"We can't demand trust"

Interview In an Interview with German weekly "Der Freitag" Openleaks founder Daniel Domscheit-Berg explains why he invites hackers to try to crack his new whistleblowing-platform
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Der Freitag: Why should we trust Openleaks?

Daniel Domscheit-Berg: For the same reasons that you trust some people in your environment – when you can have positive experiences with them, when they can react openly to critical questions and when you can find out about their background. In any case, this is what we're working towards with Openleaks. We don't just want to create transparency, we also want to work transparently.

Does this mean that you don't demand people trust Openleaks, but rather hope that people keep tabs on the project?

Yes. The trust of whistle-blowers is, of course, the foundation for our work, but we can't demand it. To the contrary: we have to do something for people to trust us. I suspect that scepticism will remain with some. But that's okay, too. We don't want t