Krieg im Jemen-Neue Artikel zum Nachlesen 176

Yemen Press Reader 176: Amerika unterstützt saudische Vergehen - Friedensgespräche: Vom Scheitern zur Verlängerung, aber keine neue Idee - Saudis und 9/11 - Taiz: Schrein zerstört - Kämpfe etc.

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America stood by to Saudi abuses - Peace talks: From failure to extension, but no new idea - Saudis and 9/11 again - Taiz: Shrine destroyed - Fighting etc. - and more

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cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

cp2 Allgemein / General

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

cp4 Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche/ UN and peace talks

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

cp9 USA

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

cp13 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp15 Propaganda

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

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A = Aktuell / Current news

B = Hintergrund / Background

C = Chronik / Chronicle

D = Details

E = Wirtschaft / Economy

H = Humanitäre Fragen / Humanitarian questions

K = Krieg / War

P = Politik / Politics

PH = Pro-Houthi

PS = Pro-Saudi

T = Terrorismus / Terrorism

cp1 Am wichtigsten / Most important

30.7.2016 – Politico (** B K P)

As the Saudis Covered Up Abuses in Yemen, America Stood By

Washington let Saudi Arabia commit atrocities in Yemen, then strong-arm the UN into remaining silent.

The United Nations has long been bullied by its most powerful members, and U.N. secretaries-general have usually been forced to grit their teeth and take it quietly. But few nations have been more publicly brazen in this practice than Saudi Arabia, and earlier this summer, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon managed to get in a dig at the Kingdom over its blackmail-style tactics.

For the United States, it was another reminder of what an uncomfortable ally the Saudi kingdom can be.

Using their oil wealth as a weapon—and tacitly encouraged by their most powerful ally, Washington, which has supplied Riyadh with targeting assistance, logistical support and daily aerial refueling of coalition jets in Yemen—the Saudis have refused to moderate their stance.

U.S. support for the Saudis in Yemen has weakened Washington morally at the U.N.

As Saudi behavior grew more careless publicly, both on the ground in Yemen in the halls of the U.N., the silence from Washington, and at the U.S. mission to the U.N. in New York, continued.

But there is another reason the U.S. has said little about the strong-arm tactics employed by its closest Arab ally: The hypocrisy might be too much to take – by Samuel Oakford

Comment by Daniel Larison (The American Conservative):

This article on Yemen by is a good one, and you should read it

Saying that the U.S. "stood by" while Saudis and allies pummeled Yemen is inadequate. U.S. was/is actively helping them do these things and

Comment by Chris Floyd (referring to Larison): Absolutely. The US has been directly involved every step of the way, inc the deadly blockade of Yemen.

cp2 Allgemein / General

30.7.2016 – Oped News (* A P)

Why did the Yemen peace talks collapse?

UN Security Council Resolution 2216

Not surprisingly, the resolution, co-sponsored by France, the United Kingdom and the United States, was silent on the Saudi air strikes but mentioned the Houthis and Houthi 18 times.

The resolution demanded that the Houthis withdraw from all areas seized during the latest conflict, relinquish arms seized from military and security institutions, cease all actions falling exclusively within the authority of the 'legitimate Government of Yemen', and fully implement previous Council resolutions.

The resolution also called upon the Houthis to refrain from any provocations or threats to neighboring states, release the Minister for Defence, all political prisoners and individuals under house arrest or arbitrarily detained, and end the recruitment of children.

Imposing sanctions, including a general-assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo, on Abdulmalik al-Houthi, whom it called the Houthi leader, and Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, son of the president who stepped down in 2011.

Ironically, the United States, Britain, and others, meanwhile, have continued to supply a steady stream of weaponry and logistical support to Saudi Arabia and its coalition. Britain, the United States, and France continue to authorize lucrative arms deals with the Saudi-led coalition -- apparently without batting an eyelash.

Who are the Houthis?

Yemeni civilians are losing the most.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition accused of war crimes in Yemen – by Abdus-Sattar Ghazali

30.7.2016 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A K P)

Yemen’s Legitimate Government Opts for Military Solution

Meanwhile, high-ranking sources from the Yemeni premiership said that the government had no choice but to resort to military measures in order to liberate the occupied territories and establish state sovereignty.

The sources added that the army and popular resistance were both ready to launch the final battle to liberate the capital and eradicate the insurgents, with the support of the international community and the Saudi-led Arab alliance – by Arafat Madabish

Comment: They never did something else than claiming 100 % victory. As this could not be achieved by the Kuwait talks, stays the military option.

