grants to cover their debt service obligations to the Fund for an initial six months.

“This provides grants to our poorest and most vulnerable members to cover their IMF debt obligations for an initial phase over the next six months and will help them channel more of their scarce financial resources towards vital emergency medical and other relief efforts, Georgieva said in a statement.

My comment: New debts just to pay older debts – that’s not what these countries need – they need a total release of all debts.

(* B E K pH)

Telecommunications , postal services sector lose $1.4 billion

The [Sanaa gov.] Yemeni Ministry of Telecommunications and Information lost sustained as a result of the Saudi-led war at 4.1 billion dollars , equivalent to 2.5 trillion Yemeni riyals.

The Ministry explained in a report to Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that direct aggression raids on civil telecommunications and postal sites and installations amounted to 2,398 air strikes, which led to a total destruction of 31% of the infrastructure and 23% of them were partially to targeting telecommunications and postal infrastructure facilities and service centers in all provinces of the Republic.

The report confirmed that the aggression caused the complete isolation of 72 Yemeni regions and cities from the world and deprived more than one million and two hundred thousand from telecommunications and internet services.

The aggression also caused closure of more than 440 sites and communication facilities ,as for the cost of damages and initial material losses incurred by the telecommunications and postal sector amounted to $ 4.1 billion.

and also =

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

(* B T)

Qaeda, Daesh Reinforce Their Influence in Baidha under US-Saudi Aggression Cover

Since the beginning of US-Saudi aggression on Yemen, Al-Qaeda and Daesh have emerged as a partner in the war on Yemen and they have played an important role in many battles, seeking to find areas of influence to be a safe place haven for its elements.

The coalition of aggression often resorted to concluding deals with Al-Qaeda and Daesh, granting them areas of influence in exchange for fighting in its ranks, especially in areas where the battles are intensifying and its armed factions are unable to withstand them.

The last coalition deals with these terrorist organizations were in Al-Baidha province, where fierce battles are taking place between the coalition forces and Sana’a forces, in which the latter recorded wide progress.

Al-Baidha is witnessing a large influx of elements from Al-Qaeda and Daesh, establishing large camps, which confirms the existence of a new deal between these organizations and the coalition. The coalition of aggression has intended to hand over large parts of the province to the Al-Qaeda organization to establish its camps in exchange for fighting in the coalition ranks against the Sana’a forces.

On Sunday, April 12, the Ministry of Interior in Sana’a revealed a large influx of Al-Qaeda elements from the provinces of Abyan and Shabwa to Natea district to reinforce its forces there, after the successive defeats suffered by the coalition forces during the battles in the past days.

This announcement coincided with what was reported by the media, quoting tribal sources, that leader of Serwah front affiliated to Al-Qaeda sent locomotives loaded with weapons to the Al-Qaeda and Daesh stronghold in Al-Sawmah, where their camps are located, after gathering their members there and setting up training camps, command rooms and fortifications during the past weeks.

According to local sources in Al-Baidha, the districts of Qaifa, Al-Sawmah and Yakla have been turned into autonomous areas for Al-Qaeda and Daesh, with the provision of cover by the coalition and sending more arms shipments from Marib and Aden to their leaders.

These districts have turned into a battleground between Daesh and Al Qaeda, as each side seeks to control the other’s spheres of influence and to obtain more support that the coalition sends.

My remark: As claimed by the Houthi news site.

(A T)

Couple of oddities recently re. group claiming to be #ISIS in #Yemen -Seemed on the up this year as #AQAP receded in Bayda' but has claimed only 1 op in past 3 weeks (IEDs vs Houthis in Dali') -Claim was only in Naba' NOT daily wires -ISIS has no operational history in Dali'

(A T)

New video from Ansar al-Sharia in #Yemen's Hidaya Media. 10th in series "Allah Testifies that They are Liars". Exposes grisly results of #ISIS IEDs & mines that "intentionally target" civilians (not #AQAP) in Bayda'. (Still refers to ISIS as al-Baghdadi's Group not al-Qurashi's) (photos)

cp15 Propaganda

(A P)

Newspaper in London: #Taiz Brotherhood is platform to attack the capital #Aden

The London-based Al-Arabs newspaper warned on Sunday, of a Brotherhood-backed plan by Qatar to convert Taiz Governorate into a point to target the capital, Aden.

The newspaper quoted local political sources as saying that the statements made by a number of people affiliated with Qatar in Taiz were an attempt to pave the way for the implementation of this plan.

