Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 705 - Yemen War Mosaic 705

Yemen Press Reader 705: 3. Januar 2021: 2021: Risiken im Jemen – Wird Saudi-Arabien den Jemen 2021 verlassen? – Herausforderungen für Hadi-Regierung – Raketenangriff auf Flughafen Aden tötet 26
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Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

January 3, 2021: Yemen 2021 risk overview – Will Saudi Arabia leave Yemen in 2021? – Challenges for Hadi government – Missile attack against Aden airport kills 26 – and more

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Ältere einführende Artikel u. Überblicke für alle, die mit den Ereignissen im Jemen noch nicht vertraut sind, hier:

Yemen War: Older introductory articles, overviews, for those who are still unfamiliar with the Yemen war here:

(* B H)

Film by UNICEF: Conflict and COVID-19 are fueling a malnutrition crisis for children in Yemen.

cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

(** B H)

Yemen Risk Overview: Outlook for December 2020 - May 2021

Risk 1

Depletion of foreign currency reserves drives inflation up; eroded purchasing power and high food prices result in increased levels of food insecurity.

High inflation, fuelled by further depreciation of the Yemeni riyal, significantly reduces purchasing power, pushing many Yemenis further into poverty. All main inflows of foreign currency in Yemen have been hit hard by the conflict, by the global oil price crisis, and by the COVID-19 pandemic. Internal economic warfare, enabled by a divided monetary system, has driven a divergence of exchange rates for the riyal – currently a 45% difference – in areas controlled by the two main parties to the conflict. Food and basic commodity prices continue to increase, in line with the inflation of the riyal and at varying speeds based on the difference in the exchange rate between the north and south.

Risk 2

Reduced capacity to deliver assistance – because of further cuts in humanitarian funding – impacts millions of people in need.

Reduced response capacity, because of more cuts to humanitarian funding, leaves millions of people without access to humanitarian assistance for food, healthcare, protection, and other needs. As at the end of December, the UN has received USD 1.69 billion for Yemen – only half of the USD 3.4 billion it required for aid operations in Yemen in 2020. A second global wave of COVID-19 is impacting donor countries’ domestic economies, resulting in a reduction in global humanitarian funding. Another cause of reduced funding is the restricted operating environment in Yemen which makes it difficult to ensure delivery of aid in accordance with humanitarian principles.

Risk 3

An attempt by Ansar Allah to enter Marib city intensifies the conflict, leading to mass displacement, civilian casualties, disruption to livelihoods, and lack of humanitarian access.

Mass displacement, disruption to livelihoods, and restricted humanitarian access occur following an Ansar Allah offensive to control Marib governorate and reach Marib city. A worstcase scenario could see between 75,000–150,000 households displaced towards Marib Al Wadi and into Hadramaut. Since early 2020, conflict around Marib governorate between Ansar Allah and local tribes supported by the Government of Yemen (GoY) and the Saudi-led coalition has been increasing. The fighting intensified in August and September. If fighting continues with no significant advances on either side, humanitarian partners have estimated that 3,500 households in locations close to the frontlines could be displaced.

Risk 4

Sudden decline in public service provision in GoY-held areas leaves millions of people requiring external assistance for their basic needs, while humanitarian access is also reduced.

The capacity of the GoY to provide public services – mostly water, electricity, and fuel, but also the payment of civil servants’ salaries – is affected by political instability, clashes, and reduced support by Saudi Arabia. Should Ansar Allah take over Marib, the GoY’s loss of credibility would likely be exploited by political adversaries. Civil servants’ salaries are likely to remain unpaid for a prolonged period of time, which – compounded with a decreasing purchasing power – results in people being unable to buy food, fuel, and other commodities.

(** B K P)

Will Saudi Arabia leave Yemen in 2021?

The financial situation in the Gulf continues to deteriorate, whether due to low oil prices, or because of the ongoing pandemic, and in the context of the common global economic crisis.

At the same time, the main recipients of Saudi financial aid, including Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan, suffer from large current account deficits, budgets, or both. For the same reason, Oman may also face problems and may need help.

As for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia itself, it suffers from a large budget deficit and needs money, so Kuwait and the UAE had to provide assistance to Riyadh by buying part of Saudi Aramco shares as part of the company's IPO. In other words, doubts hang over the prospects for revenue growth in Riyadh.

At one point, Gaddafi spent generously of petrodollars on projects, aid, and foreign plots, at a time when half of the capital, Tripoli's streets were not paved with asphalt. I think that Riyadh is well aware of the consequences of such policies, from internal destabilization, even in rich countries.

Therefore, I think that we will soon witness a significant decrease in Saudi spending on foreign projects, in parallel with the decline of Saudi influence over its allies and abroad in general.

Under these circumstances, Riyadh should have matured with a strong desire to end the war in Yemen, while the Houthis proved that the Saudi-led coalition has no hope of victory, despite the massive spending that Saudi Arabia has become less able to bear. The American Wilson Center estimated, in 2015, the coalition's spending on the war in Yemen at $ 200 million per day, with Saudi Arabia covering most of these costs.

However, in the issue of Saudi Arabia’s exit from Yemen, Riyadh faces difficulties, due to the absence of a clear formula for achieving stability in Yemen with conditions that are somewhat acceptable to Riyadh. In addition, the contradictions increase, and competition with the UAE becomes complicated in the event of Saudi Arabia leaving Yemen, and Saudi Arabia will lose its leadership in the peninsula.

Whatever the case, the situation in Yemen has become for Saudi Arabia as catastrophic as Afghanistan has become for the United States, where it is impossible to leave, and impossible to stay.

Weakening Riyadh's position in Yemen undermines Saudi Arabia's position in the Gulf Cooperation Council, and the horizons of this organization as a whole, as the Yemeni war is likely to end what Qatar started by destroying the council, if not officially, at the level of the organization's core. So far, things are going in this direction.

(** B P)

Deadly explosion exposes weakness in Yemen’s new unity government

Unknown are the culprits. Yemen’s official government blames the Houthi rebels (who denied this accusation and condemned the attack), while others point their fingers at other parties. Regardless of which actor bears responsibility, Yemen’s unity government will face no shortage of extremely difficult political and security crises that will make implementation of the Riyadh Agreement difficult.

For both Saudi Arabia and Hadi’s government, the stakes are high to prove whether the unity government can successfully end the rift between Yemen’s official government and the STC.

The Saudi Agenda

This unity government is the culmination of Saudi efforts to resolve Yemen’s “southern question” against the backdrop of consolidated Houthi gains in the north.

From the kingdom’s perspective, the Hadi-STC rift is dangerous because it undermines the Saudi-led Arab coalition’s unity against the Houthi rebels who have established their own proto-state in northern Yemen with support from Tehran.

But previous efforts under Saudi auspices have proven futile and there is no guarantee that Yemen’s newly formed unity government will succeed. In the past, the STC has declared “self-rule” mainly as a bargaining chip in order to return to negotiations with Riyadh and Hadi’s government with greater leverage. The STC could easily issue another “self-rule” declaration down the road in order to intensify pressure on Hadi, who enjoys wavering support among his loyalists. The separatist group has perhaps concluded that it is best to let time wear out the 75-year-old Hadi as his influence fades, betting that he will continue relinquishing power to other factions in Yemen, chiefly the STC and the Houthi rebels.

For Riyadh, there are fears about the Yemeni crisis resolving with a Houthi-controlled capital in Sana’a and an STC-ruled capital in Aden, with the Hadi government sidelined by these two power centers.

The Factor of Al-Islah

There are a host of problems between Yemen’s official government and the STC which are difficult to imagine disappearing any time soon — and they all create more challenges to Hadi’s legitimacy. Questions about political Islam and al-Islah’s role in Yemen’s future are critical to efforts aimed at resolving this “civil war within a civil war.”

From the STC’s perspective, al-Islah poses a dangerous Islamist threat which has a “northern tribal-military structure that seeks to subjugate the south.” The fact that Hadi’s government has allied itself with al-Islah is a serious source of tension between Yemen’s UN-recognized government and the STC. In the past, the Abu Dhabi-backed group has refused to make concessions to Hadi’s administration until it ends its alliance with al-Islah.

Yet Hadi has not ever abandoned al-Islah because the Islamist party has been his main ally in recent years. This alliance, and Al-Islah’s popularity among Yemenis especially in the northern and central areas of the country — is key to Hadi’s legitimacy as a Yemeni head of state. The UAE, for its part, would prefer an outcome to the Yemeni crisis in which al-Islah is marginalized. Abu Dhabi sees Hadi’s presidency as problematic from the standpoint of Emirati ambitions in relation to ports in southern Yemen.

O f course, these grave problems between the STC and al-Islah exist alongside countless other crises that will also challenge this unity government – by Giorgio Cafiero

cp1a Am wichtigsten: Coronavirus und Seuchen / Most important: Coronavirus and epidemics

(A H)

Two new cases of coronavirus reported, 2,099 in total

(* B H)

Corona in Nahost: "Der Impfstoff stimmt mich optimistisch"

Zu Beginn der Corona-Pandemie hat die DW Frauen aus verschiedenen Ländern in Nahost - auch aus Kriegsgebieten - zu ihren Wünschen und Sorgen befragt. Neun Monate später wollten wir wissen, wie es ihnen ergangen ist.

"Wir haben so viele andere Krankheiten"

Amal Mansour ist 29 Jahre und Journalistin. Sie lebt in Sanaa, der Hauptstadt des Jemen, in dem seit 2013 Krieg herrscht.

