Never do a thing half-heartedly

Bei diesem Beitrag handelt es sich um ein Blog aus der Freitag-Community

Life can be fun
It's for you to decide
Life can be a battle
Life can be a ride
Life can be torture
Life can be boresome
It's YOU who has to take it
Whatever way it comes
You can be master
You can be slave
You can lead a dog's life
getting kicked in the face

It won't do if you keep wagging your tail
Better set out your sail
Hit right on the head of the nail
Life is like being let out on bail
Life is a ride on the motorway or a long-winded trail
Get your kicks while you can
Don't forget - Life is not for sale

Whatever you do - is one thing you must know
The winner is the one who has something to show
Show your face
Show your smile
Show your ass if you will
Show yourself inside out
Show when you're angry or you're proud
Whatever matters to you
You can shout out loud

Nobody cares a damn
If they think it's all fake
There is one advice
You must certainly take

Wherever you are
Whatever you do
Never do a thing half-heartedly

Life is a stack of blank sheets
to be filled with shit or with glory
keep writing boy

Put your heart in your song
For the others to listen
When your heart is in it
Only idiots will diss it

All the others will know
You have something to show
You have brains in your head
And you never forget
Wherever you are
whatever you do
Never do a thing half-heartedly

For Ilya from Mom June 1st, 2009

10:56 30.06.2009
Dieser Beitrag gibt die Meinung des Autors wieder, nicht notwendigerweise die der Redaktion des Freitag.
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