Krieg im Jemen-Neue Artikel zum Nachlesen 173

Yemen Press Reader 173: Kinder im Jemen – Exodus von Ärzten und Pflegern - Dorf Sarari – Friedensgespräche: Sackgasse – Britische Regierung gesteht Falschaussagen – Heftige Luftangriffe . Kämpfe

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Children in Yemen – Exodus of doctors and nurses - Sarari village – Peace talks in deadlock – British government confesses misleading statements – Heavy air raids and fights – and more

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cp2 Allgemein / General

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche/ UN and peace talks

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp9 USA

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

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cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

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K = Krieg / War

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PH = Pro-Houthi

PS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

22.7.2016 – Daily Mail (** B H)

Gaunt eyes, bloated bellies and ribs sticking out of their tiny bodies: Child victims of world's 'forgotten' war in Yemen… where bombs are dropped on schools

Children fight for their lives on wards of a hospital in Yemeni capital Sana'a

Some are on life support, others lie passively with big, gaunt eyes staring

Pictures released by Save the Children are a rare glimpse into the suffering

Nearly 1.3million are malnourished in one of the world's poorest countries

The pictures released by the British charity Save the Children are a rarely seen glimpse of the suffering of children in Yemen, one of the world's poorest countries, where it is estimated nearly 1.3 million children - one in three of them under the age of five - are malnourished.

The city's hospital wards are also filled by civilians and children wounded by bombs, bullets and missiles, several crippled while aid workers speak of a 'catastrophic food crisis' across the country.

They are the innocent victims of the political crisis and devastating conflict that has seen a Saudi Arabian-led coalition carrying out a military campaign aimed at preventing Iran-allied Houthi rebels and forces loyal to Yemen's ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh from taking control of the country.

There is disturbing evidence that schools have been deliberately targeted by warplanes while the conflict has crippled much of the already impoverished country, destroying infrastructure and thousands of homes leading to warnings of a pending humanitarian disaster (with images ) - by David Williams

22.7.2016 -Save the Children (* B H)

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is worsening by the day, with the latest statistics revealing more than 14 million people are in desperate need of food.

One in three Yemeni children under five – approximately 1.3 million – are suffering from acute malnutrition.

Nine governorates are now in a state of emergency, just one step away from being declared a 'famine', including the besieged city of Taiz and the major port city of Al Hodeidah.

Malnourished babies

Footage gathered by Save the Children shows babies aged between three and twelve months fighting for life in intensive care units at Al-Sabeen Hospital in the capital Sana’a.

Traumatized children

With more than 1,600 schools destroyed or shut, it is unsurprising that a third of school age children in Yemen do not have access to education.

Santiago said: "The psychological impact of the conflict has been devastating for children with many showing symptoms associated with distress and trauma including anxiety, low-self-esteem and lack of concentration. =

7.2016 – Save the Children (* B H)


Seven-year-old Raja’a was playing in her garden when a missile hit her house - killing her mother, sister and brother. She's still psychologically traumatised by the horrific experience and is receiving emotional support from our teams in Yemen.

22.7.2016 – UNICEF (* B H)

Back to school after fighting in Yemen’s conflict

In May 2015, while hostilities escalated in Yemen, 16-year-old Ahmed was conscripted to fight with one of the parties to the conflict. After months of being on the frontlines, he fled and returned home. Now he’s resuming his education and working hard to catch up on the schooling he missed – by Ansar Rasheed

23.7.2016 – The National UAE (* B H)

Exodus of doctors and nurses adds to Yemen’s woes

An exodus of foreign medical professionals is contributing to the collapse of Yemen’s health system since full-scale civil war broke out in the country last year, with many people dying from a lack of skilled care, the UN’s health agency and local medical officials say.

Most of the 1,200 foreign doctors and nurses who were employed in Yemen when the war against Houthi rebels began in March last year have now left, the local office of the World Health Organisation tweeted last month.

A source in the health ministry in Sanaa confirmed the departures and said increasing numbers of Yemeni doctors were expected to leave as well "as they can get more money abroad".

There are about 8,000 Yemeni doctors, but only a quarter are specialised, the source said – by Mohammed Al Qalisi

cp2 Allgemein / General

24.7.2016 - Peter Ooborne (* A K P)

This is a recent recording in Yemen with Peter Obourne and well worth a listen even though the sound quality is very poor.

24.7.2016 - India Live (* B K P)

It is all about blood bath: Saudi-led-coalition has diabolical modus operandi for Yemen War

The bombing of Yemen has been a bonanza for Saudi Arabia’s arms trading partners.

Chief among those are Britain (which accounts for 36% of arms sales to the kingdom), the US (35%) and France (5%).4 Canada has a profitable US$15 billion contract to supply light armoured vehicles.

Between 2010 and 2014 Saudi Arabia was already buying four times more arms than in the period 2005-09.4 In 2014 it became the world’s largest arms buyer.

[Overview article] – by Pragit Parameswaran

21.7.2016 – Legal Center (* A K)

Legal center for rights and development is monitoring the suffering of the residents in Al-Sarari villages in Saber district, Taiz province, nearly 2000 families including women, children and elder are suffering from the violations that are committed by armed groups of coalition forces after the siege of the area for more than a year.

The army group prevented the introduction of medicine and food, according to the testimonies of the families who reported to the center that the violations by armed groups have intensified frequently during the past two weeks by attacking and direct shelling on civilians’ houses. In addition, they targeted the families by heavy and light weapons that led to kill many civilians including women and children.

All of this is in preparation to storm the village and commit massacres and genocide against more than (2000) families live in this area, in the silence of the United Nations and international and local organizations. The civilians and families appeal to intervene and stop the massacres committed against them by those groups.

21.7.2016 – USAID (* A B K P)

Latest Yemen Fact Sheet

Fuel imports decrease in June, fulfill only 25 percent of monthly needs

Relief organizations continue to report security concerns, particularly in Aden and Ta’izz

[Overview of Yemen situation] and in full: and map:

7.2016 – Critical Threats (* A K P)

Gulf of Aden Security Review

[Day by day, from July, 21 baxkwards]

21.7.2016 – F. Carvajal (A P)

taking Sanaa 2day will divide #Yemen @ least= North, Central (Taiz), southwest, Hadhramawt ...Mareb/Jawf may split frm North....Shebwa?

Comment: Views on possible splits dividing Yemen into bits. Sad.

