Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 654b- Yemen War Mosaic 654b

Yemen Press Reader 654b: 27. Mai 2020: Fortsetzung von Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 654, cp7 - cp18 / May 27, 2020: Sequel to Yemen War Mosaic 654, cp7 - cp18
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Dies ist die Fortsetzung von Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 654, Teil 1 / This is the sequel of Yemen War Mosaic 654, part 1:

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cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

cp1a Am wichtigsten: Coronavirus und Seuchen / Most important: Coronavirus and epidemics

cp1b Am wichtigsten: Kampf um Hodeidah / Most important: Hodeidah battle

cp2 Allgemein / General

cp2a Allgemein: Saudische Blockade / General: Saudi blockade

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp4 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Separatisten und Hadi-Regierung im Südjemen / Separatists and Hadi government in Southern Yemen

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp8a Jamal Khashoggi

cp9 USA

cp9a USA-Iran Krise: Spannungen am Golf / US-Iran crisis: Tensions at the Gulf

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

cp11 Deutschland / Germany

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

cp12b Sudan

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms Trade

cp13b Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp15 Propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

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E = Wirtschaft / Economy

H = Humanitäre Fragen / Humanitarian questions

K = Krieg / War

P = Politik / Politics

pH = Pro-Houthi

pS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

Siehe / Look at cp1

(A P)

There's silence about the fate of those who disappeared after sailing from Hadramout to #Socotra, #Yemen. No search efforts or information given about what happened to them. Bad weather, piracy, and military activity are all probable causes. People need info and closure.

No one bothered to search for them, not Yemeni government, not STC, not KSA, not UAE. None of these powers fighting over the control of the island did!

(A K P)

Conflicting parties agreed to extend ceasefire in Abyan

The mediation committee in Abyan governorate said on Tuesday night that the conflicting parties have agreed to extend the ceasefire in al-Sheikh Salem area in the east of Qarn al-Kalassi of Shuqra city.
The head of the mediation committee noted that the truce between the two sides will be extended to 17:00 Wednesday.


(A K P)

Clashes resume a day after Abyan ceasefire

The fighting between government forces and forces loyal to the STC around Zinjibar continues to block the road linking Aden to Abyan, Shabwa and Hadhramout

Clashes between government forces and forces loyal to the Southern Transitional Council (STC) resumed near Abyan governorate’s capital, Zinjibar, on Monday. The clashes erupted one day after a local mediation committee negotiated a ceasefire between the two sides.

The opposing forces exchanged artillery shelling northeast of Zinjibar between the coastal town of Sheikh Salem and a military camp in the Al-Tariyah area.

On Sunday, both sides had agreed to open the road between Zinjibar and the coastal town of Shaqra to civilians and cargo transport trucks. It was a welcome move that coincided with the first day of the three-day Eid Al-Fitr holiday during which locals travel to see relatives.

Shelling on Monday once again suspended traffic on the road, two taxi drivers confirmed to Almasdar Online.

(A P)

Emirati-backed mercenaries arrest activists for raising Yemeni flag

STC gangs crack down on civilians in occupied Aden

Gunmen belonging to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) have arrested southern Yemeni activist Rehab Bajrsh in the port city of Aden, along with and several of her colleagues, and have taken them to an unknown destination.

According to local sources in Aden, the STC militias attacked and dispersed a gathering of activists for the “crime” of raising the Yemeni national flag, and arrested them after an exchange of verbal attacks.



Five dead in Hadhramaut tribal conflict

Security chaos leads to infighting amongst tribal families

At least five people were killed and another seriously injured Tuesday in armed clashes between two families from the same tribe in Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen, local sources said.

According to the sources, the clashes broke out between two families belonging to the Al-Ali bin Salem tribe, in the Huraidhah district of Wadi Amd.

(* A T)

Colonel, 4 others killed in Yemen blast

Vehicle targeted with improvised explosive device

A senior Yemeni security official was among five people killed in a bomb blast in the country’s eastern Hadhramaut province on Tuesday.

An improvised explosive device targeted a vehicle carrying Colonel Saleh Ali Jaber -- head of the security directorate of Shibam town -- and four other people, local media reported.

and also


(A P)

At the invitation of His Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman, President Al-Zubaidi arrives in Riyadh

The President of the [separatist] Southern Transitional Council, President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, arrived in Riyadh for an official visit for several-days.

In this visit, President Al-Zubaidi will discuss with the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi

My comment: ??? The arrival already had been reported ca. one week ago.

(A K P)

Brotherhood militias assassinate Shabwani elite soldier in #Shabwa

The sources revealed that the Brotherhood’s terrorist militias ambushed the assassination of al-Awlaki in Nissab market in Shabwa.

(A K P T)

Monitoring operation succeeds in assassinating al-Qaeda element in Abyan

The security source of the [separatist] Southern Resistance Operations revealed that it spotted the deadly terrorist, one of the al-Qaeda militants in the Yemeni province of Ma’rib, and was targeted last night when he was on a motorbike with a colleague on their way to return to the Akkad camp.

(A H P)

Southern civil society organizations call United Nations for help regarding the health situation in Aden the capital

Southern civil society organizations launched an appeal call to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres, on the health situation in the capital Aden.

They said in their call that the tragic situation of the city of Aden represented in the collapse of the infrastructure, in which there is no electricity, no enough water, no sewage, no mechanisms to remove waste, weak medical services and treatments or any other requirements for a normal life, all of these are as a result of the government’s failure to rebuild the structure of infrastructure over the past years.

(A P)

President of [separatist] Self-Administration discusses with the administration of Electricity Corporation ways of improvement

Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, President of the Self-Administration of the South, discussed with a number of Aden Electricity Corporation officials on Monday the status of electrical power stations and the challenges facing the Corporation’s administration to secure energy and ensure its stability and the potential for raising generational capacities in the coming period.

(A K P)

Defense Minister: National Gains can never be compromised

“Territory and sovereignty for Yemenis are matters of national dignity that can never be forfeited or compromised”, he pointed out.

(A K P)

Al-Nohaidi whose name appears on global lists of terrorism incites to invade #Aden and Abyan

The terrorist sheikh – Abdullah bin Mohammad al-Nohaidi, member of the General Secretariat of the Yemeni Rashad Party, the other side of the al-Hamdeen Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and whose name is on the global terrorist lists, continues to encourage his followers from the Brotherhood (the Yemeni Rally for Islah Party) on the Brotherhood channels and its page on Facebook and Twitter, to invade Abyan

(A P)

Al-Kaf: 27 Ramadan is a turning point on the way to restore the state of South and today we face the third invasion and it will be broken by the will of Allah and the will of men

(A K P)

Conflicting parties in Abyan discuss extension of truce

The mediation committee in Abyan governorate said that the conflicting parties have agreed to extend the ceasefire which is due to end on Tuesday.
The head of the mediation committee, Sheikh Faisal Al-Marqashi revealed that efforts are being exerted to reopen the roads for a specific period in the day as negotiation for the exchange of prisoners continues under tribal auspices.

(* A K P)

Yemeni gov't-STC ceasefire starts Sunday in Abyan

A mediation committee on Sunday successfully crafted a ceasefire between the Yemeni internationally-recognized government and the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the southern governorate of Abyan.
The deal comes after ten days of fierce fighting during which the government forces made a relative advance and seized some of STC barracks.
The ceasefire deal comes into effect as of the first day of Eid al-Fitr for renewable three-day period of time, a military source said.
Under the deal, civilians would be allowed to travel from flashpoint areas between the two cities of Shoqra and Zinjobar, west of Abyan.

and, giving more details:

(* A K P)

Tribal Mediation Leads to Short Truce in Yemen’s Abyan

A tribal mediation led to a short truce between the legitimate government and Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces in Yemen’s Abyan province for the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

The three-day truce went into effect on Sunday some two weeks after fighting erupted between the two sides, with neither claiming any progress on the ground.

Abyan tribal sources confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that tribal elders in al-Marashqa met with field commanders from both parties to propose a short-term truce in the Sheikh Salem, Tarya and surrounding areas.

Including a complete cessation of hostilities, people were allowed to traveled to and from Abyan’s capital, Zinjibar, which is held by the STC, and Shaqra city, which is held by the government.

Local sources said calm prevailed on the frontlines on Sunday morning and until late at night.

(A K P)

Killing a terrorist in confrontations against southern forces in #Abyan

prominent al-Qaeda terrorist was killed by southern forces in confrontations against Brotherhood militias in Abyan.

The media center of the security belt forces in Abyan announced that the terrorist “Aidaroos Mohammad Aidaroos Al-Anbari”, a companion of Loay Al-Zamki, member of the third brigade of presidential protection and a member of Al-Qaeda, was killed by the southern forces in the confrontations of Wadi Sla and Al-Tarih front.

(A K P)

High-ranking commander of Saudi-led invasion force dies in southern Yemen clashes

Mohammed Saleh Al-Aqili reportedly killed in fights between Hadi forces and separatist militias

Local sources confirmed that the commander was killed during a failed attack launched by Hadi forces against the STC’s positions in the Al-Tarya front near the city of Zinjibar.


(A K P)

Saudi-backed commander killed in Yemen

A senior Saudi-backed Yemeni commander was killed last week during fighting against forces affiliated to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council in the country’s southern Abyan province, it has been revealed.

According to reports, the commander of the 153rd Brigade of the pro-Saudi Yemeni Army was identified as Brigadier General Mohammad Salih Al-Aqili. He was considered to be among the most prominent military leaders fighting on behalf of exiled Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

(A P)

Al-Junaidi: Der Konflikt in Abyan ist Teil des Interessenkonflikts der Besatzungsländer

Der Gouverneur [der Sanaa-Regierung] von Abyan Salih Al-Junaidi bestätigte, dass die jemenitische Einheit das Schicksal einer Nation war und ist und dass keine politische Partei das Recht hat, ihre Legitimität nach 30 Jahren ihrer Verwirklichung in Frage zu stellen.

Al-Junaidi sagte in einer Erklärung gegenüber der jemenitischen Nachrichtenagentur (Saba), dass die Bemühungen der Aggressionsländer, das Land zu demontieren und in Kantone umzuwandeln, die von bewaffneten und extremistischen Milizen regiert werden, das Festhalten des jemenitischen Volkes an seiner nationalen Einheit verbessern, was die einzige Errungenschaft ist, die das Volk in den letzten Jahrzehnten erreicht hat.

(A P)

Activist appeals for UN solidarity after separatists threatened to kill his son

A key southern activist who received death threats to his son and other forms of violence from separatists in Yemen's Aden city has appealed for the UN peace mediator to Yemen and international human rights organizations to show solidarity with him.

