Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 326 - Yemen War Mosaic 326

Yemen Press Reader 326: Streit unter Separatisten im Süden – Separatistenbewegung Hirak im Süden – Geburt des modernen Jemen – Humanitäre Lage: MONA Relief – Denguefieber – Cholera –Luftangriffe
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Strife among southern separatists – Southern Hirak separatist movement – Birth of modern Yemen – Humanitarian situation: MONA Relief – Dengue fever – Cholera – Saudi air raids – and more

Schwerpunkte / Key aspects

Klassifizierung / Classification

cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

cp1a Cholera

cp2 Allgemein / General

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp4 Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche/ UN and peace talks

cp7a Saudi-Arabien und Iran / saudi Arabia and Iran

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp9 USA

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

cp12a Katar-Krise / Qatar crisis

cp13 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp15 Propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

Klassifizierung / Classification




(Kein Stern / No star)

A = Aktuell / Current news

B = Hintergrund / Background

C = Chronik / Chronicle

D = Details

E = Wirtschaft / Economy

H = Humanitäre Fragen / Humanitarian questions

K = Krieg / War

P = Politik / Politics

PH = Pro-Houthi

PS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

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22.7.2017 – Middle East Eye (** B P)

Yemen's southern separatists battle own breakaway movement

Preacher's go-ahead for killing opponents increases fears of fighting among pro-secessionists even amid civil war

A new layer of complexity has been added to Yemen's civil war as the Saudi and United Arab Emirates-backed bloc fighting Iran-supported Houthi rebels faces not just a split but a real risk of internal conflict.

The split emerged in May when a Southern Transitional Council was established after President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi removed from their posts the governor of Aden province, Aidarous al-Zubaidi, and cabinet minister Hani Bin Breik, both of whom support an independent southern Yemen.

Hadi has Saudi backing while Zubaidi and other southerners are backed by the UAE.

Rising political tensions took an ominous turn on this month when a preacher from the newly formed transitional council, Mohammed Ramzo, called for the blood of opponents to be spilled, even if they were southerners.

"The blood of the traitors of the Southern Council is not forbidden," he said on 7 July.

In a Friday prayer sermon, Ramzo said supporters of Hadi were traitors to the south and anyone backing federalism “should go to Sanaa" - the Yemeni capital regarded in the south as a symbol of oppression.

The unity of Yemen's southern tribes and political groupings when they combined to fight against and repel the Houthi rebels in March 2015 has all but dissipated.

The divide now, however, has become so wide that gatherings in Aden to mark what southern Yemenis call the war of independence in 1994 had to be held in two separate locations.

The transitional council has downplayed the rift among southern secessionists despite the preacher Ramzo saying that the killing of opponents, even if they are southerners, is permissible.

The spokesman stressed that such misunderstandings or disagreements cannot be allowed to transform into real disputes and that the council would soon find a solution.

"The council is keen to talk with all groups of the south that believe in the southern cause," he said, while pointing out that the council works under the umbrella of the government and Hadi.

Fadhl al-Rabei, a political analyst and head of the Madar Strategic Studies Centre in Aden, gave MEE contradictory reactions to the Southern Transitional Council, saying that the opposition is not against the idea of the council but is seeking to ensure that all groups get a seat on it.

"Most of the southern groups were almost convinced about the idea of the council. But those groups also consider themselves to be freedom fighters and capable of being in the leadership of the south," said Rabei. "This is the main disagreement between the council and other leaders in the south."

Rabei also said the transitional council would try to provide sorely needed leadership among the southerners and therefore would not ignore any voice from southerners opposed to it.

Zabaidi, the sacked governor, is seen as close to the UAE, which southerners think will support their bid to achieve independence, according to Rabei.

"The council, too, does not oppose Hadi because the leadership of the council wants to maintain its relationship with all coalition countries," he said.

But Rabei also suggested that the council would be aware that fighting units in Aden were likely to be loyal to the UAE rather than to Hadi.

22.7.2017 – Middle East Monitor (** B P)

Yemen’s Al-Hirak Movement

UAE-backed Al-Hizam forces “are our sons” says southern movement representative

Khalil Dewan interviews Summer Ahmed, an official representative of the Southern Transitional Council, otherwise known as Al-Hirak, the movement which seeks to secede from central and northern Yemen.

Ahmed: The different factions of Al-Hirak all had the same goal of independence but disagreed on how it would be accomplished. One faction wanted a unilateral declaration of independence, another faction wanted a referendum and yet another said through negotiations with North Yemen, like the negotiations that took place to unite South Yemen and North Yemen. Also, each faction had a different leader which has made it very difficult to create one southern political entity since Al-Hirak was launched in 2007.

These differences and factions are irrelevant now after the historic Aden Declaration and the establishment of the inclusive Southern Transitional Council that brought Al-Hirak and tribal leaders under one entity, one representative body for the south supported and approved by the majority of southerners.

The movement believes that solving the southern issue is fundamental to ending the conflict in Yemen. The current conflict is a power struggle for control of land and resources between North Yemeni kleptocrats and South Yemen, which has seventy-five per cent of Yemen’s resources. A power sharing agreement between the warring sides that does not give the southern people autonomy and more control of their resources will only start a third war between north and south.