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

22.7.2016 – Go fund me (* A H)

Humanitarian Aid for Yemen

Her name is Ghazza, an 8 year-old Yemeni girl, Ghazza’s life is holding but by a thin thread – her body exhausted by cancer, and a chronic lack of medical care. Like thousands of children Ghazza stands not a chance against Saudi Arabia humanitarian blockade.

If various UN agencies have confirmed over the months that Yemen was indeed running low on food and other basic necessities, all failed to tell the public just what “coping” actually entails in Yemen. We are not talking about low food supplies … we are talking no food supplies.

Over the past 16 months Yemen has been transformed into a grand moratorium. Under Riyadh’s blockade millions are set to die still, robbed of their dignity, their right to be, their right to think, their right to pray in the fashion which fit them best.
Her name is Ghazza and her story is that of Yemen! (photos)

22.7.2016 – Gulf News (* A H)

Dengue fever outbreak kills 27 in Yemen’s Shabwa province

Local health officials in Yemen’s southern province of Shabwa have said an outbreak of mosquito-borne dengue fever has killed 27 people while roughly 3,000 others have contracted the disease.

Officials warn that the disease is spiralling out of control amid a chronic shortage of drugs and insecticide.

Shabwa’s health facilities broke down last year during when Iran-backed Al Houthi militants moved into the province – by Saeed Al-Batati

Comment: Of course this is used as a pretense to put blame on the Houthis. The Saudi blockade of imports also cutting down the import of medical needs; Saudi air raids against hospitals; the take-over of the whole coastal region by AQAP certainly had a greater effect than the Houthi takeover.

22.7.2016 – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (A H)

Yemen: Humanitarian Dashboard (January - June 2016)

Across Yemen’s 22 governorates, Humanitarians have reached close to 4 million people with some form of humanitarian protection or assistance since January 2016. The needs, however, are becoming more acute, particularly among the 2.8 million men, women, and children that have been displaced in search of safety, security and livelihoods.

The US$1.8 billion appeal has received a little over 26 per cent of funding. and in full:

22.7.2016 – UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (A H)

Map: Yemen: Overview of Field Hubs & Governorate Coverage (as of June 2016)

21.7.2016 – Fatik Al-Rodaini (A H)

Over 500,000 pregnant women in #Yemen do not have the possibility of giving birth safely.

Over 60 per cent of all households are forced to limit the portion sizes of their meals and consuming less expensive foods.

Over 22 per cent of all households have a poor food consumption, with displaced families being worst affected.

Some 14.4 m ppl,every second Yemeni, are struggling to find enough food; this includes 7.6 m ppl who are severely food insecure and and and

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

22.7.2016 – Reuters (A T)

Car bomb explodes near mosque in Yemen's Sanaa

A car bomb exploded outside a mosque run by Yemen's Houthi group in the capital Sanaa on Friday, residents said, going off as worshippers were leaving after midday prayers and injuring several of them.

There were no reports of casualties in the relatively rare attack in the city or an immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion by the Bilal mosque in western Sanaa.

22.7.2016 – New News (A T)

Worshipers were leaving the Bilal mosque, which is run by the Houthi Ansarullah movement, when the blast was carried out.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the blast, but it bears hallmarks of the Takfiri Daesh terrorists – by Ahmed Alkhazzan

19.7.2016 – Taiz News Yemen (A H P)

Bassam Al-Selwi died while imprisoned in #Houthi#Salehabduction in #Sanaa#Yemen.

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

23.7.2016 – Pars Today (A T)

Gunmen assassinate Muslim clergyman in southern Yemen

Unidentified armed man have shot and martyred a Muslim clergyman in Yemen’s port city of Aden on a day which also featured fresh Saudi bombardments, leaving some people dead.

Local sources said gunmen, carrying firearms fitted with silencers, attacked Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Zuhri as he left al-Rahman Mosque after leading dawn prayers Saturday, the Huna Aden news website reported.

Sheikh Zuhri was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his gunshot wounds, it added. and

22.7.2016 – New News (A P)

A Protest Under the Title “USA Obstructs Peaceful Solutions in Yemen “

Sons of Hajja Province organized a great protest under the title ” USA Obstructs Peaceful Solutions in Yemen” .Many of poetries and speeches are delivered to condemn USA’s obstructs any peaceful solution in Yemen

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

24.7.2016 – KUNA (A P)

Prisoners cmte in Kuwait s Yemen talks convene

A committee that emerged of the Yemeni peace talks held in Kuwait, on Sunday discussed a roadmap for releasing prisoners and detainees at home in line with what the Yemeni warring parties agreed upon during the first phase syaxa

24.7.2016 – The National UAE (* B K P)

Yemen faces great challenges if a peace agreement is forged

It is crucial that the international community begins to work together to prepare the way for reconstruction, including the return of refugees. Reconstruction and return will not be an easy task given that post-conflict Yemen will still likely be plagued by extremist groups, endemic poverty and distrust.

To enable the successful return of displaced Yemenis, the following set of key actions, informed by lessons learned from past conflicts and tailored to the specific context on the ground, should be followed.

Access to information is critical.

Security must also be strengthened through national and local coordination against extremist groups.

There must also be investment in economic development and opportunities.

There must also be safeguards to the rights of the displaced written into any political agreements.

It is important to establish an inclusive governance framework – by Taufiq Rahim Paul Callan

Comment: Sound article without propaganda. Even against the Hadi government's odd propaganda: the authors ask for an „inclusive governance“. But: A great IF; the peace agreement must come first.

23.7.2016 – Gulf News (A P)

Yemen government delegation vows to stick to talks ultimatum

Says delegation will leave Kuwait by the deadline with or without a deal

he Yemen government delegation participating in the difficult peace talks in Kuwait has promised to leave the host country early next month even if the warring parties do not sign a peace deal with Al Houthis and their allies.

“This is a last chance for peace. If the putschists (Al Houthis and forces loyal to the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh) waste it thinking that they can come to Kuwait to manoeuvre and waste time then they’re deluded.” Al Mikhlafi said in another tweet – by Saeed Al-Batati

Comment: The whole is a blame game. Really odd. Just look at this and reports of the last day to see which side is permanently „ manoeuvreing“.

Comment by Hisham Al-Omeisy: Vowing to stick to 2 weeks deadline is rich when coming from #Yemengov't left talks to attend Mauritania conference

22.7.2016 – Hisham Al-Omeisy (A P)

Peace talks deadline in 10 days & head of #Yemengov deleg leaves to attend fluff summit in Mauritania!