(A E P)

Unjustified long closure of Yemen LNG should trigger questions

Yemen's biggest industrial project, the Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas Project, is not back in operation despite the fact that the Shabwa province where the plant is, has been liberated from Houthi militia in 2015. The province has since been safe.

If this project is operational, the government's share of revenues from this US$ 4.5 billion project will sustain it, help it resume paying public salaries and handle the humanitarian crisis without the need for stigmatizing Yemen as a beggar and starving country in international forums.

The project's return will also help the government to restore itself and its functions.

Why this project and other projects are not back in operation is becoming a public discussion.

Those who, from the beginning of the conflict in 2014, don't want the Yemeni legitimate government to take over are against re-operating this crucial project.

(* B P)

SAM reveals list of abuses against journalists activists, civilians in Marib

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said in a statement issued on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, that it views with great concern the campaign of arrests to which activists and civilians have been subjected to, recently in the governorate of Marib, which is controlled by the legitimate government.
The Geneva-based organization confirmed that it monitored and documented during the recent period many violations by the security services in Marib governorate, and that these violations affected many journalists, human rights activists and civilians, in addition to a single woman detained in a women's prison, supervised by the security services two months ago, in clear violation of the freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed in all international conventions and norms.
SAM said that it had received information from some of the victims who were previously detained, indicated that there are more than 100 detainees in a prison managed by a person called (Abu Muhammad), who are being subjected to torture.
According to the information, most of the detainees were arrested from the streets, checkpoints or from their workplaces, or during their return from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, some are from Hadhramaut governorate, and those who have come to Marib to obtain passports because of their surname or suspicious that they work with the Houthis militia.
The organization confirmed that it documented testimonies of victims and families, who confirmed that the security and military services in the Marib governorate committed many violations, including arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture to death, and demanded the security services in Marib to respond to the accusations in this regard, as the organization addressed the services Security in the Marib governorate, with a letter containing the alleged violations, but unfortunately SAM has not received a response yet.

(A P)

Hadi vows to thwart attempts to divide Yemen

Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has vowed to keep the country united and to confront all internal and externals attempts to divide the country.

In a televised speech to mark the 30th anniversary of the unification between north and south Yemen on May 22, Hadi said that his country was facing serious challenges that threatened its unity, and a wave of diseases that had overwhelmed the country’s fragile health system.

(A K P)

Islah claims responsibility for assassinations carried out by Al-Qaeda

The pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias (Islah Party) claimed responsibility for the assassinations of high-ranking security officials by the hands of Al-Qaeda in the southern province of Abyan.

(A K P)

Three top Islahi commanders killed in Abyan

Senior military commanders of the pro-government Brotherhood's militias (Islah Party) were killed on Saturday, in renewed clashes with the southern armed forces, including the use of heavy weapons, on the fronts of Suqra and al-Dhoriya in Abyan governorate.

(* A K P)

Prominent pro-gov't military official killed as fighting escalates in southern Yemen

Fighting between Yemen's government forces and the Southern Transitional Council (STC) heavily escalated on Saturday in the country's southern province of Abyan, a security official told Xinhua.

According to the Abyan-based security source who asked to remain anonymous, "a prominent military official of Yemen's government forces along with six of his bodyguards were killed during the escalating fighting with STC in Abyan."

He said that the STC's military units fired a heat-seeking missile and killed Brigadier Mohamed Saleh Aqili, commander of the 153rd infantry division, along with six of his bodyguards in Abyan province.

Several other soldiers of the government forces were either killed or injured as fighting heavily intensified with the STC's military units on the outskirts of Zinjibar, Abyan's capital city, he added.


(A K P)

Battles intensified on Saturday between government and STC forces in Yemen's #Abyan province, with commanders of brigades and other senior military leaders from both sides killed and injured in the capital Zinjibar.


(A K P)

Map: The war in # Yemen Abyan Governorate Government forces control the Abu Musa Al-Ashari camp near the area of Uthman Othman, north of the city of Zanzibar, the capital of Abyan Governorate.

(A P)

Yemen: Al-Islah Party demands return of government to Aden, attacks Transitional Council

On Thursday, Al-Islah Party called for the need for the Yemeni government to return to the country’s interim capital, Aden, and implement the Riyadh Agreement to resolve the existing crisis.

In an official statement, Al-Islah Party expressed its concern about: “The emergence of a militia outside the framework of the state, and the implementation of acts of rebellion and coup against the state,” in reference to the UAE-backed Transitional Council.

The party called for considering the city of Aden as a starting point for constructing a federal Yemen and bringing together all the efforts of national forces.

(A P)

Gunmen in Aden force shopkeepers to pay arbitrary taxes

Gunmen raided a number of shops in two of the largest commercial areas in Sheikh Othman district, in the north of the interim capital Aden district on Friday, and forced business owners to pay extortionate and illegal taxes.

One of the shop owners and multiple eyewitnesses told Almasdar Online that the gunmen broke into a number of food stores in the Al-Silah commercial area, in addition to multiple electronics stores in Abdul Qawi neighborhood, and demanded that the owners pay them money as “taxes” or else they would close their stores.

According to eyewitnesses, some shopkeepers initially refused to pay the armed men, saying the extortionate taxes are illegal, which caused one of the gunmen to threaten the use force if they were not paid.

The shop owner said that a large number of shops were forced against their will to pay about 30,000 to 40,000 Yemeni riyals (about $50 to $65).

Several of the armed men were masked, and according to the sources they were wearing civilian clothes and presumed to be locals.

(A P)

Mercenaries wreak havoc in residential area of Aden

STC forces reportedly resort to violence after failing to extort money from merchants

More than six people, including civilians, were killed and wounded in clashes between factions loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional council (STC) militia in the southern port city of Aden, local sources said.

According to the sources, armed clashes resumed for the third time between the residents of Alsaylah and Almahareq neighbourhoods, in the Sheikh Othman area, killing three civilians and injuring three others.

A car belonging to a merchant was burned and of dozen families left their homes due to the mercenary infighting, one of the sources said.

Earlier on Tuesday, gunmen on military pick-up vehicles attacked a number of shops in Alsaylah neighborhood of Sheikh Othman district.

Eyewitnesses said that gunmen of the UAE-backed STC attacked a number of shops in the Alsaylah neighborhood, with the aim of extorting money under the pretext of paying “zakat [alms] for Ramadan.”

Some merchants refused to pay these royalties, which led to the outbreak of clashes that caused the burning of a citizen’s car and a state of panic among citizens in Sheikh Othman district, according to eyewitnesses.

(A P)

Islah militia abducts children in Shabwa

Islah militia, Yemen's military wing of Muslim Brotherhood, abducted on Friday night, a number of children from al-Mahfed district in Abyan governorate.
Local residents and news websites said that the gunmen of the Islah militia raided the people's homes and took several children into captivity as hostages

(A P)

South Yemen separatists mock Hadi’s response to Covid-19

STC claims recent events show incapacity of Hadi administration

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council has openly mocked the Hadi puppet government and its measures to confront corona virus in the southern port city of Aden.

“The “government of corruption” claimed to be alert to face the deteriorating health situation,”Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council Hani Ben Brik said.

“It is funny how the government of corruption claims to face the deteriorating health situation of decades, blaming the STC for preventing it from carrying out its obligations towards the health situation.”

Ben Brik denied preventing the Aden health office from carrying out any duties, saying: “politicizing the issue is the filth of the Muslim Brotherhood. If they had not done this, that would have been surprising.”

(A P)

Interior Ministry warns of separatist attacks on protesters in Aden

Yemen’s Interior Ministry has warned the ‘Southern Transitional Council’ of continuing to attack unarmed protesters who took to the interim capital’s streets to express anger at the deteriorated life conditions since the separatist militia’s capture of the city in August 2019.

(A P)

Riyadh deal can stop Yemeni gov't-STC conflict Hadi advisor

Yemen needs no new pact between the official government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC), advisor to the Yemeni President said, as the Riyadh Agreement can stop the ongoing conflict between the two parties.

The deal's "military and political matrix is adequate to get out of violence and conflict," Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr added on Twitter.

My comment: This deal is dead.

(A P)

On Yemen Unity Day, 15 parties urge to confront 'putschists'

Some 15 Yemeni political parties called upon the Yemeni people on Friday to confront what they described as the "putschist evil forces", referring to the Houthis and Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The 15 political parties, including the General People's Congress -- headed by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi -- and the Yemeni Congregation for Reform party, issued a joint statement in the 30th anniversary of the Yemeni Unity day.

My remark: Supporters of the Hadi government.

(A K P)

Aden.. STC bullets, epidemics and diseases chase down citizens

On the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of Yemeni unity (Thursday evening), one person was killed and several wounded during angry protests against the "UAE-backed" transitional council in the temporary Yemeni capital, Aden.

Field sources said that the transitional forces fired live bullets at the demonstrators who gathered in the Crater District to condemn the poor and lack of public services, demanding the return of the legitimate government.

The sources pointed out that the demonstrators cut off the streets of Crater with burning tires, condemning the Electricity outages and "blackmailing the security belt forces of the Crater by imposing illegal levies."

The demonstrations come on the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of the achievement of unity between the two parts of Yemen on May 22, 1990 in light of the catastrophic conditions in Aden and Yemen in general.

For his part, the Minister of Information in the Yemeni government, Moammer Al-Eryani, called Wednesday evening the STC to spare Aden the scourge of chaos and lawlessness and establish security and stability.

(A K P)

Film: Clashes erupt between fighters loyal to Yemen's STC and govt forces

(A K P)

Film: Yemen separatists fire on Yemen government forces

(* A E P)

Central Bank In Aden: UAE-Backed STC Forces Looted 10 Billion Riyals

The Central Bank of Yemen in Aden confirmed that the Transitional Council militia plundered 10 and a half billion by force.

In a statement issued, the bank said that separatist leader Qasim Al-Thobani came with an armed group to the bank carrying an exchange order of 10 and a half billion riyals, issued from the Transitional Command, which was rejected by the financial department of the bank because the exchange process does not have any legal measures.

Al-Thobani threatened then the bank’s employees with death if The amount was not disbursed.

The Finance Department stated that the salaries of the Aden Security Department do not exceed half a billion and are regularly disbursed through Al-Kuraimi Company, in addition to the absence of any provision for what is called the Southern Resistance Brigades.

The bank confirmed that the disbursement was carried out illegally, considering this statement as a disclaimer.