The official position is that Ali Abdullah Saleh is the enemy of South Yemen and its people; he and his allies have killed southerners in their thousands since the civil war between north and south in 1994. He and his government, oppressed, marginalised, killed, imprisoned and tortured southerners and looted all southern land and resources.

The Southern Movement’s official stance is with Hadi as the legitimate president. Even though southerners view him as a person who was part of Saleh’s government that killed southerners, they forged an alliance of convenience with President Hadi mainly to protect the south from the Houthis and their ally Saleh.

There’s no cooperation between the movement and the Houthis. Those are rumours mostly pushed by Islah media who are against Al-Hirak and their aspiration for independence. The Houthi invasion of the south was so vicious and devastating that southerners will not forgive or forget.

The Southern Movement is allied with the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE. It is a peaceful movement and only picked up arms for self-defence against the Houthis and Saleh militia. Hadi is an ally of the Southern Movement.

5.2009 – Al Bab (** C P)

The Birth of Modern Yemen

An e-book by Brian Whitaker exploring the unification of north and south Yemen in 1990, and its aftermath

20.7.2017 – MONA Relief / Alistair Reign (** B H)

Film: UN ALERT (18+) Cholera, Famine & Siege of Yemen Has Condemned Yemen's Children To Death.

Apathy of world leaders is killing Yemen's children. The lack of action against the Saudi invasion and attempted occupation of Yemen will go down in history as the greatest humanitarian tragedy of our century. Why you may wonder? Because it is 100% preventable. With starvation and curable illnesses killing children - ONLY because Saudi Arabia has somehow grappled the power to control access in - or out - of a sovereign nation - The Republic of Yemen.
Yemen Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Development (Mona), is a national Independent, non-governmental and non-profitable organization based in Yemen.The organization activities are mainly focused in the field of humanitarian relief.
With a single intent and a single goal, an idea was conceived: the idea to somehow go around the current Blockade on Yemen and help those who are displaced by war. With this idea the #20ForYemenproject was started on Twitter. In as little as 10 days, Twitter responded to our initial call to action, and we raised $4200. This amount was enough to feed almost 150 families for a month. Mona Relief was on its way to bigger things
Our name, Mona, has a story of its own. Mona is the name of the lady who donated the very first $1000 for us to make our first delivery of food to Internally Displaced Person's (IDPs) in the area of Nuqim in Sana’a.

20.7.2017 – MONA Relief / Alistair Reign (** B H)

Film: (18+) Saudis Must Be Stopped. Yemen's Children Are Dying Needlessly. I Cried Making This Video.

Silence from the global leaders is why Yemen's children are dying. The famine, bombs and diseases are ALL preventable Every single cause of death are a direct result of Saudi Arabia's inhumane siege of this impoverished country - as the world watches silently - and the United Nations provides no protection - and gives only hollow words - that fall on deaf ears!

22.7.2017 – Suhf Net (** A H)

"Dengue fever" threatens the lives of citizens in "Mahfad" in Abyan province and urgent demands to intervene

The Directorate of "Mahfad" in Abyan province, south of Yemen, suffers from the outbreak of the "dengue fever" which threatens the Directorate a few days ago.

A local source in the Directorate said in a statement to " the Yemeni scene " that the interruption of electricity and high temperature and the spread of insect mosquitoes contributed to the spread of the epidemic in the Directorate.

The source stressed that "the residents asked the local authority in the Directorate urgently to carry out a clean campaign to reduce the spread of the epidemic and prevent the disease in addition to" spraying campaigns "in particular to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The source explained that "the health center in the Directorate receives many cases on a daily basis amid shortages of medical supplies and equipment.

The source called on the businessmen and expatriates from the Directorate to contribute to reducing the spread of the epidemic supported by the health center in the Directorate. and in translation:

cp1a Am wichtigsten: Cholera / Most important: Cholera

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

24.7.2017 – WDR (* A H)

Audio: Den Menschen im Jemen helfen

Philipp Frisch von Ärzte ohne Grenzen spricht im Interview über die Cholera-Epidemie und Aktivitäten der Hilfsorganisation im Konfliktgebiet Jemen.

23.7.2017 – Deutschlandfunk (* A H)

Rotes Kreuz befürchtet deutliche Ausweitung der Cholera

22.7.2017 – Deutschlandfunk (* A H)

Cholera-Epidemie im Jemen ist die schlimmste der Geschichte

21.7.2017 – Der Tagesspiegel (* A H)

Jemen: Schlimmste Cholera-Epidemie der Geschichte

Nirgendwo breitet sich die Cholera so rasant aus wie im Jemen. Die Zahl der Verdachtsfälle ist auf 360.000 gestiegen. Und es könnte noch schlimmer kommen.

21.7.2017 – RP Online (* A H)

Cholera: Arzt vom Inrath hilft im Jemen

"Die medizinische Versorgung im Land ist aufgrund der Kämpfe zusammengebrochen", sagt Jens Hahn. Der 39-jährige Mediziner aus einer Gemeinschaftspraxis am Inrath kennt sich in dem Land aus. Gerade erst ist er von einem humanitären Einsatz für "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" zurück.