Comment by Judith Brown: Is this news????? They have been opting for a military solution for a year and a half nearly. But so far the war in Yemen is a stalemate.

cp3 Humanitäre Lage / Humanitarian situation

31.7.2016 – Oxfam (A H)

Oxfam Yemen Situation Report #24, 15 July 2016

Field programme activities in detail

29.7.2016 – Doctors Without Borders (A H)

.@MSF:This center is struggling to pay wages to its workers who are mainly volunteers #Aden

cp4 Kulturerbe / Cultural heritage

See cp14

29.7.2016 – Day of Archaeology (D)


We (the EAMENA project) have chosen three case study areas in different regions of Yemen to conduct a remote survey assessment of archaeological/heritage sites using publicly accessible satellite imagery. Ground surveys had been conducted in all of these areas and we are using the results of these studies as comparative data sets. Tomorrow we will be presenting our initial findings and what we can learn by comparing our data with the previous studies. This tests the validity of EAMENA’s remote approach for a regional assessment of Yemen’s archaeology, allows us to develop methods to improve our methodology, and demonstrates what benefits can be gained by a collaborative approach between remote and ground surveys.

cp5 Nordjemen und Huthis / Northern Yemen and Houthis

31.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A P)

10 POINTS to Saudis&world From Yemen united upper leadership, after historic & stunning power-sharing deal (see image)

30.7.2016 – The Virginian Pilot (A P)

Chesapeake man was tortured and killed by Houthi rebels in Yemen, federal lawsuit says

Houthi rebels tortured and killed a Chesapeake man in Yemen last year after detaining and accusing him and another American contractor of being spies after they arrived in the war-torn country on a United Nations plane, according to a federal lawsuit by the men’s families.

The complaint filed this month in Washington accuses the Syrian and Iranian governments of sponsoring terrorism by providing material support to the Houthis, a Shiite rebel group.

The court document provides the first detailed account of John Hamen’s capture and death – by Brock Vergakis

Comment: The very dubious role this man had played in Yemen had been revealed in November (in earlier YPR).

Comment by Judith Brown: What on earth were two military men doing 'contracting' in the war torn country of Yemen. I think it is the US government that should be sued for sending them into harms way. Anyone with any sense would know to keep out of a country caught up in a brutal, brutal war.

29.7.2016 – Lady Afrah (A P)

Today, the leader, Sayyed Abdul Malek Alhuthi has delivered an important speech,
and this is an excerption of the speech with subtitles.

and on the same subject:

29.7.2016 – Press TV Iran (A P)

Film: Yemen’s Houthis reject giving in to Saudi demands

The leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement has reaffirmed that his peace negotiating team in Kuwait will not make any concessions to the Saudi-backed delegation. During a televised speech, Abdulmalik al-Houthi said Yemen will not surrender to the demands by the Saudi-backed party. He also called for a resolution to the conflict based on justice. This, as the peace talks in Kuwait are on the verge of collapse as the Saudi-backed delegation says it will withdraw from the talks on Saturday.

and also:

30.7.2016 – Alalam (A P)

Yemen’s Houthi Leader: US Engineering, Saudi Arabia Executing Plots against Yemen

"The US is engineering events in our country and it is directly and indirectly present in the war against Yemen and is supporting Saudi Arabia in this war," Houthi said.

Saudi Arabia is the executor of the US-Israeli plots and the US and Saudi regime should be blamed for attacks and shedding bloods of thousands of innocent people killed in Yemen, he added.

29.7.2016 – Tasnim News (* A P)

Ansarullah Spokesman Calls UN’s Reaction to Recent Yemeni Deal ‘Surprising’ The spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah Movement defended a recent agreement signed by Houthis and ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s party and called the UN’s reaction to the deal “surprising”.

“The national agreement among Yemeni groups…, is a natural result of confronting all challenges facing the Yemeni nation,” Mohammed Abdulsalam said on his Facebook page, according to Yemen's al-Masirah TV.

“We expected the UN to support the national agreement,” the spokesman said, referring to remarks by Farhan Haq, spokesman of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who criticized the agreement on Thursday.

“The UN has described the agreement as unilateral, while it has overlooked the other party’s hundreds of unilateral decisions and crimes, which have been detrimental to the Yemeni nation,” Abdulsalam noted.

29.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A P)

Yemen acting president&gov calling all free world media&right groups2visit Yemen reveal US-backed Saudi war crimes

cp6 Südjemen und Hadi-Regierung / Southern Yemen and Hadi-government

31.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A T)

Yemen Qaeda/ISIS Car bomb targeting military of UAE invaders/occupiers in Aden south where groups seek to rule alone

30.7.2016 – Ahmed Alghobary (A T)

Islamic State in #Aden& Abyan posted graphic footage of moment they assassinated a colonel in Aden today. #Yemen

cp7 UNO und Friedensgespräche / UN and peace talks

(Die neuesten Berichte vorne / newest reports on top!!)

31.7.2016 – AFP (* A P)

Jemens Regierung hat einen UN-Friedensplan zur Beendigung des blutigen Konflikts mit den Huthi-Rebellen akzeptiert. Die international anerkannte Regierung von Präsident Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi erklärte am Sonntag nach einer Sitzung in der saudiarabischen Hauptstadt Riad, sie habe den UN-Entwurf für einen Friedensplan angenommen. Eine offizielle Stellungnahme der schiitischen Huthi-Rebellen gab es zunächst nicht.

Michlafi [Außenminister der Hadi-Regierung] schrieb auf dem Kurzmitteilungsdienst Twitter, eine Bedingung sei aber, dass die Huthi-Rebellen und ihre Verbündeten in der Armee die Vereinbarung bis kommenden Sonntag unterzeichneten. Die Vereinbarung sieht laut dem jemenitischen Außenminister vor, dass alle Entscheidungen, die von den Huthi-Rebellen seit ihrer Besetzung der Hauptstadt Sanaa im September 2014 getroffen wurden, annulliert werden.!5328380/

Kommentar: Wieder soll den Houthis die Selbstaufgabe als „Friedenslösung“ verkauft werden, das haben sie schon abgelehnt. Möglicherweise hat die Hadi-Regierung oder die saudische Propaganda aber auch die neuesten UN-Vorschläge in einer auf die eigenen Forderungen eingedampften Version präsentiert.

