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Two years later, Harris had a working version of its technology, the Full-Motion Video Asset Management Engine, or FAME.

An early version of the system, developed by Lockheed Martin and Harris, is being tested in Afghanistan on a limited number of smaller unmanned planes flown by the Army. The Air Force hopes to do its own tests with larger Predator and Reaper planes too.

It is not known whether the CIA is using the technology yet, but it is likely to eventually employ some version of the technology. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has established standards for the new archiving technology so that all surveillance video can be easily searched.

In addition to news and sports technologies, the Air Force also has examined video applications used by reality television. At the request of the Air Force, one Rand Corp. analyst spent time last fall on the set of a reality show to see what lessons the military might glean from its production techniques. The think tank is prohibited from disclosing which show it visited.

Reality television is of limited usefulness because the setting is a "controlled environment," said Poss, the Air Force major general. The range of expected actions on a reality show set is far more limited than that of possible insurgents in Afghanistan.

But it is instructive: Instead of monitoring a single camera that captures a range of images, television editors can use a variety of cameras and angles to track a single subject.

"In reality TV, there could be 20 cameras. Instead of each person watching a camera in each room, you have a camera following each individual around," said Rhodes of the Rand Corp. "That doesn't exactly translate to the Air Force's job, but there are things they can learn."

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