24.7.2017 – Aljazeera (* A H)

Film: Red Cross: Yemen cholera cases could exceed 600,000

23.7.2017 - World Health Organization (** A H)

Yemen: Cholera Outbreak Daily epidemiology update: 23 July 2017

From 27 April to 22 July 2017, 384,719 suspected cholera cases and 1,858 deaths (CFR: 0.5%) have been reported in 91.3% (21/23) of Yemen governorates, and 88.6% (295/333) of the districts. =

24.7.2017 – World Health Organization (* A H)

Yemen: Cholera Outbreak Epidemiology Bulletin (16 to 22 July 2017)

During week 29 (from 16 to 22 July 2017), 34 253 suspected cholera cases and 44 deaths were reported in Yemen. and in full

24.3.2017 – The American Conservative (* A H)

Yemen’s Rapidly Growing Cholera Epidemic

23.7.2017 – Global Research (* B H)

Worst on Record Cholera Epidemic in Yemen

Obama’s war on Yemen, escalated by Trump, bears full responsibility for what Oxfam calls the worst outbreak of cholera “ever recorded in any country in a single year.”

23.7.2017 – Xinhua (* B H)

Slideshow: Arab League warns against growing cholera outbreak in Yemen

Comment on headline:

22.7.2017 – Alahed News (** B H)

Cholera Is Slaughtering Yemen and We’re Letting It Happen

22.7.2017 – Huffington Post (* A H)

Yemen Cholera: Where Politics Collapsed

referring to

21.7.2017 – BBC (** A H)

Film: Yemen's cholera epidemic 'largest ever recorded' - BBC News =


22.7.2017 – Yemen Press (* B H)

One out of every 90 Yemenis suffer from his infection: cholera kills 28 people a day =

22.7.2017 – BBC (** A H)

BBC Report on Yemeni Cholera

21.7.2017 – Channel 4 (** A H)

Film: Yemen’s cholera epidemic worst ever recorded in a year

21.7.2017 – Channel 4 (* A H)

Film: Meritxell Relano: ‘Perfect storm for cholera outbreak in Yemen’

UNICEF’s Dr Meritxell Relano, who is based in the Yemeni capital Sana’a, says there are many factors contributing to the deaths of children in the war-ravaged country’s cholera outbreak, including the collapse of the health system and lack of water and sanitation.

21.7.2017 – Oxfam (** A H)

Yemen cholera worst on record & numbers still rising - Oxfam

The number of people with cholera in Yemen is now the largest ever recorded in any country in a single year since records began, Oxfam said today. At over 360,000 suspected cholera cases in just three months since the outbreak started, it is now already the largest number of cases in a year, topping the previous annual record of 340,311 in Haiti in 2011.

Though there are signs that the increase in numbers is slowing, the country’s rainy season from July to September will increase the risk of the disease spreading further. It is feared that the total number of people infected could eventually rise to over 600,000, making it one of the largest outbreaks since records began in 1949.

Almost 2,000 people in Yemen have died from suspected cholera since late April this year and many more are now at risk, weakened by hunger, disease and the ongoing war.

21.7.2017 – Reuters (** A H)

Yemen cholera to spread with rains; Oxfam sees 600,000 cases

21.7.2017 – UN News Centre (** A H)

Rainy season worsens cholera crisis in Yemen; UN agencies deliver clean water, food

My comment: One figure is wrong: It’s 7,000 people a day who are infected by cholera in Yemen now.

21.7.2017 – Vox (* B H)

Disease is becoming a weapon in Yemen’s civil war

21.7.2017 – Forbes (* A H)

As Cholera Sweeps Across Yemen, UNICEF Must Race To Save Children At Risk

21.7.2017 - UN Population Fund (** B H)

Yemen’s deadly cholera outbreak puts pregnant women in danger =

21.7.2017 – Yemen Today TV (* A H)

Film: Saudi aggression and siege exacerbate the inability to resist cholera

20.7.2017 – European Commission (* A H)

Yemen - Conflict and Cholera (DG ECHO, WHO, IOM, UNHCR) (ECHO Daily Flash 20 July 2017)

cp2 Allgemein / General

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

24.7.2017 – Dehai (* B K P)

Who Should be Held Responsible for the Cold-blooded Genocide in Yemen

23.7.2017 – Just Security (B P)

Yemen: The View from Riyadh

My comment: The article exactly is what the headline tells. The authors almost completely adopt “the view from Riyadh”.


23.7.2017 – Nasser Arrabyee / Mazn1161 (* A K P)

Film: #UAE-hired mercenaries beheading here4Yemeni war prisoners using knives,even more horrible than Qaeda/ISIS style referring to film

22.7.2017 – Dawn (* B P)

The ummah at war with itself

The ummah is at war with itself. What other way is there to describe the brutal bloodletting by Muslims of Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Turkey, and, of course, Pakistan.

21.7.2017 – Critical Threats (* A K P T)

Yemen Security Brief

AQAP calls for defense of al Aqsa Mosque; al Houthi leader condemns U.S. involvement in Yemen; AQAP criticizes ISIS Wilayat al Bayda; Southern Yemeni council confirms commitment to peace with north; former president Saleh calls for dialogue with Saudi-led coalition; UN human rights office condemns coalition airstrike in Taiz governorate; coalition advances in Taiz governorate, western Yemen; Hadi government forces clash with al Houthi-Saleh forces in Hajjah governorate, northern Yemen; al Houthi-Saleh forces attack Hadi government soldiers in al Jawf governorate, northern Yemen

21.7.2017 – Robert Naiman (* A P)

Saudi official admits Saudis holding aid to Yemen hostage

Al-Jubeir claims to back UN Envoy's plan, then explicitly links “taking over" port of Hodeida to speeding delivery of aid. He’s admitting Saudis are blocking aid to advance their military position at the port - just as Sen. Murphy charged.