The newspaper pointed out that the sources confirmed the appearance of the features of the Houthi Brotherhood rapprochement in Taiz, which is controlled by the pro-Qatar and Turkish Brotherhood movement, through the cessation of confrontations between the two sides and political, military and media harmony towards many files.

The ” Al-Arabs” highlighted the sources’ expectations that the coming period will witness a major escalation by the pro-Qatar and Turkish Brotherhood movement in Taiz to target joint resistance leadership in the western coast

My comment: Another version of these conspiracy theories as they are loved by southern separatists.

(A P)

[Hadi gov.] Yemeni Oil Minister Says Houthis Undermine National Economy

Yemen’s Minister of Petroleum and Minerals, Aws al-Oud, confirmed that Houthi putschists had undermined the national economy and left the citizens to bear the consequences. The minister shed light on the difference in the prices of oil byproducts sold in liberated areas vis-à-vis coup-controlled areas.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Oud discussed the latest developments in the file of the Safer oil tanker, the future of oil and gas in Yemen, and investment plans for international petroleum companies.

Oud, talking about the Safer oil tanker, said that Houthis still refuse to allow international bodies to inspect the vessel, despite the threat it poses to marine life in the area.

(A P)

Yemen ceasefire receives support among western media, not Shia fighters

As is the tradition of western media to celebrating any relief moments that comes to the Houthis when embattled, the Foreign Policy is presenting to favorable public notice the cessation of airstrikes from the Coalition's side without caring if Yemen's lethal diehard Jihadists are ever interested in a reciprocal move.

An article in the American news publication - entitled "The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be the Key to Peace in Yemen" - makes a side trip from its topic, arguing that "Saudi Arabia is right to prioritize a political solution that includes a bilateral settlement of terms with" the militants to "get out" of the quagmire.

The FP doesn't note that Saudi Arabia and Yemen's government are stuck with maximalist theocratic Jihadists who prefer to keep fighting until Al-Nasr Aw Ashahadah (victory or martyrdom.)

(A P)

Exposing conspiratorial bias in favor of Houthis: Houthi crimes over past seven days (5-12 April).

They were all – save one - ignored by the UN's Yemen officials and in western media's coverage.

(A P)

Western journalists’ accomplices in killing Yemeni journalists

I've never imagined that I would in my lifetime see journalists support a religious organization that kill fellow journalists.

The western news websites covering the six-year Yemeni armed conflict have displayed a unique bias in favor of the Shia theocratic Jihadists – known as the Houthi rebel militia.

Almost all the leading western media from the CNN through Reuters, the Guardian, the Associated Press, New York Times, the Washington Post and the Middle East Monitor to the Antiwar report Yemen's war through the prism of the victimhood of the Houthi organization.

(A P)

Without a Houthi commitment, the cease-fire could make Yemen more vulnerable to COVID-19

For the Houthis, a cease-fire does not apply to their military offensive inside the country. Previous cease-fires have often provided them with the opportunity to regroup and escalate militarily.

Since the beginning of the cease-fire, the Houthis have resumed their military offensive in Marib, Bayda, al-Jawf, Hodeida, and Taiz. They also launched three ballistic missiles at Marib city, leading to civilian deaths and injuries. The Houthis’ lack of interest in halting their military operations inside Yemen puts Marib at grave risk, threatens to further destabilize Yemen, and could displace millions of civilians in the midst of a potential COVID-19 outbreak

My comment: This does not take into account that the Saudi coalition is breaching it's own ceasefire.

(A P)

Cartoon: #UN Special Envoy for #Yemen, Martin Griffiths, is under delusion that #Houthi rebels seek peace.

(A P)

Yemen [Hadi government] Rejects Houthi Attempt to Use Ceasefire to Arrange Militia Ranks

Yemeni government spokesman Rajeh Badi told Asharq Al-Awsat on Sunday that a two-week ceasefire declared by the legitimacy and the Arab coalition in Yemen was met with Houthi recklessness and mockery.

“The militias do not care about the lives of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis, but are only preoccupied with controlling some areas,” Badi said, accusing the insurgent group of taking advantage from the ceasefire to launch attacks on liberated areas.

My comment: They object to the Houthis what all parties in Yemen do.

(A P)

Coronavirus hasn't slowed Iran's terrorism and proxy wars, analysts say

Coronavirus has torn through Iran in recent months, prompting calls from the international community that the United States lift heavy economic sanctions to help them fight the contagion.

But according to many analysts, even with such a crippling pandemic, it has failed to curb Iran's nefarious support of terrorist organizations and proxy wars.

"Lifting core U.S. sanctions on Iran because of the coronavirus would be irresponsible and would not solve the fundamental problem: the regime's well-documented history of mismanagement and corruption," Jason Brodsky, Policy Director for United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), told Fox News.

