Einblicke Oft vergisst man die simple Wahrheit, und zwar in vielerlei Hinsicht, dass eine Antwort immer nur so gut sein kann wie die Frage, die ihr voranging. Versuch einer Sammlung zum Thema
Foto: Darren McCollester/Newsmakers
Foto: Darren McCollester/Newsmakers

Outside the tower

"Sometimes those inside the ivory tower have as much to offer people outside of it as they do to those who are in there with them. Dean James E. Ryan of the Harvard Graduate School of Education recently proved himself to be a stellar example." The ARTery

Still surprising

"President-elect James E. Ryan set out to give a graduation speech about the importance of asking lots of questions. What happened after continues to surprise him." UVA Today

More on the message

"Many college students are just weeks away from graduation. Last year, James Ryan, the dean of Harvard's Graduate School of Education, gave a commencement speech that introduced the world to his five essential questions in life. He wrote a book inspired by his speech called, 'Wait What? And Life's Other Essential Questions.' Ryan joins 'CBS This Morning' with more on his message." CBS News

Maybe more than ever

"When the Dean of Harvard’s School of Education gave a commencement speech last May, it went viral – far beyond the leafy campus of his Ivy League school. It’s been viewed online well over eight million times. He’s gotten thank-you letters from all over – pastors, students, teachers business execs and more. And all he really said was, 'always ask questions'. This hour On Point, asking questions and why we need them now, maybe more than ever." On Point

On Inspiration

"As a business leader, you might have years of experience and the confidence of your organization behind you, so it may be tempting to think that your job is to always have the right answers. But great leaders have to inspire the same curiosity, creativity, and deeper thinking in their employees that great teachers inspire in their students – and that starts with asking the right questions. Any answer is only as good as the question asked." Harvard Business Review

14.06.2018, 13:57

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Leseprobe "Mir geht es darum, zu zeigen, wie wesentlich es ist, sich im Leben immer wieder Fragen zu stellen – die wichtigen und die richtigen Fragen – und genau hinzuhören, wenn wichtige und richtige Fragen gestellt werden."
Große Wirkung

Große Wirkung

Biographie Seit 2013 ist James E. Ryan Dekan der Harvard Graduate School of Education. In dieser Funktion hielt er 2016 eine Graduiertenrede, die im Internet bisher über 8 Millionen mal angeschaut wurde


Netzschau Rezensionen aus dem Netz: "James E. Ryan’s book 'Wait, What?' offers insight into asking good questions and how those questions and answers contribute to the overall success of your life."

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