Shiny Fakes of Dealer Violence

Film Drug dealers in recent German TV and film break taboos and expose clichés
Exklusiv für Abonnent:innen

Swinging hammers and shovels, blazing machine guns and keyboards, drug dealers have recently stormed German storytelling with tales of operatic violence, plundering the literary canon and TV awards alike.

Among these is one true story of violence. While Germany’s most famous dealer, the Kinderzimmer-Dealer (Bedroom Dealer) Maximilian Schmidt, plays himself in an exact replica of his childhood bedroom, heavily armed men burst in. One smashes his face with a machine gun, though he is unarmed and cooperates, knocking him to the floor where he lays face-down and handcuffed. As men search the room, they trample over him. The scene reenacts his 2015 arrest in the new Netflix documentary Shiny_Flakes: Teenage Drug Lord.

Describing the assault, Schmidt sympathized with how police repeatedly st