Sie wundern sich vielleicht über meine Haltung - gerade, weil ich aus einem Land komme, in dem Krieg und Armut herrschen. Meine Angst vor dem Coronavirus ist verflogen. Viele Menschen hier im Jemen haben vergessen, dass es Corona überhaupt gibt - und ich gehöre dazu. Auch die lokalen Medien berichten kaum noch darüber.

Vor neun Monaten hatte ich noch große Angst, trug eine Maske, habe Distanz gehalten. Hier wird nicht viel getestet, die Möglichkeiten sind nicht da und ich bekomme daher, zumindest aus meinem persönlichen Umfeld, nichts von Corona-Infektionen mit. Vielleicht sollen wir auch nichts mitbekommen, das weiß ich nicht. Schulen und Universitäten sind geöffnet, alle gehen arbeiten, die Städte sind voll.

Ich war irgendwann einfach müde. Ich wollte nicht mehr in Angst leben und habe beschlossen, meinen Alltag normal zu bestreiten. Meine Maske habe ich abgelegt, Distanz hält hier keiner mehr - das ist zumindest mein Eindruck. Wir haben hier so viele andere Krankheiten - der Fokus liegt nicht mehr nur auf Corona. Und wir wissen auch nicht, wer woran stirbt. Egal wo im Jemen: Wir haben so große andere Probleme, wie eine hohe Arbeitslosenquote, einen enormen Preisanstieg und auch Devisenverfall. Da kann es sich keiner leisten, über Corona nachzudenken.

Ich plane derzeit auch nicht - sollte es im Jemen in naher Zukunft möglich sein -, mich gegen das Virus impfen zu lassen. Ich bin bisher auch ohne Impfung gut ausgekommen. Vielleicht ist das, was ich denke und wie ich lebe, falsch. Aber so ist es eben.

(A H)

No cases of COVID-19, 2 deaths, 1 recovery reported

(* B H)

Epi Situation Report of COVID- 19 2020/ Yemen - COVID -19 Surveillance Team

cp1b Am wichtigsten: Angriff auf Flughafen Aden / Most important: Aden airport attack

Die Artikel, die die Ereignisse schildern am Anfang (erst Deutsch, dann Englisch) am Anfang

The reports describing the attacks on top (German in the beginning, afterwards in English)

(** A P T)

Schockierende Bilder: Riesige Explosion auf Flughafen im Jemen - Viele Tote und Verletzte - Berlin verurteilt Tat

Eine gewaltige Explosion erschütterte am Nachmittag den Flughafen der jemenitischen Stadt Aden. Dabei sind laut AFP mindestens 26 Menschen getötet worden. Die Explosionen ereigneten sich am Mittwoch kurz nach der Landung eines Flugzeugs mit Mitgliedern der neuen Einheitsregierung (siehe Erstmeldung). Nach Medizinerangaben wurden mehr als 50 Menschen verletzt.

Näheres zu den Opfern oder der Ursache der Explosionen wurde zunächst nicht bekannt. Auf Filmaufnahmen der Nachrichtenagentur AFP waren raketenähnliche Geschosse zu sehen, die auf dem Rollfeld des Flughafens einschlugen, wo wenige Augenblicke zuvor eine große Menschenmenge versammelt war.

Der jemenitische Informationsminister Muammar al-Irjani machte die schiitischen Huthi-Rebellen für den Angriff verantwortlich. Nach seinen Angaben kamen bei den Explosionen keine Regierungsmitglieder zu Schaden. Auch Ministerpräsident Maeen Abdul Malek sprach von einem „feigen Terrorakt“. „Das wird unsere Entschlossenheit, unsere Pflicht zu erfüllen, nur noch steigern“, teilte er mit. Regierungssprecher Radschih Badi forderte eine internationale Untersuchung des Vorfalls.

und auch

Film: (mehr Filme und Fotos s. weiter unten)

(**A P T)

20 Tote bei Explosion auf dem Flughafen von Aden

Im Jemen ist kurz nach der Ankunft der neuen Regierung der Flughafen von Aden angegriffen worden. Nach Angaben eines Vertreters der Gesundheitsbehörden wurden 20 Menschen getötet und 50 verletzt. Nur Stunden später ereignete sich in der Nähe des Präsidentenpalastes eine weitere Explosion. Was diese verursacht hat, war zunächst unklar. Auch gab es keine Informationen über Opfer.

In den Präsidentenpalast hatte sich die neue Regierung in Sicherheit gebracht. Den Regierungsmitgliedern gehe es gut, twitterte Ministerpräsident Maeen Abdulmalik nach dem Angriff auf den Flughafen am Mittwoch. Sicherheitskreisen zufolge hatten drei Mörsergranaten die Halle des Flughafens getroffen.

und auch

(** A P T)

Terror auf dem Rollfeld

Gerade steigen die Minister die Gangway hinunter, da hallt eine schwere Explosion über das Flugfeld in der Hafenstadt am Roten Meer. Dichter Qualm dringt aus dem Flughafengebäude. Dann folgt Feuer aus automatischen Waffen. Die Menschen rennen in Panik davon. Bilder zeigen Leichen und Verletzte am Boden, ausgebrannte Autos, Scherben und Trümmer von der Wartehalle.

Bis zum Mittwochnachmittag werden mindestens 22 Tote geborgen, offenbar alle Zivilisten. Sie hätten auf den nächsten Flug gewartet, sagten Gewährsleute in Jemen der Süddeutschen Zeitung. Mehr als 50 weitere Menschen wurden teils lebensgefährlich verletzt. Die Opferzahl könnte angesichts der rudimentären medizinischen Versorgung und der Schwere der Verletzungen noch weiter steigen.

Die Regierungsmitglieder und der saudische Botschafter, Mohammed Said al-Jaber, der ebenfalls an Bord der Maschine war, wurden im stark bewachten Präsidentenpalast al-Mashiq in Sicherheit gebracht.

Über den Ablauf der Attacke gab es unterschiedliche Angaben. Aus Sicherheitskreisen in Aden hieß es, mehrere Mörsergranaten seien auf den Flughafen gefeuert worden.

Informationsminister Muammar al-Eryani beschuldigte die Huthi-Milizen, für die Attacke verantwortlich zu sein.

Die Huthis wiesen eine Verantwortung für die Attacke zurück.

(** A P T)

Schwere Explosion am Flughafen von Aden nach Ankunft neuer Regierung

Während der Ankunft der neu gebildeten Regierung Hadis ist es nun zu einer schweren Explosion gekommen.

Der Vorfall ereignete sich Zeugenberichten zufolge kurz nach der Landung eines aus Saudi-Arabien kommenden Flugzeuges in der Hafenstadt Aden. Der Regierungschef und das Kabinett sind nach Angaben von Informationsminister Muammar Al-Erjani aber wohlauf. »Wir versichern unseren Leuten, dass alle Kabinettsmitglieder sicher sind«, schrieb er via Twitter. Es handle sich um einen »feigen Terroranschlag der von Iran unterstützten Huthi-Miliz«.

Durch die Explosion, die Augenzeugen zufolge von mehreren Schüssen begleitet wurde, gingen Fenster zu Bruch; mehrere Menschen sind verletzt worden, wie in sozialen Netzwerken zu sehen war. Die Hintergründe und das Ausmaß des Vorfalls blieben zunächst unklar. Die Nachrichtenagenturen Reuters und AP berichten unter Berufung auf Regierungskreise, dass es mehrere Tote gegeben habe. =


(** A P T)

Schwere Explosion am Flughafen von Aden

Mindestens 15 Menschen sollen tot sein, Dutzende verletzt. Offenbar handelt es sich bei dem Vorfall um einen Anschlag auf die neue Regierung, die zuvor mit dem Flugzeug aus Saudi-Arabien angekommen war.

Auf dem Flughafen der jemenitischen Stadt Aden ist es am Mittwoch zu einer schweren Explosion gekommen. Der stellvertretende Chef des Gesundheitsamts in Aden, Mohammed al-Rubid, sprach von mindestens vier Toten und Dutzenden Verletzte. Später war von 16 Toten die Rede. Die Zeitung Aden Alghad berichtete von 15 Toten und 60 Verletzten.

Der stellvertretende Chef des Gesundheitsamts in Aden, Mohammed al-Rubid, sagte der Nachrichtenagentur AP, mindestens vier Menschen seien getötet worden und es gebe Dutzende Verletzte. Augenzeugen sagten der Nachrichtenagentur, dass sie Leichen auf dem Rollfeld und anderswo auf dem Flughafen gesehen hätten. Außerdem soll die Explosion von Schüssen begleitet worden sein.

Die Hintergründe des Vorfalls sind noch unklar.

Der Ministerpräsident und andere seien schnell weg vom Flughafen in die Stadt gebracht worden, sagte der jemenitische Kommunikationsminister Naguib al-Aug: "Es wäre ein Desaster gewesen, wenn das Flugzeug bombardiert worden wäre", sagte er und betonte, es sei Anschlagsziel gewesen. Kommunikationsminister al-Aug, der in dem Flugzeug war, sagte zu AP, dass er zwei Explosionen gehört habe. Damit deutete er Drohnenangriffe an. Den Sicherheitskreisen zufolge haben drei Mörsergranaten die Halle des Flughafens getroffen.

und auch

(A P T)

Es gab eine weitere Explosion im Jemen

Eine Explosion hat in der Nähe des Regierungspalastes von Maashik Aden, wo sich Mitglieder der neuen jemenitischen Regierung aufhalten, erschüttert, berichtete Reuters unter Berufung auf lokale Medien.

