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Zur Theorie von ISAF und Enduring Freedom, die der Herr Crystal in Personalunion fuehrt, siehe woanders, noch etwas Praxis:


According to U.S. and Afghan officials, Karzai's first question when he arrives will be whether Washington supports his efforts at reconciliation with the senior Taliban leadership. In January, the United States and NATO agreed to reintegration -- bringing in Taliban foot soldiers and low-level commanders -- but Washington balked at full reconciliation, saying it wants to see the Taliban weakened militarily over the next six to 12 months before considering talks with its leaders.

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Karzai's representatives, however, have spent the past 12 months holding talks about talks with senior Taliban representatives in several Arab Gulf states. Taliban leaders have made clear that they want to talk directly to the United States, and Karzai knows his discussions with the Taliban cannot go further without public U.S. support and a commitment to engage. The Afghans want a clear answer from Washington that they will lead any future negotiations.




Wenn Buergerkrieg Selbstbestimmung ist, dann heisst ISAF Neutralitaet.

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