Bet delegates maneuvering now & dedicating efforts to reach deal AND plan to pin blame on other side if none. #Yemen and

22.7.2016 – Xinhua (A P)

Yemen's Houthis warn Saudi-led airstrikes would abort peace talks

Yemen's dominant Shiite Houthi rebels warned that continuing airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition would certainly fail the UN-brokered peace talks underway in Kuwaitaccording to a statement released Friday.

The warning came a day after Kuwait set a deadline for delegations of Yemeni warring parties to deal or depart.

"In an escalating movethe Saudi-led aggression has intensified its military operations in several Yemeni provincesincluding over 75 airstrikes on Thursday and overnight" said the statement.

It stressed the airstrikes targeted civiliansas well as the joint truce committee in Saada province during a mission with Saada governorcausing critical injuries.

"We emphasize that the Saudi-led military escalation is serious as it breaks the ceasefire reached on April 10 and is certainly to fail the talks underway in Kuwaitor any possible political compromise and peace to Yemen" said the Houthi statement. and by Saba Net:

21.7.2016 – Pars Today (A P)

Jemen-Friedensgespräche: Kuwait setzt Konfliktparteien Ultimatum

Die Regierung in Kuwait hat den jemenitischen Konfliktparteien 15 Tage Zeit gegeben, um einen Lösungsweg aus der Krise zu finden.

Dazu sagte gestern der kuwaitische Vize-Aussenminister Khaled Sulaiman Al Jarallah, man habe den Konfliktparteien deutlich gemacht, dass Kuwait die laufenden Jemen-Friedensgespräche nicht ewig lang laufen lassen könne.

Er betonte, wenn die Gespräche innerhalb einer Frist von 15 Tagen keinen Durchbruch aufweisen, werde Kuwait nicht mehr als Gastgeberland zur Verfügung stehen.äche_kuwait_setzt_konfliktparteien_ultimatum

Kommentar: Druckaufbau – vor allem gegen die Huthi-Saleh-Delegation und den UN-Beauftragten, der die Verhandlungen leitet. Die Hadi-Regierung möchte die Verhandlungen ohnehin scheitern lassen, außer sie bekommt alles, was sie fordert.

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

24.7.2016 – Alwaght (A E P)

Impudent, Naive; Russian Media React to Saudi Foreign Minister’s Offer

23.7.2016 – Arabian Business (* B H P)

Saudi Arabia urged to free women from guardianship 'shackles'

Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship system remains the most significant impediment to women’s rights in the country despite limited reforms over the last decade, Human Rights Watch has said in a new report [see YPR 170].

Adult women must obtain permission from a male guardian to travel abroad, marry, or be released from prison, and may be required to provide guardian consent to work or get healthcare. These restrictions last from birth until death, as women are, in the view of the Saudi state, permanent legal minors, according to the 79-page report.

The fact that Saudi women are still forced to get a male guardian’s permission to travel, work, or do anything else is a long-standing rights violation and a barrier to the government’s plans to improve the economy,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director.

The government should do itself a favour and finally listen to the demands of half its population to be freed from the shackles of the guardianship system.”

22.7.2016 – Business Insider (* B E P)

One part of Saudi Arabia's economy is 'suffering' — and it's not oil

The state statistics office recently reported that the kingdom's first-quarter gross domestic product grew by 1.5% compared with the prior year — its lowest growth since the first quarter of 2013.

Moreover, the non-oil sector shrank by 0.7%, with the non-oil private sector growing just 0.2% year-over-year, its lowest level in about 25 years.

Still, Capital Economics Middle East economist Jason Tuvey argued in a recent note that there was "one area of the economy that seems to be suffering particularly badly": construction – by Elena Holodny

22.7.2016 – Politico.EU (* A P)

‘Never write off Saudi Arabia’

New diplomatic face of the Gulf Kingdom promises gradual change, extends olive branch to Russia and lashes out at Iran.

The Saudis put on a diplomatic charm offensive in the EU capital this week designed to highlight looming changes in the ultra-conservative Gulf Kingdom.

The man who delivered the message was the foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir.

In his appearances in Brussels, al-Jubeir pushed the kingdom’s commitment to diversify away from oil and welcome foreign investment. He courted EU diplomats and extended an olive branch to Russia.

Any change in Saudi Arabia, he said, will be gradual.

The strategic outlook is ominous for the Saudis.

The social restrictions imposed on women come from the society, not the government,” he said, defending what to outsiders appear glacial changes in a societythat is ruled on the basis of strict separation of men and women in public life. “Our focus is to provide opportunity but not to change the social makeup of our society. We can’t force change on people but we have to allow the society to change.”

Al-Jubeir insisted Saudi Arabia has successfully purged its mosques of any preachers who may inspire radicals that had hit around the world and inside the kingdom as well – by Barbara Surk

Comment: For the last sentence: LOL.

22.7.2016 – Amnesty International (A H P)

Saudi Arabia’s Execution Toll Reaches 100

With its 100th execution this year, Saudi Arabia is speeding along in its dogged use of a cruel and inhuman punishment, mindless of justice and human rights. Many of those executed have been convicted after deeply unfair trials, as a result of flaws in the justice system.

22.7.2016 - Former Saudi General Visits Israel, Meets With Foreign Ministry Director-general
During the highly unusual trip, retired Saudi General Anwar Eshki also met with a group of Knesset members to encourage dialogue in Israel on the Arab Peace Initiative.

22.7.2016 – Noto Wahabism (B P)

Sunni Palestinian Woman exposes corrupt #‎Saudi_Arabia‬
A #‎Palestinian‬Sunni Muslim lady calls British MP George Galloway's show 'Comment', and exposes the rulers of Saudi Arabia.

