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Darra and Chester: I think both of you are VERY confused about the concepts of sex and gender. Biological sex is different from gender. Biological sex is the anatomy you are born with. Humans who are not intersex are born “male” and “female.” Those are the biologically-based terms.

“Man” and “woman” are social concepts, that is what’s known as “gender.” What it has meant to be a man or a woman–or what it has meant to be “manly” or “womanly”–has changed throughout time and culture. In certain cultures it was seen as “unmanly” to fall in love with women–it was “manly” to prefer the amorous company of men. This is not the case here and now, so we can see the idea of what makes someone “manly” has changed–but what makes someone biologically “male” has not. In many cultures someone born male could legally decide to live as a woman and be accepted as a woman, or vice-versa. They could be both “male” and a woman.

In current legal terms, someone who is transgender becomes legally “female” once they have surgery, but they are a “woman” regardless. They think and feel as women, and identify as women. If you want biological details, there are actually studies that have shown that transwomen’s brains (born-male-identifying-as-female) actually have a lot more in common with how female brains work than male ones.

So what do you think determines someone’s identity better: their immodifiable brain, or modifiable flesh tissue? (As others have pointed out, there are plenty of biologically female women who, due to surgery or birth defects, lack the “requirements” to be a “woman” according to you.) Does YOUR identity hinge on your body, rather than your brain? If you had testicular cancer and had your balls removed, do you think you’d stop identifying as a man? If you got into an accident and lost your penis, would you magically become a woman? It’s not as simple as just the body parts.

And also, don’t confuse transgender people and transvestites. Trans people do not wear “outlandish” clothes the way drag queens do. They don’t want to be caricatures of women, they ARE women, so they dress the way any woman you’d see on the street would.


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