(** A P T)

Yemeni officials: Blast at Aden airport kills 25, wounds 110

A large explosion struck the airport in the southern Yemeni city of Aden on Wednesday, shortly after a plane carrying the newly formed Cabinet landed there, security officials said. At least 25 people were killed and 110 wounded in the blast.

Yemen’s internationally recognized government said Iran-backed Houthi rebels fired four ballistic missiles at the airport. Rebel officials did not answer phone calls from The Associated Press seeking comment. No one on the government plane was hurt.

Officials later reported another explosion close to a palace in the city where the Cabinet members were transferred following the airport attack. The Saudi-led coalition later shot down a bomb-laden drone that attempted to target the palace, according to Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV channel.

AP footage from the scene at the airport showed members of the government delegation disembarking as the blast shook the grounds. Many ministers rushed back inside the plane or ran down the stairs, seeking shelter.

Thick smoke rose into the air from near the terminal building. Officials at the scene said they saw bodies lying on the tarmac and elsewhere at the airport.

Yemeni Communication Minister Naguib al-Awg, who was on the plane, told the AP that he heard two explosions, suggesting they were drone attacks. Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed and the others were quickly whisked from the airport to the Mashiq Palace.

Military and security forces sealed off the area around the the palace.

“It would have been a disaster if the plane was bombed,” al-Awg said, insisting the plane was the target of the attack as it was supposed to land earlier.

Prime Minister Saeed tweeted that he and his Cabinet were safe and unhurt. He called the explosions a “cowardly terrorist act” that was part of the war on “the Yemeni state and our great people.”

Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak blamed the Houthis for the attacks. His ministry said in a statement later that the rebels fired four ballistic missiles at the airport, and launched drone attacks at the palace, the Cabinet’s headquarters. They did not provide evidence.

Health Minister Qasem Buhaibuh said in a tweet the attacks at the airport killed least 25 people and wounded 110 others, suggesting the death toll could increase further because some of the wounds were serious.

Images shared on social media from the scene showed rubble and broken glass strewn about near the airport building and at least two lifeless bodies, one of them charred, lying on the ground.

and also

Films: (Live recording) =

Photos: and

as a newsticker:

(** A P T)

Yemen: Deadly blast as new government arrives at Aden airport

Members of the new Cabinet made it safely to the city's presidential palace, according to witnesses and Saudi media reports.

Those transferred to safety were said to include Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed, as well as Saudi Ambassador to Yemen Mohammed Said al-Jaber.

"It would have been a disaster if the plane was bombed," the prime minister said, insisting the plane was the target of the attack as it was supposed to land earlier.

"We and the members of the government are in the temporary capital of Aden and everyone is fine," he tweeted from Maasheq palace. "The cowardly terrorist act that targeted Aden airport is part of the war that is being waged against the Yemeni state and its great people."

and also

(** A P T)

An initial thread on the attack that just took place in Aden. I can see two clear detonation points (there may be others). The 1st was on a wall on the north side of the terminal building. The 2nd was 20 meters way to the north east.

The second detonation happened about 30 seconds after the first. This can be seen in a couple of videos, but most clearly in this one.

This video shows the two detonation points in relation to each other quite well.

Several videos were published yesterday showing rockets in flight. Depending on source, the claims included both Aden and Taiz. I'll geolocate those that I can. To be clear, this doesn't definitively link the launches in Taiz with Aden.

Video 3 was filmed on the roof of what appears to be a private house, so won't give exact co-ordinates. Suffice to say it was filmed in vicinity of the entrance to Taiz airport at 13.685, 44.135.

This final geolocation is important - it confirms general direction of launch towards the south, and indicates that the launch site is indeed in vicinity of Taiz airport, as claimed by many social media posts (photos, films, satellite images)

(* A K P)


(A K P)

Here's a relative location for a photo of missile launch in Taiz, #Yemen on DEC 30. Will update if a better location is discovered. Coords: 13.752413888888888, 44.14049166666667

Correction: This relative location places the missile launch in Dhi As Sufal district, Ibb governorate. It's near the Ibb-Taiz governorate border.

using Nick's points (red circles) w @JoshuaKoontz__'s new point (yellow circle) ... it looks more like this (yellow circle is in al-Qa'ida, Ibb)- yellow line: path based on Joshua's point - red line: Nick's path from airport . (images, map)

Film: A circulated video shows launching ballistic #missiles towards #Aden from north #Taiz, controlled by the Iran-backed #Houthi rebels. [several videos]

(* A P T)

Footage From Deadly Yemen Airport Attack Allegedly Shows Missile Exploding on Tarmac

The first footage showing the attack on Aden Airport has appeared online. In the video, which has yet to be independently verified, a missile hits the tarmac and creates a fireball that nearly consumes a stationary vehicle nearby.

The footage also shows billowing smoke from a nearby terminal building and the apparent sound of gunfire as government and military officials, journalists, and observers duck for cover or get into vehicles in a bid to escape the carnage.

(* A P T)

'I felt I would die': our Yemen correspondent describes horror at Aden airport

I was among 10 or so colleagues from media outlets covering the arrival from Riyadh of Yemen’s new unity government at Aden International Airport.

We snapped photos of the aircraft taxiing and were waiting for the new ministers to make their way down the staircase from the aircraft when an explosion ripped through the arrival hall.

I was near the plane and saw more than three bodies sprawled on the tarmac. Other people were screaming, including a woman journalist who fainted as she struggled to run from the blast.

After what seemed like a minute, a rocket hit a small area between the terminal and the runway.

The blast was enormous and there was a huge flame. I found myself rolling on the ground with shrapnel in my back and the left side of my body. I had blood on my neck and my back.

I felt extremely devastated and helpless. Plumes of smoke and thick dust left me struggling to even breathe. And then the gunfire began.

Soldiers kept shooting in different directions. I crawled to a car that had come to collect the ministers. I felt I would die because the bullets penetrated the car, which I was using to shield myself and my head.

After a third blast, I started to scream for help.

Four of us were rescued by Sudanese soldiers from the Saudi-led Arab coalition =


Aden Airport resumes its operations on Sunday

and also



(A P)

Film: Yemen- Minister of Transport: Aden International Airport to Resume

With the contribution of the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, the Minister of Transport, Abdul Salam Hamid, along with some ministers and officials, have inaugurated the resumption of Aden International Airport after its maintenance following the effects of the explosion.

(* A P)

Southern Yemen separatist militia leader arrested as suspect of Aden Airport bombing

Saudi intelligence have arrested a prominent leader in the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia, in connection with the bombings of Aden airport, informed sources reported on Friday.

The sources confirmed that the Saudi forces’ command arrested a militia leader of the STC named Abdel Nasser Al-Ba`wah, known as “Abu Hammam Al-Yafei”, on Thursday, after he was summoned to its headquarters in Al-Buraiqa area.

Al-Ba`wah was accused of planning to target Hadi’s government with missiles and mortar shells upon its arrival at Aden airport, coming from Riyadh, the sources added.

The sources added that the Saudi forces ordered the detention of Al-Ba`wah inside the coalition command camp in the Al-Buraiqa area.

Already, there are intense movements among the STC leaders to try to release Al-Ba`wah, the sources said, indicating that his arrest may undermine the Riyadh Agreement between the STC and the Saudi-led factions.

(* A P)

Southern Transitional Council issues important statement about criminal incident targeted Aden internationalairport

(A P)

STC condemns Aden attacks: Haitham emphasizes urgent need for improving people’s lives

The spokesperson of the Southern Transitional Council, Nizar Haitham condemned the attack on Aden Airport on December 30, 2020.

(* A P)

[Sanaa gov.] HR condemns terrorist act at Aden airport

The Ministry of Human Rights condemned on Friday the cowardly terrorist act carried out by sinful hands at Aden International Airport last Wednesday, causing casualties.

In a statement, the Ministry of Human Rights confirmed the criminal act was a result of the ongoing practices of the States of aggression to tear the social fabric in the southern provinces and spread sedition and tamper with the lives of citizens and the capabilities of Yemen.

The statement noted the actions of the states of aggression to form armed groups loyal to them are committing criminal acts, including assassinations and planting of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The statement said that the terrorist bombing at the airport was part of a threat to national security and peace carried out by the aggression, which directly plans and supports terrorist groups to target safe civilians with IEDs and rockets, following the first explosion by heavy gunfire.

It stressed the need for the United Nations and the international community to fulfill their humanitarian, legal and moral responsibility to put pressure on the states of the aggression coalition and their mercenaries to stop criminal acts that targeting security in various provinces.

and also

(* B P)

Ministerpräsident des Jemens: Raketenangriff sollte neue Regierung „eliminieren“

Der Raketenangriff auf den Flughafen in der jemenitischen Stadt Aden sollte nach Darstellung des Ministerpräsidenten Main Abdulmalik Said die neue Regierung des Landes „eliminieren“. „Es ist ein erheblicher Terroranschlag“, sagte Said am Samstag in einem Interview der Nachrichtenagentur AP.

„Es war eine Botschaft gegen Frieden und Stabilität im Jemen“, sagte er.

Said machte die vom Iran unterstützten Huthi-Rebellen für den Raketenangriff auf den Flughafen und einen Drohnenangriff auf den Maschik-Palast in Aden verantwortlich, in den der Ministerpräsident und sein Kabinett kurz zuvor gebracht worden waren. Die „Techniken“ bei dem Raketenangriff erinnerten an die Strategie der Huthis, sagte Said.