17.5.2016 – Democracy Now (* B P)

Chomsky: Saudi Arabia is the "Center of Radical Islamic Extremism" Now Spreading Among Sunni Muslims

As Saudi Arabia continues to fund fighting in Syria and Yemen, Noam Chomsky says it is "the center of radical Islamic extremism." Chomsky adds that the U.S. ally is "a source of not only funding for extremist radical Islam and the jihadi outgrowths of it, but also, doctrinally, mosques, clerics and so on, schools, you know, madrassas, where you study just Qur’an, is spreading all over the huge Sunni areas from Saudi influence."

cp9 USA

24.7.2016 – Pittsburgh Post Gazette(* B K P)

Why are we in Yemen? The U.S. is helping Saudis wage a vile war

There is no good reason for the United States to take a position as a combatant in that contest, in Yemen or anywhere else. In other words, let the Muslims wage this struggle among themselves. It would be as if Egypt were to have involved itself in the former conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Apart from what seems to be an irresistible urge on the part of the United States to meddle in every struggle on the planet, the only reason for U.S. involvement in the war in Yemen — which involves pounding the life out of poverty-stricken, starving Yemenis — is the long-standing U.S. alliance with the Saudi monarchy, one of the most justice-free regimes on the face of the Earth. That argument might hold water if the war in Yemen represented any threat to the Saudis. It does not, and, apart from substantial sales to Saudi Arabia by the U.S. arms industry, linking its armed forces to ours, there is no reason for continued U.S. involvement in this truly inhumane war

21.7.2016 – Xinhua (* A K T)

Backgrounder: How U.S. drone strikes kill innocent civilians?

On July 1, the White House for the first time released the civilian casualties of U.S. counterterrorism strikes overseas, saying that between 64 and 116 civilians were killed in 437 U.S. strikes conducted in countries including Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from 2009 to 2015.

However, the figures have been gravely questioned, and data from some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and media agencies show them as untrue.

The above numbers show that the figures of civilian casualties published by the United States are dramatically lower. The U.S. use of drones to kill innocent people gravely violates human rights and the sovereignty of other countries.

In addition, the U.S. use of drones in war operations in countries like Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, upon whom the United States has not declared war, is a grave violation of the Geneva Convention.

Comment: Yemen has been on the receiving end since the very beginning of any drone campaign.
And the US government is minimizing the number of civilian deaths.
When will there be any justice?

21.7.2016 – Time (A P T)

State Department Issues Travel Warning for Saudi Arabia

U.S. citizens in Jeddah are urged to take caution due to threat of an attack

16.7.2016 – Common Dreams (* B E K)

US Banks Top Cluster Bomb Investment 'Hall of Shame': Report

Bank of America, JP Morgan among 74 of 158 financial institutions that invest in companies producing internationally banned weapons

Despite the international ban on cluster bombs, more than 150 financial institutions have invested $28 billion in companies that produce them, according to a new report released Thursday.

Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo are among the 158 banks, pension funds, and other firms listed in the "Hall of Shame" compiled by the Netherlands-based organization PAX, a member of the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC).

The report, titled Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions: A Shared Responsibility (pdf), finds that the leading investors come from 14 countries including the U.S., the UK, and Canada. Of the top 10 overall investors, the U.S. is home to eight. Japan and China round out the last two – by Nadia Prupis

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

22.7.2016 – Buzzfeed (* A P)

UK Government Accused Of “Outright Distortions” Over Saudi Bombing Of Yemen

The British government has been accused of “outright distortions” and of misleading parliament on Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen after quietly releasing a series of corrections to its previous statements to MPs that international humanitarian law had not been breached.

Campaigners suggested the changes might signify a shift in UK policy on Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign in Yemen. However, a Foreign Office source told BuzzFeed News that the corrections had simply been made in order to ensure the parliamentary record was consistent.

Hillary Benn, the former shadow foreign secretary, has now published a letter to Philip Hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer and former foreign secretary, regarding the changes. He said they were not “minor clarifications”, and that the government was “failing to live up to its moral responsibilities”. - by Alan White and by The Independent:

Comment: After what? After how many casualties? People maimed for life? After how many millions lost their homes? After. It's always after. And nothing changes

23.7.2016 – Guerilla Wire (* A P)

Tories try to ‘bury’ UKs role in the killing fields of Yemen

Having previously lied in an attempt to stitch-up Julian Assange in order to please his counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic, Hammond went a stage further with his piece of mandarin-speak intended to cover-up his misleading of parliament as a justification to sell weapons that are being used to kill innocent men, women and children in Yemen. The ability to knowingly lie by describing a UN body of lawyers as ‘lay people’ as well as signing off weapons of death to one of the most brutal regimes on earth without them having been independently assessed beforehand, is indicative of just how detached people like Hammond are from the plight of their fellow human beings.

With their statement:We have NOT assessed that there has not been a breach of International Humanitarian Law by the coalition”, the government, in plain English, are simply saying that on no fewer than six occasions they misled parliament telling MPs that the Saudi’s were not breaching International Humanitarian Law in Yemen when, as I will show below, they must of known they were.

The fact that, as Craig stated, there are twice as many British made aircraft in the Saudi Royal air force then there are in the British Royal air force, and that the British train the Saudi air force as well as supplying it with its weapons, is by itself, tantamount to Britain being complicit in the deaths of innocent Yemeni civilians – by Daniel Margrain

22.7.2016 – Amnesty International (*A P)

UK government admission to misleading MPs over Saudi abuses in Yemen 'jaw-dropping'

Responding to the government's admission that Parliament and MPs were mislead over investigations into Saudi Arabia conduct in Yemen, Oliver Sprague, Amnesty UK’s Arms Programme Director, said:

“This is jaw-dropping stuff. “The government has admitted grossly misleading parliament no fewer than six times on issues as serious as the deaths of civilians in Yemen. “The government has spent most of this year telling us that assessments had been conducted and it was confident that no breach of international law had occurred - when it’s now apparent no specific assessment of Saudi operations had been done whatsoever. “It appears that what the UK government is admitting is to only having reviewed general Saudi procedures rather than investigating the many actual reports of unlawful attacks. “It’s staggering that such a shameful admission is made at the eleventh hour on the last day of parliament. “It’s not even doublespeak, it’s just plain wrong.” and government's admision see here: = , related articles see YPR 172. And see also this:

Comment by Hisham Al-Omeisy: TY correcting. Out of curiosity, if "incorrect statements do not indicate an attempt to mislead", then what?

Comment by me to Hisham Al-Omeisy: Exactly that is it. All the evidence was existing all the time, the denial of reality by the government all the time had been rather ridiculous – and it was just murdering, because it gave the pretense to continue arms sales and political and logistic support – up to the present day, look at government's statement in YPR 172. And, what will be the consequences now? Ellwood himself was one of the most terrible story tellers related to Yemen.