The bank said that this process threatens to completely stop the activity of the central bank, as it was spent from the general cash reserves and not the bank’s revenues.

The bank warned of the collapse of the currency as a result of the suspension of the collection of revenues to the central bank and the looting of ten and a half billion riyals.

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

(A P)

Yemeni government states approval of envoy’s proposal, calls on him to expose obstructions

The Yemeni government announced on Saturday that it has accepted the initiative proposed by UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths for a ceasefire and resumption of the peace process, and called on him to reveal the party obstructing the peace process.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government approved the envoy's initiative for a nationwide ceasefire, the formation of a joint taskforce to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, the resumption of peace consultations, and a number of confidence building measures.

These confidence building measures include the opening of all roads, with the government highlighting in particular its support for opening routes in Taiz governorate, as well as the opening of Sana'a airport for international flights, the payment of salaries to all public sector employees, and the release of all prisoners and detainees.

The government blamed the Houthis for “rejecting” the initiative, saying that the Houthis' continued rejection of the envoy's initiative “despite our approval since the beginning of May is proof that they do not want peace and do not care about the suffering of Yemenis.”

(A P)

[Sanaa gov.] National delegation Discusses with Griffiths humanitarian, political situation in Yemen

(A P)

UN envoy calls on Yemeni rival parties to forgo war, focus on COVID-19

"I urge the parties to forgo war and division and build on points of convergence. I call on them to join efforts to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and turn the tide for the sake of the people of Yemen," Martin Griffiths said in a statement on Friday.

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

(* B P)

Die Propaganda des Prinzen

Wie Saudi-Arabiens Thronfolger Mohammed bin Salman sein Image aufpolieren will – und dessen Rivalen gegen ihn mobil machen

Das Image des weltoffenen, mutigen Modernisierers leidet.

Doch nun versuchen die PR-Strategen des Thronfolgers gegenzusteuern. Das gilt vor allem für die Außenwirkung der Monarchie. Das peinliche Kapitel Khashoggi soll endlich ein Ende finden. Zugleich will der designierte Nachfolger des greisen Königs Salman mit dem Treffen der 20 weltweit wichtigsten Industrienationen in Riad glänzen.

Außerdem möchte bin Salman den britischen Fußball-Erstligisten Newcastle United für 340 Millionen Euro kaufen. Die Image-Offensive läuft allerdings nicht nach Plan.

Der G-20-Gipfel - eine große Bühne für den Herrscher

Als derzeitiger Ratsvorsitzender der G-20-Länder will bin Salman zwar das Gipfeltreffen der Industrienationen im November als Bühne für seine politische Vision des Aufbruchs ins Zeitalter erneuerbarer Energien nutzen. Aber das Spitzentreffen dürfte ganz im Zeichen der Rohstoff- und Coronakrise stehen – falls der Gipfel wegen der Virusgefahr überhaupt zustande kommt.

aus den Kommentaren:

„Aber eine Strategie, um aus der Sache [Jemen] herauszukommen und dabei halbwegs das Gesicht zu wahren, scheint es nicht zu geben.“. Doch, gibt es. Dafür jedoch müsste es dem saudischen Königshaus ernst sein mit dem Sinneswandel.
Der Trick besteht darin, zu verhandeln, sich mit dem Iran und den jemenitischen Kontrahenten an einen Tisch zu setzen, einen Friedensplan und einen Wiederaufbauplan auszuarbeiten. Sollte das gelingen, könnte Prinz Salman sein weltpolitisches Image tatsächlich aufpolieren.
Und der Iran gleich mit. Das ist die bittere Pille, die Salman (und Trump) schlucken müssten.

(A P)

Saudi Arabian airlines to resume some domestic flights from May 31

(A P)

Saudi Arabia allows mosques to open for Friday prayers

(* B P)

Kidnapping family members is Bin Salman's tactic to intimidate Saudi dissidents

Details are emerging about the kidnapping of two young people within Saudi Arabia which appears to be the latest desperate move by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to exert pressure on one of the Kingdom’s highest profile dissidents. Dr Saad Al-Jabri, once the gatekeeper of Saudi intelligence and security, has broken his silence about the astonishing kidnap of two of his children in a dawn raid on his family home in the Saudi capital, which reveals the unprecedented level that an increasingly paranoid Bin Salman is prepared to go in order to maintain his iron grip on the country and force Al-Jabri to return to Riyadh from his exile in Canada.

“Omar and Sarah were kidnapped at dawn on 16 March and taken out of their beds by about 50 state security officers who arrived in 20 cars,” explained their eldest brother, Khalid Al-Jabri, to BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner. “We don’t even know if they are alive or dead.” During the raid, all evidence including CCTV footage was taken along with the siblings aged 21 and 20 respectively.

In a dysfunctional regime where promotion depends on blind loyalty rather than ability, Al-Jabri stood head and shoulders above many as a man of intellect. He was a cabinet minister and held a very senior rank in the interior ministry. By 2015, though, when the late King Abdullah’s half-brother Salman took to the throne, he was viewed with suspicion.

(A P)

#Saudi newspaper @okaz_english closely tied with the security apparatuse assails #Jews using every trope you can think off. It’s tiering. Who gives #Saudis civer in Washington? Yes it’s the self-styled “Christian leader” @SecPompeo

referring to

(A P)

#Saudi Monarchy arrests a black man, a former football player, #SaaedAlOwairan who dazzled the world #WorldCup in 94 with an amazing goal against #Belgium. He was arrested for saying mosques will reopen, just hours before they were reopened #MBSWay

(A P)

Saudi Arabia to end curfew on June 21, except in Mecca

Saudi Arabia will begin easing restrictions on movement and travel this week, more than two months after stringent measures were introduced to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

(A P)

VIDEO: HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman exchanges #Eidal-Fitr greetings through a video call with the General Staff, Armed Forces branches, Southern Sector Command, Joint Forces Command, and the forward Special Ops Command in #Yemen

(A E)

#Saudi government sources tells me that prices of meat are going up by %30+ in few weeks. Prices of live cows has already jumped by that much.

(B P)

It's been two years since Saudi Arabia arrested Mohammed al-Bejadi (@albgadi), a prominent human rights activist and founding member of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA).

(* B E P)

Gulf Foreign workers losing their jobs may reduce the population of the Gulf states by up to 10%

A recent report suggested that the population in some Gulf Cooperation Council countries could decrease by up to 10 percent with the possible exit of foreign workers who lost their jobs due to the effects and repercussions of the Corona virus on commercial and economic activities, according to Bloomberg. According to the report from Oxford Economics, the Gulf states that are in recession as a result of the closings to reduce the spread of the Corona virus and the consequences of lower oil prices, could witness a decrease in employment that may reach 13 percent.

The report predicted, according to "Oxford Economics" that the number of foreign workers who will leave Saudi Arabia is about 1.7 million workers and 900 thousand workers in the UAE. The report pointed out that reliance on migrant workers in vulnerable sectors means that the burden of losing jobs will fall on these sectors, pointing out that the displacement of expatriates after relaxing travel restrictions is likely to lead to a decrease in the population by 4 percent in Saudi Arabia and Oman and about 10 in Cent in the Emirates and Qatar.

(B P)

Relatives of Saudi defector target of harassment at home: Report

Saudi authorities are reportedly using extreme harassment tactics against relatives of a dissident hiding abroad to force him to return to the kingdom.

The New York Times on Thursday said Saad Aljabri, a former Saudi intelligence officer, has been under increasing pressure by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to return to Saudi Arabia from Canada, where he has been hiding fearing his life.

Aljabri’s son and associates told the newspaper that authorities had arrested four senior members of his family, including two of his adult children.

“They were kidnapped from their beds. I don’t even know if they are alive or dead … It has been weeks and we don’t know where they are,” said Khalid Aljabri about the relatives arrested in Saudi Arabia.

(* B E P)

Saudi Arabia: Where has all the money gone?

With public debt rising and reserve assets falling, the country's economic crisis is on track to escalate in the months ahead.

Economic prosperity in the kingdom has attracted millions of qualified Arab and foreign expatriates to work for Saudi companies and public institutions. As such, the economic downturn in the kingdom will affect the whole region.

Amid the severe global economic crisis fuelled by the coronavirus pandemic, Saudi Arabia has faced a major drop in oil prices and a disruption of religious tourism to its holy sites of Mecca and Medina, with millions of visitors unable to travel to the country this year to perform religious rites.

The country’s total external debt has skyrocketed over the past five years: at the end of 2014, a few months before the start of the Yemen war, it was just under $12bn, showing that the rate has jumped by more than 1500 percent in the past five years.

During the same five-year period, cash reserves also declined. Reports from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority show that the country’s total reserve assets were estimated at $732bn at the end of 2014, but had fallen to $499bn by the end of 2019 - an evaporation of $233bn within five years.

These figures show that over the past five years, as Saudi Arabia was borrowing tens of billions of dollars from abroad, it was also withdrawing a comparable amount from public reserve assets.

Critically, all of these figures date back to late 2019 - before the fall of oil prices, the coronavirus outbreak and the associated declines in global travel and trade. So where has all this money gone?

cp8a Jamal Khashoggi

(* A P)

Geplante Vergebung für den geplanten Khashoggi-Mord

Für die Ermordung des saudischen Publizisten Jamal Khashoggi wurden acht Personen schuldig gesprochen. Khashoggis Familie hat ihnen verziehen
(…) Salah Khashoggi verkündete vergangene Woche in seinem und seiner drei Brüder Namen, dass sie den Mördern ihres Vaters verzeihen. Jamal Khashoggi war am 2. Oktober 2018 im saudi-arabischen Generalkonsulat in Istanbul bestialisch ermordet worden…
Hatice Cengiz, die an dem Tag vergeblich darauf gewartet hatte, dass ihr Verlobter Jamal die saudische diplomatische Vertretung nach Erledigung seiner Amtsgeschäfte wieder verlässt, sprach in einem Statement den Söhnen das Recht ab, auf Gerechtigkeit zu verzichten. Agnès Callamard, Uno-Sonderberichterstatterin für außergerichtliche Hinrichtungen, warf Saudi-Arabien Justiz-“Verhöhnung” vor: Das sei der erste Schritt, die Mörder Khashoggis völlig straflos in die Freiheit zu entlassen.