(* B P)

Yemen’s PM says airport attack aimed to ‘eliminate’ Cabinet

Yemen’s prime minister on Saturday said that a missile attack on the airport in Aden was meant “to eliminate” the country’s new government as it arrived in the key southern city — a daring assault which he blamed on Iran-backed rebels.

Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed spoke to The Associated Press in an interview conducted at his office in the Mashiq Palace in Aden. It was the leader’s first interview with international media after he survived Wednesday’s attack that killed at least 25 people and wounded 110 others.

“It’s a major terrorist attack that was meant to eliminate the government,” the premier said. “It was a message against peace and stability in Yemen.”

Saeed repeated his government’s accusations that Yemen’s Houthi rebels were responsible for the missile attack on the airport and a drone assault on the palace, shortly after the premier and his Cabinet were transferred there.

Saeed said that the “techniques” used in the airport missile attack were hallmarks of the Houthis’ strategy.

Houthi officials have denied being behind the attack, but sought to blame unspecified groups in the Saudi-led coalition. The rebel leaders have not offered any evidence nor answered requests for comment.

Saeed said three precision-guided missiles had struck the facility, targeting his plane, the arrival hall and the VIP lounge of the airport.

“The guidance accuracy was great. The operation was huge,” he said.

The prime minister said Yemeni investigators have collected the remains of the missiles and that experts from the Saudi-led coalition and the U.S. would help determine the type and origins of the missiles.

(? B P)

Film: Scope with Waqar Rizvi | US - Iran tensions | Episode 346 | Indus News

Watch Waqar Rizvi conferring with a panel of experts on recent International events in the SCOPE.

Attack on #Aden Airport followed by #explosion soon after the arrival of #Yemini #government, Host Mehr Sher ( @musher_010 ) asks @AdelDashela the possible reasons for the attack.

(A P)

Yemen government internationalises attack on Aden airport

Yemen's internationally recognised government has decided to internationalise the terrorist attack which targeted Aden airport on Wednesday.
At a meeting with security chiefs and local authorities of the interim capital Aden on Thursday, prime minister Maeen Abdulmalik said his government plans to submit a file of the investigations into the attack to the United Nations.
Officials from a Saudi-led coalition fighting in the country attended the meeting.
Health minister said 26 people were killed and 110 others injured in the attack which coincided with the arrival of the government in the city.

(A P)

Int'l community felt Houthi horror after Aden airport attack: Yemeni FM

The international community felt how the "Houthi crime" is awful, the Yemeni foreign minister said Friday, after Aden international airport was attacked last Wednesday.
Initial investigations and material evidences absolutely prove that the Houthis were involved in the attack, Ahmed Oudh Bin Mubarak added in a video call with Yemeni ambassadors to China, France, Russia, UK, US and some European countries.

(A P)

NCTAVHR investigates Aden Airport’s crime

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights or NCTAVHR carried out Thursday a field visit to investigate the incident of attacking Aden International Airport, which killed and injured dozens of civilians.

The commission inspected the rockets, material damages and the destruction of the airport and met with a number of people for taking their testimonies.

(* B P)

Yemen airport bombing: an attempt to undermine new 'unity' government

The attack on Aden airport in war-torn Yemen which killed at least 25 people and injured more than 100 on Wednesday appears to have had a political purpose rather than a military one.emen airport bombing: an attempt to undermine new 'unity' government

While this was by no means the most lethal or destructive attack in Yemen's six-year civil war, the political context makes it significant.

Although Hadi's government is internationally recognised and supported militarily by a Saudi-led coalition its legitimacy is questionable.

During the conflict Hadi and his ministers have spent most of their time in Saudi Arabia and have struggled to provide security or effective governance in the southern parts of Yemen that are nominally under their control. Aside from the war with the Houthis in the north, there have also been tensions and sometimes armed clashes with separatists in the south.

the bombing of Aden airport four days later gave a sharp reminder of the lack of security in the south and can be seen as an attempt to undermine the new government from the moment it arrived.

(A P)

Works underway to re-operate Aden airport: Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has started work to restore activity to Aden airport, the SDRPY tweeted on Thursday, after aviation in the airport was halted by an attack.
"We're urgently working to re-operate Aden airport," it added.

and also




Aden Airport to resume flight operations soon (Photos)

Specialized technical teams began on Thursday to prepare a damage report and to remove the rubble caused by the terrorist attack on Aden International Airport.
(A P)

Yemeni gov't to publicize evidences on Houthi involvement in Aden blast

The Yemeni UN-recognized government will publicize evidences and details of the terrorist attack on Aden airport once the presidential committee completes probes, the foreign minister said Thursday, promising to restore stability to the war-torn country.
Initial information and investigations prove that the Houthis carried out this terrorist, heinous act, FM Ahmed Bin Mubarak told AFP, after the Houthi missiles were observed as fired from areas under the group control.
By this attack, the Houthis aim to prolong the war and reject peace efforts, the Yemeni top diplomat added.

(A P)

Yemeni probe panel holds first hearings on Aden airport blast

A Yemeni committee, chaired by interior minister and tasked with probing the Aden airport blast, paid a visit to the airport on Thursday to assess the attack's impacts.
The panel's chairman, General Ibrahim Haidan, was given detailed testimony, by the airport's security director and other officials, on indications of the attack that left 135 casualties.

(* A P)

[Pro-Houthi] Yemeni media suspect UAE involvement in Aden bombing

Yemeni media have blamed the UAE occupation in the southern port city of Aden for the recent Aden bombings.

Under the headline “This is the UAE’s most prominent man and the first person found to be involved in the bombing of Aden airport,” the Watan al-Ghad newspaper published a picture of a person named Shalal Ali Shayea .

The paper, as well as other newspapers held him responsible for Wednesday’s Aden bombings.

The newspaper quoted local sources as saying that Shalal Shayea, who is the Military Attaché at Yemen’s embassy in the United Arab Emirates, was involved in the bombings that hit Aden International Airport just before the arrival of the Hadi government formed in Riyadh.

Shalal Shayea left Aden International Airport right before the three consecutive explosions rocked the airport.

The source said that Shayea disembarked from the plane before the government delegation did, and left the airport immediately on a private armoured vehicle minutes before the explosion, which causes suspicion on his possible involvement in the attack.

(* A P)

Yemen [Hadi gov.] Claims 'Iranian Experts' Present at Airport Attack, Iran Blames Saudis

The premier of Yemen's exiled yet internationally recognized government has claimed there is evidence that Iranian personnel were present at the site of a deadly airport attack that struck the southern city of Aden, an incident that Iranian officials have blamed on rival Saudi Arabia.

"When we talk about the Houthi militia, this leads us to talk about Iran and its project of sabotage in the region by threatening international shipping and blackmailing the world through its arms and proxies from the militias in the region," Saeed was quoted as saying.

The meeting was Saeed's first since his violent return to Aden after a stay in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, which hosts Hadi's Saud-backed government-in-exile.

In Tehran, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh denounced the Aden attack. He blamed it on the Saudi-led coalition that launched a war nearly six years ago to oust the Houthi movement from the Yemen capital city of Sanaa.

and also

(* A P)

Iran Condemns Yemen Airport Blasts

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned explosions which hit an airport in Yemen’s southern city of Aden, and expressed condolences to the families of victims.

In a statement on Thursday, Saeed Khatibzadeh said, “Continued foreign aggression and occupation of Yemeni soil are the key contributors to instability as well as a lack of order and enforcement of law, and have jeopardized Yemen’s territorial integrity.”

“Such acts of violence and the killing of civilians are the result of the mentality of aggressors and occupiers of Yemen, who, in the name of a self-styled coalition, have destroyed the whole of Yemen, and, with their bellicose and secessionist views, have perpetuated the most heinous human crisis in Yemen,” he added.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran condemns the aggressors’ acts of aggression and war, and stresses a political solution to the crisis, and once again asks all parties to end the futile conflict by returning to political negotiations,”

(* A P)

Yemeni PM accuses rebels, Iran of deadly Aden airport blast

Yemen’s prime minister renewed accusations on Thursday that the country’s Shiite rebels and Iran were responsible for the deadly explosion at the airport in the southern Yemeni city of Aden the previous day that killed at least 25 people and wounded 110.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that Houthi militias stand behind this crime,” Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed said as the newly reshuffled Cabinet convened for the first time in Aden.

“Intelligence also indicates that some Iranian experts were prepping for such an operation over the last few months,” Saeed said Thursday.

“We were supposed to begin by discussing the government program but this is an extraordinary meeting due to yesterday’s cowardly and treacherous attack,” Saeed said, and asked his ministers to stand up silently for a moment to mourn the victims of the explosion.

Saeed also urged Western powers not to remain content with just condemning the attack but also to hold the perpetrators accountable.

“The international community is still debating whether to designate Houthis as a terrorist group,” he said. “However, things are clear for us in Yemen. The actions of these militias prove they are a terrorist group.”

(* A P)

STC refuses to cooperate with Yemen govt's inquest into Aden blast

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) has reportedly refused to take part in the Saudi-supported Yemeni government's probe into yesterday's deadly attack at Aden airport as the recently formed unity government touched down from Saudi Arabia.

However, the Yemen Press Agency citing sources reported that the STC has prevented a government appointed security-intelligence panel tasked with investigating the attack under the pretext of not tampering with the crime scene. Journalists have been prevented from taking pictures at the scene and surveillance footage has also been confiscated, the sources added.