21.7.2017 – Sun Sentinel (* B H)

Children pay highest cost in Yemen's grinding war

Remark: Overview, opinion.

21.7.2017 – Soufan Group ( B H P)

Cholera and Famine in Yemen

Remark: General overview.

19.7.2017 – Alternet (* B P)

Yemen: The World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis Is Basically Being Blacked Out by Western Media

Comment: This is an overview on the events of the last weeks, the headline is somewhat misleading.

20.7.2017 – Nasser Arrabyee (* A K)

Saudi Arabia published names of its soldiers killed by Yemeni army at the south border cities and villages. Thousands so far! (photos)

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

Siehe / Look at cp1, cp1a

24.7.2017 – Khalid Ahmed Alradhi / Haykal Bafana (* B H)

unofficial reports of humanitarian organizations say that around 6 million live in and around Capital Sanaa

#Yemen capital Sanaa hosts 6 million Yemenis, over 1/4 of the country's population: 4M from other provinces who sought refuge from war here.

24.7.2017 – AP (* A H)

Red Cross chief visits besieged city on Yemen's front lines

The chief of the international Red Cross has made a rare visit to the front lines in Yemen, taking a dirt road on Monday to reach the besieged western of Taiz, devastated by more than two years of fighting. =

23.7.2017 – Suhf Net (* A H)

Slow death threatens kidney failure patients in Hodeidah after washing materials and in translation

23.7.2017 – Ahmad Alghobary (* A H)

I'm sorry I have very sad news. Batul's father called me, she died from #cholera, they buried her today.

We won't give up. We will keep trying to save lives. With your donations we will try to save another child's life.

The earlier story at

My comment: She was saved from starvation, then died from cholera – Yemeni children of today.

23.7.2017 – Aljazeera (* B H)

Yemen crisis 'an absolute shame on humanity'

Head of rights group CARE raises famine alarm, while Red Cross warns that 600,000 could contract cholera in 2017.

23.7.2017 – Red Cross (* A H)

Yemen: ICRC president visits country, decries “needless suffering” =

23.7.2017 – Doctors Without Borders (B H)

Film: How hard life can be for 15-year old Sami of Yemen

23.7.2017 – Nasser Arrabyee (A H)

Yemenis defiantly re-build their houses this week in Hajja where Trump-emboldened Saudi terrorists kill&destroy everyday! (photos)

22.7.2017 – Channel 4 (A H)

Film:#Yemen-i baby lost her fingers by #Saudi/ #UAEairstrike in #Yemen. she's learning to live life without fingers

Today, I visited one of the neighborhoods of the capital, Sana'a, which was bombed by the Saudi coalition planes. (photos)

22.7.2017 – NDR (* A H)

Audio: Gefährliche Lage in Jemen - auch für Helfer

Die humanitäre Lage im Jemen wird nach dem Ausbruch von Cholera immer schlechter, beklagt der Generalsekretär der Hilfsorganisation CARE, Wolfgang Jamann, auf NDR Info,audio335712.html

22.7.2017 – AFP (B H)

CARE chief says Yemen situation a 'shame on humanity'

22.7.2017 – Almasirah TV (A H)

Film: Malnutrition and cholera diseases worsen in Hodeidah Governorate

A surgeon who is still bleeding and has no children.

In the Directorate of Zaidiyah north of the province of Hodeidah robbed aggression

The Saudi-American siege has cleared dozens of children with malnutrition and cholera.

21.7.2017 – MONA Relief (* A H)

Film: This Child WILL DIE Simply Because He Is Lactose Intolerant.

21.7.2017 – MONA Relief (* A H)

Film: FAMINE ALERT IN YEMEN: Millions Of Children Starving After 3 Years Of Blockade On Food & Medicine.

21.7.2017 - UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (A H)

Infographic: Yemen: Overview of needs and response (July 2017) and in full

21.7.2017 – Anadolu (A H P)

Turkey sends over 10,000 tons of aid to war-torn Yemen and Press release of Turkish government:

? – Education Inequalities (* B H)

Infographic: Yemen

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

24.7.2017 – Suhf Net (* B P)

Modification of Houthis education curricula in Yemen ... Battle with everyone and in translation:

24.7.2017 – Long War Journal (* A P)

Houthi leader: Yemeni forces will take part in any future conflict with Israel

23.7.2017 – New News (A P)

Yemeni Parliament Launches Initiative to End War in Yemen

22.7.2017 – New News (A P)

President Samad and President of the Conference Mobilize against the Saudi-Led Coalitionin the Directorate of Sinhan

21.7.New News (A P)

Large Crowds Flock to Participate in the March “Sarkha Nahwal Aqsa”

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

Siehe / Look at cp1

24.7.2017 – Al Sahwa (A P)

PM receives ICRC President

24.7.2017 – Al Sahwa (A P)

UN officials visit Yemen to discuss humanitarian situation

24.7.2017 – Suhf Net (* A P)

A government plan to transfer the Central Bank of Yemen from Aden to the Jordanian capital of Amman was revealed today. and in translation:

My comment: LOL. Hadi had paralysed the Central Bank by establishing a second one at Aden, and now this is the newest coup! This report, is it really true???

