Biographien Gedreht wurde der Stummfilm "Setan Jawa" vom indonesischen Avantgarde-Regisseur Garin Nugroho. Die Musik zum Film wurde von Rahayu Supanggah und dem Australier Iain Grandage komponiert
Foto: Erik Wirasakti
Foto: Erik Wirasakti

Iain Grandage is an Australian composer and music director, best known for his compositions for theatre, dance and concert. Grandage was born in Brisbane and his family moved to Perth when he was seven. He studied as a cellist, and also studied composition with Roger Smalley. He has received the Helpmann Award for Best Original Score multiple times, for play Cloudstreet in 2002, play The Secret River in 2013, dance work When Time Stops in 2014, opera The Rabbits (with Kate Miller-Heidke) in 2015, and concert work Satan Jawa (with Rahayu Supanggah) in 2017. Grandage received the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award for an individual in 2012.

Rahayu Supanggah is an Indonesian composer of more than 100 pieces, known mostly for his part in the international collaboration Realizing Rama and the music score composed for Robert Wilson's I La Galigo. His compositions for Opera Jawa won the Asian Film Award in 2007. Since 2007 he is resident artist at the Southbank Centre, London. He has worked together with the eccentric composer Slamet Abdul Sjukur.

Garin Nugroho Riyanto, better known as Garin Nugroho, is an award-winning Indonesian film director. Nugroho made his directorial debut with 1991's Cinta dalam Sepotong Roti (Love in a Slice of Bread), overcoming bureaucracy caused by his refusal to join the Indonesian filmmakers' union. Cinta dalam Sepontong Roti was selected as Best Film in that year's Indonesian Film Festival. After his mother's death in 2005, Nugroho decided to make a film about Javanese culture. He was later commissioned by the government of Austria to make a film for the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth. The result, Opera Jawa, was based on the Ramayana and produced by Simon Fields. In 2008 Nugroho returned to theatre with The Iron Bed, adapted from Opera Jawa. The play was shown at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Das Konzert Erzählt wird eine Liebesgeschichte. Setio, ein armer Dorfbewohner, verliebt sich tragisch in die schöne Asih, eine javanische Prinzessin. Um ihre Liebe zu erringen, setzt er auf ein Geschäft mit dem Teufel
Welt und Klang

Welt und Klang

Zur Ausstellung Die Ausstellung "[laut] Die Welt hören" im Humboldt Forum Berlin lässt die Faszination von Klängen sowie den unterschiedlichen Umgang mit ihnen in einer breiten Frequenz hörbar und erlebbar werden


Netzschau Stimmen aus dem Netz: "The film is a collaborative effort by Garin and composer Rahayu Supanggah. Using live gamelan to create a movie score is a great challenge since there are no conductors in a gamelan performance."

Setan Jawa (Official Trailer)

Video A young man is kept distant from his lover by a strict and unforgiving society. He'd go through hell to be with her, but when a deal with the devil goes sour, hell comes to him instead

[a silent movie with gamelan orchestra]

Video SETAN JAWA A Silent Black and White Movie with Live Orchestra Directed by Garin Nugroho & Composed by Rahayu Supanggah

Setan Jawa: Rehearsal Sneak-Peek

Video This unprecedented collaboration across cultures brings together the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a 20-piece orchestra of Indonesian gamelan players to conjure the bewitching live score

On directing and composing Setan Jawa

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