Although no one group has claimed responsibility for yesterday's blasts, some members of the Yemeni government have accused the Houthi movement while others have hinted at STC involvement. One STC leader Malik Al-Yazidi Al-Yafei accused the Saudi-backed Islah Party militia of being behind the attack.

The Houthi movement has since denied any involvement in the incident and the Minister of Information in the Houthi-led government based in Sanaa, Dhaifallah Al-Shami stated yesterday on Twitter that "the confused statements of the government of Riyadh's mercenaries about the explosions at Aden airport raise question marks."

The accusations implicating the Houthi movement were "an attempt to cover up their crimes against civilians and to settle the inter-accounts of mercenary parties," he added.

(A P)

PM visits wounded of Aden airport attack


(* A H T)

Toll from Aden airport explosions increases to 26 dead, 59 injured

The toll from the explosions at Aden airport on Wednesday has increased to 26 dead and 59 injured, including officials, soldiers and civilians, a source told Debriefer on condition of anonymity.
It is expected to rise further because some of the victims were rushed to hospitals in critical condition, the source said.

(A H T)

@MSF is preparing mass casualty medical response plan at MSF Trauma hospital in #Aden #Yemen, following the airport attack. No further information at the moment.

(* A P T)

The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Interception, Destruction of Bomb-Laden UAV Launched by the Terrorist Houthi Militia In An Attempt to Target Al-Maashiq Palace in (Aden)

Statement by the Official Spokesman of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Brigadier General Turki Al-Malki
“Joint Coalition Forces have successfully intercepted and destroyed today (Wednesday) a bomb-laden UAV launched by the terrorist Houthi militia in an attempt to target Al-Maashiq Palace in the interim Yemeni capital (Aden)
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition condemns and denounces the cowardly terrorist attack that took place in Aden International Airport earlier today. The desperate, terrorist attack to target Al-Maashiq Palace confirms the responsibility of the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia of the attack in Aden International Airport upon the arrival of H.E. the Prime Minister of Yemen and member of the Yemeni Cabinet. These terrorist acts not only target the Yemeni government, but the hopes and aspirations of the brotherly Yemeni people. The attempt to assassinate the Yemeni Cabinet is an attempt to thwart the Riyadh Agreement

(A P)

Saudi Arabia Strongly Denounces Attack on Aden Airport

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday strongly condemned the “treacherous” attack on Aden’s airport in Yemen, saying that it targeted not only the new government, but also the Yemeni people.

In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Foreign Ministry said the Kingdom stood by the Yemeni people and its aspirations for peace, stability and security.

(A P)

Hadi orders to probe into Aden's airport blast

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi said the attacks that the Houthis and other extremist and terrorist groups conduct won't prevent the government from exercising its mission in the temporary capital Aden, state news agency Saba reported.
In a phone conversation with the Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik, Hadi ordered the formation of an investigation team into the attack that was targeted at the cabinet upon its arrival in Aden International Airport coming back from Riyadh.

and also

(A P)

Shatara: Aden is shocked by attack on its airport

Aden is shocked and disturbed by the surprise missile attack on its airport, said the member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), Vice-President of the National Assembly for Control and Inspection, Mr. Lufti Shatara.
Shatara confirmed in his tweet today that Aden is fine and the life is normal and ordinary outside the airport's walls, adding that the situation is under control and the cowardly perpetrators will not go unpunished.
Shatara also said that the best response to this operation is to speed up the resumption of flights and bring back the life they wanted to kill.

(A P)

Sheikh Hani: We will never be discouraged by malicious criminal terrorist act

Whoever was behind this malicious criminal terrorist act will never discourage us from working in the interest of the people and helping the power-sharing government, said the vice president of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), sheikh Hani Ben Brik following the deadly blast that hit Aden International Airport upon the arrival of the members of the newly-formed Yemeni government on Wednesday.

(* A P)

Statement of the [Hadi gov.] Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the cowardly terrorist incident that targeted the Government of political competencies at Aden International Airport today noon, December 30, 2020

In a cowardly terrorist act, the Houthi terrorist militia, this afternoon, December 30, 2020, targeted the government of political competencies while it was arriving at Aden International Airport, causing many casualties, whose number so far has reached nearly a hundred dead and wounded civilians, travelers, journalists and government officials who came to welcome the government.

The Ministry reminds the international community that the terrorist attack that targeted the mass killing of the whole government of political competencies formed according to the Riyadh Agreement

The Ministry also emphasizes that Aden International Airport is a civilian airport used by all citizens of the Republic of Yemen, and that targeting it is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and a heinous terrorist crime.

The Ministry affirms that the evidence and indications indicate that the Houthi militia is the party that carried out this terrorist act by targeting the airport with three missiles and techniques that are similar to the techniques that these militias used in previous crimes that targeted civil and government institutions and facilities.

(A P)

STC blames Houthis for Aden airport explosions

The Houthi group and parties affected by the Riyadh Agreement application are to blame for Aden airport attack, the Emirati-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) said Wednesday.
"While everyone was waiting for the south-north power-sharing government's arrival in Aden to start work and development and take the country out of its tragic condition, hands of terror and chaos insist on practicing their criminal role known of killing, devastation and hindering the opportunities for peace, construction and stability," the STC added in a statement.
It deplored "with strongest words this treacherous act that targeted Aden international airport upon the arrival of the government formed under the Riyadh Agreement."
The STC called the government and security bodies to undertake their duties and start an urgent investigation, with international participation, to unveil circumstances of this criminal act.

and also

referring to film:

(* A P)

Saudi-backed minister accuses southern Yemen separatists of being behind bomb blast in Aden airport

The Ministry of Information of the Hadi puppet government has accused the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias of being behind the bombings that targeted Aden International Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

In an interview on Al-Jazeera a short while ago, Mohammed Qizan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information of the Saudi-backed Hadi government, directed accusations to the STC forces regarding the airport attack.

Qizan said that Saudi-led coalition forces are responsible for protecting the airport and the government.

These accusations came one hour after a STC official had already accused Islah Party of involving in the Aden airport bombings.

(A P)

Film: The #Yemen-i Prime Minister just addressed the public condemning today's cowardly terror attack and reassuring Yemenis that gov't will not be scared away from Aden and is here to stay until order and peace restored. People needed to hear that amidst horror and uncertainty. =

and also

Comments: Woke up to this terrible news but i doubt that Houthis are behind this. There are other forces inside & outside #Yemen that does not want Aden to stabilize or the war to end for that matter.

Agreed, but perhaps it matters most whom the unity government blames, since that will indicate if they want to stay together by blaming the Houthis or fall apart by blaming one another.

(B P)

More than an angle to look at Aden airport blasts

The Houthi attack has reflected Iran’s posturing ahead of the US president’s inauguration. It has also betrayed incompetence in the ranks of Yemen’s “legitimacy” government.

all that was mentioned about Iran and its role in Yemen does not exempt the Yemeni “legitimacy” government from responsibility for what happened.

This legitimate government, headed by the transitional president, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, showed an inability to deal with the complexities of the Yemeni situation, on the one hand, and to understand the Houthi phenomenon with its Iranian dimension, on the other.

It is difficult to fathom how the new Yemeni government could move to Aden from Riyadh without proper precautions, including keeping the date of its arrival flight secret.

This government has shown it is made up of amateurs in politics and security matters, and it is a caricature of the character of Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who was supposed to have made Aden his place of residence a long time ago.

But the question is, how can the transitional president reside in Aden and manage the confrontation with the Houthis from there, while he cannot even go to his hometown in the nearby Abyan governorate?

It is clear that no political or military victories over the Houthis will be possible with this kind of “legitimacy” government, which needs, before anything else, to be reconfigured.

(* A P T)

Second explosion heard near presidential palace in Yemen’s Aden after deadly blast at airport where unity govt arrived – reports

Local news have reported yet another explosion in Yemen, this time near the presidential palace, to which the new cabinet fled following the blast at the Aden airport.

Yemen’s new government has been transferred to the palace right after an explosion disrupted their arrival to the Aden airport earlier today. It

The destructive explosion at the airport resulted in more than 20 people being killed, and at least 60 injured, according to Salem Al-Shabhi, a senior health official who spoke to The Independent.

and also

(* A P T)

There was no immediate reaction from the Houthis, who had earlier denied responsibility for the airport attack.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) aid group said 19 people were treated for wounds at its hospital in Aden.

“The missile hit the terminal’s gate and we were only meters away...We pulled out people screaming, then I realised that I was wounded myself,” Nasser Mubarak, one of the survivors said.

Mubarak lied on a bed in MSF’s hospital with others wounded mostly by shrapnel. The medical staff showed steel bolts that were removed from some of the victims.

(* A H T)

Yemen: 2 ICRC staff members killed, 1 unaccounted for after airport blast

The International Committee of the Red Cross is profoundly saddened that two of our colleagues were among those killed in Aden's airport explosion earlier today. One other ICRC colleague is unaccounted for.

Our staff were transiting through the airport with other civilians when the explosion occurred. Three were injured, including one seriously.

"This is a tragic day for the ICRC and for the people of Yemen," said Dominik Stillhart, ICRC's director of operations

and also

(A H T)

Yesterday, student Hamid Al-Qaddami, from #Hajjah governorate, was killed at Aden airport in the explosion, while he was waiting to leave for India to discuss his doctoral thesis.

This is one of those moments when hopes are shattered.

Hamid was one of the lights of #Yemen. His future, knitted with his country.