(* A P)

Die Propaganda des Prinzen

Wie Saudi-Arabiens Thronfolger Mohammed bin Salman sein Image aufpolieren will

Zur Inszenierung gehört, dass Khashoggis Söhne jetzt dazu bewegt wurden, den Mördern ihres Vaters öffentlich zu vergeben. Einer von ihnen teilte zum Ende des islamischen Fastenmonats Ramadan am Wochenende auf Twitter mit, die Familie des Regimekritikers handele in der Gewissheit, dass ein Mensch von Gott belohnt werde, wenn er anderen vergebe.

Mit der Geste rettete die Familie fünf verurteilte Mörder Khashoggis vor der Hinrichtung. Die Führung in Riad hofft offenbar, dass damit allmählich Ruhe in dem Fall einkehrt, der den Kronprinzen Mohammed als rücksichtslosen Gewaltherrscher zeigt.

Doch wenn Mohammed bin Salman – genannt MBS – gehofft haben sollte, dass sich die Aufregung um den Khashoggi-Mord mit der Erklärung der Söhne legt, dann hat er sich getäuscht. Für UN-Ermittlerin Agnes Callamard ist die Twitter-Erklärung lediglich Teil einer „gut einstudierten Justiz-Parodie“.

Khashoggis türkische Verlobte Hatice Cengiz erklärte, niemand habe das Recht, den Mördern zu vergeben.

(* A P)

Khashoggi’s sons forgive Saudi killers, sparing 5 execution

The family of slain Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi announced on Friday they have forgiven his Saudi killers, giving legal reprieve to five government agents who had been sentenced to death for an operation that cast a cloud of suspicion over the kingdom’s crown prince.

“We, the sons of the martyr Jamal Khashoggi, announce that we forgive those who killed our father as we seek reward from God Almighty,” wrote one of his sons, Salah Khashoggi, on Twitter.

Salah Khashoggi, who lives in Saudi Arabia and has received financial compensation from the royal court for his father’s killing, explained that forgiveness was extended to the killers during the last nights of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in line with Islamic tradition to offer pardons in cases allowed by Islamic law.

The Saudi court’s ruling in December that the killing was not premeditated paved the way for Friday’s announcement by leaving the door open for reprieve. Additionally, the finding was in line with the government’s official explanation of Khashoggi’s slaying that he was killed accidentally in a brawl by agents trying to forcibly return him to Saudi Arabia.

The family’s decision to pardon Khashoggi’s killers comes as questions continue to linger over who ultimately ordered the operation and whether his sons have come under pressure. The trial was widely criticized by rights groups and an independent U.N. investigator who noted that no senior officials nor anyone in charge of ordering the operation was found guilty. The independence of the Riyadh criminal court was also brought into question.

My comment: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

(* A B P)

Jamal Khashoggi: Fiancée rejects family forgiveness offer to killers

Murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's fiancée has said "no-one has the right to pardon his killers" after his son said he forgave them.

Hatice Cengiz, a Turkish citizen, tweeted that the "heinous murder does not have a statue of limitations".

On Friday, Hatice Cengiz wrote on Twitter that Jamal Khashoggi had become "an international symbol bigger than any of us, admired and loved."

In one, widely carried by the Saudi government-controlled media, the family of Jamal Khashoggi has forgiven his killers. This would be in line with the public stance adopted by his son, Salah, who was filmed accepting the condolences of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the man suspected by many of being personally behind the killing.

But Salah still lives in Saudi Arabia, and there are suspicions he has been coerced into issuing the pardon.

So the opposing view, as voiced by Khashoggi's fiancée and also by the UN special rapporteur who investigated the murder, is that this is all part of a cover-up by the Saudi authorities. They believe that the true culprits are still at large and that justice has yet to be served. None of this is likely to receive much attention in the media in Saudi Arabia, a country now hit by the twin blows of coronavirus and collapsing oil revenues.

What about Khashoggi's son's comments?

Earlier, a statement was posted to the Twitter account of Salah Khashoggi, one of the late journalist's sons who lives in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

"In this blessed night of the blessed month [of Ramadan] we remember God's saying: If a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from Allah," it said.

"Therefore we the sons of the Martyr Jamal Khashoggi announce pardoning those who killed our father, seeking reward God almighty."

Death sentences can be commuted in light of a pardon by the victim's family under Islamic law, but it is not clear whether that will apply in this case.

Salah has previously issued statements expressing his confidence in, and support of, the Saudi investigation.

He has also previously criticised "opponents and enemies" of Saudi Arabia who he said had tried to exploit his father's death to undermine the country's leadership.

Last year, the Washington Post reported that Khashoggi's children had received homes and monthly payments as compensation for the killing of their father.

But Salah, Khashoggi's eldest son, was the only sibling who intended to carry on living in Saudi Arabia, the newspaper said.

(A P)

Yemeni activist Tawakkol Karman has criticized Salah Khashoggi, the son of murdered Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, for pardoning his killers from the death penalty.

Under Saudi Arabian law, the family of the victim has the right to pardon or grant clemency to the perpetrator. Once ratified, this pardon prevents the perpetrator from receiving the death penalty.

But on Saturday, prominent Yemeni activist Tawakkol Karman tweeted that it was not Salah’s “right” to “waive his father’s murder,” and suggested the move had been motivated by financial reward from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – known to some by the acronym MBS.

“When will Salah Khashoggi understand that it is not his right to waive his father’s murder—#JamalKhashogg? It is not a crime against him to waive it in an exchange for a villa from #MBS,” tweeted Karman.

“It is a crime against humanity and cannot be classified otherwise, and thus only humanity decides what to do! I believe that the moral consequences of the Khashoggi murder will hit the aging kingdom of Salman. Time will prove me right! 2/2” added Karman.

(A P)

This news about Jamal Khashoggi's family forgiving his killers - as well as being an attempt at putting to bed the whole tragedy - also appears to be used as a thinly veiled attack on Qatar. A sample of around 16000 tweets on the Jamal_Khashoggi hashtag reveals that

15% of all the tweets and RTs mention Qatar. Most of these come from Retweets of the most retweeted account within the sample, which is the Saudi nationalist account @s_hm2030 . A lot of tweets call Qatar 'Zionist', and call @mercan_resifi a Turkish agent

It is obviously a shame that the no doubt illegitimate absolving of Khashoggi's killers will serve as a platform to once again to incriminate Turkey and Qatar somehow, which was one of the propaganda tropes from October 2018. We are back to square one sadly #Disinformation

(* B P)

The War Nerd: How Many Dead Yemeni Nobodies Does It Take to Equal 1 Wapo Contributor?

The headline here is not a joke, unfortunately. It’s a question you can’t help asking if you’ve followed the war in Yemen.

You probably noticed that on Radio War Nerd we’ve pointed out over and over that some wartime deaths get a whole lot of attention, others very little — or none. But it’s not easy to get a real-life scientific-type test of the relative weight of a WaPo writer’s death and the deaths of “enemy” civilians.

Well, we’ve got such a test now. I just found it at the BBC News site. This thing is going to be the gold standard of pixels-per-death calculations from now on. It’s Nobel Prize in Media Physics stuff. What’s the molecular weight of a dead Yemeni civilian? It’s an amount so tiny that mere laypeople using crude stone tools could never guess it. But thanks to this BBC story, we can use our advanced math skills to figure it out.

Here’s the story, our Eureka moment, our Rosetta Stone, our electron media microscope: a BBC article headlined “Saudi Arabia: Just how deep are its troubles?”, published on May 13 2020, under the byline of Frank Gardner, “BBC Security Correspondent.”

Gardner identifies many problems for the Kingdom, most of them purely financial: the COVID-19 pandemic, the oil glut and falling prices. He briefly mentions the PR problem suffered by de facto Saudi ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS):

“Meanwhile the crown prince, while still largely popular at home, remains something of a pariah in the West due to lingering suspicions over his alleged role in the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.”

That’s Gardner’s sixth paragraph, so the PR problem rates below the purely financial problems, but still pretty high.

Paragraph placement in a news story is very important. And like the NFL draft, it’s not so much whether you get drafted or not but where you’re placed. The earlier the better, the more value you have, whether you’re a cornerback or a dead civilian. So being mentioned in the sixth paragraph of a long (50-paragraph) story like this, as Khashoggi is, makes you something like a third-round choice. Khashoggi must be proud, wherever he is now.

The point is that killing Khashoggi is MbS’s ONLY PR problem, as far as the BBC is concerned.

cp9 USA

Siehe / Look at cp9a, cp13a

(A K P)

Protest Trump-Raytheon collaboration that is destroying Yemen

Join us this Saturday May 23th at the entrance to the Fresh Pond Mall to help keep these stories visible and to expose Raytheon’s role in shaping U.S. policy of supporting the war against Yemen.

(A P)

US President looks forward to just and lasting solution to Yemeni crisis

US President Donald Trump said Thursday evening that he is looking for a just and lasting solution to the Yemeni crisis.

"The United States appreciates the existing partnership between our two governments, and we also appreciate your efforts to achieve peace," according to the Aden-based Yemeni news agency (Saba), according to a message addressed to Yemeni President Abdrabbo Mansour Hadi on the occasion of the 30th National Day of the Republic of Yemen

My comment: LOL LOL LOL. The US has fired and enabled this war and is warring party.

(* B K P)

Report: US Manufactured Emergency to Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered officials at the department under his watch to find a way to justify the use of an emergency declaration meant to expedite the $8 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, CNN reports.

Four sources in the US State Department told the TV channel on Friday that they were stunned by the request to justify the emergency declared in May 2019 by Pompeo that enabled him to sidestep a congressional ban on arms export to the Riyadh regime amid the war on Yemen.

Under Pompeo’s order, the sources said, State Department officials had to “reverse engineer the situation to provide the justification for a decision which was made in an aggressive and unconventional manner.”

“They seemed to have a game plan and it had to be justified,” said a State Department official.

“The attitude was very Trumpian,” he added, referring to US President Donald Trump.

Pompeo’s demand sent offices at the US State Department, with the regional office, the political military bureau and the legal office all set into motion to figure out how the emergency could be justified, according to the sources. The quick decision did not allow for a thorough discussion about the arms sale between the various government agencies involved.

“It seemed we [the Trump administration] were determined to turn a corner on [Jamal] Khashoggi (the Saudi dissident journalist murdered in Istanbul). The message was we need to move on, and provide the support,” the official said. “It was an incredible display of audacity.”


(* B K P)

The US cleared the way for a new arms sale to the UAE, despite evidence it violated the last one

The Trump administration has cleared the United Arab Emirates of wrongdoing and approved a possible sale of thousands of armored vehicles to the Gulf state, US government officials told CNN, despite evidence that the country made unauthorized transfers of American military hardware to armed groups in Yemen.