And while one may assume that the massive health crisis might prompt Iran to focus more on what is happening in its own borders, critics said that with much of the world distracted, they have instead stepped up menacing behavior – attacks in Iraq, fighting in Yemen and the continued of squeezing of the last rebel stronghold in Idlib in support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria

My comment: Form US Fox news, this is ridiculous propaganda. From the US with its more than 800 military bases abroad, a more than US$ 7oo billion war (“defense”) budget, ca. US$ 1.25 trillion “security” spending a year, hundreds of military operations a year, with wars, proxy wars, regime change attempts all over the world, while totally failing on Coronavirus, letting their own population getting victim of the virus on a massive scale

(A P)

More Saudi coalition „We are benefactors“ propaganda: /

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

(A K pH)

mehr als 100 Luftangriffe der Aggression Luftwaffe innerhalb von 72 Stunden

die meisten davon auf die Gouvernorate Marib und Al-Dschouf.

(A K pH)

more than 100 raids of Aggression warplane in 72 hours: Army Spokesman

mostly on Marib and Al-Jawf provinces.

(A K pH)

More Saudi coalition air raids recorded on:

April 14: Saada p., Jawf p. / Jawf p. Marib p., Jawf p.

April 13: Marib p., Bayda p. Jawf p., Marib p., Bayda p. / Marib p. / Bayda p.

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

Siehe / Look at cp1b

(A K pH)

Armee [der Sanaa-Regierung] abwehrt zwei große Vormarschen der Aggressionstruppen in Marib

In der heutigen [15. April] Morgendämmerung konnten sich die Helden der Armee und der Volkskomitees der großflächigen Vormarschen der Aggressionstruppen in Richtung der Distrikte Madschsar und Serwah im Gouvernement Marib stellen.

(A K)

Al Houthi militants clashed with forces aligned with the internationally recognized Yemeni government of Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi on al Sayahi front in Taiz governorate in southwestern Yemen on April 14. Clashes erupted after al Houthi militants attempted to advance toward al Sayahi front, according to local media sources.[1]

(A K pH)

April 13: In Sa'adah, the Aggression-mercenaries targeted with missile and artillery shelling on populated villages in Razih district.

(A K pH)

Armee Sprecher: Abwehr eines massiven Vormarsches der Aggressionstruppen in Marib

In der heutigen Morgendämmerung [14. April] haben die Streitkräfte und die Volkskomitees auf einen massiven Vormarsch von Aggressionstruppen im Gouvernement Marib abgewehrt.

Der Sprecher der Streitkräfte, Brigadegeneral Yahya Saree, teilte der jemenitischen Nachrichtenagentur (Saba) mit, dass die Streitkräfte und die Volkskomitees auf ein großes Vormarsches im Gouvernement Serwah im Gouvernorat Marib abgewehrt hätten.

(A K pH)

[Sanaa gov.] Yemeni Army Thwarts Large-scale Creeping of Saudi-mercenaries in Marib

Yemeni Army and Popular Committees have thwarted a large-scale creeping by the Saudi-mercenaries in Marib governorate.

"By the grace of God, our forces were able to thwart a massive advance this morning in the Sirwah district of Marib governorate," spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e said on Tuesday.

"Our forces inflicted the enemy heavy losses in lives and equipment, killing and injuring dozens without making any progress," he added.

and also

(A K pS)

Arab Coalition Says Houthis Violated Ceasefire 95 Times in 24 Hours

(A K pH)

[Sanaa gov.] Army Spokesman threatens aggression forces to respond on ongoing escalation

The Yemeni Army Spokesman Yahya Sarie on Monday threatened to respond to the escalation being continued by the Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries on Yemen.

Brigadier-General Sarie affirmed in a statement that the armed forces would not be restricted before the military escalation by the enemy.

(A K pH)

Sprecher der Streitkräfte [der Sanaa-Regierung]: Army vereitelt Mehrere Infiltrationen der Aggressionstruppen in Al-Bayda

(A K pH)

[Sanaa gov.] Army foils aggression's infiltration attempts towards Bayda: Army Spokesman

and also

(A K pS)

[Hadi gov.] Army prevents militia’s infiltration attempt in Nihm

(A K pS)

Fierce fights break out in northwestern al-Dhale

(A K pS)

242 attacks committed by Houthi militia on army positions since truce came into effect, [Hadi gov.] Spokesman says

and also

(A K pS)

Yemen's Houthi rebels violate ceasefire 241 times in two days, Saudi coalition says

The Saudi-led coalition backing Yemen’s internationally-recognised government has accused Houthi rebels of violating a ceasefire on Monday.