This is what Living in Yemen on the Edge means

(A P)

Secretary-General Condemns Deadly Attack on Yemen Airport after Cabinet’s Arrival

(A P)

Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator - Statement on the attack at Aden airport

(A P)

Statement by UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths on the attack at Aden airport

(A P)

UNO-Gesandter verurteilte Angriff mit 25 Toten im Jemen

Der UNO-Jemen-Beauftragte Martin Griffiths hat die schwere Explosion auf dem Flughafen der südjemenitischen Stadt Aden als „verabscheuenswürdigen Angriff“ verurteilt. Dieser verstoße gegen das humanitäre Völkerrecht und stelle möglicherweise ein Kriegsverbrechen dar, sagte Griffiths gestern in einem Telefonat mit dem jemenitischen Außenminister Ahmad bin Mubarak. =

(A P)


In a call with the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Bin Mubarak, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, reiterated his unequivocal condemnation of the cowardly attack on the Yemeni cabinet upon the arrival of its members to Aden airport which killed and injured dozens of civilians. Mr. Griffiths offered his sincere condolences for all those who lost loved ones and expressed hope for a speedy recovery for all the injured.

and also

(A P)

The Government of the United States strongly condemns today’s attack on Aden airport.

(A P)

[Yemeni Sanaa gov.] Deputy Minister of Foreign Condemns Targeting Civilians in Aden Airport

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Salvation Government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, condemned the crime of targeting Aden airport. He holds the US-Saudi aggression responsible for the lives of innocent people.

In a tweet, Al-Ezzi said: “We are in solidarity with the families of the victims and strongly condemn all mercenary factions for not feeling the responsibility for the lives of innocent people.”

Al-Ezzi called on the fighting groups in Aden to settle their differences away from the citizens and public establishments.

and also

(A P)

[Sanaa gov. “Lackprovince”] Aden Governor: Attack on Aden Airport Aims at Settling of Scores Between Coalition Militias

Governor Salam explained in a statement that the ongoing conflict between the coalition militias casts a shadow over the humanitarian and security situation in Aden.

(A P)

Saudi-Yemen envoy: Riyadh pact holds despite terrorist acts

The Saudi-led coalition will continually support the Yemeni people and legitimate government, the Riyadh Agreement will go ahead, and peace and security will be achieved in Yemen, the Saudi ambassador for Yemen tweeted on Wednesday.

and also

(A P)

Attack on Aden airport war crime, act of terror, says chief of Guards of Republic

(A P)

Yemen government calls for international investigation into attack on Aden airport

Yemen's legitimate government on Wednesday called for opening an immediate and transparent international investigation into what it called the terrorist attack on Aden airport.

(A P)

UAE strongly condemns terrorist attack on Aden Airport

The United Arab Emirates strongly condemned the cowardly terrorist attack that targeted the airport of the interim Yemeni capital Aden during the arrival of members and ministers of the newly formed Yemeni Government to commence its duties in implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation stressed that attempts to target the Riyadh Agreement, through attacking the newly formed Yemeni Government, is a diabolic scheme aimed at undermining prospects of security and stability in Yemen and the region. The Ministry reiterated the importance of confronting these subversive attempts with all vigilance and determination.

(A P)

UAE's Gargash says Yemen's Aden airport blast is an attack on Riyadh agreement

(A P)

UK: Statement on attacks in Aden, Yemen

James Cleverly, Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, has issued the below statement condemning the attacks in Aden today.

(A P)

EU statement: Yemen: Statement by the Spokesperson on the attack in Aden

The European Union strongly condemns the attack on Aden airport right after the ministers of the new, broad-based government had landed. This is an unacceptable act of violence that comes at a key moment of the implementation of the Riyadh agreement towards a comprehensive political solution.

The European Union expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and wishes swift recovery to the injured.

(A P)

Pakistan condemns attack on Aden airport in Yemen after new cabinet lands

(A P)

Egypt, Jordan condemn Yemen’s Aden airport deadly explosions

(A P)

Muslim scholars condemn Yemen airport blasts

(A P)

Iraq condemned the attack on Yemen’ Aden airport

(A P)

China condemns Aden terror attacks

(A P)

Japan strongly condemns attack on Aden airport

official site:

(A P)

Malaysia condemns terror attack at Aden International Airport in Yemen

(A P)

Sudan Condemns Terrorist Attack on Aden airport

(A P)

India condemns Aden airport attack in Yemen

(A P)

Global community expresses condemnation, outrage at Yemen’s Aden Airport attacks

(A P)

Mwatana for Human Rights calls for an international, independent and transparent investigation into yesterday's horrific attack on #AdenAirport to ensure accountability for those involved and redress for victims #Yemen #AccountabilityNow

cp2 Allgemein / General

(* A K P)

Interactive Map of Yemen War

(* A K)

Military situation in Yemen on January 2, 2021 (Map Update etc.)




(A P)

Taiz: Journalists protest Houthi atrocities in funeral of slain colleague

Scores of journalists organized a protest against the Houthi killing and other atrocities against journalists during the funeral of a colleague in Taiz.


(B P)

Houthis committed 143 press freedom abuses in 2020: watchdog

The Information Freedom Observatory said on Saturday the Houthi militia committed 143 abuses against press freedom in 2020.

(* B K)

Red Cross: 16 employees, volunteers killed in Yemen in 10 years

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) revealed that 16 of its employees and volunteers had been killed in Yemen over the past ten years.

This came in statements made by Sara Al-Zawqari, regional spokesperson/public relations for the Near and Middle East at the ICRC to Anadolu Agency a day after 26 people were killed in the Aden airport bombings in southern Yemen, including three ICRC employees.

"Since 2011, the ICRC has lost 16 staffers in Yemen, including six employees, and ten Yemeni volunteers, all of whom were working in the various governorates to provide humanitarian assistance," explained Al-Zawqari.

(A P)

Houthi envoy for Iran says regional entity to counter Yemen's war

There are efforts led by a member state of the UN Security Council to form a regional-international block that would counter war on Yemen, the Houthi envoy for Iran said Thursday.
Many countries were in contact with the purpose of opening windows for diplomatic exchange with Sana'a, Ibrahim al-Dailami added in remarks carried by the Houthi-run al-Masyra.
There are studious efforts and positive indications that diplomatic relations would be extended between Yemen and other countries in the near future, he said.
This is a fruit of military and political wins gained by Sana'a, the Houthi official added.

(* B K pH)

Humanity Eye Center for Rights and Development has released an infographic showing the statistics of (2100) days of brutal Saudi-led aggressive war against Yemen and backed by the US and UK.

The center pointed out that the number of killed civilians within the past 2100 days of war reached 17,042, including 3804 children and 2,389 women, while the number of wounded reached 26,355, including 4,128 children and 2801 women.

Moreover, it stated that the destroyed and damaged facilities that make up the infrastructure of Yemen have reached 9526, indicating that the Saudi-led aggression resulted in the destruction and damage of 15 airports, 16 ports, 305 power stations, and 545 communication stations.

The Saudi aggression deliberately destroyed and targeted 2,181 reservoirs and water supply networks, 1974 government installations, and 4,490 bridges.

With regard to the economic establishments, it destroyed and damaged a number of 22,913 establishments, and caused damage to 393 factories, 289 fuel tanks, 11,365 commercial establishments, and 411 chicken and livestock farms.

The infographic pointed out that the aggression deliberately destroyed 7229 transportation means, 463 fishing boats, 899 food stores, 392 fuel stations, 678 markets and 794 food trucks.

It indicated that the number of civilians’ homes destroyed and damaged by the aggressors reached 569,283; in addition to 177 university facilities, 1,393 mosques, 366 tourist facilities, 389 hospitals, and health facilities.

Additionally, it indicated that the aggression intentionally destroyed and targeted 1099 schools and educational centers, 7005 agricultural fields, 133 sports facilities, 245 archaeological sites, and 47 media facilities (image)

(* B K pH)

13,082 Women, Children Killed, Injured by US-Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen: Entesaf Organization

Entesaf Organization for the Rights of Women and Children issued new statistics of aggression crimes against women and children from the beginning of the aggression on Yemen until December 31, 2020.

The organization stated that the total number of victims of direct aggression from women and children reached 13,082 children and women. 2392 women and 3796 children were killed and 2798 women and 4,096 children were injured.

and also

(* B H K)

A Visa to Death

When the return to the homeland becomes a path to grave

Asrar (22 years old) did not know that her dream of returning to the homeland would lead her to be killed by armed groups fighting for control of the oil governorate of Shabwa (southeast of Yemen).

Asrar comes from a family that resided in Al Hudaydah Governorate (western Yemen), but, of course, has relatives in Shabwa Governorate. Before she was born, her parents traveled to Saudi Arabia in search of a better life, so they settled there.

Asrar did not know that the first exit visa she obtained from the passport office at the Al-Wadiah border crossing, on her way to Yemen, would be the last, and that her three daughters would go the same way back – alone this time – stricken by the grief of being orphaned and the cruelty of losing their mother.

At 04:00 p.m., on Friday, August 23, 2019, violent clashes broke out near the village of Al-Muhamasheen in Attaq city, where Asrar’s grandparents live, between the Emirati-backed Shabwani Elite Forces and others affiliated to Hadi’s internationally recognized government. During the clashes, a bullet from a medium sized weapon caused the end Asrar’s life.

Asrar’s father-in-law, Ali Ismail (48 years old), who lives next to the house where his daughter-in-law was a guest, says, “The clashes were taking place near our house. The bullets were falling down as much as rain. We were sheltering from them behind walls and under ceilings that barely protect us from rain drops.”