31.7.2016 – Deutschlandfunk (A P)

Friedensgespräche werden um eine Woche verlängert

31.7.2016 – AFP (*A P)

Yemen government accepts UN peace deal

The Yemeni government said Sunday it has accepted a UN-proposed peace agreement to end more than a year of armed conflict, but there has been no word from the rebels.

One pre-condition, however, is that the Iran-backed Huthis and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh sign the deal by August 7, Mikhlafi wrote on Twitter.

He said the Yemeni leadership has authorised the delegation to sign the deal, which has received strong international and regional backing.

There has been no official reaction from the rebels.

Huthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam, however, said on Twitter before the government announcement that the rebels insist on a comprehensive and complete solution, and rejected what he called "half solutions".

Under the agreement, all decisions made by the rebels since they occupied the capital in September 2014 will be scrapped, Mikhlafi said.

The deal also abolishes the controversial supreme political council set up jointly by the Huthis and the General People's Congress of former president Saleh on Thursday to run the country, he said.

A political dialogue between various Yemeni factions will start 45 days after the rebels withdraw and hand over heavy weapons to a military committee to be formed by President Hadi.

Prisoners of war will also be freed, as specified by the UN Security Council resolution 2216, the agreement said. and by Sputnik News:

Comment: Surrender first and negotiate afterwards, thus depend on the good will of someone you know who does not have any good will at all – this will not work. Any agreement only will work the other way round: a new unity government first, to which all military forces have to obey and surrender their arms. Even more strange: Just Houthi surrender is requested; and no request of external intervention, devastating saudi air raids, Saudi blockade of imports. What a crazy one-sided proposal is that??

Comment: It seems whether AFP just has accepted a Hadi government statement, that means is retelling propaganda. Look at:

Comment by Hisham al-Omeisy: UN Envoy proposed a road map, #Yemengov twists & takes out of context, announces accepting own translated version of it as "agreement"! WTH

Oh and #Yemengov childishly launching massive PR saying accepted own version of "agreement" & awaiting reciprocity from Houthis! Seriously.

Saudi media propagating #Yemengov accepting "UN deal" and ball now in Houthi field. Riiight. Trying to pull one on public. #Propaganda and and

31.7.2016 – Xinhua (* A P)

Spotlight: Yemen peace at crossroads as warring sides split over roadmap

The Houthi delegates demanded the formation of a national government as a pre-condition to pursue the talks with the Yemeni government and refused to sign the UN deal, according to sources based in Kuwait.

The exiled government official news agency Saba said that "President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi chaired a high-ranking meeting and announced his full acceptance of the UN-proposed roadmap."

According to the Yemeni presidential official, the UN-proposed roadmap didn't address any political topics before completing its implementation and ending the ongoing military conflict in the country.

The Yemeni minister said that the UN-proposed deal suggested the canceling of the Revolutionary Committee and the Political Council established by Houthis and their allies in Sanaa.

He added that "We laid down only one pre-condition that Houthi militias and their allied forces sign the UN-proposed deal by August 7."

Sources based in Kuwait told Xinhua that there are huge differences in the visions of Houthis and the government regarding the draft resolution submitted by the United Nations.

According to the Kuwait-based sources, there are high expectations that Houthi delegates may withdraw from the peace consultations in protest against the UN-proposed deal.

A journalist close to the Houthi told Xinhua that "the United Nations submitted a paper just for discussions between the two delegations not for signing on it. The Saudi-backed delegation declare untrue claims."

31.7.2016 – Reuters (A P)

Cheikh Ahmed proposed to both sides Saturday that the Houthis quit the capital Sanaa and Hodeidah and Taiz cities, and talks subsequently be convened on forming a new government that would include the Houthis, delegates at the Kuwait talks said.

While Hadi accepted the proposal, the Houthis dismissed the proposal as a non-starter but said they would stay in Kuwait for the talks. We have asserted to Ould Cheikh (Ahmed) that the solution must be comprehensive and that no subject is delayed," the Houthi delegation said in a statement.

30.7.2016 – Saba Net (A P)

National delegation insists on comprehensive solution

The National delegation participating in Kuwait consultations on Saturday confirmed its insistence on a comprehensive solution ensures the cessation of aggression and lifting the siege.
During a session of consultations held in Kuwait with the United Nations envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh, the delegation stressed that the solution agreement should be comprehensive and be signed in one stage without partition.
The delegation underlined that the solution should ensure also the consensus on the executive authorities of the state institutions, including the presidency and the government, as well as the security and military arrangements, stopping the war by land, sea and air, and lifting the blockade.

Comment: „National delegation“: Houthi / Saleh del.

30.7.2016 – Middle East Eye (* A P)

Faltering Yemen peace talks extended for week, Kuwait says

UN-brokered Yemen peace talks have been extended for one week, host Kuwait said on Saturday, after seven Saudi troops were killed in border clashes with Iran-backed Yemeni rebels.

