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RE: Alptraum ohne Ende | 17.01.2010 | 13:15

again, with apologies, in English:

In a positive note, the man most responsible for the over-population [according to SPIEGEL single mothers with 5 kids z.B.] and the rampant spread of AIDS/SIDA, the Roman Catholic Archbishop, was killed in the collapse of his church. The unceasing efforts of the Catholic church in Haiti, and other poor countries, to outlaw contraception and prevent the free distribution of condoms, which the poor can not afford to buy, has lead to both these crises.

RE: Alptraum ohne Ende | 15.01.2010 | 18:42

It is an absolute disgrace for this country (Germany) that there was not a 'Feldlazarette' from our Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin in Haiti on Thursday!

[please publish in German translation... I'm embarrassed by my poor grammar!]