Re-Thinking Stalingrad

A short suggestion Civilians' massive sufferings and fates in Stalingrad are being under-reported up to now in favour of military reporting, above all the suffering of the German 6th army.
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RE-THINK Stalingrad ::: The big city of "The Steely One" (who finally gave order to shoot every Soviet soldier trying to retreat even slightly in the Stalingrad battles), left more than 700.000 soldiers killed on both sides ("ZDF heute")... This firstly reminds of other places of pure horror, technicized mass murder, and symbolic emanation: Verdun, the Somme, ...

However, there is a decisive difference, lacking media attention mostly up to now, which concentrated on extreme house fights and the German 6th Army's deadly fate: Stalingrad, in contrast to e.g. Verdun, was full of "normal" civilian people, women, children, and neither the Germans (as could be expected) nor the Soviet army (mostly) cared for them amidst the fiercest fights for every room, staircase, 100 metres, exhausted, dying.

But German forces went much further: Right when they had reached the Volga city, the Luftwaffe, in unprecedented air raids, bombed the city with its inhabitants to ruins, the sirens of the Stukas psychologically dreadfully howling when the bombers suddenly toppled earthward, rushed down on the people there. Later, themself stuck in the death spot, they even took remaining houses and other existential material from the remaining, helpless people to use it for their own survival.

We should learn more about the "normal" people, families there, to get to know more about similar situations today... unbelievably urgent situations of civilian inhabitants concentrated in such a place, crushed by "steel"...

11:38 02.02.2013
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