23.7.2017 – Voice of America (* A P)

Yemen's President Sacks Governor Accused of Ties to al-Qaida

My comment: Why just now? The US Treasury told this more than one year ago:

23.7.2017 – Nasser Arrabyee (A T)

Yemen Qaeda/ISIS killed senior security official (head of security belt) of Abyan south Yemen these groups exploit Saudi-UAE chaos

22.7.2017 – Living in Yemen on the edge (* A T)

today, gunmen raised the flag of the United Arab Emirates in #Yemen's #Muzzaand slaughtered, with knife, 4 Yemeni soldiers.
The video is of unmatched violence and available in Twitter at the following account: @abokrim50000

Comment: Video not found.

22.7.2017 – New News (A T)

The Assassination of the Security Director of Rezum in Shabwah by Gunmen in Hadramout

21.7.2017 – Yemen Press (* A P)

Aden Clashes between Recruits of Two Factions of Aggression Coalition after Arrival of Turkish Delegation =

20.7.2017 – Almasdar Online (A P)

Military police intensify deployment in Taiz

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

24.7.2017 – Middle East Monitor ( A P)

Yemen government ready for prisoner swap with Houthis

23.7.2017 – Almrasel (* A P)

Text of the House of Representatives initiative to end the war in Yemen and in translation:

Remark: By the parliament at Sanaa.

23.7.2017 – Haykal Bafana (A P)

CTG Global, #UAE firm owned by notorious ex-SAS #UK mercenary firm Hart Group, now recruits #Yemen human rights monitors. For the UN OHCHR. (image)

21.7.2017 – Inter Press Service (* A H P)

No Justice, No Peace for Yemeni Children

Human rights groups are urging the UN Secretary-General to include the Saudi-led Coalition (SLC) in a child rights’ “shame list” after documenting grave violations against children.

21.7.2017 – Anadolu (A K P)

UN estimates 11,000 civilians killed in Yemeni conflict

UN spokesman says 1,140 children have been killed since 2015

My comment: This estimate is almost unchanged since more than one year now. Nobody was killed within a whole year? This is almost whitewashing of the parties of the war – and of the Saudi coalition in special. Taking into account that these estimates had been much too low already last year.

21.7.2017 – AFP (*A K P)

UN blames Saudi-led coalition for deadly Yemen strike

The United Nations on Friday blamed a Saudi-led coalition for a deadly air strike on civilians in Yemen this week, saying there were no military targets in the area hit. and UN statement here: and UNCHR statement:

20.7.2017 – Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and others (* A P)

Joint NGO Letter to United Nations Security Council Ambassadors on Yemen

Worsening crisis in Yemen and need for United Nations Security Council Action =

20.7.2017 – UN Department of Public Information (A P)

The UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy to Yemen, Mr. Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, ends his visit to Cairo, 20 July 2017 =

cp7a Saudi-Arabien und Iran / Saudi Arabia and Iran

22.7.2017 – The Independent (* A P)

Iran seizes Saudi Arabian fishing boat and arrests crew as tensions escalate in Persian Gulf

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

24.7.2017 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

King Salman Travels on Private Trip, Tasks Crown Prince with Running the Kingdom

My comment: He will become king soon – however.

23.7.2017 – Ameen (A P)

Film. Different models of armoured vehicles are heading to "Prince Nayef Sport City" in #Qatif More destruction and killing are on the way sadly!

22.7.2017 – Press TV Iran (* A P)

Saudi Arabia says bin Nayef ‘addicted to cocaine’

A source close to the Saudi court has alleged that the country’s former crown prince, who was ousted last month and was replaced by the king’s favorite son, is addicted to morphine and cocaine.

My comment: This had been told as a justification for the palace coup against him; earlier reporting.

22.7.2017 – Moudhi Aljohani (A P)

A riot in #DarAlreaya in Mecca protesting inhumane treatment and 4 women tried to commit suicide referring to

21.7.2017 – Ali AlAhmed (A P)

#Saudi clansmen forces arrest writer/novelist @tehnoon #Najran over his writings

Tahnoon published his novel "A Candle in the Heart of Prison" after spending 7 years for protesting #Najran 2000-07

21.7.2017 – Alahed News (* B P T)

In the Saudi Kingdom of Terror: Terrorists Rehabilitated in a Lavish Prison [Photos]

In a kingdom where torture and execution define the justice system, terrorist prisoners are part of a perk-filled experiment.

Comment: When terrorists are treated to spa and gym and 5* facility benefits while bloggers, human rights activists are tortured, abused, incarcerated, flogged, killed with the families unable to give them a burial of mercy and respect you know it's true:
''Saudi has always been and will remain the mother of all terrorism and the oppressor of all freedoms and basic human rights.''

20.7.2017 – Press TV Iran (* A P)

Saudi security system overhauled on overnight royal decrees

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has issued a series of overnight decrees to overhaul the country’s security and intelligence apparatus, a move that could spark fresh concerns about the royal’s increased inclination to give more power to his son and the second to the throne Mohammed.