22.7.2016 – Middle East Eye (A P)

Parliamentary report slams UK government counter-extremism policies

Prevent strategy is 'too opaque' and proposed counter-extremism bill risks 'making situation worse', human rights committee warns

22.7.2016 – Asharq al-Awsat (A E P)

The executive director of the Saudi British Joint Business Council, Chris Innes-Hopkins, said a Saudi-British agreement on free trade would see the light if both countries’ governments agree on its items.

In an interview with Asharq al-Awsat newspaper on Thursday, Hopkins said the Council was encouraging British investments in Saudi Arabia, in particular with the adoption of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The Council’s executive director said that the meeting saw the naissance of several initiatives to launch new investment projects in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

He added that both Saudi Arabia and Britain were witnessing economic restructuring in light of Vision 2030 and Britain’s decision to exit the European Union, commonly known as “Brexit”.

Comment: Free trade with Saudi Arabia and Brexit in relation. Good luck, UK.

Comment by Jane Novak: #Saudi, #BritishProposal to Forge Free Trade Agreement - Hard to remember #Yemenwar in face of those mega bucks

cp11 Deutschland / Germany

24.7.2016 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

Yahia Badreddin Leading Yemeni Houthi Coup from Germany’s Berlin

Yahia Badreddin al-Houthi, has made his second appearance in the German city Bonn early June after having left Germany for Yemen in 2013. Yahia – labeled a leader to both the Houthi and Ansarullah movements- had returned secretly to Bonn before officially announcing his presence in Germany on the state national television.

His official appearance was made after he had met with Iranian ambassador to Berlin Ali Majidi, who had given the controversial Houthi figure the green light to make an official appearance, well-informed diplomatic sources reported – by Hassan al Remahi

Comment by Judith Brown: In war propaganda rules. All sides is this Yemen war have behaved disgracefully - but maybe warfare has reached an era where there are no rules that cannot be violated and only shameless propaganda is available to cover terrible atrocities and war crimes. Saudi have enough of their own but still are welcome in the corridors of power in western countries and the UN. I look forward to a day when the worlds people can see that they are being manipulated to fight by the very rich on behalf of the very rich, with all the spoils of war grabbed by the very rich and the poor get poorer and no one cares. It's a sad state of affairs.

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

24.7.2016 – I'm Muslim (A)

Horrible. Salafi/Wahhabi mobs in #‎Egypt‬attacking Christian (Copt) areas. This isn't Islam and those savages aren't Muslim.

23.7.2016 – ALSDDY ( A P)

Bahrain : Heavy Clashes On the eve Anniversary of Al-Khalifa Invasion To Our Country

23.7.2016 – ALSDDY ( A P)

Bahrain : Riot Police Armoured vehicles Attack Peaceful Protesters Heavily By Multiple Tear Gases

22.7.2016 – Fars News (A P)

Bahrain Arrests 50 More Civilians in Diraz

The Bahraini regime arrested over fifty people as they were preparing for Friday Prayers in the village of Diraz Northwest of the tiny island state.

The detained worshippers were demonstrating outside Imam Sadiq (AS) Mosque chanting slogans against the Manama regime.

Meantime, police prevented cleric Sheikh Mohammad al-Sanqour from leading the prayers at Imam Sadiq (AS) Mosque.

The move by the regime forces angered the people.

In a relevant development on Thursday, another senior Bahraini cleric, Sheikh Saeed al-Asfour was detained by Al Khalifa regime forces as no sign of letting in ongoing wave of crackdown against opposition figures in Bahrain is seen. and film:

22.7.2016 – Almanar (A P)

Bahrain Crackdown on Shia Goes on: Authorities Ban Friday Prayers in Diraz

Al-Manar correspondent in Bahrain said that regime forces prevented Friday Imam in Diraz, Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, from entering the town, along with another alternative Imam.

Regime forces also arrested several prayers as they were heading to Diraz to perform Friday prayers.

As they knew that Friday prayers were banned, Bahrainis in Diraz headed to Imam Sadeq Mosque, where major Friday prayers take place in Bahrain, chanting pro-democracy slogans in protest against the latest measures.

cp13 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

22.7.2016 - UN High Commissioner for Refugees (A H)

Somalia Task Force on Yemen Situation: Inter-Agency Update #13 (1 July - 15 July 2016)

32,713 Arrivals from Yemen since 27 March 2015, at the early onset of the crisis

7,015 Yemenis registered in Somalia since 27 March 2015 (including Somalis with dual Yemeni-Somali citizenship)

20,575 Arrivals registered at Reception Centres in Berbera, Bossaso and Mogadishu since 27 March 2015

52% Registered arrivals expressing intention to return to Mogadishu

9,992 Somali returnees provided with onward transportation assistance since 27 March 2015

During the reporting period, there has been three boat arrivals from Yemen to Somalia, in Puntland (14 Yemeni, 74 Somali and 1 Ethiopian) carrying a total of 89 individuals. and in full:

22.7.2016 – UN High Commissioner for Refugees (A H)

Map: Yemen: Collective Centers and Settlements hosting IDPs (as of 13 July 2016) =

22.7.2016 – UN High Commissioner for Refugees (A H)

Map: Yemen: Shelter/CCCM/NFI Cluster 3Ws (Who Does What Where) for June 2016 =

21.7.2016 – International Organization for Migration (A H)

Map: Yemen Crisis Response: Movements and Arrival Assistance (As of 30 June 2016)

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

Siehe / See cp 5, cp6

24.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (B T)

All these Salafi clerics killed Nsouth Yemen where Qaeda/ISIS conflict with US-backed Saudi invaders withUpper hand

23.7.2016 – Sputnik News (A P T)

US Anti-IS coalition envoy to travel to Saudi Arabia, UAE, July 22-26

US Special Envoy for the coalition against the Islamic State Brett McGurk will travel to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to meet with senior officials about efforts against the terror group and to coordinate the next steps in the campaign, according to the US State Department.

Comment: That are the right guys meeting to deal on this subject. Noam Chomsky: Who does not want to be hit by terrorism, should stop supporting it.

cp15 Propaganda

24.7.2016 – Saudi Press Agency (A P)

Yemeni FM confirms his government's determination to seek peace in Yemen

Al-Mikhlafi said his government seeks the restoration of the political process from where it stopped as soon as possible according to the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the comprehensive national conference, the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution No. 2216 to end the coup, restore the constitutional legitimacy, the State's institutions, and security and stability to Yemen.
He said the intransigence of the rebels to show cooperation during Kuwait consultations,....