A CNN investigation in February last year revealed that both American allies had given US-made equipment to al Qaeda-linked fighters, hardline Salafi militias, and other fighting factions in Yemen, despite their agreements with Washington.

Under those agreements, the UAE and Saudi Arabia were legally required to receive permission to transfer equipment to other parties, but that permission was never obtained, the Department of Defense said at the time. Emirati officials denied they were in violation at the time, while the Saudis did not respond to requests for comment.

In the wake of CNN's report, the US government launched its own investigation -- which included dispatching teams to the UAE and Saudi Arabia -- and put further deliveries of US hardware to the UAE on hold pending the results of that inquiry.

Two US officials with knowledge of the joint State Department and Pentagon investigation told CNN it took over a year to complete because of what one source described as delaying tactics by the UAE.

While the probe concluded earlier this year, its findings have not been made public. But multiple government officials on both sides of the aisle and within the administration told CNN that the UAE has now been cleared.

The State Department has told some leaders in Congress that it is "satisfied no actual transfers were made," and has "made sure the UAE fully appreciates the letter of their agreements" with the US, another source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

With that assurance, the lawmakers gave their blessing to a new proposed sale of US military hardware to the UAE, the source said.

On May 7, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced that the Pentagon had approved the proposed sale of up to 4,569 surplus US-made Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to the UAE for an estimated cost of $556 million. The sale would serve the US national interest by helping to support the security of "an important regional partner," the DSCA news release said.

But a lack of transparency over the findings of the US investigation has raised questions about the propriety of the Trump administration's decision to approve the proposed sale of MRAPs to the UAE, given the evidence of past unauthorized transfers and bipartisan Congressional opposition to several proposed arms sales last year. It also comes as Pompeo has been accused of pressuring officials to find ways to justify arms sales to Saudi.

In a statement to CNN last week, the UAE would not confirm or deny whether it had been cleared but said its "armed forces confirmed to the US government its continued adherence to the terms and conditions" of the arms sales.

But some US government officials told CNN they were concerned that the UAE was cleared of wrongdoing and that this contentious move was made while Congress was focused on the current coronavirus crisis. Two administration officials were willing to be quoted but asked not to be named due to fears of retribution.

"Look, the arms sales thing is really key for Trump personally and it's been a real point of contention with Congress, even Republicans have been pushing back," said one senior official with knowledge of the issue. "The Emirates is a key ally and we believe that this sale is in the US national interest. This felt like a good time to push this through."

A second senior official familiar with the deal was much more concerned about the approval of the potential MRAP sales at the present time.

"We had real issues getting cooperation from them [the Emirates] on our investigation," the official told CNN. "Their sense was that they didn't feel they'd done anything wrong, which doesn't really bode well for future compliance, but the message we got from the top was Trump wants this done and now is a good time to push through."

(A P)

Pompeo refuses to explain why he recommended inspector general's firing

The secretary of state admits answering questions in writing for one IG probe.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to be interviewed by the Office of the Inspector General about his push for "emergency" arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to a congressional aide and a source with knowledge of the investigation. Pompeo instead submitted answers in writing to the OIG, according to the source.

cp9a USA-Iran Krise: Wachsende Spannungen am Golf / US-Iran crisis: Mounting tensions at the Gulf

(* B P)

Die Atomvereinbarung mit Iran. Gegenstand, Genese, Gefahren

Die Atomvereinbarung mit Iran galt als historische Errungenschaft europäischer Außenpolitik. Der im Juli 2015 erzielte Kompromiss war das Resultat frühzeitiger diplomatischer Bemühungen der sogenannten E3 (Deutschland, Frankreich und Großbritannien), denen bei den Nuklearverhandlungen eine wesentliche Vorreiterrolle zukam. Der Ansatz, den Nuklearkonflikt mit Iran innerhalb eines kleinen, informellen und multilateralen Rahmens beilegen zu wollen, bot mehrere Vorteile. Minilaterale Formate schaffen aufgrund der geringen Anzahl an Beteiligten nicht nur eine größere Vertraulichkeit, sondern erleichtern auch den Prozess der Konsensbildung. Gleichzeitig mangelt es ihnen häufig an politischem Gewicht. Dies zeigte sich auch in den Verhandlungen mit der Islamischen Republik, in denen sich die USA als der mit Abstand wichtigste Einflussfaktor erwiesen.[1] Die herausragende Rolle Washingtons wurde einmal mehr deutlich, als sich die US-Administration im Mai 2018 entschloss, ihren Verpflichtungen aus der Nuklearvereinbarung nicht länger nachzukommen. Der Rückzug der USA hat die Vereinbarung in einen Krisenmodus versetzt, der bis heute anhält.

Doch der Rückzug der USA im Mai 2018 hat den Verhandlungserfolg nachhaltig untergraben. Schon bald könnte die EU vor einer neuen Proliferationskrise stehen.

Angesichts der Entwicklungen der vergangenen zwei Jahre wird das Szenario eines iranischen Austritts aus dem NVV immer wahrscheinlicher.[12] Dies ist umso mehr der Fall, seit sich die USA auf ihren gescheiterten Ansatz der frühen Verhandlungsjahre zurückgezogen haben, in denen Washington einen vollständigen Anreicherungsstopp gefordert und allein auf Zwangsmittel gesetzt hatte. Zugleich wächst der innenpolitische Druck auf die iranische Führung, jegliche Zusammenarbeit mit der IAEO einzustellen. Solange die Politik des maximalen Drucks Teheran nur eine politische Kapitulation in Aussicht stellt, um die Krise zu beenden, steigt die Wahrscheinlichkeit an, dass die iranische Führung Nuklearwaffen als einzige effektive Maßnahme für den Systemerhalt ansehen wird von Azadeh Zamirirad

(* B P)

Sicherheitsdenken und Machtprojektion. Iran im Nahen Osten

Die iranische Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik beruht auf gleichermaßen ideologischen wie strategischen Grundlagen.[1] Sie ist unter Bedachtnahme auf die Veränderungen nach dem Bruch mit den USA 1979 in vielen Punkten als Fortsetzung der alten kaiserlichen Großmachtpolitik zu verstehen. Dieser Aspekt dominiert die Beurteilung der iranischen Regionalpolitik bei den arabischen Nachbarn Irans und im geringeren Maße auch in der Türkei, während im Westen die US-amerikanische Lesart vorherrscht, wonach die iranische Außenpolitik revolutionär, also unberechenbar und irrational sei.

Ihr Handlungsspielraum ist durch das iranische Engagement in Syrien, die Lage im Irak und die sanktionsbedingte Isolation eingeschränkt – von Walter Posch

(* B P)

Von Verbündeten zu Erzfeinden. Zur kurzen, aber wirkmächtigen Geschichte der USA-Iran-Beziehungen

Iran bleibt auf absehbare Zeit zentral für die vitalen Interessen und die Außenpolitik der USA im Nahen und Mittleren Osten – einer Region, die wegen ihrer Öl- und Gasressourcen und ihrer Lage im geopolitischen Fadenkreuz auch anderer Großmächte, einst der Sowjetunion und heute vor allem der aufstrebenden Macht Chinas, stand und steht. Waren es im Kalten Krieg vornehmlich Rohstoffe, sollen in der heutigen geoökonomischen Auseinandersetzung Handels-, Finanz- und Kommunikationsströme möglichst umfassend kontrolliert und manipuliert werden.

Nach der Revolution von 1979 wurden aus Verbündeten Erzfeinde. Unter US-Präsident Donald Trump hat sich die Lage wieder zugespitzt. Irans Nuklearoption und Regionalmachtambitionen werden die USA notfalls mit militärischen Präventivschlägen begegnen.

Illusionäre Realpolitik der USA

Doch auch in den USA werden Illusionen gehegt, die als Realpolitik gedacht werden. Die Iran-Krise hätte nüchterne Geostrategen in Washington dazu bewegen können, ihre Grundannahmen und außenpolitischen Überzeugungen zu hinterfragen. Hatte sich doch ein vermeintlich stabiles autoritäres Regime, ein "Grundpfeiler" US-amerikanischer Realpolitik in der Region des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens, als unerwartet instabil erwiesen. Menschenrechte auf dem Altar von Stabilität und Sicherheit zu opfern, hatte weder dem iranischen Regime selbst noch seiner US-amerikanischen Schutzmacht auf Dauer Stabilität und Sicherheit gebracht.

Irans "Look to the East"-Strategie

Enttäuscht von den Europäern, versucht Iran nunmehr mit seiner "Look to the East"-Strategie Alternativen in Asien zu finden und Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zu dort führenden Mächten auszubauen.

Die Zeitbombe tickt

Die USA werden notfalls mit militärischen Präventivschlägen nicht nur Irans Nuklearoption und Regionalmachtambitionen begegnen, sondern auch dem Hauptrivalen China einen Strich durch seine geopolitische Rechnung machen und verhindern, dass er einmal mehr zum Nutznießer westlicher Sanktionen wird. Die Gedankenspiele in den USA und Israel, durch Präventivschläge die Gefährdung durch Iran auszuschalten, sind nicht neu. Diese Option besteht jedoch nur solange, bis sich Iran noch nicht durch Atomwaffen unangreifbar gemacht hat – von Josef Braml

(* B E P)

Irans Wirtschaft im Zeichen von US-Sanktionen und Corona-Krise

Bereits vor der Corona-Pandemie, die auch in Iran seit Februar 2020 wütet, war Teherans Wirtschaft in einer Krise, die durch die ab Mai 2018 erneut verhängten US-Sanktionen noch verschlimmert wurde. Anfang 2020 waren alle ökonomischen Indikatoren, die den Zustand der Wirtschaft Irans abbilden, negativ. War bereits 2018 das Bruttoinlandsprodukt um 5 Prozent gegenüber 2017 gesunken, ging es 2019 noch einmal um knapp 10 Prozent zurück.

Durch die ab Mai 2018 erneut verhängten US-Sanktionen und die Corona-Pandemie, die seit Februar 2020 in Iran wütet, hat sich die wirtschaftliche und soziale Lage noch verschlimmert – von Wilfried Buchta

(A K P)

Rouhani urges Switzerland to play more constructive role against US illegal actions

In a telephone conversation with Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on the European country to perform a more significant role against the US anti-Iranian behaviors.

(A K P)

A lot of Western military air force on the Gulf

(A K P)

Era of US military presence in region ending: IRGC deputy commander

A senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has censured the United States for conducting military drills in the Persian Gulf, saying the era of US military presence in the region is coming to an end.

