Krieg im Jemen: Neue Artikel zum Nachlesen 42

Yemen Press Reader 42: Saudischer Luftschlag trifft Bus, 10 Tote - Ärzte ohne Grenzen akzeptiert saudische Ausflüchte nicht und verlangt Eingeständnis - Machtkampf in Saudi-Arabien?

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Allgemein / General

29.10.2015 – Yemen News Today

Yemen Update, Oct. 29

Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

30.10.2015 – UNCHR

Yemen: UNHCR Regional Update - Yemen Situation #28 (13 - 20 October 2015)

30.10.2015 – Deutsche Welle

Children in Yemen

30.10.2015 – Reuters

Yemen child prodigy badly burned in wedding bombing

Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

31.10.2015 – Reuters

Saudi Airstrike In Yemen Destroys Bus Killing 10 Civilians

31.10.2015 – AFP

Dozens killed as Yemen pro-govt forces clash with rebels und

31.10.2015 – Saba Net

Aggression war jets hit Ibb with four raids

The Saudi-led coalition's war jets launched on Saturday four raids against al-Radmah district in Ibb governorate.

A security source at the province said the aggression targeted an area beside the governmental complex in al-Radmah town with three sorties and Hesin Ansab area with one.

The airstrikes resulted in damaging a number of citizens' houses in those areas.

Huthis, Saleh

31.10.2015 – RT

Protests against Shia rebels continue to sweep through Yemen

30.10.2015 – NZZ

Huthi-Rebellen lassen 20 Gefangene frei

30.10.2015 – AP

Yemen's Shiite Rebels Release 20 Detainees in Western Region =

27.10.2015 – Newsweek

The Curious Case of Yemen’s Alliances: Saleh Vs Houthis

23.4.2015 – Middle East Eye

Houthi arms bonanza came from Saleh, not Iran

Ärzte ohne Grenzen / Doctors Without Borders

30.10.2015 – Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Militär-Koalition muss Angriff auf Krankenhaus eingestehen und aufklären

Ärzte ohne Grenzen widerspricht entschieden der Leugnung des Angriffs auf ein Krankenhaus im Jemen durch die von Saudi-Arabien geführte Militärkoalition. Es bestehe kein Zweifel, dass die Koalition das von Ärzte ohne Grenzen unterstützte Krankenhaus in Haydan im Norden des Landes am 26. Oktober zerstört habe, erklärte die internationale Hilfsorganisation am Donnerstag bei einer Pressekonferenz in Paris. Die Klinik sei schon zuvor durch Angriffe der Koalition beschädigt worden.

30.10.2015 – SZ, Handelsblatt

Video zeigt bombardiertes Krankenhaus von "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" =

30.10.2015 – La Voce di New York

Get That Saudi Story Straight at the UN: The Yemen Crisis' Most Placid Peacemaker or Biggest Belligerent?

30.10.2015 – International Business Times

Yemen: Footage shows aftermath of bombed MSF hospital

29.10.2015 – Vice News

Saudi Arabia Can't Get Its Story Straight on the MSF Hospital Destroyed in Yemen =

29.10.2015 – AFP

MSF wants answers from Saudi-led coalition on Yemen hospital strike

29.10.2015 – The Independent

Yemen conflict: MSF rejects Saudi Arabia denial over bombing of civilian hospital

Südjemen – Southern Yemen

29.10.2015 – POMED

Rethinking Yemen’s Security: Why Stabilizing Yemen Must Start in Aden, by Nadwa Al-Dawsari

UNO und Friedensgespräche/ UN and peace talks

31.10.2015 – Al Akhbar

UN suspected of smuggling CIA agents into Yemen

30.10.2015 – Middle East Monitor

Houthis: Political solution has failed in Yemen

Saudi-Arabien / Saudi-Arabia

31.10.2015 – Arab News

Al-Jubeir: Yemen war in final stage

31.10.2015 – Der Standard

Jahrzehntelange Ressentiments trennen Saudi-Arabien und Iran

31.10.2015 – Almasdar

Top Saudi Royals Struggle for Power as War on Yemen Causes Budget Deficit

31.10.2015 – ABNA from AFP

Power struggle rising between Saudi top princes

27.4.2015 – Real news

Why Saudis Derailed Imminent Yemen Deal with Airstrikes

Wall Street Journal UN correspondent Joe Lauria discusses how a former UN envoy came forward with details of a power-sharing deal in Yemen and why Saudi Arabia would want to prevent that deal from becoming a reality.