Comment: The same propaganda as always, absolutely nothing new, already commented often.

22.7.2016 – Living in Yemen on the Edge (A P)

According to the Saudi media, 26.6 mln Yemenis benefit from the King Salman Centre of Humanitarian Aid.
The only gift Yemenis received has been almost 500 days of war on them.
Yes, everyone benefited

22.7.2016 – Sultan AlQassemi / Hisham Al-Omeisy (A P)

Twitter suspends account of famous "Saudi whistleblower" @Mujtahidd. He had 1.5 million followers and close to 11,000 tweets.

It's 2nd time Twitter suspends controversial Saudi's ‘Julian Assange’ account. Suspended for a few days last year. and

Comment: Suppressing this account by Twitter is an intervention in favour of the Saudis – and their propaganda agenda.

21.7.2016 – Euronews (* A P)


Interview with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

We saw a vacuum, and the vacuum had to be filled. We saw a lack of leadership, and there had to be leadership, and so we worked with our allies and we stepped into the vacuum in order to protect our interests.

We had a militia, that’s radical, that’s allied with Iran and Hezbollah, taking over Yemen, and [was] in possession of ballistic missiles and an air force that became a direct threat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. Somebody had to do something about it, so we stepped in.

In terms of Iran, we said enough is enough: Thirty-five years of agression by Iran towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its allies is enough, we will not tolerate this. With regards to Syria, our objective is to support the moderate opposition and bring about a change in the system there.”

Comment: The usual propaganda. It is really odd that this representative of a head-chopping & bombing regime so often is given a stage in Western media to spread his strange propaganda.

21.7.2016 – Gulf News (A P)

Time for Al Houthis to shun arrogance

Yemeni rebels are trying to take advantage of the fact that the Arab coalition has ceased operations

The Arab coalition ceased operations in order to give peace every chance.

However, it seems Al Houthi rebels have arrogantly interpreted this as a concession and they are now trying to dictate unacceptable terms, such as the formation of a new government, in violation of UN Resolution 2216.

The Arab coalition continues to offer humanitarian aid to all affected areas, including cities under Al Houthi control. Al Houthis, meanwhile, continue to surround and bomb areas under the control of the government. They show the least regard for human life and security of the country, which is also threatened by the growing menace of Al Qaida and Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

The Hadi government and the coalition have made every effort to help achieve peace. But apparently, Al Houthis are not ready. Or most probably their foreign patrons in Tehran have yet to give them the go-ahead. The ball is the rebels’ court.

Comment: This really is a somewhat crazy piece of propaganda. “The Arab coalition ceased operations”: Attacks at several fronts and a plenty of air raids. The Saudi coalition as humanitarian benefactors, an always repeated piece of propaganda neglecting that the aerial war kills, wounds and destroys much more as every humanitarian aid ever could give. The Iranian paranoia again.

Comment by Judith Brown: A view from UAE - but of course all the fighting sides have been arrogant. It is the ordinary people of Yemen, struggling, starving, trying to live in this hell hole, that have the dignity and deserve the respect of the world.

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

24.7.2016 - Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Sa'ada
The Saudi warplanes launched on Sunday two air raids on different areas in Sahr district of Sa'ada province, a military official said.

The official added the raids targeted two cold storage chambers for vegetables and fruits in Ahma-al-Talah and al-Saifi areas in Sahr district.
24.7.2016 - Saba Net (A K PH)
Saudi jets wage raids on Jawf

24.7.2016 - Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes launch 16 raids 4 provinces

The Saudi aggression waged on Saturday 16 air raids on four provinces.
The Saudi fighters targeted Harad city of Hajjah province with three raids, four raids on Hifan district of Taiz province, and two raids on Kahbob area in the same province.
They also launched three raids on citizen's houses in al-Gayil district of Jawf province.
The aggression's warplanes launched a raid on al-Majza'ah bridge and three others on al-Abaisha bridge in Koshar district linking between Hajjah and Amran.
This is the second time the Saudi aggression hit both bridges in less than 24 hours.

24.7.2016 – Crimes of Decisive Storm (A K PH)

Pictures of the raid by US Airways Saudi aggression on the home of one of the citizens Directorate Ghayl al-Jawf province yesterday morning

24.7.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance.
Casualties and Damages (complete list):

24.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

New MASSACRE: 10 civilians killed after Saudi airstrike attacked family home in #Yemenregion Mocha today. and

Comment: The photo is from Sanaa, March 26, 2015.

24.7.2016 – Crimes of Decisive Storm (A K PH)

Pictures of the raid by US Airways Saudi aggression on the home of one of the citizens Directorate Ghayl al-Jawf province yesterday morning

24.7.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance.
Casualties and Damages (complete list):

23.7.2016 – Fatik Al-Rodaini (A K)

#Yemenprovinces of Taiz,Hajjeh,Saada, Jouf,Amran&Nehim area of Sanaa with33sorties by KSA jets just today as peace talks continue in Kuwait

23.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

DIRTY WAR: 4 Bridges destroyed over 18 hours by Saudi airstrikes in #Yemenattacking what remains of infrastructure (photos)

23.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi jets wage raids on Jizan, Sa'ada

23.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Aggression continues to breach ceasefire

The Saudi aggression and its mercenaries continued to breach the UN-sponsored ceasefire in several provinces, a military official on Saturday.
The Saudi warplanes waged a series of raids on Serwah of Mareb province and launched raids on al-Ghail district of Jawf province. At the same time, the Riyadh's hirelings pounded on al-Ghail distirct with artillery shells.
The warplanes waged many raids on al-Amri areas in Dhubab district, al-Shurajah area, al-Dhabi area in Haifan of Taiz province. T
The Saudi warplanes launched two raids on al-Huwaimi zone in Karesh area of Lahj province and targeted al-haithra site in Najran region.

23.7.2016 – AFP (A K T)

Coalition air strikes hit Qaeda in Yemen

Saudi-led coalition warplanes struck Al-Qaeda positions in southern Yemen on Saturday killing several jihadists, as government forces appeared set on a new offensive, military officials said.

Two air strikes targeted Al-Qaeda militants gathered on the outskirts of Jaar town in Abyan province, killing and wounding several jihadists, military officials said. and Middle East Online:

Comment by Judith Brown: Well if Saudi is bombing AQAP it is the first time. The so called recapture of Mukalla port, held by Al Qaeda for a year, was hardly that - these extremist Sunni militants were allowed to leave the port complete with their weapons. But maybe it is a new phase. We will have to wait to see.

