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I lay on the bed, I’ am waiting for James Hope. From the Frisco Club, Guy, joint, it’s no fun, work for DHL, Driver, Key West, evening I Wait, in Fine Dining, La Belle Rosa, his Pseudo, Avatar, Real Man, I went on the Internet, the Name was gone, why? Is he Franz Kafka? A New Pseudo?
But the pictured doesn’t match, Shity Day, I feel like a insect, like a beetle, Georg Samsa, the Transition,
Franz Kafka was a German-speaking Bohemian Jewish novelist and short story writer, widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. His work, which fuses elements of realism and the fantastic, typically features isolated protagonists faced by bizarre or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehensible social-bureaucratic powers, and has been interpreted as exploring themes of alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, an
Die Verwandlung ist eine im Jahr 1912 entstandene Erzählung von Franz Kafka. Die Geschichte handelt von Gregor Samsa, dessen plötzliche Verwandlung in ein Ungeziefer die Kommunikation seines sozialen Umfelds mit ihm immer mehr hemmt, bis er von seiner Familie für untragbar gehalten wird und schließlich zugrunde geht.
Mit einem Umfang von rund 70 Druckseiten handelt es sich um die längste der von Kafka für abgeschlossen gehaltenen und zu seinen Lebzeiten veröffentlichten Erzählungen. Der Text wurde zunächst 1915 im Oktoberheft der Zeitschrift Die Weißen Blätter unter der Redaktion von René Schickele veröffentlicht. Die Erstausgabe in Buchform erschien im Dezember 1915 in der Reihe Der jüngste Tag, herausgegeben von Kurt Wolff.[1] In vergleichbarem Ausmaß warden nur Kafka’s Romanfragmente veröffentlicht.
I check on the internet, cause of my Mexican Plan, a mess on the border, down in El Paso.

Bitch, next Day, I call sick, I was down, I went to my Therapist, Jose Gala, why are you here? I masturbate too much, do you have a Lover?
I make picks Online, got West, Frisco, Man, start over, Life & History chances, that’s from Hegel, he was friend of Hölderlin & Schelling, they went together in Bebenhausen to School, Stift, Tubingen, Schönbuch Forrest, politic chances, Karl Popper, London, born in Vienna, I meet Lustigman, Jew, on the Pier, he sales electronic here, he has a shop, on Duval,
“That’s the right town.”
“I want to be in love.”
“What means love?”
“I don’t know, Joshua.”
“Let’s go on the boot, fishing, Grouper Time, Amigo.”
“I go south.”
“Mexico, Juarez. “
“Stay on the Keys. That’s just a dream.”
“I will a chance.”
“Nothing will be changed. Because you in fucking Tortilla Land the same person, that’s you Backpacker, you’re Cross, Hombre. Things sometimes just crack, what you yesterday thought, is today different, moral is nonsense, the preacher talk about water, and drink vine,”
Didn’t know Josh worked for the Mossad, one day I went to his Shop, he was down on the floor, death, a man came out of the office, he hold a gun in his hand, you say nothing to nobody, otherwise you are death, Jews must die and fagots, you the next in line.
Police came, somebody called them, a Tourist, and he saw the incident, Nod Nugget, was the Detective,
“Did you know him?”
“He is my best friend.”
“Do you have to come to the Police Station; we need a statement of you.”
“Of course.”
“If you don’t come in, we bring you in.”
Ed Sheridan came, CIA.
“And what you got?”
“We think it was chems.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Why you came here?”
“He was one of my contacts. Somebody called me from Mossad. I drive back to Miami. I call you.”
“Shity day in the office.”
I read Charles Bukowski on the beach; change to Franz Kafka “The Castle”,

Madness what happen to Joshua, a lot of question, no answers, Life, full of shit, if the shit changes, flies stay, I quit the Job, DHL; I was washed out, I need twenty bucks a week for Weed, my car two hundred, for the bank, still I need petrol, may apartment eight hundred, hundred for food, phone, internet, Spotify, Netflix, smart phone, contract, and I play poker at poker stars, I Pad Apple, the bubble could burst, I have no savings, either back up for the pension, for me, the American dream is death, I am white trash, yes, I need chems, Psycho Pills. Prozac, Seroquel Prolong, I have no insurance, for health, Isaac Lustigman in the Shop, Duval, I help, a shipping from Columbia, I didn’t get it, later, he says, you can have the job, store manager, I take it, David, with Gun, Son von Isaac, came to visit me, two days later.
“We drive the TVs to Ismeralda, put in a boot.”
“Not me, David.”
“That’s a order from the Papa.”
“I know, in the TVs Cocaine.”
He laughed, Police came, they waved in to the shop, chains for David and I drove us to the Police Station, with the Electronic, Flat Screens, so we went to jail, a Mossad Agent. In the Talk Room, Camera, he offered me a cigarette; I took it, smoked,
“So you are n jeopardy. My Friend. How we get you out here?”
“I’m not a lawyer.”
“You work for me.”
“You visit the Guy Club, evrynight.”
“We are looking for Adolf, the Nazi Killer. He is the murder of Joshua. He will kill you too.”
“He was in the store.”
Nice job, but I must do it, otherwise I’m ten years in Prison, fuck,
Fritz Winter the Writer
Ed Sheridan CIA
Nod Nugget Detective

10:24 01.09.2018
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