Houthi rebels breached the truce which came into effect last Thursday, 241 times over the last 48 hours, the coalition said.

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Over 69 Houthi attacks on [Hadi gov.] army positions monitored in 24 hrs

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Houthis brutally shell villages in Lahj and al-Dhale

The Iranian backed Houthi putschist militia shelled on Sunday several villages in al-Mesaimir district in the north of Lahj governorate.
Local sources reported that the Houthi artillery units targeted people's houses in a number of villages in al-Mesaimir, causing serious damage and a state of fears and panic among the inhabitants, mostly women and children. The brutal shelling forced some families to leave their homes in search of safer places.
On the same track, the pro-Iran Houthi terrorist militia used heavy weapons to target the villages of al-Masharikh, al-Tokhab and al-Hasha in the northern side of al-Dhale, causing numerous civilian casualties and property damage.
Military field sources said that the Houthi attack on civilians and civilian targets took place right after a failed infiltration attempt into the locations under the control of the southern forces in al-Dhale.


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A woman was injured and many houses were damaged as a result of Houthi shelling at the villages of lower Hajar in al-Dale governorate.

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Saree: Mehr als 12 Infiltrationen innerhalb von 72 Stunden

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More than 12 marches, in 72 hours: Army Spokesman

Yemen's army spokesman Yahya Sarie said on Monday The forces of aggression launched more than a dozen advances in the past 72 hours.

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Coalition air defenses intercept ballistic missile over Yemen's Marib

Arab coalition air defenses have intercepted a ballistic missile fired by Houthis on the Yemeni northeastern governorate of Marib, the Yemeni internationally-recognized government's army said Sunday.
"The Patriot system has intercepted a ballistic missile over Marib," the government forces' media center tweeted.
The missile was fire by the Houthis Sunday at noon, the center added without further details.
This is the second missile fired by the group at Marib in 24 hours, after the first fell Saturday near the house of a tribal sheikh in the al-Wadi district.

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and also

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[Sanaa gov.] Army inflicts aggression forces heavy casualties in Najran: Army Spokesman

Yemen's army spokesman Yahya Sarie said on Sunday the Yemeni army inflicted the Saudi-led aggression coalition and its mercenaries the heavy casualties in repulsing an attack in Najran province.

Brigadier General Yahya Sarie affirmed in a statement that the armed forces repelled a massive infiltration attempt by the coalition forces towards Rasha'a area in Najran, killing and wounded dozens of the mercenaries, including Saudi soldiers.

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Sprecher der Streitkräfte: Armee vereitelt 3 Infiltrationen in Al-Bayda und Marib vereitelt

Die Armee und die Volkskomitees haben heute drei Infiltrationen der Söldneraggression in den Gouvernements Al-Bayda und Marib vereitelt.

Der Sprecher der Streitkräfte, Brigadegeneral Yahya Saree, teilte der jemenitischen Nachrichtenagentur (Saba) mit, dass die Streitkräfte drei Infiltrationen von gestern Mitternacht bis heute Morgen vereitelt hätten, darunter Infiltrationen an der Qaniya-Front im Gouvernement Al-Bayda und eine weitere Infiltration im Distrikt Serwah im Gouvernement Marib.

Er betonte, dass der Feind schwere Verluste an Leben und Ausrüstung erlitten habe

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[Sanaa gov.] Army repels 3 infiltrations in Bayda, Marib

The army and popular committees on Sunday repelled three of the mercenaries infiltrations in al-Bayda and Marib provinces, Armed forces spokesman Yahya Sarie told Saba.

The three infiltrations continued from midnight last night until this morning, including two infiltrations in the front of Qaniya in Al-Bayda province, and another in Sirwah district of Marib province, said Sarie.

He said the enemy has suffered heavy losses of life and equipment

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KSrelief Project 'Masam' Dismantles 1,401 Mines in Yemen During the Second Week of April

Masam, a project for clearing mines in Yemen affiliated to Riyadh-based King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief), has demined 1,401 mines, 28 antipersonnel mines, 259 anti-tanks, 1,107 unexploded ordnance and seven explosive devices.

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Film: [Sanaa gov.] Yemeni forces thwart coalition infiltration attempt in Bayda

The military media unit of the Yemeni army on Friday (April 10] released video footage showing the Yemeni army forces and popular committee repelling an advancing attempt carried out by Saudi-led coalition mercenaries towards Nati front in Bayda province.

