NSA, go home!

War on Terror US sees Germany as "third-class partner" - and spys on us. Germans must take down NSAs operational bases in Germany and take electronic countermeasures.
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Germany is "third-class" partner

According to US internal strategy documents, Germany is only "third-class" partners. Therefore, Germany only gets "third-class" treatment like Russia and China: the NSA keeps on spying on Germans, those gentlemen are even wire-(less)-tapping Chancellor Angela Merkel. Private homes, government secrets, intellectual property - nothing is sacred.

Naive: let our US "allies" on German soil

For many years, Germans have trusted Americans on German soil. We have let set up their army bases with their nuclear striking capability, they have installed their electronic surveillance to monitor the airspace and eastern military forces.

We also let them tap internet connections on German soil for their 'war on terror'.

Now it turns out that Germany is the target - not Russia or some terrorists somewhere.

It's time to come to grips with our relationship with the Americans. We must drive the NSA out of the country. NSA spys must not get any visa for a Schengen state any more. This doesn't mean that we are Anti-American. Respectful Americans are still welcome.

Avoid American internet services

Americans will rethink their behavior if German consumers use their buying power and avoid American internet services such as amazon, ebay, google, facebook. All these serviceses are controlled by the NSA.

If you don't want to be watched - just don't use these services!

Lost business opportunities are the only leverage we really have. For most services, there are European competitors. Dear reader - please use your buying power!

Entrepreneurs: protect intellectual property

European entrepreneurs who are using american cloud computing are risking their intellectual property: american consulting companies are both consuting NSA and american competitors to european companies. Be aware that all the data that you have stored to american clouds is accessible to employees of these consulting companies. Under these circumstances, your intellectual property is at risk!

Protect your intellectual property - avoid american cloud sercices!

Support civil rights movements

Support a civil rights movement like "stop watching us" or the regular walk to the dagger complex (NSA facility) near Darmstadt, Germany.

Please also support Christian Ströbeles (member of parliament) initiative to get political asylumn for Edward Snowden. This would be a strong message to the US that their third-class treatment is not ok.




Our constitution: right for resistance

If our government doen't do anything, we as citizens have the right for resistance according to our constitiution. According to Grundgesetz (constitution) Article 20, we have the right to take our own measures, if our government keeps on ass-kissing the Obama administration.

We Germans have survived two dictatorships - it's time to stand up and avoid the American Reich.

21:25 01.11.2013
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