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ruhen in dem, was ist. Nur - was ist das gerade, im jeweiligen Moment?
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A:* What is the purpose of your life? Is there any purpose of your life? To take my interview is your purpose of life?

There are things which have no purpose. Life has no purpose. Love has no purpose. Beauty has no purpose. Blissfulness has no purpose.

Things which are in the category of purpose are mundane. Machines have purpose. Man has no purpose.

What is the purpose of dancing and rejoicing and singing and painting and writing poetry? What is the purpose of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso?

Once somebody asked Picasso while he was painting that, "I have been watching for two years... two hours but I can't see what is the purpose of your painting."

Picasso said, "I was going to ask you, because you have been watching for two hours. Perhaps you may have figured it out by now."

And he said something really significant: "Nobody goes to a roseflower and asks, `What is the purpose? Why you are?' And if the roseflower can dance in the wind, in the rain, in the sun, and nobody bothers him about purpose, then why people bother me? I am enjoying painting, that's enough. More than that is not needed."

A purposive life is the life of a slave.

A life without any purpose is playful. It has immense joy, moment to moment but it has no tomorrow, no end. It is not going anywhere. It is simply being now and here.

I am enjoying myself. My people are enjoying with me. What more is needed?

The people who ask these questions, the outsiders, are not aware why they are asking it. Their life has no joy, no song, no flowering, no fragrance. They are just dragging their life, so naturally the question arises in their mind: "What is the purpose?"

A healthy person never asks, "What is the purpose of health?|" A healthy person never goes to the doctor to inquire, just find out, "Why I am healthy?" Only the sick goes to inquire the cause of sickness.

Health is natural. Sickness is unnatural.

To live joyfully is natural. There is no purpose and no end. It is intrinsically valuable.

The Last Testament, Vol 3

Chapter #8

Chapter title: None

29 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove

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"And politicians are madmen, madmen who have attained power. They are more dangerous than madmen who live in madhouses, because they have power. " OSHO

A Bird on the Wing

Chapter #3

Chapter title: The Gates of Heaven and Hell

12 June 1974 am in Buddha Hall

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Danke für die Beantwortung einer Frage, die ich als Nächstes hätte stellen wollen.

"Wer folgt dem Ruf einiger Altlinker in die Pampa?" (ZEIT online)

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and what about this one?

(about resurrection, Gorbachev, Joseph Stalin, Margaret Thatcher, Karl Marx, Helmut Hamburger, Rubin Rosenbaum)


Gorbachev is intent upon really getting rid of the memory of Joseph Stalin. So he orders Stalin's bones to be removed from his grave in the little village in the Caucasus, and tries to find some other country where Stalin can be buried.
Gorbachev calls up Margaret Thatcher in London, and asks her if Stalin can be buried in England.
"Sorry, old chap," replies Thatcher, "but we already have Karl Marx buried here. Two big-time communists would be too much and too many for us!"
Then Gorbachev dials Berlin, and asks if Stalin can be buried there.
"Sorry, comrade," says Helmut Hamburger, the government spokesman, "but we already have Adolf Hitler buried here. Two such tyrants in one place would be too much for us."
But Rubin Rosenbaum, from the Israeli government, hears of Gorbachev's problem and phones the Kremlin.
"Since Stalin fought against the Nazis," says Rubin, "we agree to bury him here, in Jerusalem."
"Thanks," replies Gorbachev, "but no thanks! We cannot risk another idiot getting resurrected!"<<

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searching .......meanwhile here an other one:

>>I have heard.

Berger, hiding with his wife from the Nazis in a secluded Berlin attic, decided to get a breath of fresh air. While out walking he came face to face with Adolf Hitler.
The German leader pulled out a gun and pointed to a pile of horse manure in the street. 'All right,.Jew!' he shouted. 'Eat that or I'll kill you!' Trembling, Berger did as he was ordered.
Hitler began laughing so hard he dropped the weapon. Berger picked it up and said,'Now, you eat the manure or I'll shoot!' The Fuhrer got down on his hands and knees and began eating.
While he was occupied, Berger sneaked away, ran through an alley, climbed over a fence, and dashed up the stairs to the attic. He slammed the door shut, bolted and locked it securely. 'Hilda! Hilda!' he exclaimed to his wife. 'Guess who I had lunch with today!'

Mind goes on rationalising. Even if you eat horse manure it can make it a lunch -- and 'Hilda, Hilda, guess who I had lunch with today'! Beware of the traps of the mind. And the more you become alert, the more you will be able to live in the moment, in the act, totally. Then there is no motivation: you do it because you delight in it.
And that's why I call it the hardest work. To get out of the mind is the hardest work. But it is not effort, it is awareness; it is not effort, it is intense alertness.<<

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Is there is much more of projection possible in this joke. Try again.

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Yes, that's right. He had some ideas with the former DDR. But please wait a moment for an inquiry to get his original words instead of fake news

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Aha I see, you love jokes! Here it goes:

"A wandering Jew visiting Paris passes by a pet shop. He notices a sign on the window proclaiming that inside the shop there's a parrot that speaks many languages. The "yeedil," considering himself a linguist, enters. Slowly slowly he approaches the wonder-bird, stands by the side of the cage and gives the bird a look-over.

Clearing his throat, he starts testing the parrot:
"Parlez-vous francais?"
"Parlez-vous francais?" comes the reply.
"Speak English?"
"Speak English?" is the reply.
"Govarish po rusku?" he then asks.
"Govarish po rusku?" the parrot replies.
Then the Jew moves closer to the bird, clears his throat, looks at it again and asks confidentially, "Ahem...! Tell me, little bird, if you are so smart, do you speak Yiddish, mm?"
The bird gives a look at the Jew, clears its throat, points to its beak with its wing and says, "Nu... with such a nose, you think I should not speak Yiddish?"

Even parrots are far better than philosophers! They have more understanding, they have more insight. Man becomes so burdened with ideas that he forgets completely what he is doing."
OSHO: Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen

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Good question. Great. Do you have an email account?

Then I can tell you. Otherwise I am afraid that everybody here will try to visit me