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Torrents poured in dangerously in Sana'a, civil defense fired shots to warn citizens

2 people swept away, Many families evacuated due to torrential rains in Sana'a

Torrents poured into the capital, Sana'a, on Monday evening, leading to the loss of two people, house collapses, and shops being damaged, according to Yemeni sources.

On Monday, heavy rain fell on Sana'a and its surroundings, which lasted for several hours, which led to the flow of torrential rains from Wadi Al-Ajbar and Khaulan towards the capital whose streets were flooded with water and disrupted traffic.

Yemen: 'Everything is gone' - Sanaa reels after flooding due to heavy rains

Residents of Sanaa were left dealing with the aftermath of flooding on Tuesday after heavy rains led to floods which damaged homes, vehicles, and shops. Footage shows people wading through the Al-Sailah canal in Sanaa's Old City, scavenging through waste and walking along muddy roads. "We are mostly trapped in our homes. The torrential rains entered our homes, our furniture and foodstuffs sank, and we do not have anything. Furniture, clothes, food, everything is gone, and now the houses are flooded with water," said Sanaa resident Muhammad Al-Najashi. Footage also shows a market damaged by flood waters. "In the first it was light rain, and then it surprised us with torrents," said street vendor Issam Al-Sharai. "All of our merchandise went on the street.”

Floods are washing away cars and closing some roads in Yemen's #Sanaa which has been hit by torrential rain for days. Bullets have been fired in the air to warn people in southeast parts not to go out or drive. There are also "unconfirmed" reports Khawlan Dam has collapsed.


Film by Ruptly and SBS:

More Films:

Rain floods sweep away 2 people in capital Sanaa

3-storey house collapses due to floods in capital Sanaa

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Yemeni Women Launch Their Own 'Me Too' Online Campaign Against Sexual Harassers

A Yemeni woman's initiative to expose a young man, who sexually harassed her friend online, by posting screenshots of his inappropriate messages, ignited a strong reaction on social media, especially after receiving several threats of rape by the young man and his supporters.

Translation: "Even if they try to silence the rightful voices, there are a thousand other ones that will support and defend the victims. Hiba is courageous and has stood by what is right despite all attempts to smear and scare her."

After Twitter user Heba Alalimi, reported receiving threats of rape, for helping her friend post screenshots of explicit messages from an online harasser, mixed reactions flooded social media platforms in Yemen, with some "condemning her attempt to damage the young man's reputation", while many praised her for her courage and expressed their support to her.

Other Yemeni women launched a hashtag to gather Heba's supporters and to show solidarity for women who speak up against online bullies, utilizing the famous #MeToo slogan


Photos: Almanar mountain in Ibb governorate

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Fußball im Jemen: Symbol der Standhaftigkeit

Es gibt wenig an dem sich die Bürger aufrichten können. Eine Ausnahme ist der Fußball.

Bei dem Turnier in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten blieb Jemen ohne Tor und Punkt, doch allein die Qualifikation war eine Sensation. Denn die Fußballliga im Land pausiert seit mehr als fünf Jahren. Viele Stadien sind zerstört, Klubzentralen geplündert. Die meisten Nationalspieler trainieren selten und müssen dazu verdienen, als Beamte, Taxifahrer oder Kassierer im Supermarkt.

Nur wenige haben die Chance, im Ausland zu spielen, in Katar, Oman oder Malaysia. Auch die Pflicht-Heimspiele des jemenitischen Nationalteams müssen aufgrund des Bürgerkriegs im Ausland stattfinden, etwa in Katar und Bahrain. Das ist kompliziert, berichtet ihr Trainer Sami Hasan Al Nash.

Während der Bombardierungen konnten Nationalspieler nicht von den heimischen Flughäfen ins Ausland aufbrechen. Einige Male haben sie dann in stundenlangen Bootsfahrten den Golf von Aden überquert, ins ostafrikanische Dschibuti, um vom dortigen Flughafen zu starten. Notgedrungen haben viele Spieler ihre Laufbahn beendet, einige schlossen sich der Armee an, andere den Huthi-Rebellen, berichtet der Sportreporter Yahya Alhalali.

„Das Nationalteam sorgt im Jemen für Momente der nationalen Einheit. Doch wir wissen aus der Vergangenheit, aus dem Irak oder Libyen, dass Regierungen den Fußball gern als persönliches Spielzeug betrachten. Die Spieler sind in einem Dilemma: Sie wollen den Menschen Mut machen. Aber mit ihren eigenen kritischen Ansichten müssen sie sich zurückhalten. Sonst riskieren sie ihren Job und bringen vielleicht ihre Familie in Gefahr. Das ist eine Belastung.“

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