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Personen In diesem Jahr legen die Kunstschaffenden den Fokus auf Fragen nach Planetary Consciousness, der Dekolonisierung der digitalen Sphäre und post-humaner Verflechtungen. Zusammen machen sie sich auf die Suche nach einer gemeinsamen künstlerischer Praxis
Globale Ausrichtung

Foto: Maxim Gorki Theater

Soukaina Aboulaoula

Kuratorin und Co-Founder von Untitled duo

Unmuting Kharboucha. A reflection on lost archives and silenced tales.

In Morocco, a chikha is often associated with prostitution, loose morals, and pleasure. A chikha is a woman who is called upon to come dance and sing for men. Unmuting Kharboucha takes the example of Chikha Kharboucha to revisit lost and silenced archives. The failure of intergenerational transmission and colonialism in Morocco have silenced Kharboucha, and the many other chikhat who followed her path. Aboulaoula’s presentation is touching on decolonial feminism, will trace and retrieve Chikha Kharboucha’s work as performance art and spoken word poetry.

Soukaina Aboulaoula is an independent curator and program coordinator based in Marrakech. She holds a degree in Film and audiovisual productions and communications and is the co-founder and curator of Untitled duo, a curatorial collective and art direction agency, as well as the associate curator of the 5th edition of the International Casablanca Biennale. Her interests lie in collaboration, the role and influence of the internet in art-making, and the processes of visual storytelling in unearthing invisible subject matters. Soukaina recently received the COARC/Mellon Art History fellowship.

Darya Aloufy

Kuratorin und Mitglied von Sumac Space

Sumac Café

Aligned with the core research of Sumac Space–Art Practices of the Middle East, Sumac Café attempts to form alliances and establish solidarity by examining a specific angle of the Middle East and its political complexities. Sumac Café brings to the fore artists from countries that do not engage in any sort of political exchange. Forming safe-equal conversations, Sumac Café invites artists that challenge the hegemonic, patriarchal tone set by their countries to create dialogue, debate, and examine the forms of resistance their art wishes to ignite.

Darya Aloufy is a curator, researcher, and team member of Sumac Space. As part of her wide range of interests––including counter-narratives, equivocal identities, and under-researched histories––Darya has been exploring the work of women artists working in Israel and Palestine. Recent projects include a re-examination of 19th century photography from historical Palestine, as well as a hermeneutic analysis of women's image in the early days of the Israeli socialist Kibbutz.

Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas

Kuratorin, Autorin und Performerin

No Soy Unicornio

No Soy Unicornio takes the figure of the unicorn to explore the relationship between biography, power and freedom. Using documentation of the masses during the 500th year anniversary of Havana, as well as public interventions, poems, and an eccentric collection of objects, the unicorn is harnessed. The work shows the fatigue and fragility of a process: the hole at the forehead of binary thinking, censorship, fear, colonization, rape and persecution. A song of fictional and poetical resistance experimenting with different forms of narration.

Martha Luisa Hernández Cadenas | Martica Minipunto is a writer, performer and curator. In 2021, she presented the video performance No soy unicornio (Santiago a Mil) and Escribir con la lengua (Festival de las Letras de Bilbao). She won the David Poetry Award (2018), the Havana Poetry Biennale (2019) and the Franz Kafka 2020 book award. She also set up the independent publishing house Ediciones Sinsentido and was coordinator of the Laboratorio Escénico de Experimentación Social (LEES) in Havana/Cuba (2016-2020).

Ong Keng Sen

Künstlerischer Leiter D-YCA

Ong Keng Sen, artistic director of T:>Works and the artspace 72-13 in Singapore, founded the Arts Network Asia and the international Curators Academy, focused on the synergy between contexts and curation. He created the nomadic, international artist residency, The Flying Circus Project. Ong was the Founding Festival Director of the all-new Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). He holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.

Promona Sengupta

Kuratorin, Aktivistin und Künstlerin

Keynote: Time Travel for All: How to Leave No One Behind

In contemporary social justice and political movements, the notion of time travel plays an increasingly central role for envisioning futures worth fighting for. As a concept, time travel carries a politics: the quest for justice is built into it. A common leitmotif in cultural references is that of going back in time to “right” a “wrong” or find closure. In her lecture, Promona Sengupta will reflect on the concept’s political dimensions and share some of her secrets of time travel with the audience.

Promona Sengupta is a curator, academic, artist and activist living in Berlin. She currently holds the studio grant at District Berlin for the project kal. a language where yesterday and tomorrow are the same word. She is a PhD candidate at the International Research Center: Interweaving Performance Cultures at Freie Universitat, Berlin. She co-founded Mo'Halla, a Berlin-Delhi based pop up collective for dissident culture and politics with a special focus on South Asia.

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09.08.2021, 12:25

Ausstellung: Weitere Artikel

Digital verbindet

Digital verbindet

Zum Projekt Die D-YCA ist ein Projekt des Maxim Gorki Theaters unter der Leitung von Ong Keng Sen. Es handelt sich dabei um eine künstlerische und aktivistische Plattform, um Allianzen zu entdecken, Gemeinsamkeiten zu erkunden und Solidaritäten zu verfestigen
Internationale Akademie

Internationale Akademie

Programm Das Maxim Gorki Theater heißt jede*n als Teilnehmer*in, Zuhörer*in, Zuschauer*in und als Kompliz*in beim Neu-Denken und -Gestalten der Welt, in der wir leben, herzlich Willkommen. Mit einem vielseitigen Programm startet am 10.8. die diesjährige YCA
Raum für Fragen

Raum für Fragen

Haus Das Maxim Gorki Theater, in der Singakademie am Boulevard Unter den Linden angesiedelt, ist unter den Berliner Ensembletheatern das Kleinste und Schönste. Zudem ist es ein historisch bedeutsamer Ort

Young Curators Academy | 2019

Video Die zweiwöchige YCA hat als Ziel, öffentliche Debatten anzuregen und widerständige Energien zu befördern. Die Kurator*innen arbeiten alle an der Schnittstelle von Kunst und Aktivismus – oft unter schwierigen politischen Bedingungen

Prosa der Verhältnisse | Claudia Durastanti

Video Deniz Utlu spricht mit Claudia Durastanti in der 19. Ausgabe von Prosa der Verhältnisse über die Suche nach der eigenen Wahrheit durchs Schreiben, die Bedeutung des Erinnerns fürs Erzählen und über das Zuhausesein im Fremdsein

Prosa der Verhältnisse | Şeyda Kurt

Video Deniz Utlu spricht mit Şeyda Kurt in der 18. Ausgabe von Prosa der Verhältnisse über mögliche Antworten auf diese Fragen sowie Visionen und Utopien einer radikalen Zärtlichkeit als ein Programm der Gerechtigkeit und Solidarität

QUEEP | Maxim Gorki Theater

Video Noch ist es nicht akzeptiert, nicht den vorgedachten Pfaden entlang zu gehen, nicht in die normativen Modelle zu denken und die vorgeschriebenen Leben zu leben, sondern tastend zu suchen, um zu sein. Zu sein, wie, als wer, mit wem es sich gut anfühlt