20.7.2017 – The Independent (* A P)

Donald Trump urged to intervene in case of Saudi student facing execution for protesting the Kingdom's rulers

Theresa May accused of 'deafening silence' on the imminent beheading of 14 young men and urged to use influence

21.7.2017 – Gulf News (A E P)

Saudi Arabia is said to seek adviser for sale of water network

National Water Co. could raise several billion dollars from the process, depending on how big a stake it sells

21.7.2017 – MbKS15 (A K)

22 #Saudi engrs from Prince Sultan Advanced Tech Research Institute (#PSATRI) started field testing phase of their new surv. UAV #SkyGuard (photos)

VIDEO: #SkyGuard surveillance UAV developed by Prince Sultan Advanced Technology Research Institute (#PSATRI) during field testing.

20.7.2017 – Al Araby (A P)

Saudi prince arrested after sickening abuse video goes viral

The abuse videos have shocked many in the conservative kingdom

cp9 USA

21.7.2017 – Nachdenkseiten (* B K)

Der Charme des Drohnenkriegs: Krieg zu führen wird leichter, das eigene Volk spürt ihn nicht.

Normale Kriegseinsätze haben die unschöne Nebenwirkung für die kriegführenden Regierungen, dass die eigenen Soldaten tot oder als Krüppel in die Heimat zurückkehren. Das kann die Kriegsmoral stören. Und hier kommen die Drohnen ins Spiel. „Die US-Regierung setzt Drohnen ein, um das Risiko für ihre Soldaten und damit die innere Opposition gegen den Krieg zu minimieren.“ Das ist die Einschätzung des ehemaligen US-Geheimdienstmitarbeiters Ray McGovern. Sie leuchtet ein. Deshalb hat Josefa Zimmermann für die Leserinnen und Leser der NachDenkSeiten den einschlägigen Beitrag von McGovern übersetzt.

21.7.2107 – Scoop (* B P)

Curbing Participation: The US Congress and Yemen

Comment: Also in this article, America's role in the war on #Yemenis down sized.

and also on US Congress and Yemen:

21.7.2017 – The Progressive (* B H P)

Will 2017 Be Remembered as the Year of Four Famines?

and also on US Congress and Yemen:

21.7.2017 – Counterpunch (* B H P)

At Every Door

20.7.2017 – USA Today (* B P)

Time for US to get out of Yemen and address war crimes

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

24.7.2017 – The Independent (* B P)

UK Government approved Saudi arms deals worth £238m six months after deadly Yemen funeral air strike

The trade secretary was initially reluctant to continue licensing arms deals with the country and by Sputnik News:

23.7.2017 – The Guardian (* B K P)

UK approved £283m of arms sales to Saudis after airstrike on Yemen funeral

Campaigners say Britain should have halted weapons exports after attack that caused international outrage

22.7.2017 – Morning Star (* A P)

“You can’t build jobs on the corpses of innocents”

Eliza Egret and Tom Anderson speak with peace activist SAM WALTON about a daring raid he took part in to disarm a Yemen-bound warplane

22.7.2017 – The Independent (* A P)

Government approved arms sales to 20 countries on its own list of human rights abusers, say campaigners

21.7.2017 – Middle East Eye (* A P)

UK politicians unite to urge intervention in Saudi executions

ross-party group asks government to intervene and for assurances that British-taught skills have not been used to convict the group

Remark: Look at cp8 also.

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

24.7.2017 – Alwaght (* B P)

Pakistan’s Appeasement Diplomacy, Yemen Crisis

22.7.2017 – Gulf News (* A P)

Doha needs to change its policies before a dialogue

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Mohammad Gargash said a call for dialogue by Qatar’s Emir Shaikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani was welcome, but this could only happen after Doha had made changes.

My comment: Emirati media.

22.7.2017 – Living in Yemen etc. (A P)


20.7.2017 – The Globe and Mail (* A H P)

Canada urged to boost support for Yemen amidst cholera outbreak

cp12a Katar-Krise / Qatar crisis

24.7.2017 – Aljazeera (A P)

HRW: Saudi terrorism is killing people in Yemen

Speakers at conference in Doha question Saudi-led group's accusation that Qatar is funding terrorism.

23.7.2017 – Aljazeera (* A E P)

How will Qatar-Gulf crisis shape the region's economy?

Analysis: Blockade could permanently alter the economic arrangements that have long defined relations within the GCC.

23.7.2017 – Arab News (* A P)

Qatar crisis should be solved within GCC framework: Al-Jubeir

My comment: Saudi media. Saudi Arabia’s policy against Qatar had no exit strategy at all. Now they must retreat, as the US and the UK are urging for a solution. Well, the GCC is dominated by the Saudis. By this way they want to keep their influence.

23.7.2017 – Bloomberg (* A P)

U.K. Joins U.S. in Calling for an End to Boycott of Qatar

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he hopes embargo lifted

23.7.2017 – New News (* A P)

US Intel Data Show Qatari News Agency Had Been Hacked – Ambassador to Russia

The Qatari ambassador to Russia said on Sunday in an interview with Sputnik that US intelligence data show that the Middle East country's news agency had been hacked. referring to

My comment: This had already been reported earlier.

22.7.2017 – Middle East Monitor (* A P)

The Embarrassment of Saudi and the UAE Exposes Regional Misfortunes =

22.7.2017 – Bloomberg (* A P)

Qatar Emir Breaks Silence on Gulf Feud, Is Open to Dialogue

Sheikh Tamim spoke for the first time since conflict began

Emir says Qatar isn’t afraid to identify and correct errors

22.7.2017 – Washington Post (* B P)

Oman is a mediator in Yemen. Can it play the same role in Qatar?