Hours after the clashes, Kuwait's foreign ministry announced peace talks would be extended until 7 August in a statement cited by the official KUNA news agency.

They would have ended without result on Saturday after the government delegation decided to pull out.

United Nations envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed held talks with both delegations on Saturday and proposed a framework for a comprehensive settlement.

"I met today with both delegations (and) suggested a one-week extension to the talks," Ould Cheikh Ahmed wrote on Twitter.

He said he also proposed a "framework for a solution to the crisis in Yemen", without elaborating. and by AFP: and by Reuters:

30.7.2016 – Pars Today (A P)

Al-Mayadeen: Riad-Delegation stimmt einer Verlängerung der Jemen-Friedensgespräche zu

Die Delegation des entmachteten jemenitischen Präsidenten, Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi, als Riad-Delegation bekannt, hat einer Verlängerung der Jemen-Friedensgespräche um eine Woche zugestimmt.

Wie der Nachrichten-Fernsehsender Al-Mayadeen am Samstag unter Berufung auf Diplomatenkreise berichtete, habe der UNO-Sondergesandte für den Jemen, Ismail Ould Scheich Ahmed, mit den Delegationsleitern über den noch geheim gehaltenen Entwurf der vorläufigen Vereinbarung beraten.ängerung_der_jemen_friedensgespräche_zu

30.7.2016 – The National UAE (A P)

Yemen’s UN envoy makes last-ditch attempt to save peace talks in Kuwait

The UN’s special envoy asked Yemen’s warring parties to pursue peace negotiations in Kuwait for another week on Saturday after the government said it was quitting talks with the Houthis.

Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed’s appeal appeared to be a last-ditch attempt to rescue the four-month negotiations in Kuwait City which are on the verge of collapse.

"I met today with both delegations [and] suggested a one-week extension to the talks," said Mr Ould Cheikh Ahmed.

He also proposed a "framework for a solution to the crisis in Yemen" but did not elaborate – by Mohammed Al-Qalisi

30.7.2016 – Hakim Almasmari (A P)

#Yemenpeace talks will restart within 48 hours. Rumors that #UNlet talks ended not true. Tense? Yes, but sides closer today than ever.

30.7.2016 – NZZ (A P)

Störfeuer in der Friedenssuche

Selbstherrlich haben die Huthi-Rebellen in Jemen die Gründung eines neuen Regierungsrats verfügt. Dies torpediert nach Ansicht der Uno die Kuwaiter Friedensgespräche.

Die Huthi gaben auf ihrer Website bekannt, sie hätten den Rat zusammen mit dem Allgemeinen Volkskongressdes früheren Präsidenten Ali Abdullah Saleh gegründet. Er werde sämtliche Staatsangelegenheiten «politisch, militärisch, wirtschaftlich, administrativ, sozial und in sicherheitspolitischer Hinsicht» führen. Das Gremium mit rotierender Spitze stehe jeder jemenitischen Gruppe offen. Das klingt nett, doch realiter strahlt der Schritt der Huthi keine Konzilianz aus, wie eine Erklärung Mohammed Abdul-Salams, des Chefs der Huthi-Delegation in Kuwait, am Freitag deutlich machte. Die «Parteien, die die Aggression unterstützen», hätten nun Gelegenheit, ihre Position zu überprüfen und sich dieser «nationalen Übereinkunft» anzuschliessen, twitterte Abdul-Salam.

Die Huthi gaben auf ihrer Website bekannt, sie hätten den Rat zusammen mit dem Allgemeinen Volkskongress des früheren Präsidenten Ali Abdullah Saleh gegründet. Er werde sämtliche Staatsangelegenheiten «politisch, militärisch, wirtschaftlich, administrativ, sozial und in sicherheitspolitischer Hinsicht» führen. Das Gremium mit rotierender Spitze stehe jeder jemenitischen Gruppe offen. Das klingt nett, doch realiter strahlt der Schritt der Huthi keine Konzilianz aus, wie eine Erklärung Mohammed Abdul-Salams, des Chefs der Huthi-Delegation in Kuwait, am Freitag deutlich machte. Die «Parteien, die die Aggression unterstützen», hätten nun Gelegenheit, ihre Position zu überprüfen und sich dieser «nationalen Übereinkunft» anzuschliessen, twitterte Abdul-Salam – von Ulrich Schmid

Kommentar: Im Grunde wird hier die Sichtweise der jemenitischen Regierung und der Saudis übernommen. Der beste Kommentar zu diesem Thema ist nur einen Satz lang und stammt von einer jungen Frau aus dem Jemen. Damit ist alles gesagt. Und Schmid hat schon in der Überschrift gezeigt, dass er – wie immer häufiger zu beobachten – Bericht und Kommentar vermanscht: Was hat „selbstherrlich“ hier verloren?:

29.7.2016 – Shireen Al-Adeimi (* A P)

#Yementalks seem to have ended not bc of Coalition's bombing of civilians but bc the two parties fighting back formed a political council.

Comment: ***.

30.7.2016 – Aljazeera ( A P)

Yemen: Hadi's government withdraws from UN talks

The Yemeni government says it is pulling out of UN-sponsored talks in Kuwait after four months of negotiations.