22.7.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance.
Casualties and Damages [list of all raids]

22.7.2016 – Saba Net ( K PH)

YGC: Saudi strikes destroy domestic gas cylinders worth over $ 5.4

The Saudi war jets have destroyed the strategic stockpile of domestic gas cylinders in Taiz and Aden provinces, leaving initial losses estimated at over $ 5.4 million.
The cylinder storage locations belonging to the Yemeni Gas Company (YGC) have been exposed to air bombing since the beginning of the aggression, which led to destroying 136 thousand domestic gas cylinders, according to a report issued by the company.
The aggression airstrikes destroyed 65 thousand cylinders at a cost of $ 2.6 million in the company’s storages in Taiz and 71 thousand cylinders worth more than $ 2.8 million in Aden, the report detailed.

22.7.2016 – Saba Net ( K PH)

Saudi war jets wage raids on Mareb 22.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

Civilians KILLED: 55 Saudi airstrikes in 24 hours attack #Yemenkilling 9 as #UNpeace talks fail to end deadly war.

22.7.2016 – Crimes of Decisive Storm (A K PH)

Local sources confirmed that the aircraft Saudi American aggression against one of the bridges in circuiting of an excuse Directorate Bgartin what destroying it, also targeted Alobeish Bridge in the valley of Muar link between the provinces of Amran and Hajjah Bgartin what led to the destruction destructive entirely.

21.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

SMOKE of WAR: 74 Saudi airstrikes over 24 hours on #Yemen regions kill 8 civilians as missiles destroy 17 homes.

21.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

One killed, two injured in Saudi airstrike on Kitaf

A citizen was killed and two others were injured in an airstrike by Saudi war jets targeted their car in Kitaf district of Sa’ada province on Thursday.
The hostile raid targeted a car on the public road in al-Mulail area of Kitaf district,
which led to killing the driver and injuring two women were aboard, a local official told Saba.

21.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Sa’ada governor, de-escalation committee survive Saudi raids

The governor of Sa’ada province and members of the de-escalation committee survived Saudi airstrikes in Majaz district, a security official said Thursday.
The official explained that three raids by Saudi warplanes targeted the governor Mohammed Jaber Awad and the committee members during their visit to the Majaz Dam in al-Hajar area.
The raids resulted in injuring of three people with different injuries, burning of a car belonging to a citizen and causing damage to another car, he added.

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

24.7.2016 – Fars News (A K PH)

Yemeni Army Wins Back Key Region in Ibb Province

The Yemeni army and popular forces are now in full control of al-Sha'awer in Hazam al-Odain region in Ibb province," the Yemeni defense ministry announced in a statement on Sunday.

The Saudi-led forces sustained heavy losses and casualties in the Yemeni forces' offensives.

Comment by Judith Brown: And now the news from Iran. Each 'side' only reports its own successes.

23.7.2016 – Almasdar (A K PH)

Yemeni Army, Houthi forces on the verge of expelling Saudi-backed forces in central Yemen

On Saturday, the Yemeni Army, supported by the Houthi’s Popular Committees, regained ground at a key region in the Ibb Governorate after heavy clashes with Hadi loyalists.

A military source confirmed to SABA (Yemen News Agency) that Houthi forces have retaken control of the Al-Sha’aour area, while also securing all roads in the region this Saturday afternoon after expelling the Hadi loyalists; and killing several of them.

Al-Sha’aour is located at the northern side of the Hazm Al Udayn region in the Al Udayn district. Al Udayn is the last district in the Ibb governorate that is under Hadi loyalists control – by Tony Toh

23.7.2016 – KUNA (A K PS)

Saudi air force intercepts ballistic missile from Yemen ...

Saudi air force intercepted Saturday a ballistic missile launched from the Yemeni territories towards the southern city of Najran

23.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Army launches missile on Najran Air defense camp

The missile force of the army and popular committees fired on Saturday a ballistic missile of Zelzal3 on Saudi air defense camp in Najran.
A military source said the missile hit its target accurately. and by Fars News: and film by Press TV Iran:

Comment: See this report and the one before. Only one can be true.

23.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi warplanes targets bridges in Amran

The Saudi aggression has destroyed two bridges in Amran province, a local official said Saturday.
The Saudi fighter jets bombed two bridges in Moor valley and al-Majza'ah areas in Qaflat Othor Ader district. The bridges link Houth district in Amran with Ahem Haradh in Hajjah province.

23.7.2016 – Saba Net (AA K PH)

Aggression continues to breach ceasefire

The hirelings pounded houses in al-Sarari village and others neighboring villages in Saber-al-Mawadem district.
A number of children and women were injured in bombing attack in al-Sarari district. The hirelings also targeted Jamal al-Addin mosque in Ghurab area in Taiz province.
The Saudi aggression launched raids on Haradh city and Wadi Mour area in Hajjah province. The army and popular committees repelled an attempt to advance towards Haradh customs.
The Riyadh's hirelings pounded Mabda'a area in Nehm district of Sana'a province. The aggression targeted al-Abaisha bridge in Wadi Mour linking between Hajjah and Amran provinces.
The Saudi border guards opened machine guns on al-Shaikh areas in Munaba district in Sa'ada province.

23.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

3 Children & mother KILLED today after Saudi airstrikes attacked family home killing them in #Yemenregion of Abyan (photo)

23.7.2016 – Gulf Digital News (A K PS)

Saudi girl wounded in border shelling from Yemen

22.7.2016 – Southfront (A K PH)


Seit dem 15. Juli Bombardemants der Saudis auf Wadi Jarah. Am 18. Juli starteten die Kräfte der Huthi (SF Editor: Bürgerbewegung Ansarullah) einen Angriff auf die Stadt Al-Khubah und die Ortschaft Al-Qam. [1]

Am 19. Juli feuerten die Huthi eine Rakete auf das Najran Militärcamp. Am 20. Juli übernimmt Ahrar an-Najran, eine saudische Gruppe, welche loyal zu den Kräften der Huthi steht die Kontrolle über den Grenzposten und das lokale Militärcamp. Am selben Tag attackieren die Huthi Jabal Hamadan. [2] Des Weiteren erobern die Huthi das Jabri Camp. [1]

Am 21. Juli attackieren die Truppen von Präsident Hadi die Stadt Harad. Die Armee wird dabei von der saudischen Luftwaffe unterstützt. [3]

22.7.2016 – Fars News (A K PH)

Key Saudi Positions Hit Hard in Yemen Missile Attack in Jizan Province

The Yemeni army pounded Saudi Arabia's artillery unit and national guards' headquarters in the kingdom's Jizan province with two ballistic missiles.

