Jump in the River

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Jump in the River Trash Sarah Kane Play

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Doc. Sie müssen die Tabletten nehmen, Take


Sarah. No, Sir, I need to go to Church.

Doc. Where?

Sarah. We are in Manchester, perhapes London?

Doc. Sie sind verwirrt, etwas, easy, Sarah.

Sarah. I love John.

Doc. He is very sick.

Sarah. He was in Nam.

Doc. That’s what he said?

Sarah. Yes.

Doc. He told me Falklands.

Sarah. Does it matter?

Doc. You are in the Yellow Press, Mirror,

Daily Mail.

Doc. Bollocks, I give a shit, bloody hell.

Doc. You famous, a famous playwright.

Sarah. I cannot write, like Pinter, or Osborne,

Or Beckett.

Doc. That takes time, ripen like Vine. You are young.

Sarah. I feel old, old woman, grey hair, no sex, no

Love, is not love all about it?

Sarah. Jesus Christ loves everybody, he talked to me last

Night, a message from God. Godot, Sir. I saw a light,

Like Gas Lampe, kind of blue yellow, flame.


John. I am not able to love. Give it to a human being.

I like E.T. Ghosts, we are all Ghosts. Life goes down fast like a river, water fall. No Beginning, no End. Only a dream, a fucking dream, fuck set.

Sarah. You do have a Wife.

John. She is death.

Sarah. What?

John. She jumped in the River.

Sarah. The River is big.

John. Yes.

Sarah. Where it ends?

John. In the sea, nowhere, I am a

Nowhere Man.

Sarah. John Lennon.

John. Yes, Rubber Soul?

Sarah. Abbey Road Studios.

John. When we jump?

Sarah. Mister, you jump first.

John. Okay. I smoke a Ziggie.

Sarah. What?

John. Camel, no Filter, I like the GIs

In the War Movies, Nam Films, the have the

Box in the olive green shirt, here on the arm,

On the shoulder.

Sarah. Martin Sheen.

John. Yes Apocalypse now.

John & Sarah Smoke.

John. What are you Writeing?

Sarah. A cannibal story, about human beings,

A soldier and a Journalist in a room.

John. Wow. Trash.

Sarah. Yes.

John. Trash. Love. Jump in the River.

Sarah. No I love you, John.

John. There is no love.

He jumps.

She looks from the cliff down to the river.

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