Farhan Haq, spokesperson of UN chief Ban Ki-moon, said: "The unilateral decision was not in line with the peace process and endangered the substantial progress made during the Kuwait talks."

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Sanaa, Hakim Almasmari, the editor of Yemen Post, said members of both sides say they will not attend, while others say the talks - which begin in two days - will go ahead.

"I think it's part of a game to put pressure on either side," he said.

30.7.2016 – AFP (A K P)

Saudis offer UN information about attacks on Yemen civilians

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen has offered to share with the United Nations the results of 10 investigations into air strikes on civilian targets, according to a confidential letter AFP obtained on Saturday.

Saudi Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi outlined a series of measures the coalition is taking to prevent attacks on civilians in Yemen in the 13-page letter sent to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday.

The coalition will share the results of the investigations with the United Nations during a meeting they have proposed be held in Riyadh, he said.

The offer of information about strikes on hospitals, homes, a wedding party and markets comes in response to UN demands that the coalition stop targeting civilians.

"The coalition takes any allegations of violations of civilians and children's rights very seriously," the ambassador said.

"The coalition is unequivocally committed to the protection of civilians and fully respects its obligations under international law," he added.

Ban is to report to the Security Council on Tuesday about whether the proposed measures will be sufficient to allow the coalition to remain off a UN blacklist of child rights violators. = and by (Saudi) Arab News:

Comment: We will stay curious – after the lots of fairy tales told by spokesman Asiri up to now, I fear this will be more propaganda and less facts.

Comment by Haykal Bafana: The alleged criminal investigating its own crimes. Without need for even ONE visit to Yemen. What planet is Saudi Arabia from???? Is the United Nations going to accept this idiotic legal farce?

Comment by Jamila Hanan: #SaudiArabiawill reveal its whitewash of #Yemenwar crimes to #UNon Tuesday

cp8 Saudi-Arabien / Saudi Arabia

31.7.2016 – NDTV (* A H)

Over 10,000 Indians Facing Food Scarcity In Saudi Arabia, Says Sushma Swaraj

In a humanitarian crisis, over 10,000 Indian workers in Saudi Arabia are facing severe food shortage due to financial hardship after losing their jobs and the government has ordered its mission in the Gulf nation to provide food to them besides other assistance.
Late in the evening, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj appealed to 30 lakhs Indians in that country to help their "fellow brothers and sisters", asserting that there is nothing "mightier" than the collective will of the Indian nation. and by Indian Express:

31.7.2016 – Jerusalem Post (A P)

Member of Saudi delegation: Israeli society wants peace

“The Israeli society that I encountered embraces a culture of peace, has accomplishments it wants to (protect), wants coexistence, and wants peace,” says Abd al-Mujid al-Hakim.

28.7.2016 – Hamodia (A P)

New Saudi FM Calls for Alliance with Israel

Israel welcomed a surprise declaration on Thursday night by Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir calling for a bilateral effort on all fronts to battle their common enemies in the region and the world.

Adel al-Jubeir, who was sworn in as Saudi Arabia’s new Foreign Minister only this week, said over Radio Free Europe that, “We and the Jews are cousins. I have proposed to the King [of Saudi Arabia] and Gulf States to initiate regional cooperation in security and the economy with Israel, as we have common enemies.” - by A. Pe'er

cp9 USA

30.7.2016 – Foreign Affairs (* B P)

The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations

The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia has come under unprecedented strains in recent years. U.S. President Barack Obama has openly questioned Riyadh’s value as an ally, accusing it of provoking sectarian conflict in the region. According to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, when Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister, asked Obama whether he saw the Saudis as friends, the president responded, “It’s complicated.” Many Americans continue to believe that the Saudi government was involved in the September 11, 2001, attacks, although the 9/11 Com­mission found no evidence of institutional or senior-level Saudi support. The Senate has even passeda bill that would allow Americans to sue the Saudi government in U.S. courts for its alleged support of terrorism – by F. Gregory Gause III

26.7.2016 – Time (* B K)

My Mother Was the Victim of a U.S. Drone

Rehman is a teacher in Pakistan and the son of Mamana Bibi, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2012

My family deserves an apology–and justice

My story isn’t much different from so many sons all over the world: I lost my mother too soon. But unlike many sons, I am still waiting for an explanation for why my mother was killed. Since the day that a U.S. drone struck and killed my mother as she stood in our family’s fields, I have waited for an acknowledgement or apology from the U.S. government. I’m still waiting to this day – by Rafeequl Rehman

21.7.2016 – Antiwar (** B T)

The ’28 Pages’ Explained

The 28 Pages make it clear that the hijackers had handlers who were reporting to, funded by and taking directions from figures at the highest levels of the Saudi government. But to understand why that conclusion follows inescapably from the revelations in these pages, it is essential to know how these lines of control work, both in intelligence agencies in general and within the Saudi royal family in particular.

Together with what is already known, this document is explosive.

The arguments that the 28 Pages provides no new information does not account for the new pieces of information that it does include as well as the context it provides.