Asrar was standing on the doorstep of her grandfather’s fragile house, which is made of tinplates, wooden sticks, and construction remnants, when the bullet came from the north to hit the fore of her head and go out from the back after having shattered a large part of her skull… There were no walls to shield her from the bullets.

(* A E P)

Canadian corporation destroying Yemeni oil field on Saudi orders

A Canadian company working in Saudi Arabia had started destroying the Al-Khashaa oil field in Hadhramaut province, eastern Yemen, local sources said on Monday.

The destruction process was done by pouring huge quantities of acid into its surroundings, after a Saudi force transferred the company’s American director.

The Al-Khashaa oil field is considered a concession area in Hadhramaut. It was opened in 2008 by influential persons in the state like General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Hameed Al-Ahmar, and other political figures with close contacts with Saudi Arabia.

The Al-Khashaa field produces 6,000 barrels of oil per day, with 30 oil locomotives departing from it towards Ma’rib province. The monthly revenues of this oil field are estimated at about $8 million.

(A P)

Mona Safwan: Affiliation to great Yemen fearing no consequences

The Houthi-allied al-Hawiea TV interview with her is still resonant and widely attracting the attention of activists from across political spectra, as the Yemeni journalist brought to light the division among Yemeni elite and public groups.
On Thursday, Mona Safwan appeared for the first time on the Sana'a-based al-Hawiea screen to send significant messages to de facto authorities in a war-torn country that is on the brink of famine.
Despite the provocative questions asked by the interviewer, the journalist showed confidence in her-self and her established opinions, which made the interview largely circulate on social media in Yemen.
Instead of letting the interviewer steer the discussion, Mona Safwan bravely insisted to talk about the Yemeni rights, humanitarian and media reality.
While she roused issues concerning the majority of Yemenis and highlighted the need for rapprochement between political powers to stop war and end its disastrous impacts, some criticized her for appearing unveiled and others tried to designate her as a narrow-minded politician.
Any Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue between different parties is necessary for the country to make use of its resources, Safwan said, calling for all the Yemeni journalists to be allowed their right to return to Sana'a or any other Yemeni city. "This is our right, but not a favor from you."

Later on Twitter, Safwan criticized the questions put by the interviewer, dubbing the Yemeni media as "lacking vision and project. Even when we are in the middle of a huge war, media is still shallow, with no culture or journalism."
She attacked those who focused on her appearance on screen without veil, calling on them to "know that defending Islam means to apply justice, protect women and prevent injustice.

(? B K P)

Defeat in the desert: how ‘Little Sparta’ lost its might

They were once the shining light of the Middle East, but Emirati fortunes are waning after a series of humiliating setbacks

They thought they were the new power in the Middle East. Nicknamed “Little Sparta” by General James Mattis, the former US defence secretary, the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates had a combat reputation stretching from Libya to Afghanistan.

Then they met the seven-fingered, one-legged hero of Shabwa, the youngest brigadier in the Yemeni army.

Brigadier Abd Rabbo Laa’kab had 300 men, in his telling of the story, and a handful of “technicals” — the pick-up trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns that have become a staple of warfare in this part of the world (paywalled)

[from 2017] "The Tribal-Military-Commercial Complex and the Challenges to Security Sector Reform in Yemen"

"The Tribal-Military-Commercial Complex and the Challenges to Security Sector Reform in Yemen" in Addressing Security Sector Reform in Yemen (2017) Chapter in a report entitled Addressing Security Sector Reform in Yemen Challenges and Opportunities for Intervention During and Post-Conflict. The report was edited by Marie-Christine Heinze and published by the Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient (CARPO) in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) on 20 December 2017. This report is the result of a conference with the same name, which was jointly organized by CARPO and the Regional Office Gulf States of the KAS at the Dead Sea in April 2017. The papers by prolific experts on Yemen included in this publication discuss the changes, obstacles and limits for successful security sector reform in Yemen during and after the conflict and offer respective recommendations for national and international policy-makers in the field.

cp2a Saudische Blockade / Saudi blockade

(A K P)

Detention of Oil Tankers Considered Crime of Genocide: YPC

Yemen Petroleum Company said that direct and indirect losses in the service, industrial and production sectors due to the continued detention of oil derivative tankers exceeded $ 10 billion.

The Executive Director of the Company, Eng. Ammar Al-Adrai, stated that the maritime piracy on tankers of oil derivatives caused the suspension of over 50 percent of the operational capabilities of the service, industrial and commercial sectors, which led to great economic losses.

“The detention of oil tankers and preventing their entry is considered a crime of genocide, which is criminalized by all international legislation, charters and laws,” he added.

The company's executive director confirmed that the aggression coalition is still holding nine oil derivative ships in Jizan, the first of which is the "Pandig Factory", whose detention period exceeded nine months and the fines for delaying this tanker amounted to six million dollars, which exceeds the cost of the shipment.

and also

(A K P)

Gasoline ship arrives at Hodeida port

The Yemeni Oil Company (YOC) announced on Tuesday the vessel "Miura" carrying 14,299 tons of gasoline arrived at the port of Hodeida.

The vessel was arbitrarily detained by the aggression coalition for a period of 260 days.

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

(* B H)

Film: Hungersnot im Jemen: Unicef schlägt Alarm

und auch

(* B H)

Film: Yemen's 'forgotten' war threatens widespread starvation

The United Nations warns that Yemen is facing a new surge in hunger. The more than five-year long conflict between the Saudi-backed government and Iran-backed rebels has destroyed health infrastructure and caused widespread food insecurity.

(B H)

Let us complete for you the corruption of organizations and aid looters in Al-Hodeidah led by Jaber Al-Razhi Here, in the pictures, 845 cartons of food were destroyed a month and a half ago, which expired, inside the ADRA organization warehouses in Hodeidah. Who is responsible and for how long do these corrupt and thieves tamper with the relief grants (photos)

(A H)

Based on a fund by Partners Relief and Development & Karamzgawa. 500 families in Dhawran area of Dhamar governorate received today food parcels from

@monarelief's team. Another 500 food baskets will be distributed in Sana'a very soon. (photos)

(A H)

With the support of Partners Relief and Development & Karmagawa @monarelief planning to distribute very soon 3000 blankets, 180k breakfast meals for students at public schools, 1000 food aid baskets along with rebuilding a school in #Yemen (photos)


(A H)

Today in Sana'a @monarelief's team distributed food supplies to 200 public school teachers who didn't receive payment since 2016 Our activity was funded by the Voice with 110 food baskets along with Mona Relief's fundraising campaign in Patreon with 90 baskets others (photos)

(B H)

With the end of this year I can say that Mona Relief has reached out more than 61k families in the country with food supplies.I'm proud to be a part of this (photos)

(B H)

Yemen Food Security Outlook Update, December 2020

Ongoing conflict and political instability are driving an increasingly concerning macroeconomic situation in Yemen. Throughout 2020, continued depreciation of the currency has resulted in further food price increases in many areas. Crisis (IPC Phase 3) outcomes are widespread, even in the presence of significant humanitarian assistance in many areas. In widespread areas where Crisis! (IPC Phase 3!) outcomes are expected throughout the projection period, anticipated significant levels of assistance is likely to prevent more severe outcomes. In northern Hajjah and Amran, deterioration to Emergency (IPC Phase 4) is likely in the February to May 2021 period as the lean season progresses. While not the most likely scenario, Famine (IPC Phase 5) would be possible in the event that food imports are significantly disrupted for a prolonged period of time.

From October to November 2020, the exchange rate in southern governorates depreciated by a further 2.8 percent from October to November 2020, to reach 801 YER/USD according to FAO. This was largely driven by rapid depreciation in Aden and other southern governorates in the last week of November. Though the exchange rate in Aden appreciated slightly following the announcement of a renewed Riyadh Agreement on December 10, it has since continued to depreciate, reaching 860 YER/USD as of December 17 according to key informants. Driven by the deteriorating macroeconomic situation, recent protests in Aden, Lahij, and Ta’izz illustrate an escalating situation as people struggle to access income and food prices rise. In northern governorates, the exchange rate remained stable in November on average.

While not the most likely scenario, according to multiple media sources it remains possible that the United States issues a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” designation pertaining to northern authorities in Yemen. This would impact commercial activity—including potentially imports and banking—and would accelerate the pace of macroeconomic deterioration.

(B H)

Today in the capital Sana'a @monarelief's team was able to distribute 400 food aid baskets based on funds sent by our partners in Poland @SzkolydlaPokoju, Missionary Sisters along with @monareliefye's fundraising campaign in Patreon and others #Yemen (photos)

(B H)

How do gender norms change? Kafaa a midwife from rural Shabwa in #Yemen shows how economic development & exposure to new ideas can help drive change. I really enjoyed reading about Kafaa's journey in @SMEPSYemen's annual report.

(* B H)

The largest amount of aid destroyed in 2020 due to the expiration date in the storage of the Danish Council in #hodeidah belonging to the World Food Organization WFP, the quantity was estimated as 71 tons and 250 kilos of flour (photos)

My comment: I really want the WFP to explain this. It seems UN agencies get rotten and expired stuff to “support” people in Yemen. Also look at the following:

(* B H)

Expired medicines enter Yemen under umbrella of United Nations

What is happening behind closed doors in terms of corruption deals to market expired medicines comes in conjunction with an inclusive siege imposed on the Yemeni people by the aggression with the consent of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations and the complicity of the international community that exploits the tragedy of peoples to achieve its interest.

