The death of ready-mades – an ART manifest

Bei diesem Beitrag handelt es sich um ein Blog aus der Freitag-Community

ready-mades have died

became a bore, became regression,

may rest peace,

left over for museums

just as a dead dog on a river’s bank.

it’s been overdue

no more potential to provoke

subversive powers faded away

no tears – waxing the senile

don’t feed the troll

wake up & just get it over with them

cause there’s so much real new work to accomplish

in ART

leave them for what they’ve become


let them for to excite

fashion, design and well-led handicraft

Ullrich Läntzsch Feb. 20. 2011

15:02 20.02.2011
Dieser Beitrag gibt die Meinung des Autors wieder, nicht notwendigerweise die der Redaktion des Freitag.
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