In order to fully grasp the connections of the people named in the 28 Pages, it is imperative that readers have a good grasp of how intelligence agencies work and are structured. By understanding how the people named relate to one another and their particular functions, people will come to the inescapable conclusion that these relationships cannot be written off as mere coincidence – by Larisa Alexandrovna

cp10 Großbritannien / Great Britain

31.7.2016 – Daily Record (* B K P)

Revealed: Bombs partly built in Scotland blitz Yemen where thousands of civilians killed in attacks branded war crimes

BOMBS guided by laser systems made in Scotland have been used in alleged war crimes in Yemen, where 3000 civilians have died in a bloody civil war.

We can reveal that the so-called smart bombs, fitted with guidance systems made in Fife and the Borders, have been used as rebel strongholds are blitzed.

Weapons sold by an American arms giant with plants in Scotland have been used against civilian buildings in rebel-held cities.

Fragments of bombs dropped in Yemen link them to Raytheon, based in Glenrothes, Fife, and a defunct sub contractor in the Borders.

30.7.2016 – National Yemen (* A P)

Motion of contempt urged against Philip Hammond over Yemen statements

Chancellor Philip Hammond is facing calls for a Commons motion of contempt to be tabled against him over answers given to Parliament about Yemen by the Foreign Office when he was in charge of the department.

Labour MP Ann Clwyd has urged the action to be taken following corrections the Foreign Office issued amending statements and answers to parliamentary questions regarding breaches of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in the war-torn country.

The original answers and statements claimed the British Government was confident Saudi Arabia’s intervention in Yemen had corresponded with IHL.

29.7.2016 – BBC (* A P)

Labour MP urges probe into Philip Hammond's Yemen answers

Chancellor Philip Hammond is facing calls for a Commons motion of contempt over answers he gave to Parliament on Yemen when he was foreign secretary.

Labour's Ann Clwyd has urged action after the Foreign Office amended statements and answers to questions about the conflict in the country.

In his original answer, Mr Hammond said the Saudi Arabian-led coalition's actions complied with humanitarian law.

But the Foreign Office later said it had not done any relevant assessments.

The government said errors in Mr Hammond's statement and other similar answers given by other Foreign Office ministers between January and June were not a deliberate attempt to mislead Parliament.

27.7.2016 – The Independent (* A P)

Our government is facing legal action over its arms sales to Saudi Arabia – and trying to amend what Philip Hammond once said

The government appears to be tinkering with Hammond’s past statements because it could be forced to make public what it has been doing to ensure Saudi Arabia is not using British bombs and planes in alleged war crimes on Yemeni civilians

The government appears to be tinkering with Hammond’s past statements because it could be forced to make public what it has been doing to ensure Saudi Arabia is not using British bombs and planes in alleged war crimes on Yemeni civilians.

The evidence that serious violations of international law have taken place in this conflict is now, however, overwhelming, and any impartial observer will see that these crimes are happening.

If the government has evidence of such crimes, a court could find Britain complicit in them.

If, as the government’s amendments to Hammond’s statements suggest, the UK does nothing to investigate those possible violations, our arms export control laws are not worth the paper they are printed on – by Diane Abbott, MP

cp12 Andere Länder / Other countries

28.7.2016 – The Independent (* A E P)

Qatar exerts huge control over British business, but it could be heading for an ‘Arab autumn’

Investments by Qatar’s state-owned companies in Britain are the largest in western Europe: Shell, Barclays, the Shard, Harrods, Canary Wharf and 30 per cent shares in the London Stock Exchange will surely guarantee a lowering of the UK flag to half-mast when Hamad and Tamim die – by Robert Fisk

27.7.2016 – Human Rights Watch (A P)

Bahrain: Activist on Trial Over Twitter Comments. Criticized Yemen Airstrikes

A Prominent Bahrainihuman rights activist faces up to 12 years in prison for criticizing the Saudi Arabia-led military operations in Yemen. Bahrain has been taking part in the Saudi-led coalition, whose operations have included unlawful airstrikes on markets, homes, hospitals and schools.

cp13 Flüchtlinge / Refugees

27.7.2016 – Huffington Post (* B H)

Yemenis Fleeing A Deadly Conflict Find Themselves Stranded In Somaliland

Yemenis fleeing conflict are taking overcrowded livestock boats across the Gulf of Aden to Somaliland – an unrecognized country. Such is the magnitude of violence in one of the oldest centers of civilization in the Middle East.

Yemenis have been fleeing the bloody fracas at home for Somaliland since March 2015, when rebel Houthis began advancing on Taiz, Sabrina’s home, and quickly took the city from the government of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. Hadi is friendly to Saudi Arabia and the United States; his predecessor, Ali Abdullah Saleh, had a similarly favorable relationship and even supported the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Besides Somaliland, other countries in the region have also received refugees from Yemen. Nearly half of the 176,000 people who fled Yemen’s conflict have gone to the Horn of Africa. It is likely that there are well over 10,000 who fled Yemen for Somaliland, but many aren’t registered with the U.N. - by Amanda Sperber

cp14 Terrorismus / Terrorism

30.7.2016 – Press TV Iran (* A T)

Militia blow up Sufi tomb in south Yemen

Saudi-backed militiamen in Yemen have destroyed the centuries-old mausoleum of a Sufi Muslim in the southwest of the country.

Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the militia attacked the mausoleum of Sheikh Abdulhadi al-Soodi in the Ashrafiya neighborhood of the city of Ta’izz, situated 346 kilometers (214 miles) south of the capital, Sana’a, on Friday and reportedly exhumed his remains.

The militants later bombed the tomb, completely destroying its dome and seriously damaging its walls, Arabic-language Yemen Press news agency reported.

The force of the explosion damaged the facade of a number of buildings, and at least 20 civilians sustained injuries after being hit by flying debris in the targeted area.

Sheikh Soodi was a renowned Sufi scholar who lived at the turn of the 9th century on the Islamic lunar calendar and wrote a number of books on mysticism.

Comment: It seems that was NOT Al Qaida or IS but pro-Hadi fighters payed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Wahabism is the ideology of those who destroy such buildings, whether Al Qaida or IS and „terrorists“ or „legalists“.

29.7.2016 – Mohammed Basha (A T)

To date, three Sufi shrines in Taiz were either blown up or targeted by explosive projectiles. Hallmarks of #AQAP#ISISin #Yemen. and and film:

29.7.2016 – Shireen Al-Adeimi / Alezzisa / Josephjo1221 (A K PH)

Film: The destruction of holy shrines by Wahhabis in #Yemencontinues - this time in #Taiz = = and image from before: and an images of a destroyed sacred shrine at Sarari: and and

30.7.2016 – Nasser Arrabyee (A T)

YemenQaeda/ISIS Bombed800-year old dome tomb NTaiz central whereUS-backed Saudis airdrop money&weapons 4these groups (photo)

9.12.2016 – Shireen Al-Adeimi (A T)

The historic Shia mosque in #Aden was built in 1889 by immigrants from Gujrat, India. Reduced to rubble this July. (images)

cp15 Propaganda

31.7.2016 – Hisham Al-Omeisy (A P)

Saudi's AlArabiyaTV outdid FoxNews by many folds - claiming Houthi fighters take female birth control pills

Comment: LOL. Such stories, they of course do not tell to the foreign public (in English), just to their own in Arabic.

31.7.2016 – Saudi Gazette (A P)

GCC deeply concerned by developments in Yemen

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states expressed deep concern over the latest step by Houthis and followers of Ali Abdullah Saleh who signed an agreement to form a political council in Yemen, claiming that it will enjoy all political, military, security, economic and social powers, and manage state affairs.

GCC Secretary General Abdullatif Al-Zayani said that the signing of the agreement to form political council was a clear violation of the resolutions of the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Security Council resolution 2216, the initiative of the Gulf and its executive mechanism and the outcome of the comprehensive national dialogue. and Emirates 24 7:

Comment: Anything different aspected?

30.7.2016 – WAM (A P)

Minister on Yemen’s ‘political council’Yemen’s ‘political council’ is rebels' bid against legitimacy: Gargash

Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, on Thursday said the setting up of the so-called "political council" to govern Yemen is a desperate bid by those who led a coup against legitimacy and plunged Yemen into violence.

Gargash said on Twitter that the declaration issued by the rebel Houthi militia and their ally, the now-deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh, to announce the new governing body, is like a "fig leaf that nobody will be bluffed by it because the rebellion and the coup are what sparked the war.

"Any talk about having a constitutional cover is but a new farce," Gargash added.

He stressed that the international community knows very well that Abdul Malik Al Houthi who represents less than one per cent of the Yemenis is addicted to power, money and stature and that the setting up of the so-called political council comes in this context.

Comment: Nice propaganda. The best: The Houthis just frepresenting 1 % of the population. Where he has got this strange idea from? It's the Hadi government who not even control their own capital. And how many Yemenis are represented by the UAE / Saudi interventionists on the ground in Yemen?

30.7.2016 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A P)

Arab Coalition: We are not Imposing Economic Boycott on Yemen

The Saudi-led Arab coalition battling insurgents in support of Yemen’s U.N.-backed government has stressed that it is not imposing an economic siege on the country.

“The coalition is not imposing a siege or an economic boycott on Yemeni territory,” the Riyadh-based coalition said in a statement

The coalition “is fulfilling its duties towards implementing U.N. resolutions that aim to prevent weapons and ammunitions” reaching Yemen, it added.

The statement asked international humanitarian organizations for assuming their responsibilities towards the urgent humanitarian needs of the Yemeni people and urged them to commit to international standards to guarantee the delivery of aid to all Yemeni regions equally.

It also made an urgent call to lift the siege on areas besieged by the insurgents and remove checkpoints that prevent aid from reaching regions under the authority of the legitimate government, and to intensify field visits to them, according to the provisions of international humanitarian law and relevant international norms.

“Coalition forces give immediate and regular permits to all aid ships to reach all Yemeni ports, without being inspected,” said the statement released late Friday.

Comment: Humanitarian organisations tell something different.

Comment by Judith Brown: Well do I believe this site story ? What is true is that Saudi sends humanitarian aid to those who support its policies in Yemen. But the areas where there is great need and civilians including children really are suffering get little aid from anywhere. Saudi sends NO humanitarian aid to large parts of the north that are starving, and from what I have heard they also impede others from doing so.

30.7.2016 – Asharq Al-Awsat (A K P)

The sources told Asharq al-Awsat that the Yemeni government’s delegation has explained to the ambassadors of the 18 countries fostering the talks that the flagrant move by the rebels should be met with serious measures by the international community.