The IRGC deputy commander for political affairs, Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, said in an interview with Tasnim News Agency in Tehran on Monday that what the US is doing under the guise of "military exercises to enhance security in the Persian Gulf and assisting its allies," is, in fact, part of efforts aimed at consolidating its presence in the region.

(A K P)

Iran’s defense preparedness at highest level in 40 years: IRGC cmdr.

Iran has reached the highest level of defense preparedness since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, says a senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), emphasizing that there is nothing for the Iranian people to worry about in this regard.

(A P)

Film: Because of Iran ... a new American-Chinese confrontation

(A P)

Iran’s 3rd Tanker to Enter Venezuelan Waters in Few Hours

Iran’s 'Petunia' Oil Tanker is moving South of Barbados in northeastern Venezuela and it seems that it will enter Venezuelan waters in a few hours.

(A P)

Maduro Defends Iran & Venezuela’s Right to 'Trade Freely', Thanks Tehran for Help Amid US Sanctions

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has condemned US attempts to prevent Caracas from having trade relations with Iran, arguing that this is an inalienable right of the two states.

"Venezuela and Iran both want peace, and we have the right to trade freely", Maduro stated.

The Venezuelan president went on to thank Iran for its incoming shipments of gasoline, as the first tanker carrying a deficit cargo arrived in Venezuela's port of El Palito amid fuel shortages in the country.

(A P)

Venezuela says Iran gasoline shipment 'landmark in defending Caracas sovereignty'

Venezuela's envoy to the UN Samuel Moncada has welcomed the arrival of the first of five Iranian tankers in the Latin American state as a major step in its fight against foreign attacks on its sovereignty.'landmark_in_defending_caracas_sovereignty'

(A P)

Iranian fuel starts arriving in Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning

The first of five Iranian tankers carrying fuel for gasoline-starved Venezuela entered the South American country’s exclusive economic zone on Saturday, despite a U.S. official’s warning that Washington was considering a response to the shipment.

Comment: This absurd headline reflects the Western imperial perspective. Iran is framed as the provocateur for delivering oil to a country strangled by US sanctions, while Washington is deemed to have the right to decide who enters Venezuelan waters.

Comment to comment: Doesn’t matter, what disgusting is the media keep reinforcing the narrative that it’s natural US having a say in anything other countries do in the first place.

(A P)

First Iranian tanker carrying gasoline enters Venezuelan waters

(* A P)

Trump Claims to Have Venezuela ‘Surrounded’ as Iranian Tankers Approach

Venezuela’s armed forces will escort the vessels upon reaching territorial waters.

US President Donald Trump issued new threats against Venezuela on Wednesday.

“We’ve got it [Venezuela] surrounded, it’s surrounded at a level that nobody even knows but they know. We are watching to see what happens,” he warned during a conference call with Hispanic leaders.

The president’s remarks come amid escalating tensions over Iranian fuel shipments to Venezuela. (A P)

VIPS MEMO: To the President—Avoid Hostilities Over Iranian Fuel Shipment to Venezuela

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) urges Donald Trump to avoid the slippery slope toward armed conflict as an Iranian oil tanker nears Venezuela on Sunday

Recent U.S. rhetoric and actions against Venezuela — most immediately regarding Iran’s shipping of gasoline desperately needed during the pandemic — puts the U.S. at risk of an outbreak of dangerous and almost certainly counterproductive hostilities, not only in the Caribbean, but also in waters closer to Iran. As five Iranian tankers approach Venezuela, with the first due to arrive Sunday, hardliners in both Washington and Iran would relish a chance to give a bloody nose to the other side, but it may not be that simple.

(A P)

US not allowed to disrupt legal international trade: Zarif

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the US is not permitted to disrupt legal trade among other countries, slamming such interventionist policies as a threat to the entire world community.

If a country moves to hinder legal trade “based on its own wrong policies”, it will “definitely face an international reaction,” Zarif told reporters on Tuesday in response to a question about Washington’s threats against Iranian tankers carrying fuel for Venezuela, Press TV reported.

(A P)

Iran warns US not to interfere with Venezuela oil shipment

Iran’s president on Saturday warned the United States not to interfere with a shipment of oil bound for Venezuela after the South American nation said it would provide an armed escort for the tankers.

In a statement posted on his website, Hassan Rouhani said the United States had created “unacceptable conditions” in different parts of the world, but that Iran would “by no means” be the one to initiate conflict.

“If our tankers in the Caribbean or anywhere in the world face any problems caused by the Americans, they will face problems as well,” he added. “We hope the Americans will not make a mistake.”

(A K P)

Iran monitoring US military, to respond to threat to interests anywhere in world: Gen. Baqeri

Iran’s top military commander says Iranian Armed Forces have a full intelligence command of United States military movements in and far beyond the region and will respond to any move that endangers Iranian interests at any location in the world.

According to Press TV, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, said in a statement on Friday that the Iranian Armed Forces routinely monitored every big and small move made by enemy forces.

(A P)

US breach of international obligations will definitely end up in anarchism: Iran

Iran has censured the US administration for planning to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, which allows unarmed surveillance flights over member countries, saying there will be anarchism if the White House keeps violating international regulations.

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

(A P)

Newcastle takeover in serious doubt as WTO rules pirate TV channel is Saudi

The controversial £300m Saudi Arabia-funded takeover of Newcastle United appears to be in serious doubt after the World Trade Organization ruled that the country is behind a pirate satellite TV and streaming service that offers illegal access to sporting events, the Guardian can reveal.

cp11 Deutschland / Germany

(B P)

Auswärtiges Amt

Saudi-Arabien: Außenpolitik

In Jemen führt Saudi-Arabien eine Arabische Koalition an, die den von der internationalen Gemeinschaft anerkannten jemenitischen Präsidenten Abed Rabbo Mansur Hadi im Kampf gegen die Huthi-Rebellen unterstützt. In diesem Rahmen ist Saudi-Arabien seit März 2015 in Jemen militärisch engagiert. Gleichzeitig fordert es mit Nachdruck eine politische Lösung in Umsetzung der UN-Sicherheitsratsresolution 2216 und ist größter humanitärer Geber. Die Huthi-Rebellen tragen den Konflikt auch nach Saudi-Arabien. Sie beschießen immer wieder Saudi-Arabien mit Flugkörpern, die zwar zumeist von der saudischen Flugabwehr abgefangen werden, zuletzt aber immer wieder auch bewohntes Gebiet und zivile Infrastruktur treffen. Der saudi-arabische Ansatz, die präferierte politische Lösung des Konfliktes aus einer Position der eigenen militärischen Stärke heraus zu „erzwingen“, gerät mit dem teilweisen Abzug der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate aus der Provinz Hodeidah zunehmend unter Druck.

Mein Kommentar: Die angebliche “Basisinformation“ des Auswärtigen Amts zu Saudi-Arabien stellt in der Tat eine unsägliche Verniedlichung dar. Hier nur der Abschnitt über den Jemenkrieg. In der Basisinformation“ über den Jemen kommt der Krieg nicht einmal vor:

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

Emirates: Siehe / Look at cp8

(A H)

Des familles yéménites remercient les soignants de Besançon en apportant des repas

Chaque samedi depuis le 14 avril 2020, à tour de rôle, les familles yéménites vivant à Besançon apportent des repas au service des urgences du CHRU de Besançon.

Mamdooh :"Nous sommes une quinzaine de familles du Yémen. Chaque samedi, nous préparons des plats yéménites et les apportons aux urgences de CHU-Besançon. Ce samedi-ci, un enfant de chaque famille nous accompagnait pour montrer notre soutien aux héros de l'hôpital".

(B H P)

Migrants stuck in Hungary can take walks after 'transit zones' shut

Pale, thin but in high spirits, Yemeni engineering student Wesam Al-Hadrami emerged from the unlocked gate of a new migrant centre in Hungary on Friday to take his first walk after nine months of detention.

“This is the first day after nine months that I go on the streets,” Hadrami said. “I might start running for kilometres. It’s so good to feel free.”

cp12b Sudan

(A P)

Sudan to establish police force to protect health workers

Sudan’s transitional authorities are working to create a police force to protect health facilities, the prime minister’s office said Saturday, as attacks against health workers and hospitals increase amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The move came after doctors across the country threatened Thursday to go on strike to pressure authorities to provide protection for health workers and facilities.

At least two dozen attacks on health care workers and facilities have taken place in the past two months across the country, according to a tally by the Sudan Doctors’ committee.

cp13a Waffenhandel / Arms trade

Siehe / Look at cp9

(* B K P)

Russia delivered Pantsir-S1 air-defence missile system to the UAE, which has now arrived in Yemen. Moscow had signed a $734-million deal to supply 50 Pantsir-S1s to the UAE in 2000. Once again, civilians’ security and peace has been compromised amid the ongoing Yemeni war. (photo)

(* B E K P)

Turns Out Saudi Arms Deals Won’t Add A ‘Million’ Jobs To U.S. Economy

They even send jobs overseas, but who's paying attention to details?

There have been two rationales for these arm sales all along: one, they maintain and/or increase jobs for Americans. Two, they are being used to challenge Iranian influence in the region, as the Houthis are ostensibly backed by Tehran. The Saudis and Emiratis, supported by billions in U.S. weaponry, refueling, and targeting assistance, are really the victims in need of defending here, so the story does.

But two reports this week show how fragile these rationale are and why we should we should remain vigilant in our skepticism, even as 40 million Americans now are out of work.

First, William Hartung at the Center for International Policy has a report out that throws a bit of cold water on President Trump’s claims that the Saudi arms sales that he cooked up with Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman will create “over a million jobs.” But his letters of intent signed in May 2017 for $110 billion aren’t the same as what is actually authorized by Congress. Hartung estimates that arms sales that have actually gone through since 2017 have likely only created 20,000 to 40,000 new jobs a year among the major defense companies, “or less than one-tenth of President Trump’s highest claims of employment tied to U.S. arms sales to the regime in Riyadh,” writes Hartung.

Furthermore, and this is key, he found that despite the $85.1 billion total arms sales in 2019, 10 percent involved licenses for production overseas, which means that many of the jobs that were created, were overseas, not here. His extensive report is worth a closer look.

It is difficult to nail down just how many defense jobs were added under Trump since 2016.