While the process of the introduction of medicines that have been expired or near-expired, or even in terms of poor storage, is still going on, on the other hand, many are still affected by these medicines unless they are previously discovered by the security authorities.

Earlier, Hodeida province port authorities confiscated expired medicines belonging to World Health Organization (WHO), and specialized teams in Hodeida port customs and the Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) in Hodeida branch sorted expired medicines belonging to WHO.

SCMCHA director in Hodeida Jaber al-Razehi said the container inspections have proven to be unusable and expired, adding it was decided to seize the containers and address WHO to re-export them to the country of origin.

(B H)

Yemen: Organizations Monthly Presence (October 2020)

In October 2020, 109 organizations implemented Humanitarian Response Plan activities in all of Yemen’s 333 districts. Nine UN agencies were active in 331 districts, 32 international NGOs were active in 239 districts, and 68 national NGOs were active in 312 district.

(A H)

This guy had to sell his daughter a year ago for about $230 to feed her other siblings. Now some kind people paid the money and reunite the family. Over 6 years of wars, irresponsible de facto authority, corruption and kleptocracy push millions in #Yemen into the unknown.

and film:

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

(A P)

Horrific Rights Violations Continue in Ibb Governorate

A civilian was subjected to brutal torture in one of the Houthi prisons in Ibb governorate, coinciding with the injury of another civilian in al-Mashna district.

(A P)

Film: A number of steadfast events in Sanaa ... on the occasion of the memory of the great martyrs 01-01-2021

Film: Al Mahwit ... tremendous efforts of the Martyrs Foundation to take care of the families of the immortal great 01-01-2021

(A P)

Sana'a Commemorates the Martyrdom of Qassem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis

An event was held in the capital, Sana'a, to commemorate the martyrdom of the two great leaders Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, with an official and popular presence. The Yemeni, Grand Mufti, scholar, Shamsaddin Sharaf al-Din, affirmed in a speech during the event that Yemen’s commemoration of the first anniversary of the martyrs, Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abi Mahdi al-Muhandis, indicates the unity of the position and destiny of Islamic Nation nation.

(A P)

Revolution leader sends letter to Soleimani's family

Revolution leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi sent on Saturday a letter to the family of the martyr Qassem Soleimani on the first anniversary of his assassination.

and also

(A K P)

25 deceived soldiers return home

The National Center for Returnees received on Friday 25 deceived soldiers who are back in the national line.

During the reception, the returnees of the 63rd Infantry Brigade at the Aleb ِAxis explained that the convoys of the deceived would continue to return to the ranks of the homeland after plans of the aggression became clear that represent in occupying Yemen.

My remark: “deceived soldiers” = Sanaa gov. media wording for anti-Houthi fighters.

(A K P)

Photo: From the equipment of a photo exhibition of students from Al-Hudaydah University who sent them to the fronts and were killed there These are the outcomes of the Qur’anic educational process. They are proud of this achievement, with an exhibition of pictures and models of students who have paid the price with their lives, so that the factions of the people remain on the throne of plunder, destruction and devastation.

(A P)

Symposium reaffirms importance of Yemeni media in exposing crimes of the invaders

(A K P)

Al-Houthi: Yemen Reached A Stage of Balance of Deterrence

Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi considered that reaching a balance of deterrence is due to the victory achieved by the Yemenis and the steadfastness of the military and security institutions.

(A K P)

Military Intelligence: US-Saudi Aggression to be Surprised in the Coming Year

The head of the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance, Major General Abdullah al-Hakim, threatened Saudi-led aggression with surprises in the coming year. He said to Almasirah TV that what comes in 2021 will surprise the enemy more than what has been achieved in 2020.

(A P)

Taiz: Houthi militants bomb 14th house in a week

The Houthi militants have bombed the fourteenth house in Taiz, Yemen’s southwestern besieged city, this week.

Local sources said the theocratic militants “bombed a house in Madarat area west of the city on Tuesday afternoon, after bombing thirteen houses within the same week.”

The militia are reportedly hunting civilians, accusing them of “collaboration” with the army before lacing their houses with bombs and detonating them.

(A P)

Yemen’s Houthis: Detained Saudi Pilots Will Only Be Exchanged for Palestinian Inmates

The Houthi Ansarullah movement conditioned the release of Saudi pilots in Yemeni custody on the freedom of Palestinian inmates held in the kingdom’s prisons.

Speaking to Al-Masirah TV channel on Wednesday, Abdel Kader Mortaza, the official in charge of prisoner affairs at Yemen’s National Salvation Government, said Saudi pilots held in captivity in Sana’a would only be swapped with the Palestinians imprisoned by the Riyadh regime.

Since February 2019, Saudi Arabia has kept 68 Palestinians and Jordanians in detention without any legal reason. Among the inmates is Mohammed al-Khudari, a high-ranking official from the Gaza-based Hamas resistance movement.

and also

(A K P)

20 deceived soldiers return home

The National Center for Returnees received on Wednesday 20 deceived soldiers, including leaders.

My remark: “deceived soldiers” = Sanaa gov. media wording for anti-Houthi fighters.

(* B P)

Yemen: Rights Radar Calls on Houthi Militia to Put an End to Their Abuses in Ibb Governorate and Urges UN Envoy to Pay Attention to Human Rights in Ibb

Rights Radar Organization for Human Rights based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has called on the Houthi militia in Yemen to put an end to the abuses that occasionally affect civilians in Ibb Governorate located in the center of Yemen.

Rights Radar has urged all the parties to the conflict in Yemen to respect all conventions and treaties, including the international humanitarian law.

Rights Radar regrets the repetition of abuses committed by Houthi militia gunmen against civilians in various districts in Ibb Governorate. According to local monitors, abuses and assaults crimes occur in a daily basis due to the unprecedented insecurity in the Governorate that was known for its peace and stability.

Rights Radar’s field monitors documented a number of abuses in Ibb Governorate during the period from September 2014 to August 2020. These abuses included abduction, killing and injuries, in addition to child recruitment and destruction of public and private property.

According to the available and documented information during the aforementioned period, the number of abductions reached 2004 cases, most of which were committed by Houthi gunmen with exception of four cases that were committed by unknown parties.

The number of killing victims reached (802) cases, including (601) cases committed by Houthi gunmen and (73) cases committed by Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia. In addition, local gangs were responsible for (128) cases of killing, most of which were committed due to criminal reasons.

There were also (343) cases of injury, including (299) cases committed by Houthis, (22) cases committed by Arab Coalition, (18) cases committed by unknown gangs, in addition to four cases that were committed by Al-Qaeda.

As for the crime of child recruitment, Rights Radar monitors documented (144) cases, all of which were committed by Houthi militia and the number may be much more.

As for damage to public and private property, we monitored (300) cases of damage to public property, including (291) cases that were committed by Houthi militia. In addition, there were (6) cases committed by Arab Coalition, two cases committed by Al-Qaeda and one case that was committed by an unknown party.

The number of cases of damage to private property reached (900), including (860) cases committed by Houthi militia, (37) cases committed by Arab Coalition, (2) cases committed by Al-Qaeda and one case committed by an unknown party.

Rights Radar regrets continuing committing these crimes and abuses against unarmed civilians, hoping that the crime of killing (Khatam Ali Abdul Karim al-Ashari) is the last one of this kind of abuses.

(A P)

Tribesmen clash with Houthis, control police building in northern Amran

Tribesmen engaged in fierce armed clashes with Houthis and took control of a police station building from the hands of the militants in the northern province of Amran on Monday, local sources said.

The clashes, in Bani Sreim district of Amran, started when the director of the Houthi militia's self-styled Police Station sent a military convoy to arrest two bridegrooms in their wedding day, for allegedly violating the militia's wedding feast rules. Highly provoked, the clan of the two bridegrooms resisted the military campaign and the clashes ended up in their control on the police station building.

(A P)

Minister of Defence: Yemen will never accept invaders and occupiers

(A P)

40 deceived soldiers return to Amran

Amran province received on Monday 40 deceived soldiers who left the aggression's camps and joined the national army.

(* B P)

The Irregulars of the aʿdah War: Colonel Shaykhs and Tribal Militias in Yemens ūthī Conflict, 2004-2010 [2014]

This chapter will therefore focus on a particular aspect of the conflict that has hitherto attracted relatively little attention: the dynamics of tribal involvement, and in particular the relationship between the local tribes and the regulär army. The Huthi conflict orfers fertile ground for analysis of the relation between the tribes and the army, because it took place in a sociopolitical environment that is largely organized along lines of tribal affiliation, and, more than many other regions of Yemen, is still dominated by the persistence of tribal values and priorities. In investigating this aspect of the Huthi conflict, two phenomena in particular will be taken into consideration: firstly, the so-called 'Colonel Sheikhs' of Sa'ada - tribal leaders who also hold an army rank - and their role in the conflict; and, secondly, the deployment of irregulär militias whose members were from a predominantly tribal background. These two phenomena are closely linked.

Fortsetzung / Sequel: cp6 – cp19

Vorige / Previous:

Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 1-704 / Yemen War Mosaic 1-704: oder / or

Der saudische Luftkrieg im Bild / Saudi aerial war images:

(18 +, Nichts für Sensible!) / (18 +; Graphic!)

Liste aller Luftangriffe / and list of all air raids:

Untersuchung ausgewählter Luftangriffe durch Bellingcat / Bellingcat investigations of selected air raids:

Untersuchungen von Angriffen, hunderte von Filmen / Investigations of attacks, hundreds of films:

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