“We call on the international community to take more serious measures and to condemn these actions that undermine not only the track of negotiations but also ruin the whole political process,” the sources said.

The government sources noted that Houthis’ announcement to establish a political council to manage the country’s affairs was a blow to international resolutions, the Gulf initiative and the peace talks held in Kuwait. They added that the Yemeni legitimate government had announced on several occasions its commitment to establishment of peace in line with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2216, which calls for the withdrawal of militias from the Yemeni capital and other occupied areas and the handover of arms.

The government sources went on to say that the council established by the Houthis and Saleh was not political but revolutionary that is equal to the revolutionary committee which perpetrated hideous crimes against the Yemeni populations.

„Today, the international community is not only facing Houthis and Saleh in Yemen, but also Iran, which is smuggling arms and providing money to support those groups,” the sources added. – by Arafat Madabish

Comment: Now propaganda is rolling. The Houthis are blamed for the failure of the peace talks. Anyway, it's the Hadi government itself who must be blamed for this: They were unwilling to accept any compromise, just claimed 100 % of the Yemen cake.

29.7.2016 – US department of State ( AP)

Film: @statedeptspox Kirby on importance of @UN-led negotiations in #Yemen

Comment by Jamila Hanan: Listen to @StateDeptwho refuel jets dropping US bombs on #Yemen's houses, hospitals + schools for 16 months now

It is somewhat ridiculous that @StateDeptfeigns concern for the people they bomb. I stand with #Yemen and

22.7.2016 – UAE Embassy (A P)

We welcome @BBC’s retraction of its claim in February that #UAEforces “fought alongside” Al Qa’ida. Could not be further from truth.

Comment by Shireen Al-Adeimi: Despite UAE claim, @BBCWorldarticle still up 1 week later & reporter @ghariba33has no knowledge of retraction.

Comment: This retraction did not happen because of realitiy, but because of political reasons.

cp16 Saudische Luftangriffe / Saudi air raids

31.7.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance.
Casualties and Damages, complete list:

30.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A K)

New WAR CRIME: Saudi drops intl banned "Cluster Bombs" today on #Yemenregion of Saada attacking AlBuke district.

30.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Saudi raid kills citizen in Sa'ada

30.7.2016 – Reuters (A K)

Coalition warplanes attack Houthi fighters near Saudi border: sources

Warplanes of a Saudi-led coalition bombed Houthi fighters from Yemen seeking to infiltrate Saudi Arabia on Saturday, killing tens of Houthi militiamen, security sources said.

The bombing took place on the Yemeni side of the border close to the Saudi city of Najran, they said. Clashes were also seen in the northwestern Yemeni town of Haradh which borders the kingdom, witnesses told Reuters.

Yemen's Houthi-run state news agency, Saba, said Houthi forces had fired missiles at Saudi targets.

30.7.2016 – Legal Center (* A K PH)

Targeting and bombing civilians by the warplanes of Saudi Arabia and its alliance.
Casualties and Damages (full list):

29.7.2016 – Press TV Iran (A K PH)

Film: Saudi warplanes kill 5 Yemenis in Hajjah province

Saudi air raids targeted Kasher district in Hajjah province. At least five Yemenis including three women were killed in the attack

More air raids:

cp17 Kriegsereignisse / Theater of War

31.7.2016 – Reuters (A K)

Many Houthis, seven Saudi troops killed near Yemen border

Seven Saudi troops and dozens of Houthi fighters were killed in heavy fighting on the border with Yemen, Saudi state news agency SPA reported Sunday,

The coalition said Houthi fighters, backed by troops loyal to former president and GPC chief Ali Abdullah Saleh, tried to breach the Saudi border at the Rabou'a area Saturday, igniting heavy fighting.

It said in a statement that dozens of Houthi fighters were killed near the border strip and their military vehicles destroyed by coalition aircraft that repelled their assault.

One Saudi officer and six soldiers died in the fighting, the statement, carried by Saudi state news agency SPA said.

30.7.2016 – Sputnik News (A K)

Seven Saudi Soldiers Killed in Houthi Attack

The personnel, including one officer, died when Houthi rebels and forces loyal to the country’s ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh tried crossing the Yemeni-Saudi Arabian border, the Al Ekhbariya channel reported on Saturday, citing the coalition's command.

30.7.2016 – Qasim Alshawea (A K PH)

Two drones fallen, and at least 22 of Saudi soldiers killed, as well 39 others injured , by Abo Yemen

30.7.2016 – Saba Net (A K PH)

Many hirelings killed in Jawf

A number of Riyadh's hirelings, Including a leader, were killed in an artillery shelling of the army and popular committees, a military official said Saturday.
The official confirmed the killing of the field leader in the mercenary militia Saleh Zayed Bin Afiah and a number of hirelings in Sadba area in west of al- Hazm city.

More fighting:

Houthi rockets:,-son-wounded-in-border-shelling-from-Yemen

cp18 Sonstiges / Other

30.7.2016 – Yemen Post (A)

War & FLOODS: 10s inches heavy rain handicap life in #Yemencapital & threaten historical homes in old Sanaa city.

? -

Yemen Tourism (must register; free)

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