21.7.2017 – Reuters (* A P)

Tillerson urges Arab states to lift Qatar 'land blockade'

22.7.2017 – New News (A P)

There is No room for Negotiations with Qatar : Saudi Arabia

21.7.2017 – ANSA (* A P)

Nothing to negotiate with Qatar, says Saudi FM in Rome

21.7.2017 – Al-Bab (* B P)

Hacking of Qatar website was 'planned in advance'

It's increasingly clear that the hacking incident last May which created a pretext for the Saudi-Emirati confrontation with Qatarwas not a random attack: it had been carefully planned and took more than a month to prepare. This is a significant development because it suggests that the resulting international crisis, far from blowing up unexpectedly, had also been planned in advance.

20.7.2017 – Reuters (* A P T)

U.S. to deploy officials in Qatar in counter-terrorism accord: sources

20.7.2017 – New News (* A P)

UAE Offers Deal on Turkey about Qatar :Middle East Website

cp13 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

13.7.2017 - UN High Commissioner for Refugees (* A H)

Yemen UNHCR Flash Update, 1 - 13 July 2017

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

21.7.2017 – David A. Weinberg (B T)

US Department of State: "a number of UN-designated terrorist financiers continued to operate in #Kuwait" (look at image) referring to

State Dept: #UAE free zones varied in their compliance with AML/CFT best practices and "exploitation... remained of significant concern."

State Dept: "terrorist financiers within the country are still able to exploit #Qatar’s informal financial system":

cp15 Propaganda

24.7.2017 – Al Sahwa (A P)

Information Ministry welcomes visit of ARTE to Yemen

My comment: LOL. The hadi government and the Saudi coalition actually block journalists from visiting the northern part of Yemen.

24.7.2017 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

Pro-Houthi Official Accused of Withholding Medications in Hodeidah

My comment: The same propaganda stories again and again – in this case to redirect attention from the Saudi blockade preventing humanitarian aid to come into the country.

24.7.2017 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

Analysts: Qatar Backed Yemen’s Houthis with Iranian Coordination to Target Saudi Arabia

My comment: This is really odd propaganda. Actors they had been forgotten here: The Mafia, Northern Korea, and the president of Venezuela.

Comment by Judith Brown: Wow this is obviously Saudi Arabian propaganda. Let's get it straight - until last month Qatar and Saudi Arabia were fighting side by side in Yemen on the same side. So this really doesn't ring true. And more absolute rubbish - where it says Qatar persuaded the Muslim brotherhood to join forces with the Houthis to attack Saudi Arabia - anyone who knows anything about what is happening is Yemen knows that Islah the Yemeni Muslim brotherhood is an uncompromising enemy of the Houthi militias. How do they get anyone to print these untruths?

Comment: We never share Saudi faux-news but this is worth mentioning being emblematic of the level of paranoia and related 'paranoia narrative' being built ad hoc, to justify an endless flow of war crimes.

More Comments: I said it before: now it will be double chase in #Yemen. Ghosts of Iran and Qatar. There is a medical term: paranoia

Exact term is Paranoid Schizophrenia: target to a mass of terror about the world around. Everyone becomes enemies & they should die

23.7.2017 – KS Relief (A H P)

KSrelief Provides Yemen $615 million in Assistance and also and

My comment: Saudi propaganda, propagating Saudi relief for Yemen while the Saudis had spent nearly 300 times more just for their aerial bombing war against Yemen.

22.7.2017 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A K P)

Yemeni Insurgents Fight Unemployment with ‘Combat’ Jobs

My comment: This is the same everywhere in Yemen. Thus, this is blaming one side for a general phenomenon, it's odd propaganda when giving this story such a bias as done here.

21.7.2017 – New News (A P)

UAE Accuses Qatar of Leaking the Coalition Military Movements in Yemen to Al-Qaeda

My comment: Stupid propaganda; at that time Qatar military was in Yemen, Qatar hardly would have given any information to Al Qaeda so that it could attack he Qataris themselves.

21.7.2017 – Emirati Press Agency (A P)

Ahmed bin Daghr praises UAE, Saudi support for legitimacy in Yemen

21.7.2017 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

Abul Gheit: Yemen’s ‘Catastrophic Situation’ Caused by Coup’s Obstruction of Peace Efforts

Arab League (AL) Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit said that coup militias in Yemen continued obstruction to a political settlement, namely solution proposals by the UN Special Envoy, is the prime reason for the country spiraling down in terms of humanitarian affairs.

My comment: LOL.