Yemen's Zalzal 3 missiles hit the Saudi artillery unit and national guards headquarters in Abu Maza region in Jizan province near the border with Yemen.

"The missiles hit the targets with high precision," a Yemeni military official said.

22.7.2016 – Al Arabiya (A K PS)

Houthi leader killed in clashes amid Yemen talks

22.7.2016 – Saba Net ( K PH)

Army destroys Saudi Abrams tank in Najran

22.7.2016 – Saba Net ( K PH)

The hirelings of the aggression pounded homes and farms of citizens in Serwah with rockets and artillery. 22.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A K PH)

Saudi fighters being killed Saudi-American modern weapons being destroyed or looted by Yemeni army in south of KSA and (and more images in Nasser Arrabyee timeline, 23.7.16)

22.7.2016 – Gulf Digital News (A K PS)

Three Egyptians injured in cross-border shelling from Yemen

22.7.2016 – Fars News (A K PH)

Yemen: 40 Pro-Hadi Militias Killed in Clashes with Yemeni Forces in Hajjah Province

The Yemeni army and popular forces attacked the military positions of the forces loyal to former fugitive president Mansour Hadi in Hajjah province, killing over three dozen militias.

A sum of 40 pro-Hadi militias were killed in fierce clashes with the army and popular forces.

The militias' military equipment also sustained heavy losses in the Yemeni forces' attacks.

23.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A K PH)

Yemen acting President Mohammed Houthi visiting martyrs cemetery ofHajja northYemen where he had met armed tribesmen

Yemen acting President Mohammed Houthi visiting main hospital of Hajja north Yemen for more care of war victims and

22.7.2016 – Fars News (A K PH)

Yemen: 40 Pro-Hadi Militias Killed in Clashes with Yemeni Forces in Hajjah Province

The Yemeni army and popular forces attacked the military positions of the forces loyal to former fugitive president Mansour Hadi in Hajjah province, killing over three dozen militias.

A sum of 40 pro-Hadi militias were killed in fierce clashes with the army and popular forces.

The militias' military equipment also sustained heavy losses in the Yemeni forces' attacks.

Comment: Yemeni forces: Houthis and allied parts of the Yemeni army.

22.7.2016 – Almasdar (A K PH)

Houthi forces, Republican Guard capture key military camp in Taiz

The Houthi forces, alongside the Yemeni Republican Guard, reportedly captured the Dhabi Abous Military Camp on Friday morning after a violent battle with the Hadi loyalists inside the Haifan District of the Ta’iz Governorate.

The capture of the Dhabi Abou Camp comes just days after the Hadi loyalists failed to advance inside the Dhubab District of Ta’iz, paving the way for a Houthi counter-offensive.

Saudi warplanes have launched a number of airstrikes in the Ta’iz Governorate to forestall the Houthi advance; however, this has failed to yield any significant results – by Leith Fadel

21.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Army foils hirelings’ infiltration toward Jada’an

The army forces backed by popular committees managed on Thursday to repel an attempt by hirelings to infiltrate toward Jada’an area of Mareb province.

21.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Military vehicle destroyed, killing hirelings

A number of hirelings were killed after targeting their vehicle in Bani Hidan area in Nehm in the western parts of Mareb province, a military official Thursday.
The official explained that the missile force of the army and popular committees targeted a military vehicle carrying a machine gun and destroyed it ,which led to killing a number of hirelings were aboard.

21.7.2016 – Hussian Albukhaiti (A K PH)

Borders clashes has resumed n all front wth huge battle n Harad N Hajah #Yemen reports,massive #Saudi attack high casualties among coalition

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

24.7.2016 – The New Indian Express (* B P)

Destination Yemen: Takers for hardcore Salafism on the rise in Kerala

For a sizeable number of Salafis in Kerala who claim to follow the ‘real trail’ of Prophet Muhammad, Madrasah Darul Hadith in Dammaj, Yemen, a key centre for hardcore religious learning, remains a dream destination. The hardline Salafi Muslims, who reject the moderate groups as incomplete and lacking real understanding of the religion, are still aspiring to migrate to Dammaj with a solo intention to lead a ‘dedicated religious’ life.

As per the self-proclaimed true Salafism, one must completely abandon music, should not take photography, never go to co-education schools, never sit at the classes handled by female teachers and never live in an environment in which girls freely roam – by Riyas Ali

Comment: This Salafi center in Dammaj was erected with Saudi support, it was a reason for permanent strife in Yemen:

Comment by Judith Brown: This article demonstrates the growing influence of Wahhabism in the world as well as its pernicious influence on Yemen. The rise of the 'Believing Youth' movement in northwest Yemen began in response the the Saudi funded Wahhabi school in Dammaj that was placed there simply to covert the Zaidi Muslims who lived there to Sunni faith as practiced in Saudi Arabia. The 'believing youth' movement began as a.Zaidi revivalist movement but eventually became a militia, and after their founder was killed in battle the movement was named after him and became more militarised. Dammaj was destroyed in 2011 by local Zaidi militias. Now it appears that Muslims from Kerala in India are planning to go there on some sort of religious mission. Let me warn you - it no longer exists and what is more the northwest of Yemen is suffering from intensive air attacks from Saudi Arabia and a severe Saudi led embargo that is causing desperate levels of starvation. Not a great place for a Sunni Muslim to go just now.

7.2016 - Lensculture (* B H)

The Hijab as Power: Explorations in Northern Yemen

Interview withYumna Al-Arashi

Al-Arashi, whose work typically revolves around women, nature, human rights, and feminism, has just produced a new series titled "Northern Yemen," which explores the representation of Yemeni women wearing the hijab, the traditional head covering for Muslim women.

„Some people have commented that these are not women, simply because you can't see their faces or bodies. Others see the power they have.

Defining emancipation based on physical appearance is not adhering to the truest form of the word. Woman's rights will come when we can fully respect a woman no matter how she looks or where she comes from“ (with photos)

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