(B K)

Photos: Leather protective cases for your cell phone or AK-47 ~ AKS-74U ~ HK G36 ~ M4 in the markets of #Yemen-i

cp13b Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

(* B C)

Perspectives de fouilles au Yémen

Les prospections n’ont fait qu’effleurer la richesse du patrimoine yéménite. De nombreuses périodes restent mal documentées par l’archéologie, à commencer par l’époque médiévale. Les disparités sont aussi très fortes d’une région à l’autre. Enfin, il faut bien reconnaître que l’histoire du Yémen est bien mieux connue par les données épigraphiques et les sources littéraires.

Ce constat s’explique avant tout par les difficiles conditions d’accès aux grands sites archéologiques, souvent localisés dans des zones reculées, en particulier dans le Jawf et le Hadramawt, et contrôlés par des populations locales restées longtemps hostiles au pouvoir central. Si quelques explorateurs suspectés d’intentions hostiles comme Seetzen en 1811 ou Siegfried Langer en 1882 ont perdu la vie, d’autres ont été accueillis généreusement et ont pu mener leurs recherches grâce à l’aide des populations locales.

Depuis plusieurs années, hélas, la recherche scientifique s’est interrompue au Yémen et trois menaces majeures planent sur le patrimoine :

La menace de la guerre qui, depuis l’intervention armée d’une coalition militaire internationale en mars 2015, a provoqué la destruction de musées, sites archéologiques et patrimoniaux ;

La menace islamiste qui se traduit par des destructions volontaires et idéologiques ou sous la forme de dommages collatéraux d’attentats terroristes ;

La menace du pillage enfin qui affecte depuis plus de vingt ans les sites archéologiques des régions échappant à tout contrôle étatique.

Il faut espérer que l’archéologie retrouve rapidement une place, à condition, bien évidemment, que les drames qui frappent le pays et son patrimoine cessent.

(* B C)

Katalog Der Staatlichen Antikensammlung Von Ṣanʻāʼ Und Anderer Antiken Im Jemen - Wolfgang Radt

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

(A T)

#ISIS #Yemen releases 11 stylized photos of #Ramadan life. Lots of group bonding: cooking, watching videos, praying. The boys aren't social distancing; after all, they think #Coronavirus is on their side. But naughtily, they're breaking fast with Fanta, which is part of #CocaCola (photos)

(A T)

After the alleged 12 May 2020 air strike on Ma'rib #Yemen #AQAP stopped issuing media materials

#AQAP's #radiosilence coincided with the publication of the 18-page document detailing the internal disputes.

#AQAP split is between its Emir Khaled Batarfi and his commander Sa'd al-#Awlaki and security officials Abu Dawoud al-Sai'ari and Abu Omar al-Nahdi

#AQAP split was flared up after the executions of three members "spies" Fayadh al-hadhrami, Sa'ed Shaqrah, Abi Maryam al-Azdi

#AQAP infighting is also also caused by defections to #Daesh #ISIS in #Yemen and the firing of Gaifa's Emir Mansour Abu Waleed al-Hadhrami

#AQAP factions in #Yemen are now seeking arbitration from #alQaeda central Emir Ayman al-zawahiri a.k.a The Doctor as he is known in their literature

(* B T)

Emirati Officers Admit Coalition Recruiting of Members from Al-Qaeda

An Emirati military brigade and a number of Emirati officers acknowledged the relationship of the Emirates with the Al-Qaeda organization and the recruitment of its members among its forces in Yemen, a British newspaper reported.

The Independent said that it investigated the suspicious relationship between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Al-Qaeda, after the investigation of the Associated Press, which revealed secret deals conducted by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen with the organization.

The report added that the coalition faces accusations of concluding deals with Al-Qaeda that allow its militants to withdraw from the targeted areas, with what they could carry of money, in addition to recruiting its fighters alongside the coalition forces.

The newspaper stated that the UAE army denied these allegations as incorrect and illogical, but it quoted Emirati leaders as saying, "the Yemeni forces allied to the coalition absorb numbers of Al Qaeda fighters after confirming their backgrounds.”

The Independent quoted an Emirati military brigade, whose first name is Ali, from Emirati counter-terrorism operations, as saying, "Many of the Al-Qaeda fighters are young adults who have been under the control of the organization and forced or persuaded to be fighters."

Major General Emirati went on saying, "When clearing the civilian areas of the organization, many of these fighters are left behind, it makes sense to recruit them, because this matter sends a strong message about the Yemeni commitment to liberation."

"Fighting the insurgency is a process designed to win hearts and minds," he added. “Al-Qaeda is very successful in recruiting individuals, it has not recruited them to become terrorists, but rather as fighters. It is necessary to distinguish the two in such a complex battlefield. ”

“We recruit fighters, not terrorists,” he admitted. “They can be easily distinguished. The fighters were eager to join us, but the terrorists wanted to kill us. The volunteers are subjecting to a comprehensive psychological examination to ensure they are not extremists.”

"Al-Qaeda fighters are motivated to fight by other factors that are non-ideological and can be easily absorbed into society. This process includes improving the quality of life of these individuals, and reconstructing social structures.”

The US Associated Press earlier published an investigation into the methods that the UAE has followed in combating Al_Qaeda, in which it revealed that "the coalition concludes secret deals with al-Qaeda fighters and pays them money to leave the main cities."

cp15 Propaganda

(A K P)

[Hadi gov. army] Chief of Staff of Taiz Axis: major conspiracies against unity and Yemeni people & armed forces will pledge to fail them

Brig. Gen. Abdulaziz al-Majidi, chief of staff of Taiz axis said that, the battle in Abyan province is the battle to stabilize the Yemeni unity within the framework of the Federal State.

Al-Majidi said in an interview with “26 September Army Newspaper- will be published in the next issue” that, the Southern Transitional Council (STC) calls for secession are part of a conspiracy against Yemeni unity, stressing that all plots against Yemen and its republic and unity will fail miserably.

Al-Majidi pointed out that the announcement of the STC self-administration is the same as to suicide and the last of its papers after its members burned themselves.

“There is no fear for Yemeni unity, Yemenis will protect their gains,” he added.

(A K P)

[Hadi gov. army] Chief of General Staff in special interview with Army Newspaper (26 September): Yemeni unity is the greatest achievements attained by Yemen in modern era

Lt. Gen. Bin Aziz explained in an interview with 26 September Army Newspaper that Yemeni people are the owners of power and its source to restore the state institutions from the grip of the Houthi militia.

“We in the armed forces trust our legitimate leadership, implement its directives and realize its concern for the sovereignty, unity, security and stability of Yemen,” said Lt. Gen. Bin Aziz.

Ibn Aziz sent a message to the heroes of the national army in all fronts and battlefields through 26 September Army Newspaper saying: “You are on a date with victory because you carry the project of life for all Yemenis,” Ben Aziz said and also talked about many national issues

* Chief of General Staff: As a people and as political, cultural and intellectual elites, we must cling to national principles, unite and line up behind our legitimate leadership, and support the national army in its national battle against the Houthi militia and other militias.

I do not accept this fragmentation vocabulary north or south, I believe in one Yemen and the Republic of Yemen or the new federal Yemen.

The National Army are guided by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abdrabbu Mansour Hadi, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, who is keen on the security and stability of Yemen, and what the President guides or orders us in this regard will literally be implemented. The armed forces trust our leadership and know that they are keen on the security and stability of Yemen and its sovereignty and its new federal form.

(A P)

Yemeni gov't: Safer FSO could cause environmental disaster

Yemeni official government's information minister on Tuesday warned against risks posed by a collapse of the floating storage and offloading (FSO) facility Safer, as the tanker has been eroding with one million barrels of crude inside.

"Leakage of 138 million liters of crude in the Red Sea would lead to the closure of Hodeida port for months," Moammar al-Eryani added in remarks carried by the Riyadh-based Saba, warning of "800% increase in oil prices and spikes in food prices.

"It would also cause fishery reserves losses of more than ten billion dollars in the next 20 years.

My comment: Obstacle to a solution the Hadi government’s blockade as well. Look for the money: Both sides claim they must profit from the sale of the crude in Safer.


(A P)

US warns against, blames Houthis for disaster in Red Sea

The United States on Sunday warned against a looming disaster in the Red Sea should the floating storage and offloading (FSO) facility Safer, anchored off the Yemeni western port city of Hodeida, explode.
The Houthi-controlled FSO's condition is deteriorating, the US embassy in Yemen tweeted, warning that this could cause a disastrous leakage in the Red Sea.
The US mission accused the Houthis of preventing UN experts from assessing the tanker's condition, and called the groups to allow for the FSO be checked and repaired before it is late.

My comment: The “Safer” as anti-Houthi blame game again – by the US. This is propaganda by a warring party.


(A P)

US concern for Safer oil vessel “misleading”, Mohammed al-Houthi says

US hypocritically feigns concern for Yemeni fish, while actively killing Yemeni humans

Member of the Supreme Political Council Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi had stated that Washington’s call to preserve the Safer floating petroleum storage station is a “misleading operation” and that US President Donald Trump “has vetoed the stopping of the killing in Yemen.”

“The biggest misleading operation in the world of politics today, is the call by the US State Department to preserve the Safer tanker in order to protect Yemeni fish, [which was done at the same time] while Trump issued a veto against ending the killings of the Yemeni humans,” al-Houthi wrote in a post published Sunday evening.

(A P)

Procurement: Ready For Prime Time

For decades Iran has regularly announced new weapons that were designed and produced in Iran.

For Iran the primary target for their long-range weapons has been Israel and the United States. American troops operating near Iran have learned to deal with the growing number of Iranian UAVs, often with help from Israel which has a lot more practical experience with Iranian recon and attack UAVs. These low-tech and inexpensive systems are not wonder weapons but they can be a threat if you do not develop ways to deal with them. Israel and the Americans have, Saudi Arabia, until late 2019, had downplayed the threat. No more and this is another reason why the Saudis are getting so chummy with Israel.

My comment: Keep in mind that there never had been targeted any target in Israel or the US.

(A P)

"Wir würden den Krieg gern sofort beenden"

Zerstörung, Hunger und nun noch Corona: Der Jemen droht zu kollabieren. Premierminister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed warnt vor dem politischen Zerfall – und bittet um Hilfe.

Deshalb hatte unsere Regierung beschlossen, Mitte November von Saudi-Arabien nach Aden zurückzukehren, um ihren Pflichten nachzukommen. Drei Monate lang hat die Regierung versucht, die Beschlüsse des Abkommens umzusetzen, die staatlichen Institutionen wieder handlungsfähig zu machen und eine Grundversorgung der Bevölkerung sicherzustellen. Doch aufseiten des Übergangsrates gab es Probleme bei der Umsetzung der vereinbarten Sicherheitsbestimmungen, es folgte eine militärische Eskalation in mehreren Provinzen. Die Situation in Aden ist katastrophal. Staatliche Institutionen können nicht mehr operieren, auch ist der Übergangsrat nicht in der Lage, die sich verschärfenden Krisen zu bewältigen: die durch die Überschwemmungen verursachten Zerstörungen und die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus.

