RE: Geparkte Kämpfer | 31.12.2017 | 10:03

Außerdem haben sie es geschafft, den Mohnanbau (den die Taliban schlicht verboten hatten) in ungeahnte Höhen zu treiben. Irgendwie muß der Krieg ja finanziert werden.

RE: Geparkte Kämpfer | 31.12.2017 | 10:00

Keine Sorge, die "Kämpfer" werden nicht arbeitslos, dafür sorgen die Freunde aus dem Westen schon. Wäre ja noch schöner, wenn endlich Frieden einkehrte in Syrien.

"All Is Not Quiet on the Syrian Front: US to Launch Another War"

"But sophisticated weapons will continue to be sent to Syria in 2018, including thousands of anti-tank rocket launchers, heat seeking missiles and rocket launchers. The list of weaponry and equipment was prepared by US Department of Defense as part of the 2018 defense budget and signed by Trump of Dec. 12. It includes more than 300 non-tactical vehicles, 60 nonstandard vehicles, and 30 earth-moving vehicles to assist with the construction of outposts or operations staging areas. The US defense spending bill for 2018 ("Justification for FY 2018 Overseas Contingency Operations / Counter-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Train and Equip Fund") includes providing weapons worth $393 million to US partners in Syria. Overall, $500 million, roughly $70 million more than last year, are to be spent on Syria Train and Equip requirements."