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

22.-24.7.2017 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

The Violations and Crimes that are committed by#Saudi_Arabiaand its alliance in #Yemen18 to 23 July 2017 (full lists):

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

Eingebetteter Medieninhalt

24.7.2017 – Ahmed Jahaf (A K PH)

16 airstrikes until NOW by Saudi-led coalition jets with U.S & UK bombs on 'Sa'dah' Saada city during the past hour

24.7.2017 – Ahmed Jahaf (A K PH)

#Hajjah : 4 airstrikes by Saudi-led coalition jets with U.S & UK bombs on Al-Jar farms in Abs district

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

US-Saudi airstrikes hit Amran

24.7.2017 – Saudi war crimes (A K PH)

Saudi Air Adwan bombing the government compound # Bani Srim Directorate in Amran Governorate Sunday, July 23, 2017 (photos)

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

US-Saudi aggression warplanes wage 5 strikes on capital Sanaa

Three US-Saudi airstrike hit Sanaa

and from the other side

24.7.2017 – Almasdar Online (A K PS)

Heavy airstrikes on military camps in the capital Sana’a

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

US-Saudi warplanes hit Amran

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Child, Two women wounded in Saudi air strikes on Amran

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi fighter jets hit Saada

24.7.2017 – Yemen Today TV (A K PH)

Film: Saudi Air Aggression Bombing Government Complex in Saada, Central Bank and Insurance Building 24 - 7 – 2017

and from the other side

24.7.2017 – Almasdar Online (A K PS)

Houthi sites, equipment hit by intensive airstrikes in Saada and Hajjah

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

US-Saudi air strikes hit Taiz

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

US-Saudi fighter jets hit Marib

24.7.2017 – Sanaa at night (A K)

Sanaa is under airstrikes

8 massive explosions awaken all due to saudi coalition raid on Sana'a #yemen (ISIS brothers on Planes)

and more:

24.7.2017 early morning – Saudi war crimes (A K PH)

50 air raids of the Saudi aggression during the past hours

Saada 23 raids

Amran has 6 raids

Hajjah, Hrd, Midi" 12 raids

Marib has 3 raids

Nihm 3 raids

Taiz 1 raid

23.7.2017 – Living in Yemen etc. (A K PH)

Airstrike on Al #Jawf

23.7.2017 – Saudi War Crimes (A K PH)

Aviation launched 7 heavy air raids on the village of Beit Thalaya, the Directorate of convicted in Amran governorate, The raids targeted the school of 22 May and destroyed it completely, and destroyed the Al-Rawal mosque, and a house belonging to Hussein Mohammed al-Jammouli, resulting in three injuries, one child and two women (photos)


23.7.2017 – New News (A K PH)

Aggression Warplanes Destroyed School and Mosque in Amran and Agricultural Nursery in Saadah

22.7.2017 – Living in Yemen etc. (A K PH)



22.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

US-Saudi air strikes hit Saada

Saudi warplanes launches 9 raids on Sa'ada

21.–22.7.2017 – Almasdar Online (A K PS)

Airstrikes on sites ,reinforcements of Houthi-Saleh militia in Taiz

Govt. forces and Coalition’s jets launch intensive offensives on Houthis in Taiz

21.7.2017 – Press TV Iran (* A K PH)

Saudi air raid leaves 8 Yemeni fishermen dead, another missing

At least eight fishermen have been killed and another has gone missing when Saudi fighter jets carried out an airstrike off the coast of Yemen's western province of Hudaydah as the Riyadh regime continues its aerial bombardment campaign against its crisis-stricken southern neighbor. and by Saba:

My comment: Security of shipping, Saudi style.

21.7.2017 – Yemen Today TV (A K PH)

Saudi Air Force continues to bomb houses and property in Makhtaz 21 - 7 – 2017

21.7.2017 – MbKS15 (A K PS)

An #RSAF Tornado jet, assigned to the 83rd Sqn, taxis out on a recce mission over #Yemen (photo)

Another pictures of #RSAF Tornado jets based at King Khalid AFB while returning from recce missions during #OpRestoreHope (photos)

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

24.7.2017 – Press TV Iran (* A K PH)

Yemeni naval forces target, torch Saudi military vessel in western Yemen

24.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Naval forces target Saudi war boat in Hodeida

23.7.2017 – Almasdar Online (A K PS)

Girl-child killed, four wounded in Houthi bombing on Taiz

23.7.2017 – New News (A K PH)

The Death Toll of the Saudi Troops at the Yemeni Border Rise to 37 Soldiers : Saudi Sources

23.7.2017 – Press TV Iran (* A K PH)

Yemen targets Saudi oil refinery with ballistic missile and by Saba


22.7.2017 – Living in Yemen etc. (A K PH)

Saudi Arabia claims nothing happened. The explosion was of an
electric transformer in Samrov company


23.7.2017 – Almasdar News (A K PH)

Saudi Arabian oil refineries set on fire by longe-range Yemeni missile

23.7.2017 – Nasser Arrabyee (A K PH)

Saudi Arabia says huge erupted NYanbu oil facility after Yemeni ballistic hit the place and (pretended) film of the impact:

23.7.2017 – New News (A K PH)

Yemeni Missile Force Issued Important Statement for Attack on Saudi Oil Refinery in Yanbu and here the English version

22.7.2017 – Living in Yemen etc. (A K PH)

A Yemeni civilian killed by Saudi border guards in one of the districts of Manibah Directorate.

22.7.2017 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Child injured in shelling of mercenaries on Jawf

21.7.2017 – Asharq Al-Awsat (AAA K PS)

Coup Militias Shell Residential Areas in Yemen’s Al Bayda

Pro-Houthi / Po-Saleh reports:

Pro-Hadi / Pro-Saudi reports:

Vorige / Previous:

Jemenkrieg-Mosaik 1-325 / Yemen War Mosaic 1-325: oder / or

Der saudische Luftkrieg im Bild / Saudi aerial war images:

(18 +, Nichts für Sensible!) / (18 +; Graphic!) und / and

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