In der Tat wird die Abspaltung es für uns noch schwerer machen, ein demokratisches System aufzubauen, das alle einbezieht. Die Abspaltung erweist den Huthi-Rebellen gewissermaßen einen großen Dienst. Sie sorgt auch dafür, dass die extremistischen Ansichten einiger Gruppen noch gestärkt werden. Damit meine ich nicht nur religiöse extremistische Ansichten, sondern auch faschistische Haltungen, wie sie von der Huthi-Bewegung vertreten werden. Unsere Verantwortung besteht nicht nur darin, das Land zu kontrollieren und extremistische Gruppen physisch zu bekämpfen, sondern auch, sich einer Agenda zu widersetzen, die einen Nährboden für Gewalt und Elend schafft.

Der saudischen Führung liegt das Wohl der Jemeniten am Herzen und sie hat immer betont, dass sie die Einheit und Integrität des Jemen unterstützt.

Wir würden den Krieg gern sofort beenden. Wir sind als Regierung bereit für einen Frieden, der den Jemeniten ihre Freiheit und Würde zusichert und ein demokratisches System ermöglicht.

Mein Kommentar: „Die Zeit“ bietet hier völlig unkritisch der Propaganda der Hadi-Regierung eine Bühne. Immerhin, die Leserkommentare sine entsprechend kritisch. Beispiele:

" Der saudischen Führung liegt das Wohl der Jemeniten am Herzen". Spätestens da war der Punkt erreicht wo mir klar war das Interview ist völlig bedeutungslos. Mir schon klar dass der Mann nicht wirklich offen sprechen kann aber einige der Dinge sind einfach nur albern.

Schön finde ich auch, dass er oft das Wörtchen Demokratie einflechtet. Und das mit den Saudies als "Sponsor". Wer es glaubt wird seelig...

"Spätestens da war der Punkt erreicht wo mir klar war das Interview ist völlig bedeutungslos. " Ich wäre überrrascht wenn es anderes wäre. Oder ist es nur Zufall das unsere Presse die amerikanische Kriegsnarrative immer treu wiederholen und unterstützen?

Hier mal eine ehrlich Frage. Mir ist nicht klar wie man ein Statement wie "" Der saudischen Führung liegt das Wohl der Jemeniten am Herzen" einfach so hinnehmen kann ohne aggresiv nachzuhaken oder nicht zumindest damit kämpfen nicht wegen des Arsurdität des Statements anfangen laut loszulachen. Das hat doch schon was von ganz rabenschwarze Comedy.

Na, immerhin hat er gelernt, dass man hierzulande am ehesten Sympathien heischt, wenn man seine Gegner als Faschisten bezeichnet. Was an den Huthi-Rebellen so faschistisch sein soll wäre mal eine Nachfrage wert gewesen.

(A P)

More Saudi coalition „We are benefactors“ propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

(A K pH)

Aggressionskampfflugzeuge fliegen 10 Luftangriffe auf verschiedenen Gebieten in Marib

(A K pH)

16 Luftangriffe auf Saada, Hadschah

(A K pH)

16 airstrikes in Saada, Hajjah

(A K pH)

Aggressionskampfflugzeuge fliegen 35 Luftangriffe auf Provinzen an

(A K pH)

Saudi led-aggression launches 35 airstrikes on provinces

(A K pH)

US-Saudi Aggression’s Daily Update for Monday, May 25th, 2020

(A K pH)

Dutzende von Luftangriffe in den letzten 24 Stunden

(A K pH)

dozens of raids in 24 hours

(A K pH)

Kampfflugzeuge der Aggression fliegen 2 Luftangriffe auf Tina auf Hadschah an

(A K pH)

Aggression air forces hit Hajjah

(A K pH)

Aggression warplanes launch six raids on Jawf, Marib

(A K pH)

US-Saudi Aggression’s Daily Update for Sunday, May 24th, 2020

(A K pH)

Aggressionsluftwaffe fliegt 48 Luftangriffe auf al-Dschouf, Marib, Hadschah und Saada an

(A K pH)

Aggression coalition wages 48 raids on 4 provinces

(A K pH)

Jemenitische Armee [der Sanaa-Reg.] warnt saudische Angreifer vor "schlimmen Konsequenzen", wenn Luftangriffe fortgesetzt werden

(A K pH)

Houthis: Coalition should bear consequences of continued air escalation

Saree affirmed that the continuous air escalation would have serious consequences for the aggression forces, and they should bear the consequences of that.

(* A K pH)

Drei Zivilisten gemartert, drei weitere durch Aggressionsluftangriffe auf Saada verwundet

Drei Zivilisten wurden heute durch Luftangriffe der Luftwaffe der amerikanisch-saudischen Aggressionskoalition auf das Gebiet Marran im Distrikt Haydan in der Saada Provinz gemartert und drei weitere verletzt.

Eine Sicherheitsquelle in Saada teilte der jemenitischen Nachrichtenagentur (Saba) mit, dass die Luftwaffe der Aggressionskoalition einen Luftangriff auf die Hauptstraße in Marran angeflogen habe, bei dem drei Zivilisten getötet und drei weitere verletzt wurden.

(* A K pH)

Six citizens killed, wounded in aggression coalition airstrike on Saada

At least three citizens were killed and three others injured on Sunday by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s airstrike on Maran area of Haydan district in Saada province, a security official told Saba.

The official explained that the aggression coalition warplanes waged an airstrike targeting the main road in Maran area, which led to the killing of three citizens and wounding three others.

My remark: Earlier reports only had reported 2 killed or were contradictory: In headline 3, in text 2 killed.

(A K pH)

Aggressionsluftwaffe fliegt 6 Luftangriffe auf verschiedenen Gebieten von Marib und Al-Dschouf an

(A K pH)

US-Saudi Aggression’s Daily Update for Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

(B K pH)

Film: The ruins of Baqim district in Saada governorate after coalition aircraft bombed it

(A K pH)

6 Saudi-led airstrikes launches on separate areas of Marib, Jawf

(A K pH)

Aggressionskoalition fliegt13 Luftangriffe auf Marib an

(A K pH)

Aggression coalition wages 13 raids on Marib

(A K pH)

Aggressionsluftwaffe fliegt 12 Luftangriffe auf Al-Dschouf an

(A K pH)

Aggression coalition warplanes wage 12 raids on Jawf


(A K pS)

Coalition aircraft hit Houthi targets in al-Jawf

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

Siehe / Look at cp1b

(A K pS)

Houthis fire missile at Saudi Arabia

Three women were wounded by a Houthi attack towards a town in the Saudi border region of Jazan, the Saudi Press Agency reported Tuesday.
Spokesman for the Civil Defense in Jazan, Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, said the center received a report claiming that military missile was launched towards a town located near the border in Jazan.
Three women have suffered minor injuries and one house was damaged due to the missile.
The women were transferred to a hospital and their health condition is stable.

(* A K)

[Hadi gov. army] Yemen Chief of Staff Survives Missile Attack, His Son & 7 Soldiers Killed

At least 7 soldiers were killed, including Chief of Staff’s son, and many others wounded early Wednesday in a missile attack targeting the headquarters of joint operations in Marib northeastern Yemen.

A military source said Cheif of Staff Lieutenant General Sagheer Bin Azeez survived the attack that killed his son, Fahd, and seven other soldiers who were escorting him.

“The Houthi militia targeted a military base called Sahn Al Jen where the Chief of Staff and other high-ranked military commanders were holding a meeting,” a military source said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the press.

According to the source, the Chief of Staff Lieutenant General and other military commanders are unharmed.

and also

(A K pH)

Ein Mädchen wurde durch Bombenanschlag der saudischen Artillerie auf Saada verletzt

(A K pH)

In Sa'adah, a child was injured with Saudi artillery shells on Shida district. US-Saudi aggression launched 6 raids on Adh-dhaher district and 5 others on Ketaf district.

(A K pH)

Two Citizens Wounded by Aggression’s Snipers in Taiz

(A K pS)

Southern forces target a gathering of Houthi militias inside Sabira area west of Hajar north of Al-Dhali.

(A K pH)

Film: Al-Bayda: The Yemeni army and popular committees launch an attack on a number of aggressive mercenary positions on the Qaniya front.

(A K pH)

Child Hit by Saudi Mercenaries, Shellings in Hodeidah

(A K pH)

Film: Al-Jawf: The [Sanaa gov.] Yemeni army and popular committees are repelling the creeping mercenaries of the aggression against the allabanat camp and the occurrence of many human and military losses.

(A K pS)

9 killed in Houthi rebel attack near Yemen's capital: gov't source

(A K pS)

Houthis commit over 4000 ceasefire violations

(A K pS)

[Hadi gov.] Army repels Houthi attacks in Al-Bayda, militia suffers heavy losses

(A K pS)

Forces aligned with the internationally recognized Yemeni government of Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi claimed advancing in al Hazm district in al Jawf governorate in northern Yemen on May 21. Hadi government-backed forces claimed capturing multiple al Houthi sites in the district’s east, killing several al Houthi officials.[2]

cp18 Sonstiges / Other


Photos: Our children's smiles


Film: Notice the most beautiful joy and smile of children and those who grow them. The Melhem Volunteer Team rejoices children in Eidat Al-Fitr area.


Photos: Hidden Beauty of Aden, South Yemen


Film: Apart frm war & #coronavirus, this is part of Maribian folklore & popular dance performed by little girls frm #Marib a yr ago. This dance is called "Maribi Sharh or Baraa". Gonna share different types of dance frm Shabwah, Baydha ,Jawf, Saada,Amran, Sanaa,&Hadramout.

Vorige / Previous:

Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 1-653 / Yemen War Mosaic 1-653: oder / or

Der saudische Luftkrieg im Bild / Saudi aerial war images:

(18 +, Nichts für Sensible!) / (18 +; Graphic!)

Liste aller Luftangriffe / and list of all air raids:

Untersuchung ausgewählter Luftangriffe durch Bellingcat / Bellingcat investigations of selected air raids:

Untersuchungen von Angriffen, hunderte von Filmen / Investigations of attacks, hundreds of films:

07:39 27.05.2020
Dieser Beitrag gibt die Meinung des Autors wieder, nicht notwendigerweise die der Redaktion des Freitag.
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