30.10.2015 – ADHRB

Irritated Profits: Lockheed and Boeing Downplay Human Rights Violations in Yemen

30.10.2015 – Democracy Now

While Condemning Assad, U.S. Bombs Afghan Hospital & Backs Devastating Saudi War on Yemen

29.10.2015 – Council on Foreign Relations

How the U.S. Government Condemns or Ignores Indiscriminate Bombing

30.10.2015 – Almanar

US Asks Mohammad Bin Salman to Stop Yemen Offensive, Find Face-Saving Exit

Großbritannien / Great Britain

24.6.2015 – Reported

Blood money: How your 401k profits from bombing Yemen

Italien / Italy

31.10.2015 – Antiwar

Italy Rushes More Bombs as Saudis Continue to Pound Yemen

Amnesty: Saudi-Led Coalition Using Banned Cluster Bombs


27.10.2015 – Al Monitor

Why Iran doesn't want to stay in Yemen

The Ansar Allah movement in Yemen, commonly known as the Houthis, has always extended a very special respect for the Islamic Republic of Iran. While not as deep as portrayed in Western media, ties between Iran and Ansar Allah go back in time. Indeed, the founder of the Yemeni movement — Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, the brother of current leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi —traveled to Tehran as far back as 1986, in the heyday of the Iran-Iraq War.


31.10.2015 – TVC News

Sudan to send 10,000 troops to join Arab forces in Yemen

Brasilien / Brazil

30.10.2015 – Armament Research

Brazilian SS-60 or SS-80 cargo rockets employed in Yemen

30.10.2015 – Amnesty International

Yemen: Brazilian cluster munitions suspected in Saudi Arabia-led coalition attack


31.10.2015 – Sputnik News

Chief of Yemen General Staff Accuses Houthi Rebels of Killing Civilians

Kommentar: Hier sind natürlich die jemenitischen Truppen der Hadi-Regierung gemeint. Saudische Luftangriffe hat es also nie gegeben? Und diese Regierung hat die Zustimmung der UNO, die Kriegsverbrechen im Jemenkrieg zu untersuchen.

31.10.2015 – Aljazeera (Fernsehfilm)

Qatari FM on the war in Yemen

In this web extra, Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiyah talks about the war in Yemen, his country's relationship with the United States, and his vision for Qatar's role in the region.

Al-Attiyah denies that cluster bombs are being used by coalition forces in Yemen, and emphasises his country's positive relation with the United States despite leaked 2009 State Department documents questioning the Gulf country's financing of violent groups.

He also describes Qatar's important role as a peacemaker and "mediator" in the region.

Kommentar: Wie kann ein Staat, der zu 100 % Partei ist in diesem Krieg, sich als „peacemaker and mediator“ aufspielen??

30.10.2015 – Al Arabiya

Saudi-UAE aid to Yemen: the situation and the obstacles

Kommentar: Constantly there is a campaign of propaganda which aims to distort reality. It is the Saudi led blockade that causes the majority of suffering of Yemeni people, and the deaths of thousands of children from malnutrition, and the deaths of many civilians due to the lack of medicines and medical equipment. Yet their propaganda machine tells Yemenis and the world that the blockade is caused by the Houthis:

Terrorismus / Terrorism

27.10.2015 – Foreign Affairs

How al Qaeda Rules in Yemen

Flüchtlinge / Refugees

30.10.2015 – BBC

Yemen refugees choosing to return to a failed state

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